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"Heavy use of the portal has created a chance for the Void to seep in to your world. Be alert."  -- Upon unlocking Void Maps

"A chill runs down your spine, and the bad guy quickly frosts over. A purple glow radiates from the ground in front of you, and a Void Map appears." -- Upon receiving a Void Map

Void Maps are a special map which rewards helium and Heirlooms, and start dropping after the player has used the Portal at least 5 times.


Void maps appear in a separate section in the maps selection screen interface.

When a Void map is found, a purple indicator will appear on the Maps button, and a message will appear in the log. Completing the Void map will make it disappear. The following rules apply:

  • Void maps have no level - their level is always equal to currently reached zone.
  • Void maps cannot be recycled.
  • If abandoned mid-way, all progress is lost.

You can keep multiple Void maps in a single run - they will all appear in the Void map section within the map selection screen - but like all other maps, they are lost when the portal is activated.


Generally, the player will be awarded twice the amount of Helium from the current zone's boss and a random Heirloom whose properties depend on the current zone. The following factors increase the amount of Helium from the Void Map:

  • Having Corrupted cells in the world zone
  • Having Healthy cells in the world zone
  • Void Specialization I and II Masteries
  • Fluffy with the Void Map stacking abilities
  • Beating the entire Void Map in Scryer formation while having Scryhard II

Additionally, if a Void map is completed when the player is in zone 50 or above, Auto Storage will be unlocked. An improvement to this feature is unlocked by completing a Void Map at zone 100 or above. By completing a Void Map at Zone 150 or above, a new setting called "Map at Zone XXX" will be unlocked. And by completing a Void Map at Zone 350 or above, a new feature called AutoEquip will be unlocked.


  • Void maps still drop helium if they're completed below zone 21 (check helium rewards for more information)
  • All helium dropped from Void maps will count towards the Bone Trader "Buy Portal" bonus when the run is completed (assuming you break your personal best).
  • All helium dropped from Void maps will count towards Helium challenges and will be amplified by the challenge provided that they are finished within the range where helium is amplified by such challenge. For example, if on Balance, all helium from Void maps done up to zone 40 (inclusive) will be doubled once the challenge is complete.
  • The helium gain from completing Void maps is not affected by the map loot modifier. It is always the result of the formula above.
  • Below zone 60, Void maps give Blimps' helium. This means that at zone 59, Void maps will not give the zone 59's Improbability's helium, treating it as a Blimp (5x less helium)

Nullifium per Void Map[]

Below is a table showing the average Nullifium gain per single Void map within specific zone thresholds, tied to the rarity of Heirlooms found.

Zone Average Nullifium per Void Map Average with Fluffy bonus
5-40 16.5 17.5
41-59 23 24
60-79 29.5 31
80-99 36 37.5
100-124 44.5 51
125-145 58.6 72.6
146-165 76.8 115.7
166-180 112.9 151.6
181-200 145 182.5
201-229 187.5 225
230-299 237 329.5
300-399 269.5 362
400-499 397 489.5
500-599 1025 1260
600-699 1955 2190
700+ 2780 2990

For U2, the table is as follows:

Zone Average Nullifium per Void Map
1-39 64375
40-79 126250
80+ 250000

Dropping Rules[]

The earliest a Void map can spawn is zone 10 under normal circumstances without any drop chance modifiers. With the maximum possible drop rate modifiers and good luck they can drop as early as zone 2, although you won't be able to see them until you unlock maps at zone 6.

Void maps have a chance to spawn every time a world cell (not map) is beaten, but only after a certain threshold number of cells have been cleared since the last drop or the start of the portal. This is calculated in two steps.

Cell Drop Threshold[]

The first step is to determine an effective max zone (Z) the player has reached for the purposes of void map drops. In most cases this will be equal to 95% of the highest zone you have ever reached. For the nitty-gritty details, the game only ever updates this value in three situations:

  • Your current zone passes Z, in which case Z is set to your current zone.
  • You pass the zone you finished your last portal + 25, in which case Z is set to your highest zone ever. For reasons tied to a certain Mastery, your last portal zone only updates if you complete a void map, you pass zone 99, or your last portal was before zone 100.
  • Every portal, Z is multiplied by 0.95 and rounded down. This reduction cannot bring Z below your last portal zone.

If your last portal was within 24 zones of your highest zone, it uses that value in the calculation below instead of this effective max zone. If this value is less than 80 or more than 200, it is limited to be within that range.

This zone is used to determine a minimum number of cells that must be cleared before void maps will drop at all. The higher it is, the less often maps will drop in general.

cells = (1000 + 13 * (Z - 80)) * (1 - [Void map drop chance in %] / 100) * (1 - [Golden Void bonus in %] / 100)

The first factor varies between 1000 and 2560 cells, the second factor comes from your equipped Shield Heirloom, and the last comes from Golden Void upgrades. With both modifiers at their maximum, the threshold is every 143 cells. Once a map drops, the player will need to clear this many cells again before becoming eligible for another one.

This behavior applies independently in both universes. The threshold with maximized modifiers with shields from Universe 2 is 7 cells, or 25 cells without Golden Void.

Drop Rate Increases[]

Once the cell drop threshold is passed, the chance to drop a void map is increased by 1/50000 for every additional 10 cells cleared (starting from zero). For example, if the threshold is 1200 cells, then at the 1297th cell the player will have a 9/50000 chance of obtaining a void map from that particular cell. On average a void map will drop about 8.5 zones past the cell threshold, however it is not unreasonable for it to be as early as 3 zones past or as late as 15 past depending on your luck.

Cumulative Void Map drop chance

Helium/Radon challenges[]

Following up from the previous section, Helium/Radon from any Void map will be amplified if a Helium/Radon challenge is active and the player is within the range of zones which get increased Helium/Radon for that challenge.

Here is a table of all Helium/Radon challenges available in the game and their respective last zone Void maps have to be completed at to guarantee a Helium/Radon bonus from that challenge. The Helium bonus for completing a Void Map later only catches up at the next Helium bonus anomaly (or at zone 288 in case of Domination).

Helium/Radon challenge

Last zone (inclusive)

Balance 40
Electricity 79
Life 110
Crushed 124
Nom 145
Toxicity 165
Watch 180
Lead 180
Corrupted 190
Domination 215
Bublé (U2) 40
Melt (U2) 50
Quest (U2) 85

Note that these zones are not the golden bullet where you should always finish Void maps at. They are just indicators that this is the last zone you can finish them in to have the Void maps' earned Helium/Radon increased from finishing the corresponding Helium/Radon challenge. For example, it is recommended to complete Void Maps at zone 179 during Lead for the double Helium bonus.


There are four types of Void maps which have an equal chance to be created. Each type will give every enemy in that Void map an ability, as per the table below.

The name prefix corresponds to the type of the Void map.

Prefix Buff name Effect
Void Attack

The bad guy attacks twice - one time before you, another time after you. It doesn't matter whether the enemy imp attacks first or not.

In the Nom challenge, even though it has no first strikers, this buff takes priority, making Deadly the only type which has enemies that effectively attack first.

Void Gas
For the duration of running this map, breeding speed is lowered by 80%.
Void Strength

The bad guy has a 25% chance to critically strike your Trimps for 400% extra damage.

During Crushed (or daily challenges with Crits), both critical hit types roll their chance of occurrence independently of each other. If both crits happen at once, their effects are multiplied, meaning the enemy will deal 25x the original damage (5x*5x, as both crit types multiply damage by 5).

Void Bleed

Each time the bad guy attacks, Trimps lose 20% of their current health.

If Trimps are blocking all of the received damage, they will be able to sustain a large amount of hits due to the fact that this ability always takes away from their current health. However, if their health reaches a number below 1, they will die.


Each void map type has its own properties.

If the player is currently under zone 60, Void maps are easier (200% less difficulty, 100% less loot). Being in Zone 60+, all of the current and future Void maps' properties shift to being a bit harder.

The name suffix corresponds to the map properties.

Suffix Size Difficulty Loot Difficulty (pre z60) Loot (pre z60)
Nightmare 100 400% 300% 200% 200%
Void 90 400% 250% 200% 150%
Descent 100 350% 250% 150% 150%
Pit 85 450% 200% 250% 100%

Corruption and Magma[]

When the player reaches Corruption (zone 180), all Void map enemies become stronger. This effect is amplified once the player enters Magma.


The Cthulimp is the boss imp that appear in the last cell of every void map. This imp always attacks first.

The below table shows the Cthulimp's attack value for each level and type. Note that a Voidsnimp near the end of a map can do more damage than the Cthulimp.

Note that Void maps below zone 60 have decreased difficulty. Enemies in Void maps after Corruption receive Void Corruption, which increases their attack and health. After Magma, Void Corruption is doubled. All of these factors are included in the table below.


Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 5 to Zone 75
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
5 6291 9436 5881 8822 4718 7077 7096 10.6K
6 12.4K 18.7K 11.6K 17.5K 9368 14.0K 14.0K 21.1K
7 26.8K 40.3K 25.1K 37.6K 20.1K 30.2K 30.3K 45.4K
8 51.9K 77.9K 48.5K 72.8K 38.9K 58.4K 58.6K 87.9K
9 99.7K 149K 93.2K 139K 74.7K 112K 112K 168K
10 190K 285K 177K 266K 142K 213K 214K 321K
11 360K 540K 337K 505K 270K 405K 406K 610K
12 681K 1.02M 636K 955K 510K 766K 768K 1.15M
13 1.28M 1.92M 1.19M 1.79M 961K 1.44M 1.44M 2.16M
14 2.40M 3.60M 2.24M 3.37M 1.80M 2.70M 2.71M 4.07M
15 4.50M 6.75M 4.21M 6.31M 3.37M 5.06M 5.07M 7.61M
16 8.41M 12.6M 7.86M 11.7M 6.30M 9.46M 9.48M 14.2M
17 15.6M 23.5M 14.6M 21.9M 11.7M 17.6M 17.6M 26.5M
18 29.1M 43.7M 27.2M 40.9M 21.8M 32.8M 32.8M 49.3M
19 54.1M 81.2M 50.6M 75.9M 40.6M 61.0M 61.1M 91.6M
20 100M 150M 93.9M 140M 75.4M 113M 113M 170M
21 186M 279M 174M 261M 139M 209M 210M 315M
22 344M 517M 322M 483M 258M 387M 388M 583M
23 637M 956M 596M 894M 478M 717M 719M 1.07B
24 1.17B 1.76B 1.10B 1.65B 883M 1.32B 1.32B 1.99B
25 2.17B 3.26B 2.03B 3.04B 1.63B 2.44B 2.45B 3.67B
26 4.00B 6.01B 3.74B 5.62B 3.00B 4.50B 4.52B 6.78B
27 7.38B 11.0B 6.90B 10.3B 5.54B 8.30B 8.33B 12.4B
28 13.6B 20.4B 12.7B 19.0B 10.2B 15.3B 15.3B 23.0B
29 25.0B 37.5B 23.4B 35.1B 18.7B 28.1B 28.2B 42.3B
30 46.0B 69.0B 43.0B 64.5B 34.5B 51.7B 51.9B 77.8B
31 84.6B 126B 79.1B 118B 63.4B 95.2B 95.4B 143B
32 155B 233B 145B 218B 116B 174B 175B 263B
33 285B 428B 266B 400B 214B 321B 322B 483B
34 524B 786B 489B 734B 393B 589B 591B 886B
35 961B 1.44T 898B 1.34T 721B 1.08T 1.08T 1.62T
36 1.76T 2.64T 1.64T 2.47T 1.32T 1.98T 1.98T 2.98T
37 3.23T 4.84T 3.02T 4.53T 2.42T 3.63T 3.64T 5.46T
38 5.92T 8.88T 5.53T 8.30T 4.44T 6.66T 6.68T 10.0T
39 10.8T 16.2T 10.1T 15.2T 8.14T 12.2T 12.2T 18.3T
40 19.8T 29.8T 18.5T 27.8T 14.9T 22.3T 22.4T 33.6T
41 36.3T 54.5T 34.0T 51.0T 27.2T 40.9T 41.0T 61.5T
42 66.5T 99.8T 62.2T 93.3T 49.9T 74.9T 75.1T 112T
43 121T 182T 113T 170T 91.3T 137T 137T 206T
44 222T 334T 208T 312T 167T 250T 251T 377T
45 407T 611T 381T 571T 305T 458T 459T 689T
46 745T 1.11Qa 696T 1.04Qa 558T 838T 840T 1.26Qa
47 1.36Qa 2.04Qa 1.27Qa 1.91Qa 1.02Qa 1.53Qa 1.53Qa 2.30Qa
48 2.48Qa 3.73Qa 2.32Qa 3.49Qa 1.86Qa 2.80Qa 2.80Qa 4.21Qa
49 4.54Qa 6.82Qa 4.25Qa 6.37Qa 3.41Qa 5.11Qa 5.13Qa 7.69Qa
50 8.30Qa 12.4Qa 7.76Qa 11.6Qa 6.23Qa 9.34Qa 9.37Qa 14.0Qa
51 15.1Qa 22.7Qa 14.1Qa 21.2Qa 11.3Qa 17.0Qa 17.1Qa 25.6Qa
52 27.7Qa 41.5Qa 25.9Qa 38.8Qa 20.7Qa 31.1Qa 31.2Qa 46.8Qa
53 50.5Qa 75.8Qa 47.2Qa 70.9Qa 37.9Qa 56.9Qa 57.0Qa 85.5Qa
54 92.3Qa 138Qa 86.3Qa 129Qa 69.2Qa 103Qa 104Qa 156Qa
55 168Qa 252Qa 157Qa 236Qa 126Qa 189Qa 190Qa 285Qa
56 307Qa 461Qa 287Qa 431Qa 230Qa 345Qa 346Qa 520Qa
57 560Qa 841Qa 524Qa 786Qa 420Qa 631Qa 632Qa 948Qa
58 1.02Qi 1.53Qi 956Qa 1.43Qi 767Qa 1.15Qi 1.15Qi 1.73Qi
59 1.86Qi 2.79Qi 1.74Qi 2.61Qi 1.4Qi 2.09Qi 2.10Qi 3.15Qi
60 11.1Qi 16.7Qi 10.3Qi 15.5Qi 9.74Qi 14.6Qi 11.2Qi 16.8Qi
61 23.3Qi 35.0Qi 21.7Qi 32.5Qi 20.4Qi 30.6Qi 23.5Qi 35.3Qi
62 48.9Qi 73.4Qi 45.5Qi 68.3Qi 42.8Qi 64.2Qi 49.3Qi 74.0Qi
63 102Qi 153Qi 95.5Qi 143Qi 89.7Qi 134Qi 103Qi 155Qi
64 215Qi 322Qi 200Qi 300Qi 188Qi 282Qi 216Qi 325Qi
65 450Qi 676Qi 419Qi 629Qi 394Qi 591Qi 454Qi 681Qi
66 944Qi 1.41Sx 879Qi 1.31Sx 826Qi 1.24Sx 952Qi 1.42Sx
67 1.97Sx 2.96Sx 1.84Sx 2.76Sx 1.73Sx 2.59Sx 1.99Sx 2.99Sx
68 4.14Sx 6.21Sx 3.85Sx 5.78Sx 3.62Sx 5.44Sx 4.18Sx 6.27Sx
69 8.68Sx 13.0Sx 8.08Sx 12.1Sx 7.6Sx 11.3Sx 8.75Sx 13.1Sx
70 18.1Sx 27.2Sx 16.9Sx 25.3Sx 15.9Sx 23.8Sx 18.3Sx 27.5Sx
71 38.1Sx 57.1Sx 35.4Sx 53.1Sx 33.3Sx 50.0Sx 38.4Sx 57.6Sx
72 79.7Sx 119Sx 74.2Sx 111Sx 69.8Sx 104Sx 80.4Sx 120Sx
73 167Sx 250Sx 155Sx 233Sx 146Sx 219Sx 168Sx 252Sx
74 349Sx 524Sx 325Sx 488Sx 306Sx 459Sx 352Sx 529Sx
75 732Sx 1.09Sp 681Sx 1.02Sp 640Sx 961Sx 738Sx 1.10Sp
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 76 to Zone 150
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
76 1.53Sp 2.3Sp 1.42Sp 2.14Sp 1.34Sp 2.01Sp 1.54Sp 2.31Sp
77 3.20Sp 4.81Sp 2.98Sp 4.48Sp 2.80Sp 4.21Sp 3.23Sp 4.85Sp
78 6.71Sp 10.0Sp 6.25Sp 9.37Sp 5.87Sp 8.81Sp 6.77Sp 10.1Sp
79 14.0Sp 21.0Sp 13.0Sp 19.6Sp 12.3Sp 18.4Sp 14.1Sp 21.2Sp
80 29.4Sp 44.1Sp 27.3Sp 41.0Sp 25.7Sp 38.6Sp 29.6Sp 44.4Sp
81 61.5Sp 92.3Sp 57.2Sp 85.9Sp 53.8Sp 80.7Sp 62.0Sp 93.0Sp
82 128Sp 193Sp 119Sp 179Sp 112Sp 169Sp 129Sp 194Sp
83 269Sp 404Sp 250Sp 376Sp 235Sp 353Sp 271Sp 407Sp
84 563Sp 845Sp 524Sp 787Sp 493Sp 739Sp 568Sp 852Sp
85 1.17Oc 1.76Oc 1.09Oc 1.64Oc 1.03Oc 1.54Oc 1.18Oc 1.78Oc
86 2.46Oc 3.7Oc 2.29Oc 3.44Oc 2.15Oc 3.23Oc 2.48Oc 3.73Oc
87 5.16Oc 7.73Oc 4.80Oc 7.20Oc 4.51Oc 6.77Oc 5.20Oc 7.80Oc
88 10.7Oc 16.1Oc 10.0Oc 15.0Oc 9.44Oc 14.1Oc 10.8Oc 16.3Oc
89 22.5Oc 33.8Oc 21.0Oc 31.5Oc 19.7Oc 29.6Oc 22.7Oc 34.1Oc
90 47.1Oc 70.7Oc 43.9Oc 65.8Oc 41.2Oc 61.9Oc 47.5Oc 71.3Oc
91 98.6Oc 148Oc 91.8Oc 137Oc 86.3Oc 129Oc 99.4Oc 149Oc
92 206Oc 309Oc 192Oc 288Oc 180Oc 270Oc 208Oc 312Oc
93 431Oc 647Oc 401Oc 602Oc 377Oc 566Oc 434Oc 652Oc
94 902Oc 1.35No 839Oc 1.25No 789Oc 1.18No 909Oc 1.36No
95 1.88No 2.82No 1.75No 2.63No 1.65No 2.47No 1.90No 2.85No
96 3.94No 5.91No 3.66No 5.50No 3.44No 5.17No 3.97No 5.96No
97 8.24No 12.3No 7.67No 11.5No 7.21No 10.8No 8.30No 12.4No
98 17.2No 25.8No 16.0No 24.0No 15.0No 22.6No 17.3No 26.0No
99 36.0No 54.0No 33.5No 50.2No 31.5No 47.2No 36.2No 54.4No
100 75.2No 112No 70.0No 105No 65.8No 98.7No 75.8No 113No
101 157No 235No 146No 219No 137No 206No 158No 237No
102 328No 492No 305No 458No 287No 431No 331No 496No
103 686No 1.03Dc 639No 958No 600No 901No 692No 1.03Dc
104 1.43Dc 2.15Dc 1.33Dc 2.00Dc 1.25Dc 1.88Dc 1.44Dc 2.17Dc
105 2.99Dc 4.49Dc 2.79Dc 4.18Dc 2.62Dc 3.93Dc 3.02Dc 4.53Dc
106 6.26Dc 9.39Dc 5.83Dc 8.74Dc 5.48Dc 8.22Dc 6.31Dc 9.47Dc
107 13.0Dc 19.6Dc 12.1Dc 18.2Dc 11.4Dc 17.1Dc 13.1Dc 19.7Dc
108 27.3Dc 41.0Dc 25.4Dc 38.1Dc 23.9Dc 35.8Dc 27.5Dc 41.3Dc
109 57.1Dc 85.7Dc 53.1Dc 79.7Dc 49.9Dc 74.9Dc 57.6Dc 86.4Dc
110 119Dc 179Dc 111Dc 166Dc 104Dc 156Dc 120Dc 180Dc
111 249Dc 374Dc 232Dc 348Dc 218Dc 327Dc 251Dc 377Dc
112 520Dc 781Dc 484Dc 727Dc 455Dc 683Dc 525Dc 787Dc
113 1.08Ud 1.63Ud 1.01Ud 1.51Ud 952Dc 1.42Ud 1.09Ud 1.64Ud
114 2.27Ud 3.40Ud 2.11Ud 3.17Ud 1.98Ud 2.98Ud 2.29Ud 3.43Ud
115 4.74Ud 7.12Ud 4.41Ud 6.62Ud 4.15Ud 6.23Ud 4.78Ud 7.17Ud
116 9.91Ud 14.8Ud 9.22Ud 13.8Ud 8.67Ud 13.0Ud 9.99Ud 14.9Ud
117 20.7Ud 31.0Ud 19.2Ud 28.9Ud 18.1Ud 27.1Ud 20.8Ud 31.3Ud
118 43.2Ud 64.8Ud 40.2Ud 60.3Ud 37.8Ud 56.7Ud 43.5Ud 65.3Ud
119 90.3Ud 135Ud 84.0Ud 126Ud 79.0Ud 118Ud 91.0Ud 136Ud
120 188Ud 282Ud 175Ud 263Ud 165Ud 247Ud 190Ud 285Ud
121 393Ud 590Ud 366Ud 549Ud 344Ud 516Ud 397Ud 595Ud
122 822Ud 1.23Dd 765Ud 1.14Dd 719Ud 1.07Dd 829Ud 1.24Dd
123 1.71Dd 2.57Dd 1.59Dd 2.39Dd 1.50Dd 2.25Dd 1.73Dd 2.59Dd
124 3.58Dd 5.37Dd 3.33Dd 5.00Dd 3.13Dd 4.70Dd 3.61Dd 5.42Dd
125 7.48Dd 11.2Dd 6.96Dd 10.4Dd 6.55Dd 9.82Dd 7.54Dd 11.3Dd
126 15.6Dd 23.4Dd 14.5Dd 21.8Dd 13.6Dd 20.5Dd 15.7Dd 23.6Dd
127 32.6Dd 48.9Dd 30.3Dd 45.5Dd 28.5Dd 42.8Dd 32.8Dd 49.3Dd
128 68.1Dd 102Dd 63.4Dd 95.1Dd 59.6Dd 89.4Dd 68.6Dd 103Dd
129 142Dd 213Dd 132Dd 198Dd 124Dd 186Dd 143Dd 215Dd
130 296Dd 445Dd 276Dd 414Dd 259Dd 389Dd 299Dd 448Dd
131 619Dd 929Dd 576Dd 865Dd 542Dd 813Dd 624Dd 937Dd
132 1.29Td 1.94Td 1.20Td 1.80Td 1.13Td 1.69Td 1.30Td 1.95Td
133 2.70Td 4.05Td 2.51Td 3.77Td 2.36Td 3.54Td 2.72Td 4.08Td
134 5.63Td 8.45Td 5.24Td 7.87Td 4.93Td 7.39Td 5.68Td 8.52Td
135 11.7Td 17.6Td 10.9Td 16.4Td 10.2Td 15.4Td 11.8Td 17.7Td
136 24.5Td 36.8Td 22.8Td 34.2Td 21.4Td 32.2Td 24.7Td 37.1Td
137 51.2Td 76.8Td 47.7Td 71.5Td 44.8Td 67.2Td 51.6Td 77.5Td
138 106Td 160Td 99.5Td 149Td 93.6Td 140Td 107Td 161Td
139 223Td 334Td 207Td 311Td 195Td 293Td 225Td 337Td
140 466Td 699Td 433Td 650Td 407Td 611Td 469Td 704Td
141 972Td 1.45Qad 905Td 1.35Qad 851Td 1.27Qad 980Td 1.47Qad
142 2.03Qad 3.04Qad 1.88Qad 2.83Qad 1.77Qad 2.66Qad 2.04Qad 3.07Qad
143 4.23Qad 6.35Qad 3.94Qad 5.91Qad 3.70Qad 5.56Qad 4.27Qad 6.40Qad
144 8.83Qad 13.2Qad 8.22Qad 12.3Qad 7.73Qad 11.6Qad 8.91Qad 13.3Qad
145 18.4Qad 27.6Qad 17.1Qad 25.7Qad 16.1Qad 24.2Qad 18.5Qad 27.8Qad
146 38.4Qad 57.7Qad 35.8Qad 53.7Qad 33.6Qad 50.5Qad 38.8Qad 58.2Qad
147 80.3Qad 120Qad 74.7Qad 112Qad 70.2Qad 105Qad 80.9Qad 121Qad
148 167Qad 251Qad 155Qad 233Qad 146Qad 219Qad 168Qad 253Qad
149 349Qad 524Qad 325Qad 488Qad 305Qad 458Qad 352Qad 528Qad
150 729Qad 1.09Qid 679Qad 1.01Qid 638Qad 957Qad 735Qad 1.10Qid
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 151 to Zone 225
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
151 1.52Qid 2.28Qid 1.41Qid 2.12Qid 1.33Qid 1.99Qid 1.53Qid 2.30Qid
152 3.17Qid 4.76Qid 2.95Qid 4.43Qid 2.77Qid 4.16Qid 3.20Qid 4.80Qid
153 6.62Qid 9.94Qid 6.16Qid 9.25Qid 5.79Qid 8.69Qid 6.68Qid 10.0Qid
154 13.8Qid 20.7Qid 12.8Qid 19.3Qid 12.0Qid 18.1Qid 13.9Qid 20.9Qid
155 28.8Qid 43.2Qid 26.8Qid 40.2Qid 25.2Qid 37.8Qid 29.0Qid 43.6Qid
156 60.1Qid 90.2Qid 56.0Qid 84.0Qid 52.6Qid 78.9Qid 60.6Qid 91.0Qid
157 125Qid 188Qid 116Qid 175Qid 109Qid 164Qid 126Qid 189Qid
158 261Qid 392Qid 243Qid 365Qid 229Qid 343Qid 264Qid 396Qid
159 546Qid 819Qid 508Qid 762Qid 478Qid 717Qid 550Qid 826Qid
160 1.14Sxd 1.71Sxd 1.06Sxd 1.59Sxd 997Qid 1.49Sxd 1.14Sxd 1.72Sxd
161 2.37Sxd 3.56Sxd 2.21Sxd 3.32Sxd 2.08Sxd 3.12Sxd 2.39Sxd 3.59Sxd
162 4.96Sxd 7.44Sxd 4.61Sxd 6.92Sxd 4.34Sxd 6.51Sxd 5.00Sxd 7.50Sxd
163 10.3Sxd 15.5Sxd 9.63Sxd 14.4Sxd 9.05Sxd 13.5Sxd 10.4Sxd 15.6Sxd
164 21.5Sxd 32.3Sxd 20.0Sxd 30.1Sxd 18.8Sxd 28.3Sxd 21.7Sxd 32.6Sxd
165 45.0Sxd 67.5Sxd 41.9Sxd 62.8Sxd 39.3Sxd 59.0Sxd 45.3Sxd 68.0Sxd
166 93.9Sxd 140Sxd 87.4Sxd 131Sxd 82.1Sxd 123Sxd 94.6Sxd 142Sxd
167 195Sxd 293Sxd 182Sxd 273Sxd 171Sxd 257Sxd 197Sxd 296Sxd
168 408Sxd 612Sxd 380Sxd 570Sxd 357Sxd 536Sxd 411Sxd 617Sxd
169 852Sxd 1.27Spd 793Sxd 1.19Spd 745Sxd 1.11Spd 859Sxd 1.28Spd
170 1.77Spd 2.66Spd 1.65Spd 2.48Spd 1.55Spd 2.33Spd 1.79Spd 2.68Spd
171 3.70Spd 5.56Spd 3.45Spd 5.17Spd 3.24Spd 4.86Spd 3.73Spd 5.60Spd
172 7.73Spd 11.5Spd 7.19Spd 10.7Spd 6.76Spd 10.1Spd 7.79Spd 11.6Spd
173 16.1Spd 24.1Spd 15.0Spd 22.5Spd 14.1Spd 21.1Spd 16.2Spd 24.3Spd
174 33.6Spd 50.4Spd 31.2Spd 46.9Spd 29.4Spd 44.1Spd 33.9Spd 50.8Spd
175 70.1Spd 105Spd 65.2Spd 97.9Spd 61.3Spd 92.0Spd 70.7Spd 106Spd
176 146Spd 219Spd 136Spd 204Spd 127Spd 191Spd 147Spd 221Spd
177 304Spd 457Spd 283Spd 425Spd 266Spd 400Spd 307Spd 461Spd
178 636Spd 954Spd 592Spd 888Spd 556Spd 834Spd 641Spd 961Spd
179 1.32Od 1.99Od 1.23Od 1.85Od 1.16Od 1.74Od 1.33Od 2.00Od
180 2.76Od 4.14Od 2.57Od 3.86Od 2.42Od 3.63Od 2.78Od 4.18Od
181 10.9Od 16.4Od 10.2Od 15.3Od 9.58Od 14.3Od 11.0Od 16.5Od
182 22.8Od 34.2Od 21.2Od 31.9Od 19.9Od 29.9Od 23.0Od 34.5Od
183 47.6Od 71.4Od 44.3Od 66.5Od 41.6Od 62.5Od 48.0Od 72.0Od
184 99.3Od 149Od 92.4Od 138Od 86.9Od 130Od 100Od 150Od
185 207Od 310Od 192Od 289Od 181Od 271Od 208Od 313Od
186 454Od 682Od 423Od 634Od 397Od 596Od 458Od 687Od
187 948Od 1.42Nd 882Od 1.32Nd 829Od 1.24Nd 956Od 1.43Nd
188 1.97Nd 2.96Nd 1.84Nd 2.76Nd 1.73Nd 2.59Nd 1.99Nd 2.99Nd
189 4.12Nd 6.18Nd 3.83Nd 5.75Nd 3.60Nd 5.41Nd 4.15Nd 6.23Nd
190 8.59Nd 12.8Nd 8.00Nd 12.0Nd 7.52Nd 11.2Nd 8.66Nd 13.0Nd
191 17.9Nd 26.8Nd 16.6Nd 25.0Nd 15.6Nd 23.5Nd 18.0Nd 27.1Nd
192 39.2Nd 58.8Nd 36.5Nd 54.7Nd 34.3Nd 51.5Nd 39.5Nd 59.3Nd
193 81.8Nd 122Nd 76.1Nd 114Nd 71.5Nd 107Nd 82.4Nd 123Nd
194 170Nd 255Nd 158Nd 238Nd 149Nd 223Nd 171Nd 257Nd
195 355Nd 533Nd 331Nd 496Nd 311Nd 466Nd 358Nd 537Nd
196 741Nd 1.11V 690Nd 1.03V 648Nd 973Nd 747Nd 1.12V
197 1.54V 2.31V 1.43V 2.15V 1.35V 2.02V 1.55V 2.33V
198 3.37V 5.06V 3.14V 4.71V 2.95V 4.43V 3.40V 5.10V
199 7.03V 10.5V 6.55V 9.82V 6.15V 9.23V 7.09V 10.6V
200 14.6V 22.0V 13.6V 20.4V 12.8V 19.2V 14.7V 22.1V
201 30.5V 45.8V 28.4V 42.7V 26.7V 40.1V 30.8V 46.2V
202 63.7V 95.6V 59.3V 89.0V 55.8V 83.7V 64.3V 96.4V
203 132V 199V 123V 185V 116V 174V 134V 201V
204 289V 434V 269V 404V 253V 380V 292V 438V
205 604V 906V 562V 843V 528V 792V 609V 913V
206 1.25Uv 1.88Uv 1.17Uv 1.75Uv 1.10Uv 1.65Uv 1.27Uv 1.90Uv
207 2.62Uv 3.93Uv 2.44Uv 3.66Uv 2.29Uv 3.44Uv 2.64Uv 3.97Uv
208 5.47Uv 8.20Uv 5.09Uv 7.64Uv 4.78Uv 7.18Uv 5.51Uv 8.27Uv
209 11.4Uv 17.1Uv 10.6Uv 15.9Uv 9.98Uv 14.9Uv 11.5Uv 17.2Uv
210 24.8Uv 37.2Uv 23.0Uv 34.6Uv 21.7Uv 32.5Uv 25.0Uv 37.5Uv
211 51.7Uv 77.5Uv 48.1Uv 72.2Uv 45.2Uv 67.8Uv 52.1Uv 78.2Uv
212 107Uv 161Uv 100Uv 150Uv 94.3Uv 141Uv 108Uv 163Uv
213 224Uv 337Uv 209Uv 313Uv 196Uv 294Uv 226Uv 339Uv
214 468Uv 702Uv 436Uv 654Uv 409Uv 614Uv 472Uv 708Uv
215 976Uv 1.46Dv 908Uv 1.36Dv 854Uv 1.28Dv 984Uv 1.47Dv
216 2.20Dv 3.30Dv 2.05Dv 3.07Dv 1.92Dv 2.89Dv 2.22Dv 3.33Dv
217 4.59Dv 6.89Dv 4.27Dv 6.41Dv 4.02Dv 6.03Dv 4.63Dv 6.95Dv
218 9.58Dv 14.3Dv 8.91Dv 13.3Dv 8.38Dv 12.5Dv 9.65Dv 14.4Dv
219 19.9Dv 29.9Dv 18.5Dv 27.8Dv 17.4Dv 26.2Dv 20.1Dv 30.1Dv
220 41.6Dv 62.4Dv 38.7Dv 58.1Dv 36.4Dv 54.6Dv 41.9Dv 62.9Dv
221 86.7Dv 130Dv 80.7Dv 121Dv 75.9Dv 113Dv 87.4Dv 131Dv
222 187Dv 281Dv 174Dv 262Dv 164Dv 246Dv 189Dv 283Dv
223 391Dv 586Dv 364Dv 546Dv 342Dv 513Dv 394Dv 591Dv
224 815Dv 1.22Tv 759Dv 1.13Tv 713Dv 1.07Tv 822Dv 1.23Tv
225 1.7Tv 2.55Tv 1.58Tv 2.37Tv 1.48Tv 2.23Tv 1.71Tv 2.57Tv
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 226 to Zone 300
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
226 3.54Tv 5.31Tv 3.29Tv 4.94Tv 3.1Tv 4.65Tv 3.57Tv 5.35Tv
227 7.38Tv 11.0Tv 6.87Tv 10.3Tv 6.46Tv 9.69Tv 7.44Tv 11.1Tv
228 15.9Tv 23.9Tv 14.8Tv 22.2Tv 13.9Tv 20.9Tv 16.0Tv 24.1Tv
229 33.2Tv 49.8Tv 30.9Tv 46.4Tv 29.1Tv 43.6Tv 33.5Tv 50.2Tv
230 138.6Tv 206Tv 129Tv 193.4Tv 121.2Tv 181.8Tv 139.6Tv 208Tv
231 288Tv 432Tv 268Tv 402Tv 252Tv 378Tv 290Tv 436Tv
232 602Tv 902Tv 560Tv 840Tv 526Tv 790Tv 606Tv 910Tv
233 1254Tv 1882Tv 1166Tv 1750Tv 1096Tv 1646Tv 1264Tv 1896Tv
234 2.8Qav 4.2Qav 2.6Qav 3.9Qav 2.44Qav 3.66Qav 2.82Qav 4.22Qav
235 5.84Qav 8.74Qav 5.42Qav 8.14Qav 5.1Qav 7.66Qav 5.88Qav 8.82Qav
236 12.16Qav 18.24Qav 11.32Qav 16.98Qav 10.64Qav 15.96Qav 12.26Qav 18.4Qav
237 25.2Qav 38Qav 23.6Qav 35.4Qav 22Qav 33.2Qav 25.4Qav 38.2Qav
238 52.8Qav 79.2Qav 49Qav 73.6Qav 46.2Qav 69.2Qav 53.2Qav 79.8Qav
239 110Qav 165Qav 102.4Qav 153.6Qav 96.2Qav 144.4Qav 111Qav 166.4Qav
240 236Qav 354Qav 220Qav 330Qav 206Qav 310Qav 238Qav 358Qav
241 494Qav 740Qav 458Qav 688Qav 432Qav 648Qav 498Qav 746Qav
242 1028Qav 1544Qav 958Qav 1436Qav 900Qav 1350Qav 1038Qav 1556Qav
243 2.14Qiv 3.22Qiv 1996Qav 2.98Qiv 1876Qav 2.8Qiv 2.16Qiv 3.24Qiv
244 4.46Qiv 6.7Qiv 4.16Qiv 6.24Qiv 3.9Qiv 5.86Qiv 4.5Qiv 6.76Qiv
245 9.3Qiv 13.96Qiv 8.66Qiv 13Qiv 8.14Qiv 12.22Qiv 9.38Qiv 14.08Qiv
246 20.6Qiv 31Qiv 19.24Qiv 28.8Qiv 18.08Qiv 27Qiv 20.8Qiv 31.2Qiv
247 43Qiv 64.6Qiv 40Qiv 60Qiv 37.6Qiv 56.4Qiv 43.4Qiv 65Qiv
248 89.6Qiv 134.6Qiv 83.4Qiv 125.2Qiv 78.4Qiv 117.8Qiv 90.4Qiv 135.6Qiv
249 187Qiv 280Qiv 174Qiv 260Qiv 163.6Qiv 244Qiv 188.4Qiv 282Qiv
250 388Qiv 584Qiv 362Qiv 544Qiv 340Qiv 510Qiv 392Qiv 588Qiv
251 812Qiv 1218Qiv 754Qiv 1132Qiv 710Qiv 1064Qiv 818Qiv 1228Qiv
252 1742Qiv 2.6Sxv 1622Qiv 2.42Sxv 1524Qiv 2.28Sxv 1756Qiv 2.62Sxv
253 3.62Sxv 5.44Sxv 3.38Sxv 5.06Sxv 3.16Sxv 4.76Sxv 3.66Sxv 5.48Sxv
254 7.56Sxv 11.34Sxv 7.04Sxv 10.56Sxv 6.62Sxv 9.92Sxv 7.62Sxv 11.44Sxv
255 15.76Sxv 23.6Sxv 14.68Sxv 22Sxv 13.8Sxv 20.6Sxv 15.9Sxv 23.8Sxv
256 32.8Sxv 49.2Sxv 30.4Sxv 45.8Sxv 28.6Sxv 43Sxv 33Sxv 49.6Sxv
257 68.4Sxv 102.6Sxv 63.6Sxv 95.6Sxv 59.8Sxv 89.8Sxv 69Sxv 103.4Sxv
258 151Sxv 226Sxv 140.6Sxv 210Sxv 132Sxv 198.2Sxv 152.2Sxv 228Sxv
259 314Sxv 472Sxv 292Sxv 438Sxv 274Sxv 412Sxv 316Sxv 474Sxv
260 654Sxv 982Sxv 610Sxv 914Sxv 572Sxv 860Sxv 660Sxv 990Sxv
261 1366Sxv 2.04Spv 1270Sxv 1906Sxv 1194Sxv 1792Sxv 1376Sxv 2.06Spv
262 2.84Spv 4.26Spv 2.64Spv 3.96Spv 2.48Spv 3.72Spv 2.86Spv 4.3Spv
263 5.92Spv 8.88Spv 5.52Spv 8.28Spv 5.18Spv 7.78Spv 5.98Spv 8.96Spv
264 13.04Spv 19.56Spv 12.14Spv 18.2Spv 11.4Spv 17.12Spv 13.14Spv 19.72Spv
265 27Spv 40.6Spv 25.2Spv 37.8Spv 23.6Spv 35.6Spv 27.4Spv 41Spv
266 56.6Spv 84.8Spv 52.6Spv 79Spv 49.4Spv 74.2Spv 57Spv 85.6Spv
267 117.8Spv 176.8Spv 109.8Spv 164.6Spv 103.2Spv 154.8Spv 118.8Spv 178.4Spv
268 244Spv 368Spv 228Spv 342Spv 214Spv 322Spv 246Spv 370Spv
269 512Spv 768Spv 476Spv 714Spv 448Spv 672Spv 516Spv 774Spv
270 1122Spv 1684Spv 1044Spv 1568Spv 982Spv 1474Spv 1132Spv 1698Spv
271 2.34Ov 3.5Ov 2.16Ov 3.26Ov 2.04Ov 3.06Ov 2.36Ov 3.52Ov
272 4.86Ov 7.3Ov 4.52Ov 6.8Ov 4.26Ov 6.38Ov 4.9Ov 7.36Ov
273 10.14Ov 15.22Ov 9.44Ov 14.18Ov 8.88Ov 13.32Ov 10.24Ov 15.36Ov
274 21Ov 31.6Ov 19.68Ov 29.4Ov 18.5Ov 27.6Ov 21.2Ov 32Ov
275 44Ov 66Ov 41Ov 61.4Ov 38.4Ov 57.8Ov 44.4Ov 66.6Ov
276 96.4Ov 144.6Ov 89.6Ov 134.6Ov 84.2Ov 126.4Ov 97.2Ov 145.8Ov
277 200Ov 300Ov 187Ov 280Ov 175.6Ov 262Ov 202Ov 302Ov
278 418Ov 626Ov 388Ov 584Ov 366Ov 548Ov 420Ov 632Ov
279 870Ov 1306Ov 810Ov 1216Ov 762Ov 1144Ov 878Ov 1318Ov
280 1816Ov 2.72Nv 1690Ov 2.52Nv 1588Ov 2.38Nv 1830Ov 2.74Nv
281 3.78Nv 5.66Nv 3.52Nv 5.28Nv 3.3Nv 4.96Nv 3.8Nv 5.72Nv
282 8.26Nv 12.38Nv 7.68Nv 11.52Nv 7.22Nv 10.84Nv 8.32Nv 12.48Nv
283 17.2Nv 25.8Nv 16Nv 24Nv 15.04Nv 22.4Nv 17.34Nv 26Nv
284 35.8Nv 53.6Nv 33.2Nv 50Nv 31.2Nv 47Nv 36Nv 54.2Nv
285 74.6Nv 112Nv 69.4Nv 104.2Nv 65.2Nv 98Nv 75.2Nv 112.8Nv
286 155.4Nv 232Nv 144.6Nv 216Nv 136Nv 204Nv 156.8Nv 234Nv
287 324Nv 486Nv 300Nv 452Nv 282Nv 424Nv 326Nv 490Nv
288 704Nv 1058Nv 656Nv 984Nv 616Nv 926Nv 710Nv 1066Nv
289 1470Nv 2.2Tt 1368Nv 2.04Tt 1286Nv 1928Nv 1482Nv 2.22Tt
290 3.06Tt 4.58Tt 2.84Tt 4.26Tt 2.68Tt 4.02Tt 3.08Tt 4.62Tt
291 6.38Tt 9.56Tt 5.92Tt 8.9Tt 5.58Tt 8.36Tt 6.42Tt 9.64Tt
292 13.28Tt 19.92Tt 12.36Tt 18.54Tt 11.62Tt 17.44Tt 13.38Tt 20Tt
293 27.6Tt 41.4Tt 25.6Tt 38.6Tt 24.2Tt 36.2Tt 27.8Tt 41.8Tt
294 60Tt 90.2Tt 56Tt 84Tt 52.6Tt 78.8Tt 60.6Tt 91Tt
295 125.2Tt 188Tt 116.6Tt 175Tt 109.6Tt 164.4Tt 126.2Tt 189.4Tt
296 260Tt 390Tt 242Tt 364Tt 228Tt 342Tt 262Tt 394Tt
297 542Tt 814Tt 506Tt 758Tt 474Tt 712Tt 548Tt 822Tt
298 1132Tt 1698Tt 1054Tt 1580Tt 990Tt 1486Tt 1142Tt 1712Tt
299 1.18e96 1.77e96 1.10e96 1.65e96 1.03e96 1.55e96 1.19e96 1.78e96
300 2.61e96 3.92e96 2.43e96 3.65e96 2.29e96 3.43e96 2.63e96 3.95e96
Cthulimp Health Values
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
5 31.4K 29.9K 23.5K 36.4K
6 69.1K 65.8K 51.8K 80.2K
7 135K 129K 101K 157K
8 262K 250K 196K 304K
9 503K 479K 377K 584K
10 960K 914K 720K 1.11M
11 1.82M 1.73M 1.36M 2.11M
12 3.43M 3.27M 2.57M 3.98M
13 6.46M 6.15M 4.84M 7.50M
14 12.1M 11.5M 9.09M 14.0M
15 22.6M 21.5M 17.0M 26.3M
16 42.3M 40.2M 31.7M 49.1M
17 78.7M 75.0M 59.0M 91.4M
18 146M 139M 109M 170M
19 271M 259M 203M 315M
20 504M 480M 378M 585M
21 933M 889M 700M 1.08B
22 1.72B 1.64B 1.29B 2.00B
23 3.19B 3.03B 2.39B 3.70B
24 5.88B 5.60B 4.41B 6.83B
25 10.8B 10.3B 8.14B 12.6B
26 20.0B 19.0B 15.0B 23.2B
27 36.8B 35.0B 27.6B 42.7B
28 67.8B 64.5B 50.8B 78.6B
29 124B 118B 93.5B 144B
30 229B 218B 171B 265B
31 420B 400B 315B 488B
32 772B 735B 579B 896B
33 1.41T 1.35T 1.06T 1.64T
34 2.6T 2.47T 1.95T 3.01T
35 4.76T 4.54T 3.57T 5.53T
36 8.73T 8.32T 6.55T 10.1T
37 16.0T 15.2T 12.0T 18.5T
38 29.3T 27.9T 21.9T 34.0T
39 53.6T 51.0T 40.2T 62.2T
40 98.1T 93.4T 73.6T 113T
41 179T 171T 134T 208T
42 328T 312T 246T 381T
43 600T 571T 450T 696T
44 1.09Qa 1.04Qa 823T 1.27Qa
45 2.00Qa 1.91Qa 1.50Qa 2.32Qa
46 3.66Qa 3.49Qa 2.74Qa 4.25Qa
47 6.69Qa 6.37Qa 5.01Qa 7.76Qa
48 12.2Qa 11.6Qa 9.16Qa 14.1Qa
49 22.3Qa 21.2Qa 16.7Qa 25.8Qa
50 40.7Qa 38.7Qa 30.5Qa 47.2Qa
51 74.3Qa 70.7Qa 55.7Qa 86.2Qa
52 135Qa 129Qa 101Qa 157Qa
53 247Qa 235Qa 185Qa 287Qa
54 451Qa 429Qa 338Qa 523Qa
55 822Qa 783Qa 617Qa 954Qa
56 1.5Qi 1.42Qi 1.12Qi 1.74Qi
57 2.73Qi 2.60Qi 2.05Qi 3.17Qi
58 4.98Qi 4.74Qi 3.73Qi 5.78Qi
59 9.08Qi 8.65Qi 6.81Qi 10.5Qi
60 82.6Qi 77.5Qi 72.3Qi 84.4Qi
61 165Qi 155Qi 144Qi 169Qi
62 331Qi 311Qi 290Qi 338Qi
63 665Qi 624Qi 581Qi 679Qi
64 1.33Sx 1.25Sx 1.16Sx 1.36Sx
65 2.66Sx 2.50Sx 2.33Sx 2.72Sx
66 5.34Sx 5.01Sx 4.67Sx 5.45Sx
67 10.7Sx 10.0Sx 9.36Sx 10.9Sx
68 21.4Sx 20.1Sx 18.7Sx 21.8Sx
69 42.9Sx 40.2Sx 37.5Sx 43.8Sx
70 85.9Sx 80.6Sx 75.1Sx 87.7Sx
71 171Sx 161Sx 150Sx 175Sx
72 344Sx 323Sx 301Sx 351Sx
73 688Sx 646Sx 602Sx 703Sx
74 1.37Sp 1.29Sp 1.20Sp 1.40Sp
75 2.75Sp 2.58Sp 2.41Sp 2.81Sp
76 5.52Sp 5.18Sp 4.83Sp 5.63Sp
77 11.0Sp 10.3Sp 9.66Sp 11.2Sp
78 22.0Sp 20.7Sp 19.3Sp 22.5Sp
79 44.1Sp 41.4Sp 38.6Sp 45.1Sp
80 88.3Sp 82.9Sp 77.3Sp 90.2Sp
81 176Sp 165Sp 154Sp 180Sp
82 353Sp 331Sp 309Sp 361Sp
83 707Sp 663Sp 618Sp 721Sp
84 1.41Oc 1.32Oc 1.23Oc 1.44Oc
85 2.82Oc 2.65Oc 2.47Oc 2.88Oc
86 5.65Oc 5.30Oc 4.94Oc 5.77Oc
87 11.2Oc 10.6Oc 9.88Oc 11.5Oc
88 22.5Oc 21.1Oc 19.7Oc 23.0Oc
89 45.1Oc 42.3Oc 39.5Oc 46.0Oc
90 90.2Oc 84.6Oc 78.9Oc 92.1Oc
91 180Oc 169Oc 157Oc 184Oc
92 360Oc 338Oc 315Oc 368Oc
93 720Oc 675Oc 630Oc 735Oc
94 1.43No 1.35No 1.25No 1.47No
95 2.87No 2.69No 2.51No 2.93No
96 5.74No 5.39No 5.02No 5.86No
97 11.4No 10.7No 10.0No 11.7No
98 22.9No 21.5No 20.0No 23.4No
99 45.8No 43No 40.0No 46.7No
100 91.5No 85.8No 80.0No 93.4No
101 182No 171No 159No 186No
102 365No 342No 319No 372No
103 729No 684No 638No 744No
104 1.45Dc 1.36Dc 1.27Dc 1.48Dc
105 2.91Dc 2.73Dc 2.54Dc 2.97Dc
106 5.81Dc 5.45Dc 5.08Dc 5.93Dc
107 11.6Dc 10.8Dc 10.1Dc 11.8Dc
108 23.1Dc 21.7Dc 20.2Dc 23.6Dc
109 46.2Dc 43.4Dc 40.4Dc 47.2Dc
110 92.3Dc 86.7Dc 80.8Dc 94.3Dc
111 184Dc 173Dc 161Dc 188Dc
112 368Dc 345Dc 322Dc 376Dc
113 735Dc 690Dc 643Dc 750Dc
114 1.46Ud 1.37Ud 1.28Ud 1.49Ud
115 2.93Ud 2.75Ud 2.56Ud 2.99Ud
116 5.85Ud 5.49Ud 5.11Ud 5.97Ud
117 11.6Ud 10.9Ud 10.2Ud 11.9Ud
118 23.3Ud 21.8Ud 20.3Ud 23.8Ud
119 46.5Ud 43.6Ud 40.7Ud 47.5Ud
120 92.8Ud 87.1Ud 81.2Ud 94.8Ud
121 185Ud 173Ud 162Ud 189Ud
122 369Ud 347Ud 323Ud 377Ud
123 738Ud 692Ud 645Ud 753Ud
124 1.47Dd 1.38Dd 1.28Dd 1.50Dd
125 2.94Dd 2.75Dd 2.57Dd 3.00Dd
126 5.86Dd 5.50Dd 5.13Dd 5.99Dd
127 11.7Dd 10.9Dd 10.2Dd 11.9Dd
128 23.3Dd 21.9Dd 20.4Dd 23.8Dd
129 46.6Dd 43.7Dd 40.7Dd 47.6Dd
130 93.0Dd 87.2Dd 81.3Dd 94.9Dd
131 185Dd 174Dd 162Dd 189Dd
132 370Dd 347Dd 324Dd 378Dd
133 738Dd 693Dd 646Dd 754Dd
134 1.47Td 1.38Td 1.29Td 1.50Td
135 2.94Td 2.76Td 2.57Td 3.00Td
136 5.86Td 5.50Td 5.13Td 5.99Td
137 11.7Td 10.9Td 10.2Td 11.9Td
138 23.3Td 21.9Td 20.4Td 23.8Td
139 46.5Td 43.7Td 40.7Td 47.5Td
140 92.8Td 87.1Td 81.2Td 94.8Td
141 185Td 173Td 162Td 189Td
142 369Td 346Td 323Td 377Td
143 737Td 691Td 645Td 752Td
144 1.47Qad 1.38Qad 1.28Qad 1.50Qad
145 2.93Qad 2.75Qad 2.56Qad 2.99Qad
146 5.85Qad 5.49Qad 5.11Qad 5.97Qad
147 11.6Qad 10.9Qad 10.2Qad 11.9Qad
148 23.2Qad 21.8Qad 20.3Qad 23.7Qad
149 46.4Qad 43.5Qad 40.6Qad 47.3Qad
150 92.5Qad 86.8Qad 80.9Qad 94.4Qad
151 184Qad 173Qad 161Qad 188Qad
152 368Qad 345Qad 322Qad 375Qad
153 733Qad 688Qad 642Qad 749Qad
154 1.46Qid 1.37Qid 1.28Qid 1.49Qid
155 2.91Qid 2.73Qid 2.55Qid 2.98Qid
156 5.81Qid 5.46Qid 5.09Qid 5.94Qid
157 11.6Qid 10.8Qid 10.1Qid 11.8Qid
158 23.1Qid 21.7Qid 20.2Qid 23.6Qid
159 46.1Qid 43.2Qid 40.3Qid 47.1Qid
160 91.9Qid 86.3Qid 80.4Qid 93.9Qid
161 183Qid 172Qid 160Qid 187Qid
162 365Qid 343Qid 319Qid 373Qid
163 728Qid 684Qid 637Qid 744Qid
164 1.45Sxd 1.36Sxd 1.27Sxd 1.48Sxd
165 2.89Sxd 2.71Sxd 2.53Sxd 2.95Sxd
166 5.77Sxd 5.42Sxd 5.05Sxd 5.89Sxd
167 11.5Sxd 10.8Sxd 10.0Sxd 11.7Sxd
168 22.9Sxd 21.5Sxd 20.0Sxd 23.4Sxd
169 45.7Sxd 42.9Sxd 40.0Sxd 46.7Sxd
170 91.2Sxd 85.6Sxd 79.8Sxd 93.1Sxd
171 181Sxd 170Sxd 159Sxd 185Sxd
172 362Sxd 340Sxd 317Sxd 370Sxd
173 722Sxd 678Sxd 632Sxd 738Sxd
174 1.44Spd 1.35Spd 1.26Spd 1.47Spd
175 2.87Spd 2.69Spd 2.51Spd 2.93Spd
176 5.72Spd 5.37Spd 5.00Spd 5.84Spd
177 11.4Spd 10.7Spd 9.98Spd 11.6Spd
178 22.7Spd 21.3Spd 19.9Spd 23.2Spd
179 45.3Spd 42.5Spd 39.6Spd 46.2Spd
180 90.3Spd 84.7Spd 79.0Spd 92.2Spd
181 1.15Od 1.08Od 1.00Od 1.17Od
182 2.29Od 2.15Od 2.01Od 2.34Od
183 4.57Od 4.29Od 4.00Od 4.67Od
184 9.12Od 8.56Od 7.98Od 9.31Od
185 18.1Od 17.0Od 15.9Od 18.5Od
186 37.9Od 35.6Od 33.2Od 38.7Od
187 75.6Od 70.9Od 66.1Od 77.2Od
188 150Od 141Od 131Od 153Od
189 300Od 281Od 262Od 306Od
190 598Od 561Od 523Od 611Od
191 1.19Nd 1.11Nd 1.04Nd 1.21Nd
192 2.48Nd 2.33Nd 2.17Nd 2.53Nd
193 4.94Nd 4.64Nd 4.33Nd 5.05Nd
194 9.86Nd 9.25Nd 8.63Nd 10.0Nd
195 19.6Nd 18.4Nd 17.1Nd 20.0Nd
196 39.1Nd 36.7Nd 34.2Nd 39.9Nd
197 78.0Nd 73.2Nd 68.2Nd 79.6Nd
198 164Nd 154Nd 143Nd 167Nd
199 327Nd 307Nd 286Nd 334Nd
200 652Nd 612Nd 571Nd 666Nd
201 1.30V 1.22V 1.13V 1.32V
202 2.59V 2.43V 2.26V 2.64V
203 5.16V 4.84V 4.51V 5.27V
204 10.8V 10.1V 9.49V 11.0V
205 21.6V 20.2V 18.9V 22.0V
206 43.0V 40.4V 37.6V 43.9V
207 85.7V 80.5V 75.0V 87.6V
208 170V 160V 149V 174V
209 340V 319V 297V 347V
210 704V 661V 616V 719V
211 1.40Uv 1.31Uv 1.22Uv 1.43Uv
212 2.79Uv 2.62Uv 2.44Uv 2.85Uv
213 5.57Uv 5.22Uv 4.87Uv 5.69Uv
214 11.1Uv 10.4Uv 9.71Uv 11.3Uv
215 22.1Uv 20.7Uv 19.3Uv 22.5Uv
216 46.7Uv 43.9Uv 40.9Uv 47.7Uv
217 93.1Uv 87.4Uv 81.5Uv 95.1Uv
218 185Uv 174Uv 162Uv 189Uv
219 369Uv 347Uv 323Uv 377Uv
220 736Uv 691Uv 644Uv 752Uv
221 1.46Dv 1.37Dv 1.28Dv 1.49Dv
222 3.06Dv 2.87Dv 2.67Dv 3.12Dv
223 6.09Dv 5.72Dv 5.33Dv 6.22Dv
224 12.1Dv 11.3Dv 10.6Dv 12.4Dv
225 24.1Dv 22.7Dv 21.1Dv 24.7Dv
226 48.1Dv 45.2Dv 42.1Dv 49.2Dv
227 96.0Dv 90.0Dv 84.0Dv 98.0Dv
228 199Dv 187Dv 174Dv 203Dv
229 397Dv 373Dv 348Dv 406Dv
230 1584Dv 1486Dv 1386Dv 1618Dv
231 3.14Tv 2.96Tv 2.76Tv 3.22Tv
232 6.28Tv 5.9Tv 5.5Tv 6.42Tv
233 12.52Tv 11.74Tv 10.96Tv 12.78Tv
234 26.2Tv 24.6Tv 22.8Tv 26.8Tv
235 52.2Tv 49Tv 45.8Tv 53.4Tv
236 104.2Tv 97.8Tv 91.2Tv 106.4Tv
237 206Tv 194.8Tv 181.6Tv 212Tv
238 412Tv 388Tv 360Tv 422Tv
239 822Tv 772Tv 720Tv 840Tv
240 1722Tv 1616Tv 1508Tv 1760Tv
241 3.42Qav 3.22Qav 3Qav 3.5Qav
242 6.84Qav 6.4Qav 5.98Qav 6.98Qav
243 13.62Qav 12.78Qav 11.92Qav 13.9Qav
244 27Qav 25.4Qav 23.6Qav 27.6Qav
245 54Qav 50.6Qav 47.2Qav 55Qav
246 112.6Qav 105.8Qav 98.6Qav 115Qav
247 224Qav 210Qav 196.4Qav 228Qav
248 446Qav 418Qav 390Qav 456Qav
249 890Qav 836Qav 778Qav 908Qav
250 1774Qav 1664Qav 1552Qav 1812Qav
251 3.52Qiv 3.3Qiv 3.08Qiv 3.6Qiv
252 7.42Qiv 6.96Qiv 6.48Qiv 7.58Qiv
253 14.78Qiv 13.88Qiv 12.94Qiv 15.1Qiv
254 29.4Qiv 27.6Qiv 25.6Qiv 30Qiv
255 58.6Qiv 55Qiv 51.2Qiv 59.8Qiv
256 116.8Qiv 109.6Qiv 102.2Qiv 119.2Qiv
257 232Qiv 218Qiv 202Qiv 236Qiv
258 482Qiv 452Qiv 422Qiv 492Qiv
259 962Qiv 902Qiv 842Qiv 982Qiv
260 1916Qiv 1798Qiv 1676Qiv 1958Qiv
261 3.8Sxv 3.58Sxv 3.34Sxv 3.9Sxv
262 7.6Sxv 7.12Sxv 6.64Sxv 7.76Sxv
263 15.14Sxv 14.2Sxv 13.24Sxv 15.46Sxv
264 31.6Sxv 29.6Sxv 27.6Sxv 32.2Sxv
265 63Sxv 59Sxv 55Sxv 64.2Sxv
266 125.4Sxv 117.8Sxv 109.8Sxv 128.2Sxv
267 250Sxv 234Sxv 218Sxv 254Sxv
268 496Sxv 466Sxv 434Sxv 508Sxv
269 990Sxv 930Sxv 866Sxv 1012Sxv
270 2.08Spv 1956Sxv 1822Sxv 2.12Spv
271 4.14Spv 3.88Spv 3.62Spv 4.22Spv
272 8.26Spv 7.74Spv 7.22Spv 8.44Spv
273 16.44Spv 15.44Spv 14.4Spv 16.8Spv
274 32.6Spv 30.6Spv 28.6Spv 33.4Spv
275 65.2Spv 61.2Spv 57Spv 66.6Spv
276 135.8Spv 127.4Spv 118.8Spv 138.6Spv
277 270Spv 252Spv 236Spv 276Spv
278 538Spv 504Spv 470Spv 548Spv
279 1072Spv 1006Spv 938Spv 1094Spv
280 2.12Ov 2Ov 1866Spv 2.18Ov
281 4.24Ov 3.98Ov 3.72Ov 4.34Ov
282 8.88Ov 8.34Ov 7.76Ov 9.06Ov
283 17.7Ov 16.6Ov 15.48Ov 18.06Ov
284 35.2Ov 33Ov 30.8Ov 35.8Ov
285 70Ov 65.8Ov 61.4Ov 71.6Ov
286 139.6Ov 131Ov 122.2Ov 142.6Ov
287 278Ov 260Ov 242Ov 284Ov
288 584Ov 548Ov 510Ov 596Ov
289 1162Ov 1090Ov 1018Ov 1188Ov
290 2.3Nv 2.16Nv 2.02Nv 2.36Nv
291 4.6Nv 4.32Nv 4.02Nv 4.7Nv
292 9.18Nv 8.6Nv 8.02Nv 9.36Nv
293 18.28Nv 17.14Nv 15.98Nv 18.66Nv
294 38Nv 35.6Nv 33.2Nv 38.8Nv
295 75.6Nv 71Nv 66.2Nv 77.2Nv
296 150.8Nv 141.4Nv 132Nv 154Nv
297 300Nv 280Nv 262Nv 306Nv
298 598Nv 560Nv 522Nv 610Nv
299 1190Nv 1116Nv 1040Nv 1214Nv
300 2.48Tt 2.32Tt 2.16Tt 2.54Tt


Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 5 to Zone 75
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
5 6.29e03 9.44e03 5.88e03 8.82e03 4.72e03 7.08e03 7.10e03 1.06e04
6 1.25e04 1.87e04 1.17e04 1.75e04 9.37e03 1.41e04 1.41e04 2.11e04
7 2.69e04 4.03e04 2.51e04 3.77e04 2.02e04 3.02e04 3.03e04 4.55e04
8 5.20e04 7.80e04 4.86e04 7.29e04 3.90e04 5.85e04 5.86e04 8.79e04
9 9.97e04 1.50e05 9.32e04 1.40e05 7.48e04 1.12e05 1.12e05 1.69e05
10 1.90e05 2.85e05 1.78e05 2.67e05 1.43e05 2.14e05 2.14e05 3.22e05
11 3.61e05 5.41e05 3.37e05 5.06e05 2.70e05 4.06e05 4.07e05 6.10e05
12 6.81e05 1.02e06 6.37e05 9.55e05 5.11e05 7.66e05 7.68e05 1.15e06
13 1.28e06 1.92e06 1.20e06 1.80e06 9.61e05 1.44e06 1.45e06 2.17e06
14 2.41e06 3.61e06 2.25e06 3.37e06 1.80e06 2.71e06 2.71e06 4.07e06
15 4.50e06 6.75e06 4.21e06 6.31e06 3.38e06 5.07e06 5.08e06 7.62e06
16 8.41e06 1.26e07 7.86e06 1.18e07 6.31e06 9.46e06 9.49e06 1.42e07
17 1.57e07 2.35e07 1.47e07 2.20e07 1.18e07 1.76e07 1.77e07 2.65e07
18 2.92e07 4.38e07 2.73e07 4.09e07 2.19e07 3.28e07 3.29e07 4.93e07
19 5.42e07 8.13e07 5.07e07 7.60e07 4.06e07 6.10e07 6.11e07 9.17e07
20 1.01e08 1.51e08 9.40e07 1.41e08 7.54e07 1.13e08 1.13e08 1.70e08
21 1.86e08 2.79e08 1.74e08 2.61e08 1.40e08 2.10e08 2.10e08 3.15e08
22 3.45e08 5.17e08 3.22e08 4.84e08 2.59e08 3.88e08 3.89e08 5.83e08
23 6.38e08 9.56e08 5.96e08 8.94e08 4.78e08 7.17e08 7.19e08 1.08e09
24 1.18e09 1.77e09 1.10e09 1.65e09 8.83e08 1.32e09 1.33e09 1.99e09
25 2.17e09 3.26e09 2.03e09 3.05e09 1.63e09 2.45e09 2.45e09 3.68e09
26 4.01e09 6.01e09 3.75e09 5.62e09 3.01e09 4.51e09 4.52e09 6.78e09
27 7.39e09 1.11e10 6.91e09 1.04e10 5.54e09 8.31e09 8.33e09 1.25e10
28 1.36e10 2.04e10 1.27e10 1.91e10 1.02e10 1.53e10 1.53e10 2.30e10
29 2.50e10 3.75e10 2.34e10 3.51e10 1.88e10 2.82e10 2.82e10 4.23e10
30 4.60e10 6.91e10 4.30e10 6.46e10 3.45e10 5.18e10 5.19e10 7.79e10
31 8.46e10 1.27e11 7.91e10 1.19e11 6.35e10 9.52e10 9.55e10 1.43e11
32 1.55e11 2.33e11 1.45e11 2.18e11 1.17e11 1.75e11 1.75e11 2.63e11
33 2.86e11 4.28e11 2.67e11 4.00e11 2.14e11 3.21e11 3.22e11 4.83e11
34 5.24e11 7.86e11 4.90e11 7.35e11 3.93e11 5.90e11 5.91e11 8.87e11
35 9.62e11 1.44e12 8.99e11 1.35e12 7.21e11 1.08e12 1.08e12 1.63e12
36 1.76e12 2.65e12 1.65e12 2.47e12 1.32e12 1.98e12 1.99e12 2.98e12
37 3.23e12 4.85e12 3.02e12 4.53e12 2.42e12 3.64e12 3.65e12 5.47e12
38 5.92e12 8.89e12 5.54e12 8.31e12 4.44e12 6.66e12 6.68e12 1.00e13
39 1.09e13 1.63e13 1.01e13 1.52e13 8.14e12 1.22e13 1.22e13 1.84e13
40 1.99e13 2.98e13 1.86e13 2.79e13 1.49e13 2.24e13 2.24e13 3.36e13
41 3.64e13 5.46e13 3.40e13 5.10e13 2.73e13 4.09e13 4.10e13 6.16e13
42 6.66e13 9.99e13 6.23e13 9.34e13 4.99e13 7.49e13 7.51e13 1.13e14
43 1.22e14 1.83e14 1.14e14 1.71e14 9.14e13 1.37e14 1.37e14 2.06e14
44 2.23e14 3.34e14 2.08e14 3.13e14 1.67e14 2.51e14 2.51e14 3.77e14
45 4.08e14 6.11e14 3.81e14 5.72e14 3.06e14 4.59e14 4.60e14 6.90e14
46 7.45e14 1.12e15 6.97e14 1.05e15 5.59e14 8.38e14 8.41e14 1.26e15
47 1.36e15 2.04e15 1.27e15 1.91e15 1.02e15 1.53e15 1.54e15 2.30e15
48 2.49e15 3.73e15 2.33e15 3.49e15 1.87e15 2.80e15 2.81e15 4.21e15
49 4.55e15 6.82e15 4.25e15 6.38e15 3.41e15 5.12e15 5.13e15 7.70e15
50 8.31e15 1.25e16 7.77e15 1.17e16 6.23e15 9.35e15 9.37e15 1.41e16
51 1.52e16 2.28e16 1.42e16 2.13e16 1.14e16 1.71e16 1.71e16 2.57e16
52 2.77e16 4.16e16 2.59e16 3.89e16 2.08e16 3.12e16 3.13e16 4.69e16
53 5.06e16 7.59e16 4.73e16 7.09e16 3.79e16 5.69e16 5.71e16 8.56e16
54 9.23e16 1.38e17 8.63e16 1.29e17 6.92e16 1.04e17 1.04e17 1.56e17
55 1.68e17 2.53e17 1.58e17 2.36e17 1.26e17 1.90e17 1.90e17 2.85e17
56 3.07e17 4.61e17 2.87e17 4.31e17 2.31e17 3.46e17 3.47e17 5.20e17
57 5.61e17 8.41e17 5.24e17 7.87e17 4.21e17 6.31e17 6.33e17 9.49e17
58 1.02e18 1.53e18 9.57e17 1.43e18 7.67e17 1.15e18 1.15e18 1.73e18
59 1.87e18 2.80e18 1.74e18 2.62e18 1.40e18 2.10e18 2.10e18 3.16e18
60 1.11e19 1.67e19 1.04e19 1.55e19 9.74e18 1.46e19 1.12e19 1.68e19
61 2.33e19 3.50e19 2.17e19 3.26e19 2.04e19 3.06e19 2.35e19 3.53e19
62 4.90e19 7.34e19 4.56e19 6.83e19 4.28e19 6.42e19 4.94e19 7.40e19
63 1.03e20 1.54e20 9.55e19 1.43e20 8.98e19 1.35e20 1.03e20 1.55e20
64 2.15e20 3.23e20 2.00e20 3.00e20 1.88e20 2.82e20 2.17e20 3.25e20
65 4.51e20 6.76e20 4.20e20 6.29e20 3.94e20 5.92e20 4.54e20 6.82e20
66 9.45e20 1.42e21 8.79e20 1.32e21 8.26e20 1.24e21 9.52e20 1.43e21
67 1.98e21 2.97e21 1.84e21 2.76e21 1.73e21 2.60e21 2.00e21 2.99e21
68 4.15e21 6.22e21 3.86e21 5.79e21 3.63e21 5.44e21 4.18e21 6.27e21
69 8.69e21 1.30e22 8.08e21 1.21e22 7.60e21 1.14e22 8.76e21 1.31e22
70 1.82e22 2.73e22 1.69e22 2.54e22 1.59e22 2.39e22 1.83e22 2.75e22
71 3.81e22 5.72e22 3.55e22 5.32e22 3.33e22 5.00e22 3.84e22 5.76e22
72 7.98e22 1.20e23 7.43e22 1.11e23 6.98e22 1.05e23 8.04e22 1.21e23
73 1.67e23 2.51e23 1.56e23 2.33e23 1.46e23 2.19e23 1.68e23 2.53e23
74 3.50e23 5.25e23 3.26e23 4.88e23 3.06e23 4.59e23 3.53e23 5.29e23
75 7.32e23 1.10e24 6.82e23 1.02e24 6.41e23 9.61e23 7.38e23 1.11e24
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 76 to Zone 150
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
76 1.53e24 2.30e24 1.43e24 2.14e24 1.34e24 2.01e24 1.55e24 2.32e24
77 3.21e24 4.81e24 2.99e24 4.48e24 2.81e24 4.21e24 3.24e24 4.85e24
78 6.72e24 1.01e25 6.25e24 9.38e24 5.88e24 8.82e24 6.77e24 1.02e25
79 1.41e25 2.11e25 1.31e25 1.96e25 1.23e25 1.84e25 1.42e25 2.13e25
80 2.94e25 4.41e25 2.74e25 4.11e25 2.57e25 3.86e25 2.97e25 4.45e25
81 6.16e25 9.23e25 5.73e25 8.59e25 5.39e25 8.08e25 6.21e25 9.31e25
82 1.29e26 1.93e26 1.20e26 1.80e26 1.13e26 1.69e26 1.30e26 1.95e26
83 2.69e26 4.04e26 2.51e26 3.76e26 2.36e26 3.54e26 2.72e26 4.08e26
84 5.64e26 8.46e26 5.25e26 7.87e26 4.93e26 7.40e26 5.68e26 8.53e26
85 1.18e27 1.77e27 1.10e27 1.65e27 1.03e27 1.55e27 1.19e27 1.78e27
86 2.47e27 3.70e27 2.30e27 3.44e27 2.16e27 3.24e27 2.49e27 3.73e27
87 5.16e27 7.74e27 4.80e27 7.20e27 4.51e27 6.77e27 5.20e27 7.80e27
88 1.08e28 1.62e28 1.00e28 1.51e28 9.44e27 1.42e28 1.09e28 1.63e28
89 2.26e28 3.39e28 2.10e28 3.15e28 1.97e28 2.96e28 2.28e28 3.41e28
90 4.72e28 7.08e28 4.39e28 6.59e28 4.13e28 6.19e28 4.76e28 7.14e28
91 9.87e28 1.48e29 9.19e28 1.38e29 8.64e28 1.30e29 9.95e28 1.49e29
92 2.06e29 3.10e29 1.92e29 2.88e29 1.81e29 2.71e29 2.08e29 3.12e29
93 4.31e29 6.47e29 4.02e29 6.02e29 3.78e29 5.66e29 4.35e29 6.52e29
94 9.02e29 1.35e30 8.40e29 1.26e30 7.89e29 1.18e30 9.09e29 1.36e30
95 1.89e30 2.83e30 1.76e30 2.63e30 1.65e30 2.48e30 1.90e30 2.85e30
96 3.94e30 5.91e30 3.67e30 5.50e30 3.45e30 5.17e30 3.97e30 5.96e30
97 8.24e30 1.24e31 7.67e30 1.15e31 7.21e30 1.08e31 8.31e30 1.25e31
98 1.72e31 2.58e31 1.60e31 2.40e31 1.51e31 2.26e31 1.74e31 2.60e31
99 3.60e31 5.40e31 3.35e31 5.03e31 3.15e31 4.73e31 3.63e31 5.44e31
100 7.52e31 1.13e32 7.00e31 1.05e32 6.58e31 9.88e31 7.59e31 1.14e32
101 1.57e32 2.36e32 1.46e32 2.20e32 1.38e32 2.06e32 1.59e32 2.38e32
102 3.29e32 4.93e32 3.06e32 4.59e32 2.88e32 4.31e32 3.31e32 4.97e32
103 6.87e32 1.03e33 6.39e32 9.59e32 6.01e32 9.01e32 6.92e32 1.04e33
104 1.44e33 2.15e33 1.34e33 2.00e33 1.26e33 1.88e33 1.45e33 2.17e33
105 3.00e33 4.50e33 2.79e33 4.19e33 2.62e33 3.94e33 3.02e33 4.53e33
106 6.27e33 9.40e33 5.83e33 8.75e33 5.48e33 8.22e33 6.32e33 9.48e33
107 1.31e34 1.96e34 1.22e34 1.83e34 1.15e34 1.72e34 1.32e34 1.98e34
108 2.74e34 4.10e34 2.55e34 3.82e34 2.39e34 3.59e34 2.76e34 4.14e34
109 5.71e34 8.57e34 5.32e34 7.98e34 5.00e34 7.50e34 5.76e34 8.64e34
110 1.19e35 1.79e35 1.11e35 1.67e35 1.04e35 1.57e35 1.20e35 1.81e35
111 2.49e35 3.74e35 2.32e35 3.48e35 2.18e35 3.27e35 2.51e35 3.77e35
112 5.21e35 7.81e35 4.85e35 7.27e35 4.56e35 6.84e35 5.25e35 7.88e35
113 1.09e36 1.63e36 1.01e36 1.52e36 9.52e35 1.43e36 1.10e36 1.65e36
114 2.27e36 3.41e36 2.12e36 3.17e36 1.99e36 2.98e36 2.29e36 3.44e36
115 4.75e36 7.12e36 4.42e36 6.63e36 4.15e36 6.23e36 4.79e36 7.18e36
116 9.91e36 1.49e37 9.23e36 1.38e37 8.68e36 1.30e37 1.00e37 1.50e37
117 2.07e37 3.11e37 1.93e37 2.89e37 1.81e37 2.72e37 2.09e37 3.13e37
118 4.32e37 6.49e37 4.02e37 6.04e37 3.78e37 5.68e37 4.36e37 6.54e37
119 9.03e37 1.35e38 8.41e37 1.26e38 7.90e37 1.19e38 9.10e37 1.37e38
120 1.89e38 2.83e38 1.76e38 2.63e38 1.65e38 2.48e38 1.90e38 2.85e38
121 3.94e38 5.91e38 3.67e38 5.50e38 3.45e38 5.17e38 3.97e38 5.96e38
122 8.22e38 1.23e39 7.65e38 1.15e39 7.20e38 1.08e39 8.29e38 1.24e39
123 1.72e39 2.58e39 1.60e39 2.40e39 1.50e39 2.25e39 1.73e39 2.60e39
124 3.59e39 5.38e39 3.34e39 5.01e39 3.14e39 4.71e39 3.61e39 5.42e39
125 7.49e39 1.12e40 6.97e39 1.05e40 6.55e39 9.82e39 7.55e39 1.13e40
126 1.56e40 2.34e40 1.45e40 2.18e40 1.37e40 2.05e40 1.58e40 2.36e40
127 3.26e40 4.89e40 3.04e40 4.56e40 2.86e40 4.28e40 3.29e40 4.93e40
128 6.81e40 1.02e41 6.34e40 9.51e40 5.96e40 8.94e40 6.87e40 1.03e41
129 1.42e41 2.13e41 1.32e41 1.99e41 1.24e41 1.87e41 1.43e41 2.15e41
130 2.97e41 4.45e41 2.76e41 4.15e41 2.60e41 3.90e41 2.99e41 4.49e41
131 6.20e41 9.30e41 5.77e41 8.65e41 5.42e41 8.13e41 6.25e41 9.37e41
132 1.29e42 1.94e42 1.20e42 1.81e42 1.13e42 1.70e42 1.30e42 1.96e42
133 2.70e42 4.05e42 2.51e42 3.77e42 2.36e42 3.54e42 2.72e42 4.08e42
134 5.64e42 8.46e42 5.25e42 7.87e42 4.93e42 7.40e42 5.68e42 8.53e42
135 1.18e43 1.77e43 1.10e43 1.64e43 1.03e43 1.54e43 1.19e43 1.78e43
136 2.46e43 3.68e43 2.29e43 3.43e43 2.15e43 3.22e43 2.48e43 3.71e43
137 5.13e43 7.69e43 4.77e43 7.16e43 4.49e43 6.73e43 5.17e43 7.75e43
138 1.07e44 1.60e44 9.96e43 1.49e44 9.36e43 1.40e44 1.08e44 1.62e44
139 2.23e44 3.35e44 2.08e44 3.12e44 1.95e44 2.93e44 2.25e44 3.38e44
140 4.66e44 6.99e44 4.34e44 6.51e44 4.08e44 6.12e44 4.70e44 7.05e44
141 9.73e44 1.46e45 9.05e44 1.36e45 8.51e44 1.28e45 9.81e44 1.47e45
142 2.03e45 3.04e45 1.89e45 2.83e45 1.78e45 2.66e45 2.05e45 3.07e45
143 4.24e45 6.35e45 3.94e45 5.91e45 3.71e45 5.56e45 4.27e45 6.41e45
144 8.84e45 1.33e46 8.23e45 1.23e46 7.73e45 1.16e46 8.91e45 1.34e46
145 1.84e46 2.77e46 1.72e46 2.58e46 1.61e46 2.42e46 1.86e46 2.79e46
146 3.85e46 5.77e46 3.58e46 5.37e46 3.37e46 5.05e46 3.88e46 5.82e46
147 8.03e46 1.20e47 7.48e46 1.12e47 7.03e46 1.05e47 8.10e46 1.21e47
148 1.68e47 2.51e47 1.56e47 2.34e47 1.47e47 2.20e47 1.69e47 2.53e47
149 3.50e47 5.25e47 3.25e47 4.88e47 3.06e47 4.59e47 3.53e47 5.29e47
150 7.30e47 1.09e48 6.79e47 1.02e48 6.38e47 9.58e47 7.36e47 1.10e48
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 151 to Zone 225
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
151 1.52e48 2.28e48 1.42e48 2.13e48 1.33e48 2.00e48 1.53e48 2.30e48
152 3.18e48 4.76e48 2.96e48 4.43e48 2.78e48 4.17e48 3.20e48 4.80e48
153 6.63e48 9.94e48 6.17e48 9.25e48 5.80e48 8.70e48 6.68e48 1.00e49
154 1.38e49 2.07e49 1.29e49 1.93e49 1.21e49 1.81e49 1.39e49 2.09e49
155 2.88e49 4.33e49 2.68e49 4.03e49 2.52e49 3.79e49 2.91e49 4.36e49
156 6.02e49 9.03e49 5.60e49 8.40e49 5.27e49 7.90e49 6.07e49 9.10e49
157 1.26e50 1.88e50 1.17e50 1.75e50 1.10e50 1.65e50 1.27e50 1.90e50
158 2.62e50 3.93e50 2.44e50 3.66e50 2.29e50 3.44e50 2.64e50 3.96e50
159 5.46e50 8.20e50 5.09e50 7.63e50 4.78e50 7.17e50 5.51e50 8.26e50
160 1.14e51 1.71e51 1.06e51 1.59e51 9.97e50 1.50e51 1.15e51 1.72e51
161 2.38e51 3.57e51 2.21e51 3.32e51 2.08e51 3.12e51 2.40e51 3.60e51
162 4.96e51 7.44e51 4.62e51 6.93e51 4.34e51 6.51e51 5.00e51 7.50e51
163 1.03e52 1.55e52 9.63e51 1.44e52 9.05e51 1.36e52 1.04e52 1.56e52
164 2.16e52 3.24e52 2.01e52 3.01e52 1.89e52 2.83e52 2.18e52 3.26e52
165 4.50e52 6.75e52 4.19e52 6.29e52 3.94e52 5.91e52 4.54e52 6.81e52
166 9.39e52 1.41e53 8.74e52 1.31e53 8.22e52 1.23e53 9.47e52 1.42e53
167 1.96e53 2.94e53 1.82e53 2.73e53 1.71e53 2.57e53 1.97e53 2.96e53
168 4.09e53 6.13e53 3.80e53 5.70e53 3.57e53 5.36e53 4.12e53 6.18e53
169 8.52e53 1.28e54 7.93e53 1.19e54 7.46e53 1.12e54 8.59e53 1.29e54
170 1.78e54 2.67e54 1.65e54 2.48e54 1.56e54 2.33e54 1.79e54 2.69e54
171 3.71e54 5.56e54 3.45e54 5.17e54 3.24e54 4.86e54 3.74e54 5.61e54
172 7.73e54 1.16e55 7.20e54 1.08e55 6.76e54 1.01e55 7.79e54 1.17e55
173 1.61e55 2.42e55 1.50e55 2.25e55 1.41e55 2.12e55 1.63e55 2.44e55
174 3.36e55 5.04e55 3.13e55 4.69e55 2.94e55 4.41e55 3.39e55 5.09e55
175 7.01e55 1.05e56 6.53e55 9.79e55 6.14e55 9.20e55 7.07e55 1.06e56
176 1.46e56 2.19e56 1.36e56 2.04e56 1.28e56 1.92e56 1.47e56 2.21e56
177 3.05e56 4.57e56 2.84e56 4.26e56 2.67e56 4.00e56 3.07e56 4.61e56
178 6.36e56 9.54e56 5.92e56 8.88e56 5.57e56 8.35e56 6.41e56 9.62e56
179 1.33e57 1.99e57 1.23e57 1.85e57 1.16e57 1.74e57 1.34e57 2.01e57
180 2.77e57 4.15e57 2.57e57 3.86e57 2.42e57 3.63e57 2.79e57 4.18e57
181 1.10e58 1.64e58 1.02e58 1.53e58 9.59e57 1.44e58 1.10e58 1.66e58
182 2.29e58 3.43e58 2.13e58 3.19e58 2.00e58 3.00e58 2.30e58 3.46e58
183 4.77e58 7.15e58 4.44e58 6.65e58 4.17e58 6.25e58 4.80e58 7.21e58
184 9.94e58 1.49e59 9.25e58 1.39e59 8.70e58 1.30e59 1.00e59 1.50e59
185 2.07e59 3.11e59 1.93e59 2.89e59 1.81e59 2.72e59 2.09e59 3.13e59
186 4.55e59 6.82e59 4.23e59 6.35e59 3.98e59 5.97e59 4.59e59 6.88e59
187 9.48e59 1.42e60 8.83e59 1.32e60 8.30e59 1.24e60 9.56e59 1.43e60
188 1.98e60 2.97e60 1.84e60 2.76e60 1.73e60 2.60e60 1.99e60 2.99e60
189 4.12e60 6.18e60 3.84e60 5.76e60 3.61e60 5.41e60 4.16e60 6.24e60
190 8.60e60 1.29e61 8.00e60 1.20e61 7.52e60 1.13e61 8.67e60 1.30e61
191 1.79e61 2.69e61 1.67e61 2.50e61 1.57e61 2.35e61 1.81e61 2.71e61
192 3.92e61 5.89e61 3.65e61 5.48e61 3.43e61 5.15e61 3.96e61 5.93e61
193 8.18e61 1.23e62 7.62e61 1.14e62 7.16e61 1.07e62 8.25e61 1.24e62
194 1.71e62 2.56e62 1.59e62 2.38e62 1.49e62 2.24e62 1.72e62 2.58e62
195 3.56e62 5.33e62 3.31e62 4.97e62 3.11e62 4.67e62 3.59e62 5.38e62
196 7.42e62 1.11e63 6.90e62 1.04e63 6.49e62 9.73e62 7.48e62 1.12e63
197 1.55e63 2.32e63 1.44e63 2.16e63 1.35e63 2.03e63 1.56e63 2.34e63
198 3.38e63 5.06e63 3.14e63 4.71e63 2.95e63 4.43e63 3.40e63 5.11e63
199 7.04e63 1.06e64 6.55e63 9.83e63 6.16e63 9.24e63 7.10e63 1.06e64
200 1.47e64 2.20e64 1.37e64 2.05e64 1.28e64 1.93e64 1.48e64 2.22e64
201 3.06e64 4.59e64 2.85e64 4.27e64 2.68e64 4.02e64 3.08e64 4.63e64
202 6.38e64 9.57e64 5.94e64 8.90e64 5.58e64 8.37e64 6.43e64 9.65e64
203 1.33e65 1.99e65 1.24e65 1.86e65 1.16e65 1.75e65 1.34e65 2.01e65
204 2.90e65 4.35e65 2.70e65 4.05e65 2.54e65 3.80e65 2.92e65 4.38e65
205 6.04e65 9.06e65 5.62e65 8.43e65 5.29e65 7.93e65 6.09e65 9.14e65
206 1.26e66 1.89e66 1.17e66 1.76e66 1.10e66 1.65e66 1.27e66 1.90e66
207 2.63e66 3.94e66 2.44e66 3.67e66 2.30e66 3.45e66 2.65e66 3.97e66
208 5.47e66 8.21e66 5.09e66 7.64e66 4.79e66 7.18e66 5.52e66 8.28e66
209 1.14e67 1.71e67 1.06e67 1.59e67 9.98e66 1.50e67 1.15e67 1.73e67
210 2.48e67 3.72e67 2.31e67 3.46e67 2.17e67 3.26e67 2.50e67 3.75e67
211 5.17e67 7.76e67 4.81e67 7.22e67 4.53e67 6.79e67 5.21e67 7.82e67
212 1.08e68 1.62e68 1.00e68 1.51e68 9.43e67 1.42e68 1.09e68 1.63e68
213 2.25e68 3.37e68 2.09e68 3.14e68 1.97e68 2.95e68 2.27e68 3.40e68
214 4.68e68 7.03e68 4.36e68 6.54e68 4.10e68 6.15e68 4.72e68 7.08e68
215 9.76e68 1.46e69 9.09e68 1.36e69 8.54e68 1.28e69 9.84e68 1.48e69
216 2.20e69 3.31e69 2.05e69 3.08e69 1.93e69 2.89e69 2.22e69 3.33e69
217 4.60e69 6.89e69 4.28e69 6.42e69 4.02e69 6.03e69 4.63e69 6.95e69
218 9.58e69 1.44e70 8.92e69 1.34e70 8.38e69 1.26e70 9.66e69 1.45e70
219 2.00e70 3.00e70 1.86e70 2.79e70 1.75e70 2.62e70 2.01e70 3.02e70
220 4.16e70 6.24e70 3.87e70 5.81e70 3.64e70 5.46e70 4.20e70 6.29e70
221 8.67e70 1.30e71 8.07e70 1.21e71 7.59e70 1.14e71 8.75e70 1.31e71
222 1.88e71 2.82e71 1.75e71 2.62e71 1.64e71 2.46e71 1.89e71 2.84e71
223 3.91e71 5.87e71 3.64e71 5.46e71 3.42e71 5.14e71 3.95e71 5.92e71
224 8.16e71 1.22e72 7.59e71 1.14e72 7.14e71 1.07e72 8.22e71 1.23e72
225 1.70e72 2.55e72 1.58e72 2.37e72 1.49e72 2.23e72 1.71e72 2.57e72
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 226 to Zone 300
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
226 3.54e72 5.31e72 3.30e72 4.95e72 3.10e72 4.65e72 3.57e72 5.36e72
227 7.38e72 1.11e73 6.87e72 1.03e73 6.46e72 9.69e72 7.44e72 1.12e73
228 1.60e73 2.39e73 1.49e73 2.23e73 1.40e73 2.09e73 1.61e73 2.41e73
229 3.33e73 4.99e73 3.10e73 4.64e73 2.91e73 4.37e73 3.35e73 5.03e73
230 1.41e74 2.12e74 1.31e74 1.97e74 1.23e74 1.85e74 1.42e74 2.13e74
231 2.94e74 4.41e74 2.74e74 4.11e74 2.57e74 3.86e74 2.96e74 4.45e74
232 6.13e74 9.19e74 5.70e74 8.56e74 5.36e74 8.04e74 6.18e74 9.27e74
233 1.28e75 1.92e75 1.19e75 1.78e75 1.12e75 1.68e75 1.29e75 1.93e75
234 2.76e75 4.13e75 2.56e75 3.85e75 2.41e75 3.62e75 2.78e75 4.17e75
235 5.74e75 8.61e75 5.34e75 8.02e75 5.02e75 7.54e75 5.79e75 8.68e75
236 1.20e76 1.79e76 1.11e76 1.67e76 1.05e76 1.57e76 1.21e76 1.81e76
237 2.49e76 3.74e76 2.32e76 3.48e76 2.18e76 3.27e76 2.51e76 3.77e76
238 5.20e76 7.79e76 4.84e76 7.26e76 4.55e76 6.82e76 5.24e76 7.86e76
239 1.08e77 1.62e77 1.01e77 1.51e77 9.48e76 1.42e77 1.09e77 1.64e77
240 2.37e77 3.56e77 2.21e77 3.31e77 2.08e77 3.11e77 2.39e77 3.59e77
241 4.94e77 7.41e77 4.60e77 6.90e77 4.32e77 6.49e77 4.98e77 7.47e77
242 1.03e78 1.54e78 9.59e77 1.44e78 9.01e77 1.35e78 1.04e78 1.56e78
243 2.15e78 3.22e78 2.00e78 3.00e78 1.88e78 2.82e78 2.16e78 3.25e78
244 4.47e78 6.71e78 4.16e78 6.24e78 3.91e78 5.87e78 4.51e78 6.76e78
245 9.32e78 1.40e79 8.67e78 1.30e79 8.15e78 1.22e79 9.39e78 1.41e79
246 2.04e79 3.05e79 1.89e79 2.84e79 1.78e79 2.67e79 2.05e79 3.08e79
247 4.24e79 6.36e79 3.95e79 5.92e79 3.71e79 5.57e79 4.28e79 6.42e79
248 8.84e79 1.33e80 8.23e79 1.23e80 7.73e79 1.16e80 8.91e79 1.34e80
249 1.84e80 2.76e80 1.71e80 2.57e80 1.61e80 2.42e80 1.86e80 2.79e80
250 3.84e80 5.76e80 3.57e80 5.36e80 3.36e80 5.04e80 3.87e80 5.80e80
251 8.00e80 1.20e81 7.44e80 1.12e81 7.00e80 1.05e81 8.06e80 1.21e81
252 1.77e81 2.65e81 1.65e81 2.47e81 1.55e81 2.32e81 1.78e81 2.68e81
253 3.69e81 5.53e81 3.43e81 5.15e81 3.23e81 4.84e81 3.72e81 5.57e81
254 7.68e81 1.15e82 7.15e81 1.07e82 6.72e81 1.01e82 7.74e81 1.16e82
255 1.60e82 2.40e82 1.49e82 2.23e82 1.40e82 2.10e82 1.61e82 2.42e82
256 3.33e82 5.00e82 3.10e82 4.66e82 2.92e82 4.38e82 3.36e82 5.04e82
257 6.95e82 1.04e83 6.47e82 9.70e82 6.08e82 9.12e82 7.00e82 1.05e83
258 1.51e83 2.27e83 1.41e83 2.11e83 1.32e83 1.98e83 1.52e83 2.28e83
259 3.15e83 4.72e83 2.93e83 4.39e83 2.75e83 4.13e83 3.17e83 4.76e83
260 6.56e83 9.84e83 6.10e83 9.16e83 5.74e83 8.61e83 6.61e83 9.92e83
261 1.37e84 2.05e84 1.27e84 1.91e84 1.20e84 1.79e84 1.38e84 2.07e84
262 2.85e84 4.27e84 2.65e84 3.97e84 2.49e84 3.74e84 2.87e84 4.31e84
263 5.93e84 8.90e84 5.52e84 8.28e84 5.19e84 7.79e84 5.98e84 8.97e84
264 1.30e85 1.96e85 1.21e85 1.82e85 1.14e85 1.71e85 1.32e85 1.97e85
265 2.72e85 4.08e85 2.53e85 3.79e85 2.38e85 3.57e85 2.74e85 4.11e85
266 5.66e85 8.49e85 5.27e85 7.91e85 4.96e85 7.43e85 5.71e85 8.56e85
267 1.18e86 1.77e86 1.10e86 1.65e86 1.03e86 1.55e86 1.19e86 1.78e86
268 2.46e86 3.69e86 2.29e86 3.43e86 2.15e86 3.23e86 2.48e86 3.72e86
269 5.12e86 7.68e86 4.77e86 7.15e86 4.48e86 6.72e86 5.16e86 7.74e86
270 1.12e87 1.68e87 1.05e87 1.57e87 9.83e86 1.47e87 1.13e87 1.70e87
271 2.34e87 3.51e87 2.18e87 3.27e87 2.05e87 3.07e87 2.36e87 3.54e87
272 4.88e87 7.31e87 4.54e87 6.81e87 4.27e87 6.40e87 4.92e87 7.37e87
273 1.02e88 1.52e88 9.45e87 1.42e88 8.89e87 1.33e88 1.02e88 1.54e88
274 2.12e88 3.17e88 1.97e88 2.95e88 1.85e88 2.78e88 2.13e88 3.20e88
275 4.41e88 6.61e88 4.10e88 6.15e88 3.86e88 5.79e88 4.44e88 6.67e88
276 9.64e88 1.45e89 8.98e88 1.35e89 8.44e88 1.27e89 9.72e88 1.46e89
277 2.01e89 3.01e89 1.87e89 2.80e89 1.76e89 2.64e89 2.03e89 3.04e89
278 4.19e89 6.28e89 3.90e89 5.84e89 3.66e89 5.49e89 4.22e89 6.33e89
279 8.72e89 1.31e90 8.12e89 1.22e90 7.63e89 1.14e90 8.79e89 1.32e90
280 1.82e90 2.72e90 1.69e90 2.54e90 1.59e90 2.38e90 1.83e90 2.75e90
281 3.78e90 5.68e90 3.52e90 5.28e90 3.31e90 4.97e90 3.82e90 5.72e90
282 8.26e90 1.24e91 7.69e90 1.15e91 7.23e90 1.08e91 8.33e90 1.25e91
283 1.72e91 2.58e91 1.60e91 2.40e91 1.51e91 2.26e91 1.73e91 2.60e91
284 3.58e91 5.38e91 3.34e91 5.00e91 3.14e91 4.70e91 3.61e91 5.42e91
285 7.47e91 1.12e92 6.95e91 1.04e92 6.53e91 9.80e91 7.53e91 1.13e92
286 1.56e92 2.33e92 1.45e92 2.17e92 1.36e92 2.04e92 1.57e92 2.35e92
287 3.24e92 4.86e92 3.02e92 4.52e92 2.84e92 4.25e92 3.27e92 4.90e92
288 7.06e92 1.06e93 6.57e92 9.85e92 6.18e92 9.26e92 7.12e92 1.07e93
289 1.47e93 2.21e93 1.37e93 2.05e93 1.29e93 1.93e93 1.48e93 2.22e93
290 3.06e93 4.59e93 2.85e93 4.28e93 2.68e93 4.02e93 3.09e93 4.63e93
291 6.38e93 9.57e93 5.94e93 8.91e93 5.58e93 8.37e93 6.43e93 9.65e93
292 1.33e94 1.99e94 1.24e94 1.86e94 1.16e94 1.74e94 1.34e94 2.01e94
293 2.77e94 4.15e94 2.58e94 3.87e94 2.42e94 3.63e94 2.79e94 4.19e94
294 6.08e94 9.12e94 5.66e94 8.49e94 5.32e94 7.98e94 6.13e94 9.20e94
295 1.27e95 1.90e95 1.18e95 1.77e95 1.11e95 1.66e95 1.28e95 1.92e95
296 2.64e95 3.96e95 2.46e95 3.68e95 2.31e95 3.46e95 2.66e95 3.99e95
297 5.50e95 8.24e95 5.12e95 7.67e95 4.81e95 7.21e95 5.54e95 8.31e95
298 1.14e96 1.72e96 1.07e96 1.60e96 1.00e96 1.50e96 1.15e96 1.73e96
299 2.38e96 3.58e96 2.22e96 3.33e96 2.09e96 3.13e96 2.40e96 3.61e96
300 5.22e96 7.84e96 4.86e96 7.29e96 4.57e96 6.86e96 5.27e96 7.90e96
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 301 to Zone 375
