Reach zone 180 for the first time
Reward 3x current run Helium for all zones completed until zone 180 (inclusive).
Goal Complete zone 180
Available equipment prestiges drop at end of World zones. Unassigned workers assigned evenly at end of World Zones
All resource production and loot (with the exception of helium) will be halved.
Enemies have 25% more attack.

"Travel to a strange dimension where life is easier but harder at the same time. At the end of each World Zone any available equipment upgrades will drop, and any unassigned Trimps will be split evenly amongst Farmer, Lumberjack, and Miner. However, resource production and drops from all sources will be halved, and all enemies will deal 25% more damage. Completing Zone 180 with this challenge active will reward you with an additional 200% helium earned from any source up to Zone 180."

Helium challenge[edit source]

Watch is a Helium challenge. There are a few rules which are followed by each one of them:

  • The Helium reward from this challenge can be obtained repeatedly for multiple challenge completions.
  • Completing Watch will increase all Helium earned until zone 180 (including 180) by 3x.
  • Helium earned from completing Void maps will also be increased by 3x for each Void map completed on zone 180 or below. More information here.

Rules[edit | edit source]

After completing each zone:

  • Prestige upgrades for Equipment drop, not requiring the player to run maps of that zone's level to earn them.
  • All unassigned Trimps are assigned evenly to the three main jobs - Farmer, Lumberjack and Miner. However, if doing so would leave the player with less than 15% current Trimps left to repopulate, this action will not occur.

Resource production and loot is halved for all resources except Helium. NOTE: Helium gain is NOT halved.

All enemies have 25% more attack.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before patch 3.5, Watch would assign all possible workspaces to jobs regardless of whether there'd be leftover unemployed Trimps, which could sometimes completely halt breeding.
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