Setup[edit | edit source]

Recommended zone: z680 (wind). With wind enlightenment, I think you can do it at a lower zone, say z665 or maybe even z650. Need more info on this.

Helium: With 1 Sp He, you need to farm less than an hour, even with pure attack/hp weights in Perky.

Perks: Little to no fluffy xp and a good amount of Looting, Motivation, and Resourceful will help cut down the farming time.

Heirlooms: A Staff with Miner and Metal Drop Rate, and a Staff with Lumberjack and Wood Drop Rate (primarily invest Nu into the Efficiencies for both)

Nursery Goal: 7,491 (the amount that will be burned is rounded up from 749.1 to 750)

Run[edit | edit source]

Once you arrive at your farming zone, disable all Auto-features so your resources don't get used up. Set a Custom amount to 7,491 and hover over the Nursery building, and write down half of the number it says for wood and metal. Gems shouldn't be an issue.

Farm the amount of metal you wrote down (large metal cache, mountain or gardens, all workers on Miner, metal staff).

Then farm the amount of wood you wrote down (large wood cache, forest or gardens, all workers on Lumberjack, wood staff).

You now have half of the resources required to get 7,491 nurseries. Run Trimple of Doom to double your resources. Then build all the nurseries.

When all 7,491 nurseries are built, finish your zone.

Wildfire get!

Last update: V 5.1.3

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