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
301 1.09e097 1.63e097 1.01e097 1.52e097 9.52e096 1.43e097 1.10e097 1.65e097
302 2.27e097 3.40e097 2.11e097 3.16e097 1.98e097 2.97e097 2.29e097 3.43e097
303 4.72e097 7.08e097 4.39e097 6.59e097 4.13e097 6.20e097 4.76e097 7.14e097
304 9.83e097 1.48e098 9.15e097 1.37e098 8.61e097 1.29e098 9.91e097 1.49e098
305 2.05e098 3.07e098 1.91e098 2.86e098 1.79e098 2.69e098 2.07e098 3.10e098
306 4.48e098 6.71e098 4.17e098 6.25e098 3.92e098 5.87e098 4.51e098 6.77e098
307 9.32e098 1.40e099 8.68e098 1.30e099 8.16e098 1.22e099 9.40e098 1.41e099
308 1.94e099 2.91e099 1.81e099 2.71e099 1.70e099 2.55e099 1.96e099 2.94e099
309 4.05e099 6.07e099 3.77e099 5.65e099 3.54e099 5.31e099 4.08e099 6.12e099
310 8.43e099 1.26e100 7.84e099 1.18e100 7.37e099 1.11e100 8.49e099 1.27e100
311 1.76e100 2.63e100 1.63e100 2.45e100 1.54e100 2.30e100 1.77e100 2.65e100
312 3.83e100 5.74e100 3.56e100 5.34e100 3.35e100 5.02e100 3.86e100 5.79e100
313 7.97e100 1.20e101 7.42e100 1.11e101 6.97e100 1.05e101 8.04e100 1.21e101
314 1.66e101 2.49e101 1.55e101 2.32e101 1.45e101 2.18e101 1.67e101 2.51e101
315 3.46e101 5.19e101 3.22e101 4.83e101 3.03e101 4.54e101 3.49e101 5.23e101
316 7.20e101 1.08e102 6.70e101 1.01e102 6.30e101 9.45e101 7.26e101 1.09e102
317 1.50e102 2.25e102 1.40e102 2.09e102 1.31e102 1.97e102 1.51e102 2.27e102
318 3.29e102 4.94e102 3.06e102 4.60e102 2.88e102 4.32e102 3.32e102 4.98e102
319 6.86e102 1.03e103 6.38e102 9.57e102 6.00e102 9.00e102 6.91e102 1.04e103
320 1.43e103 2.14e103 1.33e103 1.99e103 1.25e103 1.87e103 1.44e103 2.16e103
321 2.97e103 4.46e103 2.77e103 4.15e103 2.60e103 3.90e103 3.00e103 4.50e103
322 6.19e103 9.29e103 5.77e103 8.65e103 5.42e103 8.13e103 6.25e103 9.37e103
323 1.29e104 1.94e104 1.20e104 1.80e104 1.13e104 1.69e104 1.30e104 1.95e104
324 2.80e104 4.20e104 2.61e104 3.91e104 2.45e104 3.68e104 2.82e104 4.24e104
325 5.83e104 8.75e104 5.43e104 8.15e104 5.10e104 7.66e104 5.88e104 8.82e104
326 1.22e105 1.82e105 1.13e105 1.70e105 1.06e105 1.59e105 1.23e105 1.84e105
327 2.53e105 3.80e105 2.36e105 3.53e105 2.21e105 3.32e105 2.55e105 3.83e105
328 5.27e105 7.91e105 4.91e105 7.36e105 4.61e105 6.92e105 5.31e105 7.97e105
329 1.10e106 1.65e106 1.02e106 1.53e106 9.61e105 1.44e106 1.11e106 1.66e106
330 2.42e106 3.62e106 2.25e106 3.37e106 2.11e106 3.17e106 2.44e106 3.65e106
331 5.03e106 7.55e106 4.68e106 7.03e106 4.40e106 6.61e106 5.07e106 7.61e106
332 1.05e107 1.57e107 9.76e106 1.46e107 9.17e106 1.38e107 1.06e107 1.59e107
333 2.18e107 3.27e107 2.03e107 3.05e107 1.91e107 2.87e107 2.20e107 3.30e107
334 4.55e107 6.82e107 4.23e107 6.35e107 3.98e107 5.97e107 4.58e107 6.88e107
335 9.47e107 1.42e108 8.81e107 1.32e108 8.29e107 1.24e108 9.55e107 1.43e108
336 2.06e108 3.09e108 1.92e108 2.88e108 1.81e108 2.71e108 2.08e108 3.12e108
337 4.30e108 6.45e108 4.00e108 6.00e108 3.76e108 5.64e108 4.33e108 6.50e108
338 8.95e108 1.34e109 8.33e108 1.25e109 7.83e108 1.17e109 9.02e108 1.35e109
339 1.86e109 2.80e109 1.73e109 2.60e109 1.63e109 2.45e109 1.88e109 2.82e109
340 3.88e109 5.82e109 3.61e109 5.42e109 3.40e109 5.09e109 3.91e109 5.87e109
341 8.08e109 1.21e110 7.52e109 1.13e110 7.07e109 1.06e110 8.15e109 1.22e110
342 1.77e110 2.66e110 1.65e110 2.47e110 1.55e110 2.32e110 1.78e110 2.68e110
343 3.69e110 5.53e110 3.43e110 5.15e110 3.23e110 4.84e110 3.72e110 5.57e110
344 7.68e110 1.15e111 7.15e110 1.07e111 6.72e110 1.01e111 7.74e110 1.16e111
345 1.60e111 2.40e111 1.49e111 2.23e111 1.40e111 2.10e111 1.61e111 2.42e111
346 3.33e111 4.99e111 3.10e111 4.65e111 2.91e111 4.37e111 3.36e111 5.04e111
347 6.93e111 1.04e112 6.45e111 9.68e111 6.07e111 9.10e111 6.99e111 1.05e112
348 1.51e112 2.27e112 1.41e112 2.11e112 1.33e112 1.99e112 1.53e112 2.29e112
349 3.15e112 4.73e112 2.94e112 4.40e112 2.76e112 4.14e112 3.18e112 4.77e112
350 6.57e112 9.85e112 6.11e112 9.17e112 5.75e112 8.62e112 6.62e112 9.93e112
351 1.37e113 2.05e113 1.27e113 1.91e113 1.20e113 1.80e113 1.38e113 2.07e113
352 2.85e113 4.27e113 2.65e113 3.98e113 2.49e113 3.74e113 2.87e113 4.31e113
353 5.93e113 8.90e113 5.52e113 8.28e113 5.19e113 7.79e113 5.98e113 8.97e113
354 1.30e114 1.95e114 1.21e114 1.82e114 1.14e114 1.71e114 1.31e114 1.97e114
355 2.71e114 4.07e114 2.52e114 3.78e114 2.37e114 3.56e114 2.73e114 4.10e114
356 5.64e114 8.47e114 5.25e114 7.88e114 4.94e114 7.41e114 5.69e114 8.54e114
357 1.18e115 1.76e115 1.09e115 1.64e115 1.03e115 1.54e115 1.19e115 1.78e115
358 2.45e115 3.67e115 2.28e115 3.42e115 2.14e115 3.21e115 2.47e115 3.70e115
359 5.10e115 7.65e115 4.74e115 7.12e115 4.46e115 6.69e115 5.14e115 7.71e115
360 1.11e116 1.66e116 1.03e116 1.55e116 9.70e115 1.46e116 1.12e116 1.68e116
361 2.31e116 3.46e116 2.15e116 3.22e116 2.02e116 3.03e116 2.33e116 3.49e116
362 4.81e116 7.21e116 4.47e116 6.71e116 4.21e116 6.31e116 4.85e116 7.27e116
363 1.00e117 1.50e117 9.32e116 1.40e117 8.76e116 1.31e117 1.01e117 1.51e117
364 2.08e117 3.13e117 1.94e117 2.91e117 1.82e117 2.74e117 2.10e117 3.15e117
365 4.34e117 6.51e117 4.04e117 6.06e117 3.80e117 5.70e117 4.38e117 6.57e117
366 9.53e117 1.43e118 8.87e117 1.33e118 8.34e117 1.25e118 9.61e117 1.44e118
367 1.99e118 2.98e118 1.85e118 2.77e118 1.74e118 2.61e118 2.00e118 3.00e118
368 4.13e118 6.20e118 3.85e118 5.77e118 3.62e118 5.43e118 4.17e118 6.25e118
369 8.61e118 1.29e119 8.01e118 1.20e119 7.53e118 1.13e119 8.68e118 1.30e119
370 1.79e119 2.69e119 1.67e119 2.50e119 1.57e119 2.35e119 1.81e119 2.71e119
371 3.73e119 5.60e119 3.47e119 5.21e119 3.27e119 4.90e119 3.76e119 5.65e119
372 8.13e119 1.22e120 7.57e119 1.14e120 7.11e119 1.07e120 8.20e119 1.23e120
373 1.69e120 2.54e120 1.58e120 2.36e120 1.48e120 2.22e120 1.71e120 2.56e120
374 3.53e120 5.29e120 3.28e120 4.92e120 3.08e120 4.63e120 3.55e120 5.33e120
375 7.34e120 1.10e121 6.83e120 1.03e121 6.42e120 9.64e120 7.40e120 1.11e121
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 376 to Zone 450
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
376 1.53e121 2.29e121 1.42e121 2.13e121 1.34e121 2.01e121 1.54e121 2.31e121
377 3.18e121 4.78e121 2.96e121 4.44e121 2.79e121 4.18e121 3.21e121 4.81e121
378 6.99e121 1.05e122 6.51e121 9.76e121 6.12e121 9.18e121 7.05e121 1.06e122
379 1.46e122 2.18e122 1.36e122 2.03e122 1.27e122 1.91e122 1.47e122 2.20e122
380 3.03e122 4.55e122 2.82e122 4.23e122 2.65e122 3.98e122 3.06e122 4.59e122
381 6.31e122 9.47e122 5.88e122 8.82e122 5.52e122 8.29e122 6.37e122 9.55e122
382 1.31e123 1.97e123 1.22e123 1.84e123 1.15e123 1.73e123 1.33e123 1.99e123
383 2.74e123 4.11e123 2.55e123 3.82e123 2.40e123 3.59e123 2.76e123 4.14e123
384 5.97e123 8.95e123 5.55e123 8.33e123 5.22e123 7.83e123 6.02e123 9.02e123
385 1.24e124 1.86e124 1.16e124 1.73e124 1.09e124 1.63e124 1.25e124 1.88e124
386 2.59e124 3.88e124 2.41e124 3.61e124 2.26e124 3.40e124 2.61e124 3.91e124
387 5.39e124 8.08e124 5.01e124 7.52e124 4.71e124 7.07e124 5.43e124 8.15e124
388 1.12e125 1.68e125 1.04e125 1.57e125 9.82e124 1.47e125 1.13e125 1.70e125
389 2.34e125 3.50e125 2.17e125 3.26e125 2.04e125 3.07e125 2.36e125 3.53e125
390 5.11e125 7.66e125 4.75e125 7.13e125 4.47e125 6.70e125 5.15e125 7.72e125
391 1.06e126 1.59e126 9.90e125 1.48e126 9.30e125 1.40e126 1.07e126 1.61e126
392 2.21e126 3.32e126 2.06e126 3.09e126 1.94e126 2.91e126 2.23e126 3.35e126
393 4.61e126 6.91e126 4.29e126 6.44e126 4.03e126 6.05e126 4.65e126 6.97e126
394 9.60e126 1.44e127 8.93e126 1.34e127 8.40e126 1.26e127 9.68e126 1.45e127
395 2.00e127 3.00e127 1.86e127 2.79e127 1.75e127 2.62e127 2.01e127 3.02e127
396 4.38e127 6.57e127 4.08e127 6.11e127 3.83e127 5.75e127 4.41e127 6.62e127
397 9.12e127 1.37e128 8.49e127 1.27e128 7.98e127 1.20e128 9.19e127 1.38e128
398 1.90e128 2.85e128 1.77e128 2.65e128 1.66e128 2.49e128 1.91e128 2.87e128
399 3.95e128 5.93e128 3.68e128 5.52e128 3.46e128 5.19e128 3.98e128 5.98e128
400 8.23e128 1.23e129 7.66e128 1.15e129 7.20e128 1.08e129 8.30e128 1.24e129
401 1.71e129 2.57e129 1.59e129 2.39e129 1.50e129 2.25e129 1.73e129 2.59e129
402 3.74e129 5.62e129 3.49e129 5.23e129 3.28e129 4.91e129 3.78e129 5.66e129
403 7.80e129 1.17e130 7.26e129 1.09e130 6.82e129 1.02e130 7.86e129 1.18e130
404 1.62e130 2.44e130 1.51e130 2.27e130 1.42e130 2.13e130 1.64e130 2.46e130
405 3.38e130 5.07e130 3.15e130 4.72e130 2.96e130 4.44e130 3.41e130 5.11e130
406 7.04e130 1.06e131 6.55e130 9.83e130 6.16e130 9.24e130 7.10e130 1.06e131
407 1.47e131 2.20e131 1.36e131 2.05e131 1.28e131 1.92e131 1.48e131 2.22e131
408 3.20e131 4.79e131 2.97e131 4.46e131 2.80e131 4.19e131 3.22e131 4.83e131
409 6.65e131 9.98e131 6.19e131 9.29e131 5.82e131 8.73e131 6.71e131 1.01e132
410 1.39e132 2.08e132 1.29e132 1.93e132 1.21e132 1.82e132 1.40e132 2.09e132
411 2.88e132 4.33e132 2.68e132 4.03e132 2.52e132 3.79e132 2.91e132 4.36e132
412 6.00e132 9.01e132 5.59e132 8.38e132 5.25e132 7.88e132 6.05e132 9.08e132
413 1.25e133 1.88e133 1.16e133 1.75e133 1.09e133 1.64e133 1.26e133 1.89e133
414 2.74e133 4.11e133 2.55e133 3.83e133 2.40e133 3.60e133 2.76e133 4.15e133
415 5.71e133 8.56e133 5.31e133 7.97e133 5.00e133 7.49e133 5.76e133 8.63e133
416 1.19e134 1.78e134 1.11e134 1.66e134 1.04e134 1.56e134 1.20e134 1.80e134
417 2.47e134 3.71e134 2.30e134 3.46e134 2.17e134 3.25e134 2.49e134 3.74e134
418 5.15e134 7.73e134 4.80e134 7.19e134 4.51e134 6.76e134 5.19e134 7.79e134
419 1.07e135 1.61e135 9.98e134 1.50e135 9.39e134 1.41e135 1.08e135 1.62e135
420 2.35e135 3.52e135 2.18e135 3.28e135 2.05e135 3.08e135 2.37e135 3.55e135
421 4.89e135 7.33e135 4.55e135 6.82e135 4.27e135 6.41e135 4.93e135 7.39e135
422 1.02e136 1.53e136 9.47e135 1.42e136 8.90e135 1.34e136 1.03e136 1.54e136
423 2.12e136 3.18e136 1.97e136 2.96e136 1.85e136 2.78e136 2.14e136 3.20e136
424 4.41e136 6.61e136 4.10e136 6.16e136 3.86e136 5.79e136 4.45e136 6.67e136
425 9.18e136 1.38e137 8.54e136 1.28e137 8.03e136 1.20e137 9.26e136 1.39e137
426 2.00e137 3.01e137 1.86e137 2.80e137 1.75e137 2.63e137 2.02e137 3.03e137
427 4.17e137 6.26e137 3.88e137 5.82e137 3.65e137 5.47e137 4.21e137 6.31e137
428 8.68e137 1.30e138 8.08e137 1.21e138 7.60e137 1.14e138 8.75e137 1.31e138
429 1.81e138 2.71e138 1.68e138 2.52e138 1.58e138 2.37e138 1.82e138 2.73e138
430 3.76e138 5.65e138 3.50e138 5.26e138 3.29e138 4.94e138 3.79e138 5.69e138
431 7.84e138 1.18e139 7.29e138 1.09e139 6.86e138 1.03e139 7.90e138 1.19e139
432 1.71e139 2.57e139 1.59e139 2.39e139 1.50e139 2.25e139 1.73e139 2.59e139
433 3.57e139 5.35e139 3.32e139 4.98e139 3.12e139 4.68e139 3.59e139 5.39e139
434 7.42e139 1.11e140 6.91e139 1.04e140 6.49e139 9.74e139 7.48e139 1.12e140
435 1.55e140 2.32e140 1.44e140 2.16e140 1.35e140 2.03e140 1.56e140 2.34e140
436 3.22e140 4.83e140 2.99e140 4.49e140 2.82e140 4.22e140 3.24e140 4.87e140
437 6.70e140 1.00e141 6.23e140 9.35e140 5.86e140 8.79e140 6.75e140 1.01e141
438 1.46e141 2.20e141 1.36e141 2.05e141 1.28e141 1.92e141 1.48e141 2.22e141
439 3.05e141 4.57e141 2.84e141 4.26e141 2.67e141 4.00e141 3.07e141 4.61e141
440 6.35e141 9.52e141 5.91e141 8.87e141 5.56e141 8.33e141 6.40e141 9.60e141
441 1.32e142 1.98e142 1.23e142 1.85e142 1.16e142 1.74e142 1.33e142 2.00e142
442 2.75e142 4.13e142 2.56e142 3.84e142 2.41e142 3.61e142 2.77e142 4.16e142
443 5.73e142 8.59e142 5.33e142 8.00e142 5.01e142 7.52e142 5.78e142 8.66e142
444 1.25e143 1.88e143 1.17e143 1.75e143 1.10e143 1.65e143 1.26e143 1.90e143
445 2.61e143 3.92e143 2.43e143 3.65e143 2.28e143 3.43e143 2.63e143 3.95e143
446 5.44e143 8.15e143 5.06e143 7.59e143 4.76e143 7.13e143 5.48e143 8.22e143
447 1.13e144 1.70e144 1.05e144 1.58e144 9.90e143 1.49e144 1.14e144 1.71e144
448 2.36e144 3.53e144 2.19e144 3.29e144 2.06e144 3.09e144 2.38e144 3.56e144
449 4.90e144 7.36e144 4.57e144 6.85e144 4.29e144 6.44e144 4.94e144 7.42e144
450 1.07e145 1.61e145 9.97e144 1.50e145 9.37e144 1.41e145 1.08e145 1.62e145
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 451 to Zone 525
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
451 2.23e145 3.34e145 2.08e145 3.11e145 1.95e145 2.93e145 2.25e145 3.37e145
452 4.64e145 6.96e145 4.32e145 6.48e145 4.06e145 6.09e145 4.68e145 7.02e145
453 9.66e145 1.45e146 8.99e145 1.35e146 8.46e145 1.27e146 9.74e145 1.46e146
454 2.01e146 3.02e146 1.87e146 2.81e146 1.76e146 2.64e146 2.03e146 3.04e146
455 4.19e146 6.28e146 3.90e146 5.85e146 3.66e146 5.50e146 4.22e146 6.33e146
456 9.15e146 1.37e147 8.52e146 1.28e147 8.01e146 1.20e147 9.22e146 1.38e147
457 1.90e147 2.86e147 1.77e147 2.66e147 1.67e147 2.50e147 1.92e147 2.88e147
458 3.97e147 5.95e147 3.69e147 5.54e147 3.47e147 5.20e147 4.00e147 6.00e147
459 8.26e147 1.24e148 7.68e147 1.15e148 7.22e147 1.08e148 8.32e147 1.25e148
460 1.72e148 2.58e148 1.60e148 2.40e148 1.50e148 2.26e148 1.73e148 2.60e148
461 3.58e148 5.37e148 3.33e148 5.00e148 3.13e148 4.70e148 3.61e148 5.41e148
462 7.82e148 1.17e149 7.28e148 1.09e149 6.84e148 1.03e149 7.88e148 1.18e149
463 1.63e149 2.44e149 1.52e149 2.27e149 1.42e149 2.14e149 1.64e149 2.46e149
464 3.39e149 5.08e149 3.15e149 4.73e149 2.97e149 4.45e149 3.42e149 5.13e149
465 7.06e149 1.06e150 6.57e149 9.85e149 6.17e149 9.26e149 7.11e149 1.07e150
466 1.47e150 2.20e150 1.37e150 2.05e150 1.29e150 1.93e150 1.48e150 2.22e150
467 3.06e150 4.59e150 2.85e150 4.27e150 2.68e150 4.01e150 3.08e150 4.62e150
468 6.68e150 1.00e151 6.22e150 9.33e150 5.85e150 8.77e150 6.74e150 1.01e151
469 1.39e151 2.09e151 1.30e151 1.94e151 1.22e151 1.83e151 1.40e151 2.10e151
470 2.90e151 4.35e151 2.70e151 4.04e151 2.53e151 3.80e151 2.92e151 4.38e151
471 6.03e151 9.05e151 5.61e151 8.42e151 5.28e151 7.92e151 6.08e151 9.12e151
472 1.26e152 1.88e152 1.17e152 1.75e152 1.10e152 1.65e152 1.27e152 1.90e152
473 2.61e152 3.92e152 2.43e152 3.65e152 2.29e152 3.43e152 2.64e152 3.95e152
474 5.71e152 8.57e152 5.32e152 7.98e152 5.00e152 7.50e152 5.76e152 8.64e152
475 1.19e153 1.78e153 1.11e153 1.66e153 1.04e153 1.56e153 1.20e153 1.80e153
476 2.48e153 3.71e153 2.31e153 3.46e153 2.17e153 3.25e153 2.50e153 3.75e153
477 5.16e153 7.73e153 4.80e153 7.20e153 4.51e153 6.77e153 5.20e153 7.80e153
478 1.07e154 1.61e154 9.99e153 1.50e154 9.39e153 1.41e154 1.08e154 1.62e154
479 2.23e154 3.35e154 2.08e154 3.12e154 1.95e154 2.93e154 2.25e154 3.38e154
480 4.88e154 7.33e154 4.55e154 6.82e154 4.27e154 6.41e154 4.92e154 7.39e154
481 1.02e155 1.53e155 9.46e154 1.42e155 8.90e154 1.33e155 1.03e155 1.54e155
482 2.12e155 3.18e155 1.97e155 2.96e155 1.85e155 2.78e155 2.13e155 3.20e155
483 4.41e155 6.61e155 4.10e155 6.15e155 3.86e155 5.78e155 4.44e155 6.66e155
484 9.17e155 1.38e156 8.54e155 1.28e156 8.03e155 1.20e156 9.25e155 1.39e156
485 1.91e156 2.86e156 1.78e156 2.67e156 1.67e156 2.51e156 1.93e156 2.89e156
486 4.17e156 6.26e156 3.89e156 5.83e156 3.65e156 5.48e156 4.21e156 6.31e156
487 8.69e156 1.30e157 8.09e156 1.21e157 7.60e156 1.14e157 8.76e156 1.31e157
488 1.81e157 2.71e157 1.68e157 2.53e157 1.58e157 2.37e157 1.82e157 2.74e157
489 3.77e157 5.65e157 3.50e157 5.26e157 3.29e157 4.94e157 3.80e157 5.69e157
490 7.84e157 1.18e158 7.30e157 1.09e158 6.86e157 1.03e158 7.90e157 1.19e158
491 1.63e158 2.45e158 1.52e158 2.28e158 1.43e158 2.14e158 1.65e158 2.47e158
492 3.57e158 5.35e158 3.32e158 4.98e158 3.12e158 4.68e158 3.60e158 5.39e158
493 7.42e158 1.11e159 6.91e158 1.04e159 6.50e158 9.74e158 7.48e158 1.12e159
494 1.55e159 2.32e159 1.44e159 2.16e159 1.35e159 2.03e159 1.56e159 2.34e159
495 3.22e159 4.83e159 2.99e159 4.49e159 2.81e159 4.22e159 3.24e159 4.87e159
496 6.70e159 1.00e160 6.23e159 9.35e159 5.86e159 8.79e159 6.75e159 1.01e160
497 1.39e160 2.09e160 1.30e160 1.95e160 1.22e160 1.83e160 1.41e160 2.11e160
498 3.05e160 4.57e160 2.83e160 4.25e160 2.67e160 4.00e160 3.07e160 4.61e160
499 6.34e160 9.51e160 5.90e160 8.85e160 5.55e160 8.32e160 6.39e160 9.59e160
500 1.32e161 1.98e161 1.23e161 1.84e161 1.15e161 1.73e161 1.33e161 2.00e161
501 2.75e161 4.12e161 2.56e161 3.84e161 2.40e161 3.61e161 2.77e161 4.15e161
502 5.72e161 8.58e161 5.32e161 7.98e161 5.00e161 7.51e161 5.77e161 8.65e161
503 1.19e162 1.79e162 1.11e162 1.66e162 1.04e162 1.56e162 1.20e162 1.80e162
504 2.61e162 3.91e162 2.42e162 3.64e162 2.28e162 3.42e162 2.63e162 3.94e162
505 5.42e162 8.13e162 5.05e162 7.57e162 4.74e162 7.12e162 5.47e162 8.20e162
506 1.13e163 1.69e163 1.05e163 1.58e163 9.88e162 1.48e163 1.14e163 1.71e163
507 2.35e163 3.52e163 2.19e163 3.28e163 2.06e163 3.08e163 2.37e163 3.55e163
508 4.89e163 7.34e163 4.55e163 6.83e163 4.28e163 6.42e163 4.93e163 7.40e163
509 1.02e164 1.53e164 9.48e163 1.42e164 8.91e163 1.34e164 1.03e164 1.54e164
510 2.22e164 3.33e164 2.07e164 3.10e164 1.94e164 2.92e164 2.24e164 3.36e164
511 4.63e164 6.94e164 4.31e164 6.46e164 4.05e164 6.07e164 4.66e164 7.00e164
512 9.63e164 1.44e165 8.96e164 1.34e165 8.43e164 1.26e165 9.71e164 1.46e165
513 2.00e165 3.01e165 1.87e165 2.80e165 1.75e165 2.63e165 2.02e165 3.03e165
514 4.17e165 6.26e165 3.88e165 5.83e165 3.65e165 5.48e165 4.21e165 6.31e165
515 8.69e165 1.30e166 8.09e165 1.21e166 7.60e165 1.14e166 8.76e165 1.31e166
516 1.90e166 2.85e166 1.77e166 2.65e166 1.66e166 2.49e166 1.91e166 2.87e166
517 3.95e166 5.93e166 3.68e166 5.52e166 3.46e166 5.19e166 3.98e166 5.98e166
518 8.23e166 1.23e167 7.66e166 1.15e167 7.20e166 1.08e167 8.29e166 1.24e167
519 1.71e167 2.57e167 1.59e167 2.39e167 1.50e167 2.25e167 1.73e167 2.59e167
520 3.56e167 5.35e167 3.32e167 4.98e167 3.12e167 4.68e167 3.59e167 5.39e167
521 7.42e167 1.11e168 6.91e167 1.04e168 6.49e167 9.74e167 7.48e167 1.12e168
522 1.62e168 2.43e168 1.51e168 2.27e168 1.42e168 2.13e168 1.64e168 2.45e168
523 3.38e168 5.07e168 3.14e168 4.72e168 2.96e168 4.43e168 3.41e168 5.11e168
524 7.03e168 1.05e169 6.55e168 9.82e168 6.15e168 9.23e168 7.09e168 1.06e169
525 1.46e169 2.20e169 1.36e169 2.04e169 1.28e169 1.92e169 1.48e169 2.21e169
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 526 to Zone 600
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
526 3.05e169 4.57e169 2.84e169 4.25e169 2.67e169 4.00e169 3.07e169 4.61e169
527 6.34e169 9.51e169 5.90e169 8.86e169 5.55e169 8.33e169 6.39e169 9.59e169
528 1.39e170 2.08e170 1.29e170 1.94e170 1.21e170 1.82e170 1.40e170 2.10e170
529 2.89e170 4.33e170 2.69e170 4.03e170 2.53e170 3.79e170 2.91e170 4.36e170
530 6.01e170 9.01e170 5.59e170 8.39e170 5.26e170 7.89e170 6.06e170 9.09e170
531 1.25e171 1.88e171 1.16e171 1.75e171 1.09e171 1.64e171 1.26e171 1.89e171
532 2.60e171 3.90e171 2.42e171 3.63e171 2.28e171 3.42e171 2.62e171 3.94e171
533 5.42e171 8.13e171 5.04e171 7.56e171 4.74e171 7.11e171 5.46e171 8.19e171
534 1.18e172 1.78e172 1.10e172 1.65e172 1.04e172 1.55e172 1.19e172 1.79e172
535 2.46e172 3.69e172 2.29e172 3.44e172 2.16e172 3.23e172 2.48e172 3.73e172
536 5.13e172 7.69e172 4.77e172 7.16e172 4.49e172 6.73e172 5.17e172 7.75e172
537 1.07e173 1.60e173 9.93e172 1.49e173 9.34e172 1.40e173 1.08e173 1.61e173
538 2.22e173 3.33e173 2.07e173 3.10e173 1.94e173 2.92e173 2.24e173 3.36e173
539 4.62e173 6.94e173 4.30e173 6.46e173 4.05e173 6.07e173 4.66e173 6.99e173
540 1.01e174 1.52e174 9.41e173 1.41e174 8.84e173 1.33e174 1.02e174 1.53e174
541 2.10e174 3.16e174 1.96e174 2.94e174 1.84e174 2.76e174 2.12e174 3.18e174
542 4.38e174 6.57e174 4.08e174 6.11e174 3.83e174 5.75e174 4.41e174 6.62e174
543 9.11e174 1.37e175 8.48e174 1.27e175 7.97e174 1.20e175 9.19e174 1.38e175
544 1.90e175 2.85e175 1.77e175 2.65e175 1.66e175 2.49e175 1.91e175 2.87e175
545 3.95e175 5.92e175 3.67e175 5.51e175 3.45e175 5.18e175 3.98e175 5.97e175
546 8.63e175 1.29e176 8.03e175 1.21e176 7.55e175 1.13e176 8.70e175 1.31e176
547 1.80e176 2.70e176 1.67e176 2.51e176 1.57e176 2.36e176 1.81e176 2.72e176
548 3.74e176 5.61e176 3.48e176 5.22e176 3.27e176 4.91e176 3.77e176 5.66e176
549 7.78e176 1.17e177 7.25e176 1.09e177 6.81e176 1.02e177 7.85e176 1.18e177
550 1.62e177 2.43e177 1.51e177 2.26e177 1.42e177 2.13e177 1.63e177 2.45e177
551 3.37e177 5.06e177 3.14e177 4.71e177 2.95e177 4.43e177 3.40e177 5.10e177
552 7.37e177 1.11e178 6.86e177 1.03e178 6.45e177 9.68e177 7.44e177 1.12e178
553 1.54e178 2.30e178 1.43e178 2.14e178 1.34e178 2.01e178 1.55e178 2.32e178
554 3.20e178 4.79e178 2.97e178 4.46e178 2.80e178 4.19e178 3.22e178 4.83e178
555 6.65e178 9.98e178 6.19e178 9.28e178 5.82e178 8.73e178 6.70e178 1.01e179
556 1.38e179 2.08e179 1.29e179 1.93e179 1.21e179 1.82e179 1.40e179 2.09e179
557 2.88e179 4.32e179 2.68e179 4.02e179 2.52e179 3.78e179 2.90e179 4.36e179
558 6.29e179 9.44e179 5.86e179 8.79e179 5.51e179 8.26e179 6.34e179 9.52e179
559 1.31e180 1.96e180 1.22e180 1.83e180 1.15e180 1.72e180 1.32e180 1.98e180
560 2.73e180 4.09e180 2.54e180 3.81e180 2.39e180 3.58e180 2.75e180 4.12e180
561 5.67e180 8.51e180 5.28e180 7.92e180 4.97e180 7.45e180 5.72e180 8.58e180
562 1.18e181 1.77e181 1.10e181 1.65e181 1.03e181 1.55e181 1.19e181 1.79e181
563 2.46e181 3.69e181 2.29e181 3.43e181 2.15e181 3.23e181 2.48e181 3.72e181
564 5.37e181 8.06e181 5.00e181 7.50e181 4.70e181 7.05e181 5.41e181 8.12e181
565 1.12e182 1.68e182 1.04e182 1.56e182 9.78e181 1.47e182 1.13e182 1.69e182
566 2.33e182 3.49e182 2.17e182 3.25e182 2.04e182 3.05e182 2.35e182 3.52e182
