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This is a compressed list of all the unlocks available in Trimps.

World unlocks Edit

One-time unlocks Edit

Here's a list of all the unlocks obtainable in the World map, that don't repeat (one-time unlocks).

The following syntax of the column Cell: X-Y means that the unlock can appear anywhere between cell X and cell Y, including these cells.

Zone Cell Type Unlock Unlock message
1 5 Armor Shield "You found plans for a shield! It even tells you how to upgrade it, if you have enough wood. That was nice of that bad guy."
1 10 Upgrade Bloodlust "You found an ancient book titled Bloodlust. You should look at it or something."
1 20 Weapon Dagger "You found plans for a Dagger! Fancy!"
1 30 Job Miner "You found an ancient book about mining. With some research you should be able to teach the Trimps to mine!"
1 40 Job Scientist "You found a book about Einstrimp!"
1 50 Armor Boots "You found plans for Boots! Swell!"
2 5 Structure Gym "Hey look, plans for a new Gym!"
2 20 Weapon Mace "You found plans for a mace!"
2 50 Armor Helmet "You found plans for a helmet!"
3 4 Job Trainer "You found a book about proper physical training!"
3 20 Weapon Polearm "You found plans for a Polearm!"
3 50 Armor Pants "You found plans for Pants!"
4 20 Weapon Battleaxe "You found plans for a Battleaxe!"
4 30 Upgrade Blockmaster "You found a book discussing tactics for better blocking!"
4 50 Armor Shoulderguards "You found plans for Shoulderguards!"
5 20 Weapon Greatsword "You found plans for a Greatsword!"
5 50 Armor Breastplate "You found plans for a Breastplate!"
6 1 - 5 Map Tricky Paradise "You found your first map! Travel to your map chamber to check it out."
15 40 Job Explorer "You found a book detailing the intricacies of solo exploration!"
17 56 Upgrade Egg


"This egg looks crazy. Seriously, guys, come look at this crazy egg!"
20 100 Unique Map Dimension of Anger "You look down and see a green gem that seems to stare back. You pick it up and feel adrenaline surge through your body. Probably best to bring this back to the lab for some research."
25 0 Challenges Metal
33 15-50 Unique Map Trimple of Doom "There is something strange about this map. It doesn't seem to reflect any light at all, just pure darkness."
35 0 Challenges Size
40 0 Challenges Balance
40 0 Challenges Scientist I
45 0 Challenges Meditate
50 0 Challenges Scientist II
55 0 Challenges Decay
59 100 Anomaly Broken Planet "The ground instantly cracks and large plumes of green gas escape from the planet's core to the atmosphere. The planet feels different. Everything feels different. This Universe has grown unstable, the planet has broken. What have you done?"
59 100 Formation Heap "The air may be filled with pollution, but your Trimps seem to be getting smarter and a battle technique from what could only be a past life has crept into your memory. This would probably be a good opportunity to teach it to your Trimps. Once researched, you will be able to enter the 'Heap Formation'. This can be toggled to increase your Trimps' health by 4x, but reduce block and attack by half."
59 100 Permanent upgrade Auto Upgrade "Your Trimps seem to understand that they'll need to help out more, and you realize how to permanently use them to automate upgrades!"
59 100 Challenges Trimp
60 0 Map Modifier Fast Attacks
60 0 Map Modifier Large Cache
60 20 Housing Warpstation "Create a gigantic Warpstation, capable of housing tons of Trimps and instantly transporting them back to the home planet when needed. Supports 10000[a 1] Trimps."
65 0 Challenge²
70 0 Challenges Trapper
70 44 Formation Dominance "Another formation has crept back in to your memory. Where are these coming from? Who are you? Who cares, this one will allow your Trimps to deal 4x damage at the cost of half health and block."
70 50 Job Geneticist "Your Trimps report a strange bronze object on the floor, and you decide to come look at it. It looks freaky, so you ask one of your Trimps to pick it up first. He instantly starts itching his face and babbling off a bunch of science stuff, so you let another Trimp touch it and he does the same. This seems to make your Trimps smarter than Scientists, but may cause side effects."
80 44 Formation Barrier "Woah, you just remembered that all Trimps lifting their shields in the same direction at the same time can produce a nice protecting wall. Seems like common sense now that you thought of it. This formation increases block by 4x and cuts the amount of block that enemies can pierce by 50%, at the cost of half attack and health."
85 0 Map Modifier Small Savoury Cache
85 0 Map Modifier Small Wooden Cache
85 0 Map Modifier Small Metal Cache
90 0 Challenges Scientist III
100 0 Daily challenges
100 0 Challenges Frugal
110 0 Challenges Life
110 0 Challenges Scientist IV
115 0 Challenges Mapocalypse
120 0 Challenges Coordinate
125 0 Challenges Crushed
130 0 Challenges Scientist V
130 0 Challenges Slow
135 0 Map Modifier Prestigious
145 0 Challenges Nom
150 0 Challenges Mapology
160 0 Map Modifier Huge Cache
165 0 Challenges Toxicity
170 0 Challenges Devastation
180 0 Challenges Lead
180 0 Challenges Watch
181 0 Anomaly Corruption "You can now see a giant spire only about 20 zones ahead of you. Menacing plumes of some sort of goopy gas boil out of the spire and appear to be tainting the land even further. It looks to you like the zones are permanently damaged, poor planet. You know that if you want to reach the spire, you'll have to deal with the goo."
181 0 Formation Scryer -
185 0 Map Modifier Large Savoury Cache
185 0 Map Modifier Large Wooden Cache
185 0 Map Modifier Large Metal Cache
190 0 Challenges Corrupted
200 0 Anomaly Spire "The Spire looms menacingly above you, and you take in a deep breath of corruption. You take a look back at your Trimps to help gather some courage, and you push the door open. (...)"
230 0 Anomaly Magma "You stumble across a large locked chest, unlike anything you've ever seen. The lock looks rusty, you smack it with a rock, and it falls right off (...)"
230 0 Structure Dimensional Generator -
230 90 Job Magmamancer "You find a smouldering book that looks like it was pushed from the core of this planet. Inside are drawings of Trimps performing rituals with Gems and Magma. It's very hot to the touch, but you take it with you as you haven't had new reading material in a while."
425 0 Challenges Obliterated
  1. The number varies depending on the amount of Gigastation upgrades purchased.

