Unlock criteria Break the planet, then complete the second row of Zone 60.
Initial cost 100T (1e14) gems

1Qa (1e15) metal

Cost increase Yes, by 1.4x per level


Effect Increase maximum Trimps by 10000.

By upgrading Gigastation this effect can be increased further.

"Create a gigantic Warpstation, capable of housing tons of Trimps and instantly transporting them back to the home planet when needed. Supports 10000 Trimps."

Each level in Warpstation increases maximum population by 10000.

Each purchase of the Gigastation upgrade will prestige your Warpstation, resetting its level to 1 but keeping the previous bonus. The new Warpstation would house 20% more Trimps, but cost 75% more resources than the base price of the previous Warpstation.

An example on the Gigastation prestige mechanic can be found here.

Beating Scientist IV will permanently cause buying Warpstations to ignore the building queue, meaning they will be built instantly. This can be disabled in the settings.

Cost formula Edit

Here's a way to calculate the cost of a next level in Warpstation:

([Base] * (1.75 ^ [Gigastations bought])) * (1.4 ^ [Level])

  • Base - the base cost of Warpstation. 100T for gems and 1Qa for metal
  • Gigastations bought - the amount of Gigastations purchased. This can't be easily tracked, but you can count how many have been unlocked from the Gigastation page.
  • Level - current level in Warpstation

Trimp gain increase Edit

A table of increase in the output of Trimps per each Gigastation bought can be found here.

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