567 4.84e182 7.26e182 4.51e182 6.76e182 4.24e182 6.36e182 4.88e182 7.32e182
568 1.01e183 1.51e183 9.38e182 1.41e183 8.82e182 1.32e183 1.02e183 1.52e183
569 2.10e183 3.15e183 1.95e183 2.93e183 1.84e183 2.75e183 2.12e183 3.17e183
570 4.59e183 6.88e183 4.27e183 6.41e183 4.01e183 6.02e183 4.63e183 6.94e183
571 9.55e183 1.43e184 8.89e183 1.33e184 8.36e183 1.25e184 9.63e183 1.44e184
572 1.99e184 2.98e184 1.85e184 2.77e184 1.74e184 2.61e184 2.00e184 3.01e184
573 4.14e184 6.21e184 3.85e184 5.78e184 3.62e184 5.43e184 4.17e184 6.26e184
574 8.61e184 1.29e185 8.01e184 1.20e185 7.53e184 1.13e185 8.68e184 1.30e185
575 1.79e185 2.69e185 1.67e185 2.50e185 1.57e185 2.35e185 1.81e185 2.71e185
576 3.91e185 5.87e185 3.64e185 5.46e185 3.42e185 5.14e185 3.95e185 5.92e185
577 8.15e185 1.22e186 7.58e185 1.14e186 7.13e185 1.07e186 8.21e185 1.23e186
578 1.70e186 2.54e186 1.58e186 2.37e186 1.48e186 2.23e186 1.71e186 2.56e186
579 3.53e186 5.29e186 3.28e186 4.93e186 3.09e186 4.63e186 3.56e186 5.34e186
580 7.34e186 1.10e187 6.84e186 1.03e187 6.43e186 9.64e186 7.40e186 1.11e187
581 1.53e187 2.29e187 1.42e187 2.13e187 1.34e187 2.01e187 1.54e187 2.31e187
582 3.34e187 5.01e187 3.11e187 4.66e187 2.92e187 4.39e187 3.37e187 5.05e187
583 6.95e187 1.04e188 6.47e187 9.71e187 6.09e187 9.13e187 7.01e187 1.05e188
584 1.45e188 2.17e188 1.35e188 2.02e188 1.27e188 1.90e188 1.46e188 2.19e188
585 3.01e188 4.52e188 2.80e188 4.21e188 2.64e188 3.95e188 3.04e188 4.56e188
586 6.27e188 9.41e188 5.84e188 8.75e188 5.49e188 8.23e188 6.32e188 9.48e188
587 1.31e189 1.96e189 1.21e189 1.82e189 1.14e189 1.71e189 1.32e189 1.97e189
588 2.85e189 4.28e189 2.66e189 3.98e189 2.50e189 3.75e189 2.88e189 4.32e189
589 5.94e189 8.91e189 5.53e189 8.29e189 5.20e189 7.80e189 5.99e189 8.98e189
590 1.24e190 1.85e190 1.15e190 1.73e190 1.08e190 1.62e190 1.25e190 1.87e190
591 2.57e190 3.86e190 2.40e190 3.59e190 2.25e190 3.38e190 2.59e190 3.89e190
592 5.36e190 8.03e190 4.98e190 7.48e190 4.69e190 7.03e190 5.40e190 8.10e190
593 1.11e191 1.67e191 1.04e191 1.56e191 9.75e190 1.46e191 1.12e191 1.69e191
594 2.44e191 3.65e191 2.27e191 3.40e191 2.13e191 3.20e191 2.46e191 3.68e191
595 5.07e191 7.61e191 4.72e191 7.08e191 4.44e191 6.66e191 5.11e191 7.67e191
596 1.06e192 1.58e192 9.82e191 1.47e192 9.23e191 1.39e192 1.06e192 1.60e192
597 2.20e192 3.29e192 2.04e192 3.07e192 1.92e192 2.88e192 2.21e192 3.32e192
598 4.57e192 6.86e192 4.26e192 6.38e192 4.00e192 6.00e192 4.61e192 6.91e192
599 9.51e192 1.43e193 8.86e192 1.33e193 8.33e192 1.25e193 9.59e192 1.44e193
600 2.08e193 3.12e193 1.93e193 2.90e193 1.82e193 2.73e193 2.10e193 3.14e193
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 601 to Zone 675
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
601 4.33e193 6.49e193 4.03e193 6.04e193 3.79e193 5.68e193 4.36e193 6.54e193
602 9.00e193 1.35e194 8.38e193 1.26e194 7.88e193 1.18e194 9.08e193 1.36e194
603 1.87e194 2.81e194 1.74e194 2.62e194 1.64e194 2.46e194 1.89e194 2.83e194
604 3.90e194 5.85e194 3.63e194 5.45e194 3.41e194 5.12e194 3.93e194 5.90e194
605 8.12e194 1.22e195 7.56e194 1.13e195 7.10e194 1.07e195 8.18e194 1.23e195
606 1.77e195 2.66e195 1.65e195 2.48e195 1.55e195 2.33e195 1.79e195 2.68e195
607 3.69e195 5.54e195 3.44e195 5.15e195 3.23e195 4.84e195 3.72e195 5.58e195
608 7.68e195 1.15e196 7.15e195 1.07e196 6.72e195 1.01e196 7.75e195 1.16e196
609 1.60e196 2.40e196 1.49e196 2.23e196 1.40e196 2.10e196 1.61e196 2.42e196
610 3.33e196 4.99e196 3.10e196 4.65e196 2.91e196 4.37e196 3.35e196 5.03e196
611 6.93e196 1.04e197 6.45e196 9.67e196 6.06e196 9.09e196 6.98e196 1.05e197
612 1.51e197 2.27e197 1.41e197 2.11e197 1.32e197 1.99e197 1.53e197 2.29e197
613 3.15e197 4.72e197 2.93e197 4.40e197 2.76e197 4.13e197 3.18e197 4.76e197
614 6.56e197 9.83e197 6.10e197 9.15e197 5.74e197 8.60e197 6.61e197 9.91e197
615 1.36e198 2.05e198 1.27e198 1.90e198 1.19e198 1.79e198 1.38e198 2.06e198
616 2.84e198 4.26e198 2.64e198 3.96e198 2.48e198 3.73e198 2.86e198 4.29e198
617 5.91e198 8.86e198 5.50e198 8.25e198 5.17e198 7.76e198 5.96e198 8.94e198
618 1.29e199 1.94e199 1.20e199 1.80e199 1.13e199 1.70e199 1.30e199 1.95e199
619 2.69e199 4.03e199 2.50e199 3.75e199 2.35e199 3.53e199 2.71e199 4.07e199
620 5.60e199 8.40e199 5.21e199 7.81e199 4.90e199 7.35e199 5.64e199 8.46e199
621 1.16e200 1.75e200 1.08e200 1.63e200 1.02e200 1.53e200 1.17e200 1.76e200
622 2.42e200 3.64e200 2.26e200 3.39e200 2.12e200 3.18e200 2.44e200 3.67e200
623 5.05e200 7.57e200 4.70e200 7.05e200 4.42e200 6.62e200 5.09e200 7.63e200
624 1.10e201 1.65e201 1.03e201 1.54e201 9.65e200 1.45e201 1.11e201 1.67e201
625 2.29e201 3.44e201 2.14e201 3.20e201 2.01e201 3.01e201 2.31e201 3.47e201
626 4.77e201 7.16e201 4.44e201 6.67e201 4.18e201 6.27e201 4.81e201 7.22e201
627 9.94e201 1.49e202 9.25e201 1.39e202 8.70e201 1.30e202 1.00e202 1.50e202
628 2.07e202 3.10e202 1.93e202 2.89e202 1.81e202 2.71e202 2.09e202 3.13e202
629 4.30e202 6.46e202 4.01e202 6.01e202 3.77e202 5.65e202 4.34e202 6.51e202
630 9.41e202 1.41e203 8.76e202 1.31e203 8.23e202 1.23e203 9.48e202 1.42e203
631 1.96e203 2.94e203 1.82e203 2.73e203 1.71e203 2.57e203 1.97e203 2.96e203
632 4.07e203 6.11e203 3.79e203 5.69e203 3.57e203 5.35e203 4.11e203 6.16e203
633 8.48e203 1.27e204 7.89e203 1.18e204 7.42e203 1.11e204 8.55e203 1.28e204
634 1.76e204 2.65e204 1.64e204 2.46e204 1.54e204 2.32e204 1.78e204 2.67e204
635 3.67e204 5.51e204 3.42e204 5.13e204 3.21e204 4.82e204 3.70e204 5.55e204
636 8.03e204 1.20e205 7.47e204 1.12e205 7.02e204 1.05e205 8.09e204 1.21e205
637 1.67e205 2.51e205 1.55e205 2.33e205 1.46e205 2.19e205 1.68e205 2.53e205
638 3.48e205 5.21e205 3.24e205 4.85e205 3.04e205 4.56e205 3.50e205 5.26e205
639 7.23e205 1.09e206 6.73e205 1.01e206 6.33e205 9.49e205 7.29e205 1.09e206
640 1.51e206 2.26e206 1.40e206 2.10e206 1.32e206 1.98e206 1.52e206 2.28e206
641 3.13e206 4.70e206 2.92e206 4.37e206 2.74e206 4.11e206 3.16e206 4.74e206
642 6.85e206 1.03e207 6.37e206 9.56e206 5.99e206 8.99e206 6.90e206 1.04e207
643 1.42e207 2.14e207 1.33e207 1.99e207 1.25e207 1.87e207 1.44e207 2.15e207
644 2.97e207 4.45e207 2.76e207 4.14e207 2.59e207 3.89e207 2.99e207 4.48e207
645 6.17e207 9.26e207 5.74e207 8.62e207 5.40e207 8.10e207 6.22e207 9.33e207
646 1.28e208 1.93e208 1.20e208 1.79e208 1.12e208 1.69e208 1.30e208 1.94e208
647 2.67e208 4.01e208 2.49e208 3.73e208 2.34e208 3.51e208 2.70e208 4.04e208
648 5.84e208 8.76e208 5.44e208 8.16e208 5.11e208 7.67e208 5.89e208 8.83e208
649 1.22e209 1.82e209 1.13e209 1.70e209 1.06e209 1.60e209 1.23e209 1.84e209
650 2.53e209 3.80e209 2.36e209 3.53e209 2.21e209 3.32e209 2.55e209 3.83e209
651 5.27e209 7.90e209 4.90e209 7.35e209 4.61e209 6.91e209 5.31e209 7.96e209
652 1.10e210 1.64e210 1.02e210 1.53e210 9.59e209 1.44e210 1.10e210 1.66e210
653 2.28e210 3.42e210 2.12e210 3.18e210 2.00e210 2.99e210 2.30e210 3.45e210
654 4.98e210 7.48e210 4.64e210 6.96e210 4.36e210 6.54e210 5.02e210 7.54e210
655 1.04e211 1.56e211 9.65e210 1.45e211 9.08e210 1.36e211 1.05e211 1.57e211
656 2.16e211 3.24e211 2.01e211 3.01e211 1.89e211 2.83e211 2.18e211 3.26e211
657 4.49e211 6.74e211 4.18e211 6.27e211 3.93e211 5.90e211 4.53e211 6.79e211
658 9.35e211 1.40e212 8.70e211 1.31e212 8.18e211 1.23e212 9.43e211 1.41e212
659 1.95e212 2.92e212 1.81e212 2.72e212 1.70e212 2.55e212 1.96e212 2.94e212
660 4.25e212 6.38e212 3.96e212 5.94e212 3.72e212 5.58e212 4.29e212 6.43e212
661 8.85e212 1.33e213 8.24e212 1.24e213 7.75e212 1.16e213 8.92e212 1.34e213
662 1.84e213 2.76e213 1.71e213 2.57e213 1.61e213 2.42e213 1.86e213 2.79e213
663 3.83e213 5.75e213 3.57e213 5.35e213 3.35e213 5.03e213 3.87e213 5.80e213
664 7.98e213 1.20e214 7.43e213 1.11e214 6.98e213 1.05e214 8.04e213 1.21e214
665 1.66e214 2.49e214 1.55e214 2.32e214 1.45e214 2.18e214 1.67e214 2.51e214
666 3.63e214 5.44e214 3.38e214 5.07e214 3.17e214 4.76e214 3.66e214 5.49e214
667 7.55e214 1.13e215 7.03e214 1.05e215 6.61e214 9.91e214 7.61e214 1.14e215
668 1.57e215 2.36e215 1.46e215 2.19e215 1.38e215 2.06e215 1.58e215 2.38e215
669 3.27e215 4.91e215 3.04e215 4.57e215 2.86e215 4.29e215 3.30e215 4.95e215
670 6.81e215 1.02e216 6.34e215 9.50e215 5.96e215 8.93e215 6.86e215 1.03e216
671 1.42e216 2.12e216 1.32e216 1.98e216 1.24e216 1.86e216 1.43e216 2.14e216
672 3.09e216 4.64e216 2.88e216 4.32e216 2.71e216 4.06e216 3.12e216 4.68e216
673 6.44e216 9.66e216 5.99e216 8.99e216 5.63e216 8.45e216 6.49e216 9.74e216
674 1.34e217 2.01e217 1.25e217 1.87e217 1.17e217 1.76e217 1.35e217 2.03e217
675 2.79e217 4.18e217 2.60e217 3.89e217 2.44e217 3.66e217 2.81e217 4.22e217
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 676 to Zone 750
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
676 5.80e217 8.71e217 5.40e217 8.10e217 5.08e217 7.62e217 5.85e217 8.78e217
677 1.21e218 1.81e218 1.12e218 1.69e218 1.06e218 1.59e218 1.22e218 1.83e218
678 2.64e218 3.96e218 2.46e218 3.69e218 2.31e218 3.46e218 2.66e218 3.99e218
679 5.49e218 8.24e218 5.11e218 7.67e218 4.81e218 7.21e218 5.54e218 8.31e218
680 1.14e219 1.71e219 1.06e219 1.60e219 1.00e219 1.50e219 1.15e219 1.73e219
681 2.38e219 3.57e219 2.21e219 3.32e219 2.08e219 3.12e219 2.40e219 3.60e219
682 4.95e219 7.43e219 4.61e219 6.91e219 4.33e219 6.50e219 4.99e219 7.49e219
683 1.03e220 1.55e220 9.59e219 1.44e220 9.02e219 1.35e220 1.04e220 1.56e220
684 2.25e220 3.38e220 2.10e220 3.14e220 1.97e220 2.96e220 2.27e220 3.41e220
685 4.69e220 7.03e220 4.36e220 6.54e220 4.10e220 6.15e220 4.72e220 7.09e220
686 9.75e220 1.46e221 9.08e220 1.36e221 8.53e220 1.28e221 9.83e220 1.47e221
687 2.03e221 3.04e221 1.89e221 2.83e221 1.78e221 2.66e221 2.05e221 3.07e221
688 4.22e221 6.34e221 3.93e221 5.90e221 3.70e221 5.54e221 4.26e221 6.39e221
689 8.79e221 1.32e222 8.18e221 1.23e222 7.69e221 1.15e222 8.86e221 1.33e222
690 1.92e222 2.88e222 1.79e222 2.68e222 1.68e222 2.52e222 1.94e222 2.90e222
691 4.00e222 5.99e222 3.72e222 5.58e222 3.50e222 5.25e222 4.03e222 6.04e222
692 8.32e222 1.25e223 7.74e222 1.16e223 7.28e222 1.09e223 8.39e222 1.26e223
693 1.73e223 2.60e223 1.61e223 2.42e223 1.51e223 2.27e223 1.74e223 2.62e223
694 3.60e223 5.40e223 3.35e223 5.03e223 3.15e223 4.73e223 3.63e223 5.45e223
695 7.50e223 1.12e224 6.98e223 1.05e224 6.56e223 9.84e223 7.56e223 1.13e224
696 1.64e224 2.46e224 1.52e224 2.29e224 1.43e224 2.15e224 1.65e224 2.48e224
697 3.41e224 5.11e224 3.17e224 4.76e224 2.98e224 4.47e224 3.44e224 5.15e224
698 7.09e224 1.06e225 6.60e224 9.90e224 6.21e224 9.31e224 7.15e224 1.07e225
699 1.48e225 2.21e225 1.37e225 2.06e225 1.29e225 1.94e225 1.49e225 2.23e225
700 3.07e225 4.61e225 2.86e225 4.29e225 2.69e225 4.03e225 3.10e225 4.65e225
701 6.39e225 9.59e225 5.95e225 8.93e225 5.59e225 8.39e225 6.45e225 9.67e225
702 1.40e226 2.10e226 1.30e226 1.95e226 1.22e226 1.83e226 1.41e226 2.11e226
703 2.91e226 4.36e226 2.71e226 4.06e226 2.54e226 3.82e226 2.93e226 4.40e226
704 6.05e226 9.07e226 5.63e226 8.45e226 5.29e226 7.94e226 6.10e226 9.15e226
705 1.26e227 1.89e227 1.17e227 1.76e227 1.10e227 1.65e227 1.27e227 1.90e227
706 2.62e227 3.93e227 2.44e227 3.66e227 2.29e227 3.44e227 2.64e227 3.96e227
707 5.45e227 8.18e227 5.07e227 7.61e227 4.77e227 7.16e227 5.50e227 8.24e227
708 1.19e228 1.79e228 1.11e228 1.66e228 1.04e228 1.56e228 1.20e228 1.80e228
709 2.48e228 3.72e228 2.31e228 3.46e228 2.17e228 3.25e228 2.50e228 3.75e228
710 5.16e228 7.74e228 4.80e228 7.20e228 4.51e228 6.77e228 5.20e228 7.80e228
711 1.07e229 1.61e229 9.99e228 1.50e229 9.40e228 1.41e229 1.08e229 1.62e229
712 2.23e229 3.35e229 2.08e229 3.12e229 1.96e229 2.93e229 2.25e229 3.38e229
713 4.65e229 6.98e229 4.33e229 6.49e229 4.07e229 6.10e229 4.69e229 7.03e229
714 1.02e230 1.52e230 9.46e229 1.42e230 8.89e229 1.33e230 1.02e230 1.54e230
715 2.11e230 3.17e230 1.97e230 2.95e230 1.85e230 2.78e230 2.13e230 3.20e230
716 4.40e230 6.60e230 4.10e230 6.14e230 3.85e230 5.78e230 4.44e230 6.65e230
717 9.16e230 1.37e231 8.52e230 1.28e231 8.01e230 1.20e231 9.23e230 1.38e231
718 1.91e231 2.86e231 1.77e231 2.66e231 1.67e231 2.50e231 1.92e231 2.88e231
719 3.97e231 5.95e231 3.69e231 5.54e231 3.47e231 5.20e231 4.00e231 6.00e231
720 8.66e231 1.30e232 8.06e231 1.21e232 7.58e231 1.14e232 8.73e231 1.31e232
721 1.80e232 2.70e232 1.68e232 2.52e232 1.58e232 2.37e232 1.82e232 2.73e232
722 3.75e232 5.63e232 3.49e232 5.24e232 3.28e232 4.92e232 3.78e232 5.67e232
723 7.81e232 1.17e233 7.27e232 1.09e233 6.83e232 1.02e233 7.87e232 1.18e233
724 1.62e233 2.44e233 1.51e233 2.27e233 1.42e233 2.13e233 1.64e233 2.46e233
725 3.38e233 5.07e233 3.15e233 4.72e233 2.96e233 4.44e233 3.41e233 5.11e233
726 7.39e233 1.11e234 6.88e233 1.03e234 6.47e233 9.70e233 7.45e233 1.12e234
727 1.54e234 2.31e234 1.43e234 2.15e234 1.35e234 2.02e234 1.55e234 2.33e234
728 3.20e234 4.80e234 2.98e234 4.47e234 2.80e234 4.20e234 3.23e234 4.84e234
729 6.66e234 9.99e234 6.20e234 9.30e234 5.83e234 8.74e234 6.71e234 1.01e235
730 1.39e235 2.08e235 1.29e235 1.93e235 1.21e235 1.82e235 1.40e235 2.10e235
731 2.88e235 4.33e235 2.68e235 4.03e235 2.52e235 3.78e235 2.91e235 4.36e235
732 6.30e235 9.45e235 5.86e235 8.80e235 5.51e235 8.27e235 6.35e235 9.53e235
733 1.31e236 1.97e236 1.22e236 1.83e236 1.15e236 1.72e236 1.32e236 1.98e236
734 2.73e236 4.09e236 2.54e236 3.81e236 2.39e236 3.58e236 2.75e236 4.13e236
735 5.68e236 8.52e236 5.28e236 7.93e236 4.97e236 7.45e236 5.72e236 8.59e236
736 1.18e237 1.77e237 1.10e237 1.65e237 1.03e237 1.55e237 1.19e237 1.79e237
737 2.46e237 3.69e237 2.29e237 3.43e237 2.15e237 3.23e237 2.48e237 3.72e237
738 5.37e237 8.06e237 5.00e237 7.50e237 4.70e237 7.05e237 5.42e237 8.12e237
739 1.12e238 1.68e238 1.04e238 1.56e238 9.78e237 1.47e238 1.13e238 1.69e238
740 2.33e238 3.49e238 2.17e238 3.25e238 2.04e238 3.05e238 2.35e238 3.52e238
741 4.84e238 7.26e238 4.51e238 6.76e238 4.24e238 6.35e238 4.88e238 7.32e238
742 1.01e239 1.51e239 9.38e238 1.41e239 8.81e238 1.32e239 1.02e239 1.52e239
743 2.10e239 3.14e239 1.95e239 2.93e239 1.83e239 2.75e239 2.11e239 3.17e239
744 4.58e239 6.87e239 4.26e239 6.39e239 4.01e239 6.01e239 4.62e239 6.93e239
745 9.53e239 1.43e240 8.87e239 1.33e240 8.34e239 1.25e240 9.61e239 1.44e240
746 1.98e240 2.98e240 1.85e240 2.77e240 1.74e240 2.60e240 2.00e240 3.00e240
747 4.13e240 6.19e240 3.84e240 5.76e240 3.61e240 5.42e240 4.16e240 6.24e240
748 8.59e240 1.29e241 7.99e240 1.20e241 7.52e240 1.13e241 8.66e240 1.30e241
749 1.79e241 2.68e241 1.66e241 2.50e241 1.56e241 2.35e241 1.80e241 2.70e241
750 3.91e241 5.86e241 3.64e241 5.45e241 3.42e241 5.13e241 3.94e241 5.91e241
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 751 to Zone 825
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
751 8.13e241 1.22e242 7.56e241 1.13e242 7.11e241 1.07e242 8.19e241 1.23e242
752 1.69e242 2.54e242 1.57e242 2.36e242 1.48e242 2.22e242 1.71e242 2.56e242
753 3.52e242 5.28e242 3.28e242 4.91e242 3.08e242 4.62e242 3.55e242 5.32e242
754 7.32e242 1.10e243 6.82e242 1.02e243 6.41e242 9.61e242 7.38e242 1.11e243
755 1.52e243 2.29e243 1.42e243 2.13e243 1.33e243 2.00e243 1.54e243 2.30e243
756 3.33e243 4.99e243 3.10e243 4.65e243 2.91e243 4.37e243 3.36e243 5.04e243
757 6.93e243 1.04e244 6.45e243 9.67e243 6.06e243 9.09e243 6.99e243 1.05e244
758 1.44e244 2.16e244 1.34e244 2.01e244 1.26e244 1.89e244 1.45e244 2.18e244
759 3.00e244 4.50e244 2.79e244 4.19e244 2.63e244 3.94e244 3.02e244 4.54e244
760 6.24e244 9.37e244 5.81e244 8.72e244 5.46e244 8.19e244 6.29e244 9.44e244
761 1.30e245 1.95e245 1.21e245 1.81e245 1.14e245 1.71e245 1.31e245 1.96e245
762 2.84e245 4.26e245 2.64e245 3.96e245 2.48e245 3.73e245 2.86e245 4.29e245
763 5.91e245 8.86e245 5.50e245 8.25e245 5.17e245 7.75e245 5.96e245 8.93e245
764 1.23e246 1.84e246 1.14e246 1.72e246 1.08e246 1.61e246 1.24e246 1.86e246
765 2.56e246 3.84e246 2.38e246 3.57e246 2.24e246 3.36e246 2.58e246 3.87e246
766 5.32e246 7.98e246 4.95e246 7.43e246 4.66e246 6.99e246 5.37e246 8.05e246
767 1.11e247 1.66e247 1.03e247 1.55e247 9.69e246 1.45e247 1.12e247 1.68e247
768 2.42e247 3.63e247 2.25e247 3.38e247 2.12e247 3.18e247 2.44e247 3.66e247
769 5.04e247 7.56e247 4.69e247 7.03e247 4.41e247 6.61e247 5.08e247 7.62e247
770 1.05e248 1.57e248 9.76e247 1.46e248 9.17e247 1.38e248 1.06e248 1.59e248
771 2.18e248 3.27e248 2.03e248 3.05e248 1.91e248 2.86e248 2.20e248 3.30e248
772 4.54e248 6.81e248 4.22e248 6.34e248 3.97e248 5.96e248 4.58e248 6.86e248
773 9.44e248 1.42e249 8.79e248 1.32e249 8.26e248 1.24e249 9.52e248 1.43e249
774 2.06e249 3.10e249 1.92e249 2.88e249 1.81e249 2.71e249 2.08e249 3.12e249
775 4.29e249 6.44e249 4.00e249 5.99e249 3.76e249 5.64e249 4.33e249 6.49e249
776 8.93e249 1.34e250 8.32e249 1.25e250 7.82e249 1.17e250 9.01e249 1.35e250
777 1.86e250 2.79e250 1.73e250 2.60e250 1.63e250 2.44e250 1.87e250 2.81e250
778 3.87e250 5.80e250 3.60e250 5.40e250 3.39e250 5.08e250 3.90e250 5.85e250
779 8.05e250 1.21e251 7.49e250 1.12e251 7.04e250 1.06e251 8.12e250 1.22e251
780 1.76e251 2.64e251 1.64e251 2.46e251 1.54e251 2.31e251 1.77e251 2.66e251
781 3.66e251 5.49e251 3.41e251 5.11e251 3.20e251 4.80e251 3.69e251 5.54e251
782 7.62e251 1.14e252 7.09e251 1.06e252 6.67e251 1.00e252 7.68e251 1.15e252
783 1.59e252 2.38e252 1.48e252 2.21e252 1.39e252 2.08e252 1.60e252 2.40e252
784 3.30e252 4.95e252 3.07e252 4.61e252 2.89e252 4.33e252 3.33e252 4.99e252
785 6.86e252 1.03e253 6.39e252 9.58e252 6.01e252 9.01e252 6.92e252 1.04e253
786 1.50e253 2.25e253 1.40e253 2.09e253 1.31e253 1.97e253 1.51e253 2.27e253
787 3.12e253 4.68e253 2.90e253 4.36e253 2.73e253 4.10e253 3.15e253 4.72e253
788 6.49e253 9.74e253 6.04e253 9.07e253 5.68e253 8.52e253 6.55e253 9.82e253
789 1.35e254 2.03e254 1.26e254 1.89e254 1.18e254 1.77e254 1.36e254 2.04e254
790 2.81e254 4.22e254 2.62e254 3.93e254 2.46e254 3.69e254 2.83e254 4.25e254
791 5.85e254 8.78e254 5.45e254 8.17e254 5.12e254 7.68e254 5.90e254 8.85e254
792 1.28e255 1.92e255 1.19e255 1.78e255 1.12e255 1.68e255 1.29e255 1.93e255
793 2.66e255 3.99e255 2.48e255 3.71e255 2.33e255 3.49e255 2.68e255 4.02e255
794 5.54e255 8.30e255 5.15e255 7.73e255 4.84e255 7.27e255 5.58e255 8.37e255
795 1.15e256 1.73e256 1.07e256 1.61e256 1.01e256 1.51e256 1.16e256 1.74e256
796 2.40e256 3.60e256 2.23e256 3.35e256 2.10e256 3.15e256 2.42e256 3.62e256
797 4.99e256 7.48e256 4.64e256 6.96e256 4.36e256 6.55e256 5.03e256 7.54e256
798 1.09e257 1.63e257 1.01e257 1.52e257 9.54e256 1.43e257 1.10e257 1.65e257
799 2.27e257 3.40e257 2.11e257 3.17e257 1.98e257 2.98e257 2.29e257 3.43e257
800 4.72e257 7.08e257 4.39e257 6.59e257 4.13e257 6.19e257 4.76e257 7.14e257
801 9.82e257 1.47e258 9.14e257 1.37e258 8.59e257 1.29e258 9.90e257 1.48e258
802 2.04e258 3.06e258 1.90e258 2.85e258 1.79e258 2.68e258 2.06e258 3.09e258
803 4.25e258 6.38e258 3.96e258 5.94e258 3.72e258 5.58e258 4.29e258 6.43e258
804 9.29e258 1.39e259 8.65e258 1.30e259 8.13e258 1.22e259 9.36e258 1.40e259
805 1.93e259 2.90e259 1.80e259 2.70e259 1.69e259 2.54e259 1.95e259 2.92e259
806 4.02e259 6.03e259 3.74e259 5.62e259 3.52e259 5.28e259 4.05e259 6.08e259
807 8.37e259 1.26e260 7.79e259 1.17e260 7.32e259 1.10e260 8.44e259 1.27e260
808 1.74e260 2.61e260 1.62e260 2.43e260 1.52e260 2.29e260 1.76e260 2.63e260
809 3.62e260 5.44e260 3.37e260 5.06e260 3.17e260 4.76e260 3.65e260 5.48e260
810 7.92e260 1.19e261 7.37e260 1.11e261 6.93e260 1.04e261 7.98e260 1.20e261
811 1.65e261 2.47e261 1.53e261 2.30e261 1.44e261 2.16e261 1.66e261 2.49e261
812 3.43e261 5.14e261 3.19e261 4.79e261 3.00e261 4.50e261 3.46e261 5.18e261
813 7.13e261 1.07e262 6.64e261 9.96e261 6.24e261 9.36e261 7.19e261 1.08e262
814 1.48e262 2.23e262 1.38e262 2.07e262 1.30e262 1.95e262 1.50e262 2.24e262
815 3.09e262 4.63e262 2.87e262 4.31e262 2.70e262 4.05e262 3.11e262 4.67e262
816 6.75e262 1.01e263 6.28e262 9.42e262 5.90e262 8.86e262 6.80e262 1.02e263
817 1.40e263 2.11e263 1.31e263 1.96e263 1.23e263 1.84e263 1.42e263 2.12e263
818 2.92e263 4.38e263 2.72e263 4.08e263 2.56e263 3.83e263 2.95e263 4.42e263
819 6.08e263 9.12e263 5.66e263 8.49e263 5.32e263 7.98e263 6.13e263 9.19e263
820 1.27e264 1.90e264 1.18e264 1.77e264 1.11e264 1.66e264 1.28e264 1.91e264
821 2.63e264 3.95e264 2.45e264 3.68e264 2.30e264 3.46e264 2.65e264 3.98e264
822 5.75e264 8.63e264 5.35e264 8.03e264 5.03e264 7.55e264 5.80e264 8.70e264
823 1.20e265 1.80e265 1.11e265 1.67e265 1.05e265 1.57e265 1.21e265 1.81e265
824 2.49e265 3.74e265 2.32e265 3.48e265 2.18e265 3.27e265 2.51e265 3.77e265
825 5.18e265 7.77e265 4.82e265 7.24e265 4.53e265 6.80e265 5.22e265 7.84e265
Cthulimp Attack Values: Zone 826 to Zone 900
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
826 1.08e266 1.62e266 1.00e266 1.51e266 9.44e265 1.42e266 1.09e266 1.63e266
827 2.24e266 3.37e266 2.09e266 3.13e266 1.96e266 2.95e266 2.26e266 3.39e266
828 4.90e266 7.35e266 4.56e266 6.84e266 4.29e266 6.43e266 4.94e266 7.41e266
829 1.02e267 1.53e267 9.50e266 1.42e267 8.93e266 1.34e267 1.03e267 1.54e267
830 2.12e267 3.18e267 1.98e267 2.96e267 1.86e267 2.79e267 2.14e267 3.21e267
831 4.42e267 6.63e267 4.11e267 6.17e267 3.86e267 5.80e267 4.45e267 6.68e267