Repeated unlocks Edit

Here's a list of all the unlocks obtainable in the World map which repeat for some number of zones.

  • Starts at zone - the zone at which the unlock first appears
  • Ends at zone - the zone at which the unlock last appears
  • Repeated every _ zones - if 1, the unlock appears in every zone between start and end; if 2, the unlock appears every second zone, if 3, every third etc.


  • The way Gigastation and Gymystic are presented in the table represent the gradual reduction in drop frequency.
  • If an unlock overlaps (for example, according to the table above, Efficiency and TrainTacular would be on the same cell in Zone 10), one of the unlocks will be pushed a cell further (for example, be in cell 10 and 11).
  • Zone 20 Coordination upgrade appears in cell 95, not 100. This is the only exception.
Starts at zone Ends at zone Repeated every _ zones Cell Unlock Unlock message Bonus
1 59 1 60 Speedminer "You found a book called Speedminer!" Adds 25% compounding to Trimp metal generation
1 59 1 70 Speedlumber "You found a book called Speedlumber! It looks long." Adds 25% compounding to Trimp wood generation
1 59 1 80 Speedfarming "You found a book called Speedfarming! It looks delicious!" Adds 25% compounding to Trimp food generation
1 - 1 90 Foreman "You found a crafting foreman! He will build buildings automatically for you!" Adds 1 foreman
1 - 1 100 (95 in zone 20) Coordination "You find an ancient book titled Coordination. Exciting." Increases the size of your battle group by 25% compounding
2 - 2 10 Efficiency "Hey, this book might be for you!" Multiplies player efficiency by 2x
2 59 2 40 Speedscience "You found a book called Speedscience! What do you think it could possibly do?!" Adds 25% compounding to Trimp science generation
5 - 5 10 TrainTacular "This book is for your Trainers!" Trainers increase block by an additional 5%
5 - 5 30 Potency "Also known as the Trimpma Sutra, this book will help your Trimps make more Trimps" Adds 10% compounding to Trimp breeding speed
25 55 5 45 Gymystic "Trimp cave paintings predicted the existence of a book such as this one, you had no idea it actually existed. It smells dusty." Each Gym now increases block given by all Gyms by 5% + 1% for each consecutive purchase of this upgrade
75 150 25 55 Gymystic ^ ^
60 - 1 60 Megaminer "You found a book called Megaminer! The front is really shiny and has a Trimp on it. Creepy, it seems to follow your eyes." Adds 50% compounding to Trimp metal generation
60 - 1 70 Megalumber "You found a book called Megalumber! The quote on the back reads 'How much wood could a Wood Trimp chop if a Wood Trimp could chop wood?'" Adds 50% compounding to Trimp wood generation
60 - 1 80 Megafarming "You found a book called Megafarming! It indicates that you should actually water your crops. Brilliant!" Adds 50% compounding to Trimp food generation
60 2 40 Megascience "You found a book called Megascience! It seems to fade in and out of reality." Adds 50% compounding to Trimp science generation
61 69 1 20 Gigastation "You found blueprints detailing how to upgrade your Warpstation. Blimey!" Prestiges your Warpstation.
70 78 2 20 Gigastation ^ ^
81 90 3 20 Gigastation ^ ^
95 170 5 20 Gigastation ^ ^
180 220 10 20 Gigastation ^ ^

Map unlocks Edit

One-time unlocks Edit

Here's a list of all the one-time unlocks obtainable in maps, starting at a particular level. Each on the unlocks can also be obtained in levels later than provided if they were missed by the player.

