Reach zone 15 for the first time
Reward Perk: Range
Goal Complete Dimension of Rage
Minimum base damage from 80% to 0.5%
Maximum base damage from 120% to 199.5%
Deal least damage if first digit of Trimps' minimum attack is odd; otherwise deal most damage

"Your Trimps will never get far in this harsh Universe without learning how to control their luck. Tweak your Portal to bring you to a an alternate reality where your Trimps' minimum damage will be drastically lower, but their high end damage will be considerably higher. Each time your Trimps attack, 5 alternate timelines will open up. If the first digit of your Trimps' minimum attack is even, the timeline where your Trimps did the most damage will become reality. If the first digit is odd, the timeline where your Trimps did the least amount of damage will instead become reality. Clearing the Dimension of Rage (Zone 15) will complete this Challenge!"

Unlucky is a new challenge introduced together with the Radon Universe. Completing this challenge unlocks the Range Perk for U2.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Just like Discipline, the minimum base damage of Trimps is lowered from 80% to 0.5% while the maximum base damage is increased from 120% to 199.5%. This means the damage output is the same on average as a normal run.

The difference is that depending on Trimps' minimum attack, a new status called Lucky/Unlucky comes into effect. If the first digit is odd, the Unlucky status effect is applied, otherwise the Lucky effect is applied. This changes every time Trimps attack.

Unlucky causes Trimps to always deal minimum damage, whereas Lucky causes Trimps to deal maximum damage.

The Range perk has no effect in the duration of this challenge at all, making it less worth doing it again over a normal run if the player has points in this perk.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The modifiers of this challenge don't require a different strategy to a normal play through. Since the expected damage is the same as a normal run (without the Range perk), it should not take additional time to complete.

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