832 9.19e267 1.38e268 8.55e267 1.28e268 8.04e267 1.21e268 9.27e267 1.39e268
833 1.91e268 2.87e268 1.78e268 2.67e268 1.67e268 2.51e268 1.93e268 2.89e268
834 4.18e268 6.27e268 3.89e268 5.83e268 3.66e268 5.48e268 4.21e268 6.32e268
835 8.69e268 1.30e269 8.09e268 1.21e269 7.61e268 1.14e269 8.77e268 1.31e269
836 1.81e269 2.71e269 1.68e269 2.53e269 1.58e269 2.37e269 1.82e269 2.74e269
837 3.76e269 5.65e269 3.50e269 5.26e269 3.29e269 4.94e269 3.80e269 5.69e269
838 7.83e269 1.17e270 7.29e269 1.09e270 6.85e269 1.03e270 7.90e269 1.18e270
839 1.63e270 2.44e270 1.52e270 2.28e270 1.43e270 2.14e270 1.64e270 2.46e270
840 3.56e270 5.34e270 3.31e270 4.97e270 3.12e270 4.67e270 3.59e270 5.39e270
841 7.41e270 1.11e271 6.90e270 1.03e271 6.48e270 9.73e270 7.47e270 1.12e271
842 1.54e271 2.31e271 1.44e271 2.15e271 1.35e271 2.02e271 1.55e271 2.33e271
843 3.21e271 4.81e271 2.99e271 4.48e271 2.81e271 4.21e271 3.23e271 4.85e271
844 6.68e271 1.00e272 6.21e271 9.32e271 5.84e271 8.76e271 6.73e271 1.01e272
845 1.39e272 2.08e272 1.29e272 1.94e272 1.22e272 1.82e272 1.40e272 2.10e272
846 3.04e272 4.55e272 2.82e272 4.24e272 2.66e272 3.98e272 3.06e272 4.59e272
847 6.32e272 9.47e272 5.88e272 8.82e272 5.53e272 8.29e272 6.37e272 9.55e272
848 1.31e273 1.97e273 1.22e273 1.83e273 1.15e273 1.72e273 1.32e273 1.99e273
849 2.73e273 4.10e273 2.55e273 3.82e273 2.39e273 3.59e273 2.76e273 4.14e273
850 5.69e273 8.53e273 5.30e273 7.94e273 4.98e273 7.47e273 5.74e273 8.60e273
851 1.18e274 1.78e274 1.10e274 1.65e274 1.04e274 1.55e274 1.19e274 1.79e274
852 2.59e274 3.88e274 2.41e274 3.61e274 2.26e274 3.39e274 2.61e274 3.91e274
853 5.38e274 8.07e274 5.01e274 7.51e274 4.71e274 7.06e274 5.43e274 8.14e274
854 1.12e275 1.68e275 1.04e275 1.56e275 9.80e274 1.47e275 1.13e275 1.69e275
855 2.33e275 3.50e275 2.17e275 3.25e275 2.04e275 3.06e275 2.35e275 3.52e275
856 4.85e275 7.27e275 4.51e275 6.77e275 4.24e275 6.36e275 4.89e275 7.33e275
857 1.01e276 1.51e276 9.39e275 1.41e276 8.83e275 1.32e276 1.02e276 1.53e276
858 2.20e276 3.31e276 2.05e276 3.08e276 1.93e276 2.89e276 2.22e276 3.33e276
859 4.59e276 6.88e276 4.27e276 6.40e276 4.01e276 6.02e276 4.62e276 6.94e276
860 9.54e276 1.43e277 8.88e276 1.33e277 8.35e276 1.25e277 9.62e276 1.44e277
861 1.99e277 2.98e277 1.85e277 2.77e277 1.74e277 2.61e277 2.00e277 3.00e277
862 4.13e277 6.20e277 3.85e277 5.77e277 3.62e277 5.42e277 4.17e277 6.25e277
863 8.60e277 1.29e278 8.00e277 1.20e278 7.52e277 1.13e278 8.67e277 1.30e278
864 1.88e278 2.82e278 1.75e278 2.62e278 1.64e278 2.47e278 1.89e278 2.84e278
865 3.91e278 5.86e278 3.64e278 5.46e278 3.42e278 5.13e278 3.94e278 5.91e278
866 8.13e278 1.22e279 7.57e278 1.14e279 7.12e278 1.07e279 8.20e278 1.23e279
867 1.69e279 2.54e279 1.58e279 2.36e279 1.48e279 2.22e279 1.71e279 2.56e279
868 3.52e279 5.28e279 3.28e279 4.92e279 3.08e279 4.62e279 3.55e279 5.32e279
869 7.33e279 1.10e280 6.82e279 1.02e280 6.41e279 9.62e279 7.39e279 1.11e280
870 1.60e280 2.40e280 1.49e280 2.23e280 1.40e280 2.10e280 1.61e280 2.42e280
871 3.33e280 5.00e280 3.10e280 4.65e280 2.91e280 4.37e280 3.36e280 5.04e280
872 6.93e280 1.04e281 6.45e280 9.68e280 6.06e280 9.10e280 6.99e280 1.05e281
873 1.44e281 2.16e281 1.34e281 2.01e281 1.26e281 1.89e281 1.45e281 2.18e281
874 3.00e281 4.50e281 2.79e281 4.19e281 2.63e281 3.94e281 3.02e281 4.54e281
875 6.24e281 9.36e281 5.81e281 8.72e281 5.46e281 8.19e281 6.29e281 9.44e281
876 1.36e282 2.05e282 1.27e282 1.90e282 1.19e282 1.79e282 1.38e282 2.06e282
877 2.84e282 4.26e282 2.64e282 3.96e282 2.48e282 3.73e282 2.86e282 4.29e282
878 5.91e282 8.86e282 5.50e282 8.25e282 5.17e282 7.75e282 5.95e282 8.93e282
879 1.23e283 1.84e283 1.14e283 1.72e283 1.08e283 1.61e283 1.24e283 1.86e283
880 2.56e283 3.84e283 2.38e283 3.57e283 2.24e283 3.36e283 2.58e283 3.87e283
881 5.32e283 7.98e283 4.95e283 7.43e283 4.66e283 6.98e283 5.36e283 8.05e283
882 1.16e284 1.74e284 1.08e284 1.62e284 1.02e284 1.53e284 1.17e284 1.76e284
883 2.42e284 3.63e284 2.25e284 3.38e284 2.12e284 3.17e284 2.44e284 3.66e284
884 5.03e284 7.55e284 4.68e284 7.03e284 4.40e284 6.60e284 5.07e284 7.61e284
885 1.05e285 1.57e285 9.75e284 1.46e285 9.16e284 1.37e285 1.06e285 1.58e285
886 2.18e285 3.27e285 2.03e285 3.04e285 1.91e285 2.86e285 2.20e285 3.29e285
887 4.53e285 6.80e285 4.22e285 6.33e285 3.97e285 5.95e285 4.57e285 6.86e285
888 9.90e285 1.49e286 9.22e285 1.38e286 8.67e285 1.30e286 9.98e285 1.50e286
889 2.06e286 3.09e286 1.92e286 2.88e286 1.80e286 2.70e286 2.08e286 3.12e286
890 4.29e286 6.43e286 3.99e286 5.99e286 3.75e286 5.63e286 4.32e286 6.48e286
891 8.92e286 1.34e287 8.30e286 1.25e287 7.81e286 1.17e287 8.99e286 1.35e287
892 1.86e287 2.78e287 1.73e287 2.59e287 1.62e287 2.44e287 1.87e287 2.81e287
893 3.86e287 5.79e287 3.60e287 5.39e287 3.38e287 5.07e287 3.89e287 5.84e287
894 8.44e287 1.27e288 7.85e287 1.18e288 7.38e287 1.11e288 8.51e287 1.28e288
895 1.76e288 2.63e288 1.63e288 2.45e288 1.54e288 2.30e288 1.77e288 2.66e288
896 3.65e288 5.48e288 3.40e288 5.10e288 3.20e288 4.80e288 3.68e288 5.53e288
897 7.60e288 1.14e289 7.08e288 1.06e289 6.65e288 9.98e288 7.66e288 1.15e289
898 1.58e289 2.37e289 1.47e289 2.21e289 1.38e289 2.08e289 1.59e289 2.39e289
899 3.29e289 4.94e289 3.06e289 4.60e289 2.88e289 4.32e289 3.32e289 4.98e289
900 7.19e289 1.08e290 6.69e289 1.00e290 6.29e289 9.44e289 7.25e289 1.09e290
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 5 to Zone 75
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
5 3.14e04 2.99e04 2.36e04 3.65e04
6 6.91e04 6.58e04 5.18e04 8.02e04
7 1.36e05 1.29e05 1.02e05 1.57e05
8 2.63e05 2.50e05 1.97e05 3.05e05
9 5.04e05 4.80e05 3.78e05 5.85e05
10 9.60e05 9.15e05 7.20e05 1.11e06
11 1.82e06 1.73e06 1.37e06 2.11e06
12 3.44e06 3.27e06 2.58e06 3.99e06
13 6.46e06 6.16e06 4.85e06 7.50e06
14 1.21e07 1.15e07 9.09e06 1.41e07
15 2.27e07 2.16e07 1.70e07 2.63e07
16 4.23e07 4.03e07 3.17e07 4.91e07
17 7.88e07 7.50e07 5.91e07 9.15e07
18 1.47e08 1.40e08 1.10e08 1.70e08
19 2.72e08 2.59e08 2.04e08 3.16e08
20 5.04e08 4.80e08 3.78e08 5.85e08
21 9.34e08 8.89e08 7.00e08 1.08e09
22 1.73e09 1.64e09 1.30e09 2.00e09
23 3.19e09 3.04e09 2.39e09 3.70e09
24 5.89e09 5.61e09 4.42e09 6.83e09
25 1.09e10 1.03e10 8.14e09 1.26e10
26 2.00e10 1.91e10 1.50e10 2.32e10
27 3.68e10 3.51e10 2.76e10 4.28e10
28 6.78e10 6.46e10 5.08e10 7.87e10
29 1.25e11 1.19e11 9.35e10 1.45e11
30 2.29e11 2.18e11 1.72e11 2.66e11
31 4.21e11 4.01e11 3.16e11 4.89e11
32 7.73e11 7.36e11 5.79e11 8.97e11
33 1.42e12 1.35e12 1.06e12 1.65e12
34 2.60e12 2.48e12 1.95e12 3.02e12
35 4.77e12 4.54e12 3.58e12 5.53e12
36 8.74e12 8.32e12 6.55e12 1.01e13
37 1.60e13 1.52e13 1.20e13 1.86e13
38 2.93e13 2.79e13 2.20e13 3.40e13
39 5.36e13 5.11e13 4.02e13 6.23e13
40 9.82e13 9.35e13 7.36e13 1.14e14
41 1.80e14 1.71e14 1.35e14 2.08e14
42 3.28e14 3.13e14 2.46e14 3.81e14
43 6.00e14 5.72e14 4.50e14 6.97e14
44 1.10e15 1.05e15 8.23e14 1.27e15
45 2.01e15 1.91e15 1.50e15 2.33e15
46 3.66e15 3.49e15 2.75e15 4.25e15
47 6.69e15 6.37e15 5.02e15 7.77e15
48 1.22e16 1.16e16 9.17e15 1.42e16
49 2.23e16 2.12e16 1.67e16 2.59e16
50 4.07e16 3.88e16 3.05e16 4.73e16
51 7.43e16 7.08e16 5.57e16 8.63e16
52 1.36e17 1.29e17 1.02e17 1.57e17
53 2.47e17 2.36e17 1.86e17 2.87e17
54 4.51e17 4.30e17 3.38e17 5.24e17
55 8.23e17 7.84e17 6.17e17 9.55e17
56 1.50e18 1.43e18 1.13e18 1.74e18
57 2.73e18 2.60e18 2.05e18 3.17e18
58 4.98e18 4.75e18 3.74e18 5.79e18
59 9.08e18 8.65e18 6.81e18 1.05e19
60 8.27e19 7.76e19 7.23e19 8.44e19
61 1.66e20 1.55e20 1.45e20 1.69e20
62 3.32e20 3.12e20 2.90e20 3.39e20
63 6.65e20 6.24e20 5.82e20 6.79e20
64 1.33e21 1.25e21 1.17e21 1.36e21
65 2.67e21 2.50e21 2.34e21 2.73e21
66 5.35e21 5.02e21 4.68e21 5.46e21
67 1.07e22 1.00e22 9.37e21 1.09e22
68 2.14e22 2.01e22 1.88e22 2.19e22
69 4.29e22 4.03e22 3.76e22 4.38e22
70 8.59e22 8.06e22 7.52e22 8.77e22
71 1.72e23 1.61e23 1.50e23 1.76e23
72 3.44e23 3.23e23 3.01e23 3.52e23
73 6.89e23 6.47e23 6.03e23 7.04e23
74 1.38e24 1.29e24 1.21e24 1.41e24
75 2.76e24 2.59e24 2.41e24 2.82e24
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 76 to Zone 150
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
76 5.52e24 5.18e24 4.83e24 5.64e24
77 1.10e25 1.04e25 9.66e24 1.13e25
78 2.21e25 2.07e25 1.93e25 2.26e25
79 4.42e25 4.15e25 3.87e25 4.51e25
80 8.84e25 8.30e25 7.73e25 9.03e25
81 1.77e26 1.66e26 1.55e26 1.81e26
82 3.54e26 3.32e26 3.09e26 3.61e26
83 7.07e26 6.64e26 6.19e26 7.22e26
84 1.41e27 1.33e27 1.24e27 1.44e27
85 2.83e27 2.65e27 2.47e27 2.89e27
86 5.65e27 5.30e27 4.94e27 5.77e27
87 1.13e28 1.06e28 9.89e27 1.15e28
88 2.26e28 2.12e28 1.98e28 2.31e28
89 4.51e28 4.24e28 3.95e28 4.61e28
90 9.02e28 8.47e28 7.90e28 9.21e28
91 1.80e29 1.69e29 1.58e29 1.84e29
92 3.60e29 3.38e29 3.15e29 3.68e29
93 7.20e29 6.76e29 6.30e29 7.35e29
94 1.44e30 1.35e30 1.26e30 1.47e30
95 2.88e30 2.70e30 2.52e30 2.94e30
96 5.75e30 5.39e30 5.03e30 5.87e30
97 1.15e31 1.08e31 1.00e31 1.17e31
98 2.29e31 2.15e31 2.01e31 2.34e31
99 4.58e31 4.30e31 4.01e31 4.68e31
100 9.15e31 8.59e31 8.01e31 9.35e31
101 1.83e32 1.72e32 1.60e32 1.87e32
102 3.65e32 3.43e32 3.20e32 3.73e32
103 7.29e32 6.85e32 6.38e32 7.45e32
104 1.46e33 1.37e33 1.27e33 1.49e33
105 2.91e33 2.73e33 2.55e33 2.97e33
106 5.81e33 5.45e33 5.08e33 5.93e33
107 1.16e34 1.09e34 1.02e34 1.18e34
108 2.32e34 2.17e34 2.03e34 2.37e34
109 4.63e34 4.34e34 4.05e34 4.72e34
110 9.24e34 8.67e34 8.08e34 9.43e34
111 1.84e35 1.73e35 1.61e35 1.88e35
112 3.68e35 3.46e35 3.22e35 3.76e35
113 7.35e35 6.90e35 6.43e35 7.51e35
114 1.47e36 1.38e36 1.28e36 1.50e36
115 2.93e36 2.75e36 2.56e36 2.99e36
116 5.85e36 5.49e36 5.12e36 5.97e36
117 1.17e37 1.10e37 1.02e37 1.19e37
118 2.33e37 2.19e37 2.04e37 2.38e37
119 4.65e37 4.37e37 4.07e37 4.75e37
120 9.29e37 8.71e37 8.13e37 9.48e37
121 1.85e38 1.74e38 1.62e38 1.89e38
122 3.70e38 3.47e38 3.24e38 3.78e38
123 7.38e38 6.93e38 6.46e38 7.54e38
124 1.47e39 1.38e39 1.29e39 1.50e39
125 2.94e39 2.76e39 2.57e39 3.00e39
126 5.87e39 5.51e39 5.13e39 5.99e39
127 1.17e40 1.10e40 1.02e40 1.20e40
128 2.34e40 2.19e40 2.04e40 2.39e40
129 4.66e40 4.37e40 4.08e40 4.76e40
130 9.30e40 8.73e40 8.14e40 9.50e40
131 1.86e41 1.74e41 1.62e41 1.90e41
132 3.70e41 3.48e41 3.24e41 3.78e41
133 7.39e41 6.93e41 6.46e41 7.54e41
134 1.47e42 1.38e42 1.29e42 1.51e42
135 2.94e42 2.76e42 2.57e42 3.00e42
136 5.87e42 5.51e42 5.13e42 5.99e42
137 1.17e43 1.10e43 1.02e43 1.20e43
138 2.33e43 2.19e43 2.04e43 2.38e43
139 4.66e43 4.37e43 4.07e43 4.76e43
140 9.29e43 8.72e43 8.13e43 9.49e43
141 1.85e44 1.74e44 1.62e44 1.89e44
142 3.70e44 3.47e44 3.23e44 3.77e44
143 7.37e44 6.92e44 6.45e44 7.53e44
144 1.47e45 1.38e45 1.29e45 1.50e45
145 2.93e45 2.75e45 2.57e45 2.99e45
146 5.85e45 5.49e45 5.12e45 5.97e45
147 1.17e46 1.09e46 1.02e46 1.19e46
148 2.33e46 2.18e46 2.04e46 2.38e46
149 4.64e46 4.35e46 4.06e46 4.74e46
150 9.25e46 8.68e46 8.10e46 9.45e46
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 151 to Zone 225
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
151 1.85e47 1.73e47 1.61e47 1.88e47
152 3.68e47 3.45e47 3.22e47 3.76e47
153 7.34e47 6.89e47 6.42e47 7.49e47
154 1.46e48 1.37e48 1.28e48 1.49e48
155 2.92e48 2.74e48 2.55e48 2.98e48
156 5.82e48 5.46e48 5.09e48 5.94e48
157 1.16e49 1.09e49 1.02e49 1.18e49
158 2.31e49 2.17e49 2.02e49 2.36e49
159 4.61e49 4.33e49 4.04e49 4.71e49
160 9.20e49 8.63e49 8.05e49 9.39e49
161 1.83e50 1.72e50 1.60e50 1.87e50
162 3.66e50 3.43e50 3.20e50 3.73e50
163 7.29e50 6.84e50 6.38e50 7.44e50
164 1.45e51 1.36e51 1.27e51 1.48e51
165 2.90e51 2.72e51 2.54e51 2.96e51
166 5.78e51 5.42e51 5.05e51 5.90e51
167 1.15e52 1.08e52 1.01e52 1.18e52
168 2.30e52 2.15e52 2.01e52 2.34e52
169 4.58e52 4.30e52 4.00e52 4.67e52
170 9.12e52 8.56e52 7.98e52 9.32e52
171 1.82e53 1.71e53 1.59e53 1.86e53
172 3.63e53 3.40e53 3.17e53 3.70e53
173 7.23e53 6.78e53 6.32e53 7.38e53
174 1.44e54 1.35e54 1.26e54 1.47e54
175 2.87e54 2.70e54 2.51e54 2.93e54
176 5.72e54 5.37e54 5.01e54 5.85e54
177 1.14e55 1.07e55 9.98e54 1.17e55
178 2.27e55 2.13e55 1.99e55 2.32e55
179 4.53e55 4.25e55 3.97e55 4.63e55
180 9.04e55 8.48e55 7.91e55 9.23e55
181 1.15e57 1.08e57 1.01e57 1.18e57
182 2.30e57 2.16e57 2.01e57 2.35e57
183 4.58e57 4.30e57 4.01e57 4.68e57
184 9.13e57 8.56e57 7.98e57 9.32e57
185 1.82e58 1.71e58 1.59e58 1.86e58
186 3.79e58 3.56e58 3.32e58 3.87e58
187 7.56e58 7.10e58 6.62e58 7.72e58
188 1.51e59 1.41e59 1.32e59 1.54e59
189 3.00e59 2.82e59 2.63e59 3.07e59
190 5.99e59 5.62e59 5.24e59 6.11e59
191 1.19e60 1.12e60 1.04e60 1.22e60
192 2.48e60 2.33e60 2.17e60 2.54e60
193 4.95e60 4.64e60 4.33e60 5.05e60
194 9.86e60 9.26e60 8.63e60 1.01e61
195 1.97e61 1.84e61 1.72e61 2.01e61
196 3.92e61 3.68e61 3.43e61 4.00e61
197 7.80e61 7.32e61 6.83e61 7.97e61
198 1.64e62 1.54e62 1.44e62 1.68e62
199 3.28e62 3.07e62 2.87e62 3.35e62
200 6.53e62 6.13e62 5.71e62 6.67e62
201 1.30e63 1.22e63 1.14e63 1.33e63
202 2.59e63 2.43e63 2.27e63 2.65e63
203 5.16e63 4.85e63 4.52e63 5.27e63
204 1.08e64 1.02e64 9.49e63 1.11e64
205 2.16e64 2.03e64 1.89e64 2.21e64
206 4.31e64 4.04e64 3.77e64 4.40e64
207 8.58e64 8.05e64 7.51e64 8.76e64
208 1.71e65 1.60e65 1.50e65 1.75e65
209 3.41e65 3.20e65 2.98e65 3.48e65
210 7.05e65 6.61e65 6.17e65 7.19e65
211 1.40e66 1.32e66 1.23e66 1.43e66
212 2.80e66 2.62e66 2.45e66 2.86e66
213 5.57e66 5.23e66 4.88e66 5.69e66
214 1.11e67 1.04e67 9.71e66 1.13e67
215 2.21e67 2.08e67 1.94e67 2.26e67
216 4.68e67 4.39e67 4.09e67 4.78e67
217 9.32e67 8.75e67 8.15e67 9.52e67
218 1.86e68 1.74e68 1.62e68 1.90e68
219 3.70e68 3.47e68 3.24e68 3.78e68
220 7.37e68 6.92e68 6.45e68 7.52e68
221 1.47e69 1.38e69 1.28e69 1.50e69
222 3.06e69 2.87e69 2.68e69 3.13e69
223 6.10e69 5.72e69 5.33e69 6.23e69
224 1.21e70 1.14e70 1.06e70 1.24e70
225 2.42e70 2.27e70 2.12e70 2.47e70
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 226 to Zone 300
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
226 4.82e70 4.52e70 4.22e70 4.92e70
227 9.60e70 9.01e70 8.40e70 9.80e70
228 2.00e71 1.87e71 1.75e71 2.04e71
229 3.98e71 3.73e71 3.48e71 4.06e71
230 1.59e72 1.50e72 1.39e72 1.63e72
231 3.17e72 2.98e72 2.78e72 3.24e72
232 6.32e72 5.93e72 5.53e72 6.46e72
233 1.26e73 1.18e73 1.10e73 1.29e73
234 2.63e73 2.47e73 2.30e73 2.68e73
235 5.23e73 4.91e73 4.58e73 5.35e73
236 1.04e74 9.79e73 9.12e73 1.06e74
237 2.08e74 1.95e74 1.82e74 2.12e74
238 4.14e74 3.88e74 3.62e74 4.22e74
239 8.24e74 7.73e74 7.21e74 8.41e74
240 1.72e75 1.62e75 1.51e75 1.76e75
241 3.43e75 3.22e75 3.00e75 3.51e75
242 6.84e75 6.42e75 5.98e75 6.98e75
243 1.36e76 1.28e76 1.19e76 1.39e76
244 2.71e76 2.55e76 2.37e76 2.77e76
245 5.40e76 5.07e76 4.73e76 5.52e76
246 1.13e77 1.06e77 9.87e76 1.15e77
247 2.25e77 2.11e77 1.97e77 2.29e77
248 4.47e77 4.20e77 3.92e77 4.57e77
249 8.91e77 8.36e77 7.80e77 9.10e77
250 1.77e78 1.67e78 1.55e78 1.81e78
251 3.53e78 3.32e78 3.09e78 3.61e78
252 7.39e78 6.94e78 6.47e78 7.55e78
253 1.47e79 1.38e79 1.29e79 1.50e79
254 2.93e79 2.75e79 2.57e79 2.99e79
255 5.84e79 5.48e79 5.11e79 5.96e79
256 1.16e80 1.09e80 1.02e80 1.19e80
257 2.32e80 2.17e80 2.03e80 2.37e80
258 4.86e80 4.56e80 4.25e80 4.96e80
259 9.67e80 9.07e80 8.46e80 9.87e80
260 1.93e81 1.81e81 1.68e81 1.97e81
261 3.83e81 3.60e81 3.36e81 3.92e81
262 7.64e81 7.17e81 6.68e81 7.80e81
263 1.52e82 1.43e82 1.33e82 1.55e82
264 3.18e82 2.98e82 2.78e82 3.25e82
265 6.33e82 5.94e82 5.54e82 6.46e82
266 1.26e83 1.18e83 1.10e83 1.29e83
267 2.51e83 2.36e83 2.20e83 2.56e83
268 5.00e83 4.69e83 4.37e83 5.11e83
269 9.96e83 9.34e83 8.71e83 1.02e84
270 2.08e84 1.95e84 1.82e84 2.12e84
271 4.13e84 3.88e84 3.62e84 4.22e84
272 8.23e84 7.73e84 7.20e84 8.41e84
273 1.64e85 1.54e85 1.43e85 1.67e85
274 3.26e85 3.06e85 2.86e85 3.33e85
275 6.50e85 6.10e85 5.69e85 6.64e85
276 1.36e86 1.28e86 1.19e86 1.39e86
277 2.71e86 2.55e86 2.37e86 2.77e86
278 5.40e86 5.07e86 4.73e86 5.52e86
279 1.08e87 1.01e87 9.41e86 1.10e87
280 2.14e87 2.01e87 1.87e87 2.19e87
281 4.27e87 4.00e87 3.73e87 4.36e87
282 8.92e87 8.37e87 7.81e87 9.11e87
283 1.78e88 1.67e88 1.55e88 1.81e88
284 3.54e88 3.32e88 3.09e88 3.61e88
285 7.04e88 6.61e88 6.16e88 7.19e88
286 1.40e89 1.32e89 1.23e89 1.43e89
287 2.79e89 2.62e89 2.44e89 2.85e89
288 5.82e89 5.47e89 5.10e89 5.95e89
289 1.16e90 1.09e90 1.01e90 1.18e90
290 2.31e90 2.17e90 2.02e90 2.36e90
291 4.60e90 4.31e90 4.02e90 4.69e90
292 9.15e90 8.59e90 8.01e90 9.35e90
293 1.82e91 1.71e91 1.59e91 1.86e91
294 3.82e91 3.58e91 3.34e91 3.90e91
295 7.60e91 7.13e91 6.65e91 7.76e91
296 1.51e92 1.42e92 1.32e92 1.55e92
297 3.01e92 2.83e92 2.64e92 3.08e92
298 6.00e92 5.63e92 5.25e92 6.13e92
299 1.19e93 1.12e93 1.05e93 1.22e93
300 2.50e93 2.34e93 2.18e93 2.55e93
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 301 to Zone 375
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
301 4.97e093 4.66e093 4.35e093 5.07e093
302 9.89e093 9.28e093 8.66e093 1.01e094
303 1.97e094 1.85e094 1.72e094 2.01e094
304 3.92e094 3.68e094 3.43e094 4.00e094
305 7.81e094 7.33e094 6.83e094 7.97e094
306 1.63e095 1.53e095 1.43e095 1.67e095
307 3.25e095 3.05e095 2.84e095 3.32e095
308 6.47e095 6.07e095 5.66e095 6.61e095
309 1.29e096 1.21e096 1.13e096 1.32e096
310 2.56e096 2.41e096 2.24e096 2.62e096
311 5.10e096 4.79e096 4.47e096 5.21e096
312 1.06e097 9.99e096 9.32e096 1.09e097
313 2.12e097 1.99e097 1.85e097 2.16e097
314 4.22e097 3.96e097 3.69e097 4.31e097
315 8.40e097 7.88e097 7.35e097 8.58e097
316 1.67e098 1.57e098 1.46e098 1.71e098
317 3.33e098 3.12e098 2.91e098 3.40e098
318 6.97e098 6.54e098 6.09e098 7.11e098
319 1.39e099 1.30e099 1.21e099 1.42e099
320 2.76e099 2.59e099 2.42e099 2.82e099
321 5.50e099 5.16e099 4.81e099 5.61e099
322 1.09e100 1.03e100 9.57e099 1.12e100
323 2.18e100 2.04e100 1.91e100 2.22e100
324 4.56e100 4.28e100 3.99e100 4.65e100
325 9.07e100 8.51e100 7.94e100 9.26e100
326 1.81e101 1.69e101 1.58e101 1.84e101
327 3.59e101 3.37e101 3.15e101 3.67e101
328 7.16e101 6.71e101 6.26e101 7.31e101
329 1.42e102 1.34e102 1.25e102 1.45e102
330 2.97e102 2.79e102 2.60e102 3.04e102
331 5.92e102 5.55e102 5.18e102 6.04e102
332 1.18e103 1.11e103 1.03e103 1.20e103
333 2.35e103 2.20e103 2.05e103 2.39e103
334 4.67e103 4.38e103 4.08e103 4.77e103
335 9.29e103 8.72e103 8.13e103 9.49e103
336 1.94e104 1.82e104 1.70e104 1.99e104
337 3.87e104 3.63e104 3.39e104 3.95e104
338 7.70e104 7.23e104 6.74e104 7.87e104
339 1.53e105 1.44e105 1.34e105 1.57e105
340 3.05e105 2.86e105 2.67e105 3.12e105
341 6.08e105 5.70e105 5.32e105 6.20e105
342 1.27e106 1.19e106 1.11e106 1.29e106
343 2.52e106 2.37e106 2.21e106 2.58e106
344 5.02e106 4.71e106 4.40e106 5.13e106
345 1.00e107 9.38e106 8.75e106 1.02e107
346 1.99e107 1.87e107 1.74e107 2.03e107
347 3.96e107 3.72e107 3.47e107 4.05e107
348 8.28e107 7.77e107 7.25e107 8.46e107
349 1.65e108 1.55e108 1.44e108 1.68e108
350 3.28e108 3.08e108 2.87e108 3.35e108
351 6.53e108 6.13e108 5.72e108 6.67e108
352 1.30e109 1.22e109 1.14e109 1.33e109
353 2.59e109 2.43e109 2.26e109 2.64e109
354 5.41e109 5.08e109 4.73e109 5.52e109
355 1.08e110 1.01e110 9.42e109 1.10e110
356 2.14e110 2.01e110 1.88e110 2.19e110
357 4.27e110 4.00e110 3.73e110 4.36e110
358 8.49e110 7.97e110 7.43e110 8.67e110
359 1.69e111 1.59e111 1.48e111 1.73e111
360 3.54e111 3.32e111 3.09e111 3.61e111
361 7.04e111 6.61e111 6.16e111 7.19e111
362 1.40e112 1.31e112 1.23e112 1.43e112
363 2.79e112 2.62e112 2.44e112 2.85e112
364 5.55e112 5.21e112 4.86e112 5.67e112
365 1.10e113 1.04e113 9.67e112 1.13e113
366 2.31e113 2.16e113 2.02e113 2.36e113
367 4.59e113 4.31e113 4.02e113 4.69e113
368 9.14e113 8.57e113 7.99e113 9.33e113
369 1.82e114 1.71e114 1.59e114 1.86e114
370 3.62e114 3.40e114 3.17e114 3.70e114
371 7.20e114 6.76e114 6.30e114 7.36e114
372 1.51e115 1.41e115 1.32e115 1.54e115
373 3.00e115 2.81e115 2.62e115 3.06e115
374 5.96e115 5.60e115 5.22e115 6.09e115
375 1.19e116 1.11e116 1.04e116 1.21e116
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 376 to Zone 450
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
376 2.36e116 2.22e116 2.07e116 2.41e116
377 4.70e116 4.41e116 4.11e116 4.80e116
378 9.83e116 9.23e116 8.61e116 1.00e117
379 1.96e117 1.84e117 1.71e117 2.00e117
380 3.90e117 3.66e117 3.41e117 3.98e117
381 7.75e117 7.28e117 6.78e117 7.92e117
382 1.54e118 1.45e118 1.35e118 1.58e118
383 3.07e118 2.88e118 2.69e118 3.14e118
384 6.41e118 6.01e118 5.61e118 6.54e118
385 1.28e119 1.20e119 1.12e119 1.30e119
386 2.54e119 2.38e119 2.22e119 2.59e119
387 5.05e119 4.74e119 4.42e119 5.16e119
388 1.01e120 9.44e119 8.80e119 1.03e120
389 2.00e120 1.88e120 1.75e120 2.04e120
390 4.18e120 3.93e120 3.66e120 4.27e120
391 8.33e120 7.81e120 7.29e120 8.50e120
392 1.66e121 1.56e121 1.45e121 1.69e121
393 3.30e121 3.10e121 2.89e121 3.37e121
394 6.56e121 6.16e121 5.74e121 6.70e121
395 1.31e122 1.23e122 1.14e122 1.33e122
396 2.73e122 2.56e122 2.39e122 2.79e122
397 5.43e122 5.10e122 4.75e122 5.55e122
398 1.08e123 1.01e123 9.46e122 1.10e123
399 2.15e123 2.02e123 1.88e123 2.20e123
400 4.28e123 4.02e123 3.75e123 4.37e123
401 8.52e123 8.00e123 7.45e123 8.70e123
402 1.78e124 1.67e124 1.56e124 1.82e124