The following syntax of the column Cell: X-Y means that the unlock can appear anywhere between cell X and cell Y, including these cells.

Minimum map level Cell Type Unlock Unlock message
8 10-20 Housing Mansion "You found plans for a Mansion! Your Trimps will be pretty stoked"
10 5-15 Upgrade Trapstorm "A book that teaches your Foremen a new skill. Riveting."
11 10-20 Unique Map The Block "Holy cowimp! A unique map!"
14 10-20 Housing Hotel "You found plans for a hotel! (A decent hotel, too)"
15 10-20 Unique Map The Wall "Oh snap! Another unique map!"
18 10-20 Upgrade UberHut "This extremely technical book will teach anyone who can understand the big words how to make bigger huts."
23 5-20 Structure Nursery "You found blueprints for some sort of nursery that can harness more power from gems."
25 10-20 Housing Resort "You found plans for a huge resort!"
29 10-20 Upgrade UberHouse "This book talks about adding a second floor to your homes! Mind... blown..."
30 10-20 Housing Gateway "You found a key to Dimension ZZZ!"
34 10-20 Upgrade UberMansion "This book will teach you how to make your Trimps share their mansions!"
37 10-20 Housing Wormhole "You found a crystal powerfull enough to create wormholes!"
40 5-20 Upgrade UberHotel "This book will teach you how to build smaller hotel rooms!"
47 5-20 Upgrade UberResort "Wow! This book! It's so Resortsfull!"
50 10-20 Housing Collector "You found plans for some sort of overly complicated solar panel"
80 1-10 Unique Map The Prison "You found The Prison! You have a bad feeling about going in..."
125 1-15 Unique Map Bionic Wonderland "You found a map to the Bionic Wonderland. Sounds fun!"
170 1-15 Unique Map Imploding Star "You found a map to an Imploding Star inside of a supercooled dimension. The temperature there is perfect!"

Repeated Unlocks Edit

Here's a list of all the unlocks of Tier II equipment prestige upgrades. Each of these upgrades appears again every 5 zones (10 with Scientist IV, starting 11-15), infinitely (for a higher tier).

They always spawn in the last cell of a map.

Upgrade Map level
Supershield 6
Dagadder 6
Bootboost 6
Megamace 7
Hellishmet 7
Polierarm 8
Pantastic 8
Axeidic 9
Smoldershoulder 9
Greatersword 10
Bestplate 10
Harmbalest* 10
GambesOP* 10

*Unlocked by completing the Slow challenge.

In addition, Speedexplorer books drop in maps every 10 zones, starting from zone 20, and each book allows your Explorers to be 300% more efficient (compounding). If one has advanced more than 20 zones without running a map and runs a map, then all Speedexplorer books that will drop drops at once as one single 'book' on the map. On the map, the book has a tooltip of "A well-hidden book".

Unique map unlocks Edit

Here's a list of all the unlocks awarded to the player after completing unique maps.

Note that for all unique maps starting from the Trimple of Doom, the unlock is permanent and will persist through Portals. The only exception is Ancient Treasure, which doubles your current resources for that run.

Map Level Type Unlock Unlock message
The Block 11 Upgrade Shieldblock "That thing dropped a book. Doesn't look like an ordinary book. Looks... blockier..."
The Wall 15 Upgrade Bounty "It's all shiny and stuff. You're pretty sure you've never seen a book this shiny."
The Dimension of Anger 20 Soft reset unlock Portal "Don't ever let anyone tell you that you didn't just kill that Megablimp. Because you did. As he melts away into nothingness, you notice a green, shining box on the ground. In tiny writing on the box, you can make out the words 'Time portal. THIS SIDE UP'"
Trimple of Doom 33 Perk Relentlessness "You've never been here before. Like, ever. This entire place felt cold and unfamiliar. Where are you? Why have so many Trimps had to fall to get here? You're suddenly angry, it's time to take a stand. You have permanently unlocked a new Perk, Relentlessness, which will remain unlocked through portals."
Trimple of Doom 33 Resources Ancient Treasure "After barely escaping a fierce boulder, you check out the relic you found in there. It glows extremely bright for a few seconds before disappearing, and you look at your storages to see that your Food, Wood, and Metal have been doubled!"
The Prison 80 Challenge Electricity challenge "You have slain the Warden and taken his keys. How weird would it be if they fit in that key hole on the portal?"
Bionic Wonderland 125 Permanent upgrade Robotrimp "There seems to be a small RoboTrimp that you appear to have orphaned. You decide to take him with you, since you're pretty good at training stuff. He deals 20% extra damage for you, and has a special ability. You can learn more about the special ability by hovering over the new icon by your soldiers. You also found a map to a more powerful version of the Bionic Wonderland. You would bet there's another RoboTrimp who needs 'rescuing' in there."
Bionic Wonderland IV 170 Permanent upgrade Geneticistassist "Greetings, friend! I'm your new robotic pal The Geneticistassist and I am here to assist you with your Geneticists. I will hang out in your Jobs tab, and will appear every run after Geneticists are unlocked. You can customize me in Settings under 'General'!"
Imploding Star 170 - - -