403 3.54e124 3.32e124 3.10e124 3.62e124
404 7.05e124 6.62e124 6.17e124 7.20e124
405 1.40e125 1.32e125 1.23e125 1.43e125
406 2.79e125 2.62e125 2.44e125 2.85e125
407 5.56e125 5.22e125 4.86e125 5.67e125
408 1.16e126 1.09e126 1.02e126 1.19e126
409 2.31e126 2.17e126 2.02e126 2.36e126
410 4.60e126 4.32e126 4.02e126 4.70e126
411 9.15e126 8.59e126 8.01e126 9.35e126
412 1.82e127 1.71e127 1.59e127 1.86e127
413 3.63e127 3.40e127 3.17e127 3.70e127
414 7.58e127 7.11e127 6.63e127 7.74e127
415 1.51e128 1.42e128 1.32e128 1.54e128
416 3.00e128 2.82e128 2.63e128 3.06e128
417 5.97e128 5.60e128 5.22e128 6.10e128
418 1.19e129 1.12e129 1.04e129 1.21e129
419 2.36e129 2.22e129 2.07e129 2.41e129
420 4.94e129 4.64e129 4.32e129 5.05e129
421 9.83e129 9.23e129 8.61e129 1.00e130
422 1.96e130 1.84e130 1.71e130 2.00e130
423 3.89e130 3.65e130 3.41e130 3.98e130
424 7.75e130 7.27e130 6.78e130 7.91e130
425 1.54e131 1.45e131 1.35e131 1.57e131
426 3.22e131 3.02e131 2.82e131 3.29e131
427 6.41e131 6.01e131 5.61e131 6.54e131
428 1.27e132 1.20e132 1.12e132 1.30e132
429 2.54e132 2.38e132 2.22e132 2.59e132
430 5.05e132 4.74e132 4.42e132 5.15e132
431 1.00e133 9.43e132 8.79e132 1.03e133
432 2.10e133 1.97e133 1.84e133 2.15e133
433 4.18e133 3.92e133 3.66e133 4.27e133
434 8.32e133 7.81e133 7.28e133 8.49e133
435 1.66e134 1.55e134 1.45e134 1.69e134
436 3.29e134 3.09e134 2.88e134 3.36e134
437 6.55e134 6.15e134 5.74e134 6.69e134
438 1.37e135 1.28e135 1.20e135 1.40e135
439 2.72e135 2.56e135 2.38e135 2.78e135
440 5.42e135 5.09e135 4.74e135 5.53e135
441 1.08e136 1.01e136 9.44e135 1.10e136
442 2.15e136 2.01e136 1.88e136 2.19e136
443 4.27e136 4.01e136 3.74e136 4.36e136
444 8.92e136 8.37e136 7.81e136 9.11e136
445 1.78e137 1.67e137 1.55e137 1.81e137
446 3.53e137 3.32e137 3.09e137 3.61e137
447 7.03e137 6.60e137 6.15e137 7.18e137
448 1.40e138 1.31e138 1.22e138 1.43e138
449 2.78e138 2.61e138 2.44e138 2.84e138
450 5.82e138 5.46e138 5.09e138 5.94e138
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 451 to Zone 525
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
451 1.16e139 1.09e139 1.01e139 1.18e139
452 2.30e139 2.16e139 2.02e139 2.35e139
453 4.58e139 4.30e139 4.01e139 4.68e139
454 9.12e139 8.56e139 7.98e139 9.31e139
455 1.81e140 1.70e140 1.59e140 1.85e140
456 3.79e140 3.56e140 3.32e140 3.87e140
457 7.54e140 7.08e140 6.60e140 7.70e140
458 1.50e141 1.41e141 1.31e141 1.53e141
459 2.99e141 2.80e141 2.61e141 3.05e141
460 5.94e141 5.58e141 5.20e141 6.07e141
461 1.18e142 1.11e142 1.03e142 1.21e142
462 2.47e142 2.32e142 2.16e142 2.52e142
463 4.91e142 4.61e142 4.30e142 5.02e142
464 9.78e142 9.18e142 8.56e142 9.98e142
465 1.95e143 1.83e143 1.70e143 1.99e143
466 3.87e143 3.63e143 3.39e143 3.95e143
467 7.70e143 7.23e143 6.74e143 7.87e143
468 1.61e144 1.51e144 1.41e144 1.64e144
469 3.20e144 3.00e144 2.80e144 3.27e144
470 6.37e144 5.98e144 5.57e144 6.51e144
471 1.27e145 1.19e145 1.11e145 1.29e145
472 2.52e145 2.37e145 2.21e145 2.58e145
473 5.02e145 4.71e145 4.39e145 5.12e145
474 1.05e146 9.84e145 9.18e145 1.07e146
475 2.09e146 1.96e146 1.83e146 2.13e146
476 4.15e146 3.90e146 3.63e146 4.24e146
477 8.26e146 7.75e146 7.23e146 8.44e146
478 1.64e147 1.54e147 1.44e147 1.68e147
479 3.27e147 3.07e147 2.86e147 3.34e147
480 6.84e147 6.41e147 5.98e147 6.98e147
481 1.36e148 1.28e148 1.19e148 1.39e148
482 2.71e148 2.54e148 2.37e148 2.76e148
483 5.38e148 5.05e148 4.71e148 5.50e148
484 1.07e149 1.01e149 9.37e148 1.09e149
485 2.13e149 2.00e149 1.87e149 2.18e149
486 4.45e149 4.18e149 3.90e149 4.55e149
487 8.86e149 8.31e149 7.75e149 9.05e149
488 1.76e150 1.65e150 1.54e150 1.80e150
489 3.51e150 3.29e150 3.07e150 3.58e150
490 6.98e150 6.55e150 6.11e150 7.13e150
491 1.39e151 1.30e151 1.21e151 1.42e151
492 2.90e151 2.72e151 2.54e151 2.96e151
493 5.77e151 5.42e151 5.05e151 5.89e151
494 1.15e152 1.08e152 1.00e152 1.17e152
495 2.28e152 2.14e152 2.00e152 2.33e152
496 4.55e152 4.27e152 3.98e152 4.64e152
497 9.04e152 8.49e152 7.91e152 9.24e152
498 1.89e153 1.77e153 1.65e153 1.93e153
499 3.76e153 3.53e153 3.29e153 3.84e153
500 7.48e153 7.02e153 6.54e153 7.63e153
501 1.49e154 1.40e154 1.30e154 1.52e154
502 2.96e154 2.78e154 2.59e154 3.02e154
503 5.89e154 5.53e154 5.15e154 6.01e154
504 1.23e155 1.15e155 1.08e155 1.26e155
505 2.45e155 2.30e155 2.14e155 2.50e155
506 4.87e155 4.57e155 4.26e155 4.97e155
507 9.69e155 9.09e155 8.48e155 9.89e155
508 1.93e156 1.81e156 1.69e156 1.97e156
509 3.84e156 3.60e156 3.36e156 3.92e156
510 8.01e156 7.52e156 7.01e156 8.18e156
511 1.59e157 1.50e157 1.39e157 1.63e157
512 3.17e157 2.98e157 2.78e157 3.24e157
513 6.31e157 5.92e157 5.52e157 6.44e157
514 1.26e158 1.18e158 1.10e158 1.28e158
515 2.50e158 2.34e158 2.19e158 2.55e158
516 5.22e158 4.90e158 4.56e158 5.33e158
517 1.04e159 9.74e158 9.08e158 1.06e159
518 2.07e159 1.94e159 1.81e159 2.11e159
519 4.11e159 3.86e159 3.60e159 4.20e159
520 8.17e159 7.67e159 7.15e159 8.35e159
521 1.63e160 1.53e160 1.42e160 1.66e160
522 3.40e160 3.19e160 2.97e160 3.47e160
523 6.76e160 6.34e160 5.91e160 6.90e160
524 1.34e161 1.26e161 1.18e161 1.37e161
525 2.68e161 2.51e161 2.34e161 2.73e161
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 526 to Zone 600
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
526 5.32e161 5.00e161 4.66e161 5.44e161
527 1.06e162 9.94e161 9.27e161 1.08e162
528 2.21e162 2.08e162 1.94e162 2.26e162
529 4.40e162 4.13e162 3.85e162 4.49e162
530 8.76e162 8.22e162 7.66e162 8.94e162
531 1.74e163 1.63e163 1.52e163 1.78e163
532 3.47e163 3.25e163 3.03e163 3.54e163
533 6.89e163 6.47e163 6.03e163 7.04e163
534 1.44e164 1.35e164 1.26e164 1.47e164
535 2.87e164 2.69e164 2.51e164 2.93e164
536 5.70e164 5.35e164 4.99e164 5.82e164
537 1.13e165 1.06e165 9.92e164 1.16e165
538 2.26e165 2.12e165 1.97e165 2.30e165
539 4.49e165 4.21e165 3.93e165 4.58e165
540 9.38e165 8.80e165 8.21e165 9.58e165
541 1.87e166 1.75e166 1.63e166 1.91e166
542 3.71e166 3.48e166 3.25e166 3.79e166
543 7.39e166 6.93e166 6.46e166 7.54e166
544 1.47e167 1.38e167 1.29e167 1.50e167
545 2.92e167 2.74e167 2.56e167 2.98e167
546 6.11e167 5.73e167 5.34e167 6.23e167
547 1.21e168 1.14e168 1.06e168 1.24e168
548 2.42e168 2.27e168 2.11e168 2.47e168
549 4.81e168 4.51e168 4.21e168 4.91e168
550 9.56e168 8.98e168 8.37e168 9.77e168
551 1.90e169 1.79e169 1.66e169 1.94e169
552 3.97e169 3.73e169 3.48e169 4.06e169
553 7.91e169 7.42e169 6.92e169 8.07e169
554 1.57e170 1.48e170 1.38e170 1.61e170
555 3.13e170 2.94e170 2.74e170 3.20e170
556 6.23e170 5.84e170 5.45e170 6.36e170
557 1.24e171 1.16e171 1.08e171 1.26e171
558 2.59e171 2.43e171 2.26e171 2.64e171
559 5.15e171 4.83e171 4.50e171 5.26e171
560 1.02e172 9.61e171 8.96e171 1.05e172
561 2.04e172 1.91e172 1.78e172 2.08e172
562 4.05e172 3.80e172 3.55e172 4.14e172
563 8.06e172 7.57e172 7.06e172 8.23e172
564 1.68e173 1.58e173 1.47e173 1.72e173
565 3.35e173 3.14e173 2.93e173 3.42e173
566 6.67e173 6.26e173 5.83e173 6.81e173
567 1.33e174 1.24e174 1.16e174 1.35e174
568 2.64e174 2.48e174 2.31e174 2.69e174
569 5.25e174 4.93e174 4.59e174 5.36e174
570 1.10e175 1.03e175 9.59e174 1.12e175
571 2.18e175 2.05e175 1.91e175 2.23e175
572 4.34e175 4.07e175 3.80e175 4.43e175
573 8.63e175 8.10e175 7.55e175 8.81e175
574 1.72e176 1.61e176 1.50e176 1.75e176
575 3.42e176 3.21e176 2.99e176 3.49e176
576 7.13e176 6.70e176 6.24e176 7.29e176
577 1.42e177 1.33e177 1.24e177 1.45e177
578 2.82e177 2.65e177 2.47e177 2.88e177
579 5.62e177 5.27e177 4.91e177 5.74e177
580 1.12e178 1.05e178 9.78e177 1.14e178
581 2.22e178 2.09e178 1.95e178 2.27e178
582 4.64e178 4.36e178 4.06e178 4.74e178
583 9.24e178 8.67e178 8.08e178 9.43e178
584 1.84e179 1.72e179 1.61e179 1.88e179
585 3.66e179 3.43e179 3.20e179 3.73e179
586 7.27e179 6.82e179 6.36e179 7.43e179
587 1.45e180 1.36e180 1.27e180 1.48e180
588 3.02e180 2.84e180 2.64e180 3.09e180
589 6.01e180 5.64e180 5.26e180 6.14e180
590 1.20e181 1.12e181 1.05e181 1.22e181
591 2.38e181 2.23e181 2.08e181 2.43e181
592 4.73e181 4.44e181 4.14e181 4.83e181
593 9.41e181 8.83e181 8.24e181 9.61e181
594 1.97e182 1.84e182 1.72e182 2.01e182
595 3.91e182 3.67e182 3.42e182 3.99e182
596 7.78e182 7.30e182 6.81e182 7.94e182
597 1.55e183 1.45e183 1.35e183 1.58e183
598 3.08e183 2.89e183 2.69e183 3.14e183
599 6.12e183 5.75e183 5.36e183 6.25e183
600 1.28e184 1.20e184 1.12e184 1.31e184
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 601 to Zone 675
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
601 2.54e184 2.39e184 2.23e184 2.60e184
602 5.06e184 4.75e184 4.43e184 5.17e184
603 1.01e185 9.45e184 8.81e184 1.03e185
604 2.00e185 1.88e185 1.75e185 2.05e185
605 3.98e185 3.74e185 3.49e185 4.07e185
606 8.32e185 7.81e185 7.28e185 8.50e185
607 1.66e186 1.55e186 1.45e186 1.69e186
608 3.29e186 3.09e186 2.88e186 3.36e186
609 6.55e186 6.15e186 5.73e186 6.69e186
610 1.30e187 1.22e187 1.14e187 1.33e187
611 2.59e187 2.43e187 2.27e187 2.65e187
612 5.42e187 5.08e187 4.74e187 5.53e187
613 1.08e188 1.01e188 9.43e187 1.10e188
614 2.14e188 2.01e188 1.88e188 2.19e188
615 4.26e188 4.00e188 3.73e188 4.35e188
616 8.48e188 7.96e188 7.42e188 8.66e188
617 1.69e189 1.58e189 1.48e189 1.72e189
618 3.52e189 3.31e189 3.08e189 3.60e189
619 7.01e189 6.58e189 6.13e189 7.16e189
620 1.39e190 1.31e190 1.22e190 1.42e190
621 2.77e190 2.60e190 2.43e190 2.83e190
622 5.52e190 5.18e190 4.83e190 5.63e190
623 1.10e191 1.03e191 9.60e190 1.12e191
624 2.29e191 2.15e191 2.01e191 2.34e191
625 4.56e191 4.28e191 3.99e191 4.66e191
626 9.07e191 8.51e191 7.94e191 9.26e191
627 1.80e192 1.69e192 1.58e192 1.84e192
628 3.59e192 3.37e192 3.14e192 3.67e192
629 7.14e192 6.70e192 6.25e192 7.29e192
630 1.49e193 1.40e193 1.30e193 1.52e193
631 2.97e193 2.78e193 2.60e193 3.03e193
632 5.90e193 5.54e193 5.16e193 6.03e193
633 1.17e194 1.10e194 1.03e194 1.20e194
634 2.33e194 2.19e194 2.04e194 2.38e194
635 4.64e194 4.36e194 4.06e194 4.74e194
636 9.70e194 9.10e194 8.49e194 9.91e194
637 1.93e195 1.81e195 1.69e195 1.97e195
638 3.84e195 3.60e195 3.36e195 3.92e195
639 7.64e195 7.17e195 6.68e195 7.80e195
640 1.52e196 1.43e196 1.33e196 1.55e196
641 3.02e196 2.84e196 2.64e196 3.09e196
642 6.31e196 5.92e196 5.52e196 6.44e196
643 1.26e197 1.18e197 1.10e197 1.28e197
644 2.50e197 2.34e197 2.18e197 2.55e197
645 4.97e197 4.66e197 4.35e197 5.07e197
646 9.88e197 9.27e197 8.64e197 1.01e198
647 1.97e198 1.84e198 1.72e198 2.01e198
648 4.10e198 3.85e198 3.59e198 4.19e198
649 8.16e198 7.66e198 7.14e198 8.34e198
650 1.62e199 1.52e199 1.42e199 1.66e199
651 3.23e199 3.03e199 2.83e199 3.30e199
652 6.43e199 6.03e199 5.62e199 6.56e199
653 1.28e200 1.20e200 1.12e200 1.31e200
654 2.67e200 2.51e200 2.34e200 2.73e200
655 5.31e200 4.98e200 4.65e200 5.42e200
656 1.06e201 9.91e200 9.24e200 1.08e201
657 2.10e201 1.97e201 1.84e201 2.15e201
658 4.18e201 3.92e201 3.66e201 4.27e201
659 8.31e201 7.80e201 7.27e201 8.49e201
660 1.74e202 1.63e202 1.52e202 1.77e202
661 3.45e202 3.24e202 3.02e202 3.53e202
662 6.87e202 6.45e202 6.01e202 7.01e202
663 1.37e203 1.28e203 1.20e203 1.40e203
664 2.72e203 2.55e203 2.38e203 2.78e203
665 5.41e203 5.07e203 4.73e203 5.52e203
666 1.13e204 1.06e204 9.88e203 1.15e204
667 2.25e204 2.11e204 1.97e204 2.29e204
668 4.47e204 4.19e204 3.91e204 4.56e204
669 8.89e204 8.34e204 7.78e204 9.08e204
670 1.77e205 1.66e205 1.55e205 1.81e205
671 3.52e205 3.30e205 3.08e205 3.59e205
672 7.34e205 6.89e205 6.43e205 7.50e205
673 1.46e206 1.37e206 1.28e206 1.49e206
674 2.91e206 2.73e206 2.54e206 2.97e206
675 5.78e206 5.42e206 5.06e206 5.90e206
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 676 to Zone 750
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
676 1.15e207 1.08e207 1.01e207 1.17e207
677 2.29e207 2.15e207 2.00e207 2.34e207
678 4.78e207 4.48e207 4.18e207 4.88e207
679 9.50e207 8.91e207 8.31e207 9.70e207
680 1.89e208 1.77e208 1.65e208 1.93e208
681 3.76e208 3.53e208 3.29e208 3.84e208
682 7.48e208 7.02e208 6.54e208 7.63e208
683 1.49e209 1.40e209 1.30e209 1.52e209
684 3.11e209 2.91e209 2.72e209 3.17e209
685 6.18e209 5.80e209 5.41e209 6.31e209
686 1.23e210 1.15e210 1.08e210 1.25e210
687 2.44e210 2.29e210 2.14e210 2.50e210
688 4.86e210 4.56e210 4.25e210 4.96e210
689 9.67e210 9.08e210 8.46e210 9.87e210
690 2.02e211 1.90e211 1.77e211 2.06e211
691 4.02e211 3.77e211 3.51e211 4.10e211
692 7.99e211 7.50e211 6.99e211 8.16e211
693 1.59e212 1.49e212 1.39e212 1.62e212
694 3.16e212 2.97e212 2.77e212 3.23e212
695 6.29e212 5.90e212 5.50e212 6.42e212
696 1.31e213 1.23e213 1.15e213 1.34e213
697 2.61e213 2.45e213 2.29e213 2.67e213
698 5.20e213 4.88e213 4.55e213 5.31e213
699 1.03e214 9.70e213 9.04e213 1.06e214
700 2.06e214 1.93e214 1.80e214 2.10e214
701 4.09e214 3.84e214 3.58e214 4.18e214
702 8.54e214 8.01e214 7.47e214 8.72e214
703 1.70e215 1.59e215 1.49e215 1.73e215
704 3.38e215 3.17e215 2.96e215 3.45e215
705 6.72e215 6.31e215 5.88e215 6.86e215
706 1.34e216 1.25e216 1.17e216 1.36e216
707 2.66e216 2.49e216 2.33e216 2.71e216
708 5.55e216 5.21e216 4.86e216 5.67e216
709 1.10e217 1.04e217 9.66e216 1.13e217
710 2.20e217 2.06e217 1.92e217 2.24e217
711 4.37e217 4.10e217 3.82e217 4.46e217
712 8.69e217 8.16e217 7.60e217 8.87e217
713 1.73e218 1.62e218 1.51e218 1.76e218
714 3.61e218 3.39e218 3.16e218 3.69e218
715 7.18e218 6.74e218 6.28e218 7.33e218
716 1.43e219 1.34e219 1.25e219 1.46e219
717 2.84e219 2.67e219 2.49e219 2.90e219
718 5.65e219 5.30e219 4.94e219 5.77e219
719 1.12e220 1.05e220 9.83e219 1.15e220
720 2.35e220 2.20e220 2.05e220 2.40e220
721 4.67e220 4.38e220 4.08e220 4.77e220
722 9.28e220 8.71e220 8.12e220 9.48e220
723 1.85e221 1.73e221 1.62e221 1.89e221
724 3.67e221 3.45e221 3.21e221 3.75e221
725 7.31e221 6.86e221 6.39e221 7.46e221
726 1.53e222 1.43e222 1.34e222 1.56e222
727 3.03e222 2.85e222 2.66e222 3.10e222
728 6.04e222 5.66e222 5.28e222 6.16e222
729 1.20e223 1.13e223 1.05e223 1.23e223
730 2.39e223 2.24e223 2.09e223 2.44e223
731 4.75e223 4.46e223 4.16e223 4.85e223
732 9.92e223 9.31e223 8.68e223 1.01e224
733 1.97e224 1.85e224 1.73e224 2.01e224
734 3.92e224 3.68e224 3.43e224 4.01e224
735 7.80e224 7.32e224 6.83e224 7.97e224
736 1.55e225 1.46e225 1.36e225 1.59e225
737 3.09e225 2.90e225 2.70e225 3.15e225
738 6.45e225 6.05e225 5.64e225 6.58e225
739 1.28e226 1.20e226 1.12e226 1.31e226
740 2.55e226 2.39e226 2.23e226 2.60e226
741 5.07e226 4.76e226 4.44e226 5.18e226
742 1.01e227 9.47e226 8.83e226 1.03e227
743 2.01e227 1.88e227 1.76e227 2.05e227
744 4.19e227 3.93e227 3.67e227 4.28e227
745 8.34e227 7.82e227 7.29e227 8.51e227
746 1.66e228 1.56e228 1.45e228 1.69e228
747 3.30e228 3.10e228 2.89e228 3.37e228
748 6.56e228 6.16e228 5.74e228 6.70e228
749 1.30e229 1.22e229 1.14e229 1.33e229
750 2.72e229 2.56e229 2.38e229 2.78e229
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 751 to Zone 825
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
751 5.42e229 5.09e229 4.74e229 5.53e229
752 1.08e230 1.01e230 9.43e229 1.10e230
753 2.14e230 2.01e230 1.88e230 2.19e230
754 4.26e230 4.00e230 3.73e230 4.35e230
755 8.48e230 7.96e230 7.42e230 8.66e230
756 1.77e231 1.66e231 1.55e231 1.81e231
757 3.52e231 3.31e231 3.08e231 3.60e231
758 7.01e231 6.58e231 6.13e231 7.15e231
759 1.39e232 1.31e232 1.22e232 1.42e232
760 2.77e232 2.60e232 2.43e232 2.83e232
761 5.51e232 5.17e232 4.82e232 5.63e232
762 1.15e233 1.08e233 1.01e233 1.18e233
763 2.29e233 2.15e233 2.00e233 2.34e233
764 4.55e233 4.27e233 3.98e233 4.65e233
765 9.06e233 8.50e233 7.93e233 9.25e233
766 1.80e234 1.69e234 1.58e234 1.84e234
767 3.58e234 3.36e234 3.14e234 3.66e234
768 7.48e234 7.02e234 6.55e234 7.64e234
769 1.49e235 1.40e235 1.30e235 1.52e235
770 2.96e235 2.78e235 2.59e235 3.02e235
771 5.89e235 5.52e235 5.15e235 6.01e235
772 1.17e236 1.10e236 1.02e236 1.20e236
773 2.33e236 2.19e236 2.04e236 2.38e236
774 4.86e236 4.56e236 4.26e236 4.97e236
775 9.67e236 9.08e236 8.46e236 9.88e236
776 1.92e237 1.81e237 1.68e237 1.96e237
777 3.83e237 3.59e237 3.35e237 3.91e237
778 7.61e237 7.14e237 6.66e237 7.77e237
779 1.51e238 1.42e238 1.32e238 1.55e238
780 3.16e238 2.97e238 2.77e238 3.23e238
781 6.29e238 5.90e238 5.50e238 6.42e238
782 1.25e239 1.17e239 1.09e239 1.28e239
783 2.49e239 2.33e239 2.18e239 2.54e239
784 4.95e239 4.64e239 4.33e239 5.05e239
785 9.84e239 9.23e239 8.61e239 1.00e240
786 2.05e240 1.93e240 1.80e240 2.10e240
787 4.09e240 3.83e240 3.57e240 4.17e240
788 8.13e240 7.63e240 7.11e240 8.30e240
789 1.62e241 1.52e241 1.41e241 1.65e241
790 3.21e241 3.02e241 2.81e241 3.28e241
791 6.39e241 6.00e241 5.59e241 6.53e241
792 1.34e242 1.25e242 1.17e242 1.36e242
793 2.66e242 2.49e242 2.32e242 2.71e242
794 5.28e242 4.96e242 4.62e242 5.39e242
795 1.05e243 9.86e242 9.19e242 1.07e243
796 2.09e243 1.96e243 1.83e243 2.13e243
797 4.15e243 3.90e243 3.64e243 4.24e243
798 8.68e243 8.14e243 7.59e243 8.86e243
799 1.73e244 1.62e244 1.51e244 1.76e244
800 3.43e244 3.22e244 3.00e244 3.50e244
801 6.83e244 6.41e244 5.97e244 6.97e244
802 1.36e245 1.27e245 1.19e245 1.39e245
803 2.70e245 2.53e245 2.36e245 2.76e245
804 5.64e245 5.29e245 4.93e245 5.76e245
805 1.12e246 1.05e246 9.81e245 1.15e246
806 2.23e246 2.09e246 1.95e246 2.28e246
807 4.44e246 4.16e246 3.88e246 4.53e246
808 8.82e246 8.28e246 7.72e246 9.01e246
809 1.75e247 1.65e247 1.54e247 1.79e247
810 3.66e247 3.44e247 3.21e247 3.74e247
811 7.29e247 6.84e247 6.38e247 7.44e247
812 1.45e248 1.36e248 1.27e248 1.48e248
813 2.88e248 2.71e248 2.52e248 2.94e248
814 5.73e248 5.38e248 5.02e248 5.85e248
815 1.14e249 1.07e249 9.98e248 1.16e249
816 2.38e249 2.23e249 2.08e249 2.43e249
817 4.74e249 4.44e249 4.14e249 4.84e249
818 9.42e249 8.84e249 8.24e249 9.62e249
819 1.87e250 1.76e250 1.64e250 1.91e250
820 3.73e250 3.50e250 3.26e250 3.80e250
821 7.41e250 6.95e250 6.48e250 7.57e250
822 1.55e251 1.45e251 1.35e251 1.58e251
823 3.08e251 2.89e251 2.69e251 3.14e251
824 6.12e251 5.74e251 5.36e251 6.25e251
825 1.22e252 1.14e252 1.07e252 1.24e252
Cthulimp Health Values: Zone 826 to Zone 900
Level Nightmare Void Descent Pit
826 2.42e252 2.27e252 2.12e252 2.47e252
827 4.81e252 4.52e252 4.21e252 4.92e252
828 1.01e253 9.44e252 8.80e252 1.03e253
829 2.00e253 1.88e253 1.75e253 2.04e253
830 3.98e253 3.73e253 3.48e253 4.06e253
831 7.91e253 7.42e253 6.92e253 8.08e253
832 1.57e254 1.48e254 1.38e254 1.61e254
833 3.13e254 2.94e254 2.74e254 3.19e254
834 6.53e254 6.13e254 5.72e254 6.67e254
835 1.30e255 1.22e255 1.14e255 1.33e255
836 2.58e255 2.42e255 2.26e255 2.64e255
837 5.14e255 4.82e255 4.50e255 5.25e255
838 1.02e256 9.59e255 8.94e255 1.04e256
839 2.03e256 1.91e256 1.78e256 2.08e256
840 4.24e256 3.98e256 3.71e256 4.33e256
841 8.44e256 7.92e256 7.39e256 8.62e256
842 1.68e257 1.58e257 1.47e257 1.71e257
843 3.34e257 3.13e257 2.92e257 3.41e257
844 6.64e257 6.23e257 5.81e257 6.78e257
845 1.32e258 1.24e258 1.16e258 1.35e258
846 2.76e258 2.59e258 2.41e258 2.82e258
847 5.48e258 5.15e258 4.80e258 5.60e258
848 1.09e259 1.02e259 9.54e258 1.11e259
849 2.17e259 2.04e259 1.90e259 2.22e259
850 4.31e259 4.05e259 3.78e259 4.41e259
851 8.58e259 8.05e259 7.51e259 8.76e259
852 1.79e260 1.68e260 1.57e260 1.83e260
853 3.56e260 3.34e260 3.12e260 3.64e260
854 7.09e260 6.65e260 6.20e260 7.24e260
855 1.41e261 1.32e261 1.23e261 1.44e261
856 2.80e261 2.63e261 2.45e261 2.86e261
857 5.58e261 5.23e261 4.88e261 5.69e261
858 1.16e262 1.09e262 1.02e262 1.19e262
859 2.32e262 2.17e262 2.03e262 2.36e262
860 4.60e262 4.32e262 4.03e262 4.70e262
861 9.16e262 8.59e262 8.01e262 9.35e262
862 1.82e263 1.71e263 1.59e263 1.86e263
863 3.62e263 3.40e263 3.17e263 3.70e263
864 7.56e263 7.10e263 6.62e263 7.72e263
865 1.50e264 1.41e264 1.32e264 1.54e264
866 2.99e264 2.81e264 2.62e264 3.05e264
867 5.95e264 5.58e264 5.21e264 6.08e264
868 1.18e265 1.11e265 1.04e265 1.21e265
869 2.35e265 2.21e265 2.06e265 2.40e265
870 4.91e265 4.61e265 4.30e265 5.02e265
871 9.77e265 9.17e265 8.55e265 9.98e265
872 1.94e266 1.82e266 1.70e266 1.98e266
873 3.87e266 3.63e266 3.38e266 3.95e266
874 7.69e266 7.21e266 6.73e266 7.85e266
875 1.53e267 1.43e267 1.34e267 1.56e267
876 3.19e267 3.00e267 2.79e267 3.26e267
877 6.35e267 5.96e267 5.56e267 6.48e267
878 1.26e268 1.18e268 1.10e268 1.29e268
879 2.51e268 2.36e268 2.20e268 2.56e268
880 4.99e268 4.69e268 4.37e268 5.10e268
881 9.93e268 9.32e268 8.69e268 1.01e269
882 2.07e269 1.95e269 1.81e269 2.12e269
883 4.12e269 3.87e269 3.61e269 4.21e269
884 8.20e269 7.70e269 7.18e269 8.38e269
885 1.63e270 1.53e270 1.43e270 1.67e270
886 3.24e270 3.04e270 2.84e270 3.31e270
887 6.45e270 6.06e270 5.65e270 6.59e270
888 1.35e271 1.26e271 1.18e271 1.38e271
889 2.68e271 2.51e271 2.34e271 2.74e271
890 5.33e271 5.00e271 4.66e271 5.44e271
891 1.06e272 9.95e271 9.27e271 1.08e272
892 2.11e272 1.98e272 1.84e272 2.15e272
893 4.19e272 3.93e272 3.67e272 4.28e272
894 8.75e272 8.21e272 7.66e272 8.94e272
895 1.74e273 1.63e273 1.52e273 1.78e273
896 3.46e273 3.25e273 3.03e273 3.53e273
897 6.88e273 6.46e273 6.02e273 7.03e273
898 1.37e274 1.28e274 1.20e274 1.40e274
899 2.72e274 2.56e274 2.38e274 2.78e274
900 5.69e274 5.34e274 4.97e274 5.81e274


There is no penalty to saving Void maps for later use. As such, it is advised to finish them late enough in the run where the helium reward actually matters, but be careful - if you progress too far, they might become too difficult to ever finish, as their level is always equal to your current zone number.

Void maps have 400% difficulty on average. However, some imps in Void maps strike first, and the fiercest imp - the Voidsnimp has a 2.1 attack multiplier, meaning that the effective difficulty is actually 840%.

The rule of the Nom challenge, where enemy imps never attack first, also comes in effect on Void map imps, making three out of four of the Void map types have non-fast imps (Deadly Nightmare still has imps attacking before you, regardless of whether they're fast or not). However, as enemies in Nom heal, it is still fairly hard to beat, as the end boss - Cthulimp - has a 5x health multiplier (similarly to Improbabilities).

After encountering Nature, the player should aim to complete void maps in Poison zones.


  • In patch 5.3, the first three permanent upgrades obtained from void maps were moved to zones 50, 100, and 150; down from 75, 150, and 225 respectively.
  • In patch 4.0, Void maps also included the reward of all Corrupted cells that appeared in the zone. This is a boost to all Void maps done after the start of Corruption.
  • In patch 3.4, the number A above now caps at 200, which means that using the Portal anywhere at or after zone 200 will result in the same Void Map drop frequency next run. Essentially, the player is no longer penalized with lower Void Map drop rate for progressing past 200.
  • In patch 3.23, the dropping rate of Void maps was once again made more forgiving by making the max zone reached stat used for Void maps (not the actual max zone reached) lower by 5% every time the player uses the Portal lower than 25 zones under max zone reached, to ensure it eventually lowers to a reasonable number. This mechanic seems to have been removed though.
  • In patch 3.0, Void maps got easier before zone 60. They also stopped using maximum zone reached under every circumstance (now uses previous run's max zone if it is more than [max zone reached - 25]). Zone 59 Void maps also stopped giving 5x helium from the Improbability (now 1x from Blimp)