Void map unlocks Edit

Here's a list of unlocks that can be found in Void maps. Note: All upgrades there are Permanent Upgrades and you must finish the last cell of a void map to get them.

Minimum map level Unlock Unlock message
50 Auto Storage "From the void, an auspicious presence reaches out and fills your mind. You feel at peace with the world. It asks you what you desire most, and without a second thought you reply that you wish your Trimps were smart enough to manage storage structures on their own. The presence lets you know that it is done, then dissipates. You instantly regret not asking to go home."
100 Improved Auto Storage "From the void, an auspicious presence reaches out and fills your mind. You feel at peace with the world. It asks you what you desire most. Wait... hasn't this happened before? Last time you asked for your Trimps to be smart enough to manage storage structures on their own. You can make it better this time! You excitedly ask for your Trimps to waste less resources when managing resources on their own. The presence lets you know that it is done, then dissipates. You get serious déjà-vu while regretting not asking to go home. From now on, storage facilities will be constructed instantly. If you collect more resources from one source than you can hold, the extra resources will be used to build new storage facilities without wasting any resources. You may not be home, but your Trimps are now quite talented!"
150 Map At Zone "From the void, an auspicious presence reaches out and fills your mind. You feel at peace with the world. It asks you what you desire most. Wait... how many times has this happened now? You're fairly positive that there was something you regretted not asking last time, but you can't quite remember. You've asked for Trimps to be able to manage storage structures, and you've asked for them to be better at managing those structures. Even though you're content with your storage solutions, you suddenly realize the perfect request! You wish the Trimps would stop pushing so far through the zones while you're sleeping, so you ask for a way to tell the Trimps to stop fighting at a Zone of your choosing. The presence lets you know that it is done, then dissipates. As usual, you get serious déjà-vu while regretting not asking to go home. From now on, you have access to the Map At Zone setting. This setting can be accessed through the Map Sidebar, Settings, or the 'Configure Maps' popup!"
350 AutoEquip From the void, an auspicious presence reaches out and fills your mind. You feel at peace with the world. It asks you what you desire most. Wait... This has DEFINITELY happened before... hasn't it? You're pretty sure it has, but you have no actual memory of it. But you do... but also you don't. Wait, who even are you? Where are you? What are you? You sit on the ground and contemplate things for a few hours while the Auspicious Presence waits patiently. You finally stand up and demand that the Trimps become smart enough to level up their own equipment! You can't see how this could go badly. The presence lets you know that it is done, then it dissipates. As soon as it is gone, you realize you could have just asked for invincible Trimps, but you're pretty sure you'll remember next time. From now on, you have access to AutoEquip!

Resource based unlocks Edit

Here's a list of all the unlocks awarded to the player when obtaining a required amount of a specific resource.

The resource is not spent, the amount is just a trigger for the unlock to automatically appear.

Resource Required amount Type Unlock Unlock message




Structure Trap "Maybe there's something meaty and delicious here to Trap"
Food 5 Resource Wood "You'll need some wood to build stuff..."




Unlock Upgrades "This planet feels so familiar, yet so foreign. Maybe it's time to start sciencing things."
Science 1 Unlock Battle "War... what is it good for? Exploration, or something."
Trimps 1 Job Farmer


"There's a weird impish little creature in the trap. A Trimp, you decide to call it. Since you're so creative, you could probably train this Trimp to help out."
Trimps 8 Housing Hut "Doesn't seem like all of these little guys will fit in your ship. Luckily, you remember how to make small huts for shelter."
Trimps 65 Housing House "It's starting to get pretty crowded up in here. Maybe you should start building some better housing."
Food 350 Structure Barn "The food stores are getting pretty full, maybe you should start thinking about a Barn"
Wood 350 Structure Shed "A nice Shed would allow you to keep more wood on hand"
Metal 350 Structure Forge "A nice Forge would allow you to store more metal."
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