Notes from a thread on reddit:

Double check on z1 that the achievement is achievable. Sometimes rounding errors with removing DE can mess it up. Try the "Clear All Perks" button instead of just importing the perk string. (note: As of v5.3.0, You can now pin the achievement to the log).


  • Obviously you want lots of C²% and Nullifium. Mesmer is a huge help.
  • Staff - Miner Efficiency / Metal Drop / Explorer Efficiency / Food Drop / Dragimp Efficiency
  • Shield - Attack / Crit Chance / Crit Dam / Plaguebringer / Storage Size
  • Run in Nom²
  • Set AutoGold to Battle, AutoPrestige to Weapons Only
  • Give 0 frogs about your hp. You are okay with being oneshot every hit, so don't spend resources on increasing your hp.

Storage size is on the shield because with zero Packrat it actually costs non-negligible amounts, and there's no useful 5th shield mod on Nom².

100% of all base workers to go miners. The other mods on the staff get you enough gem production from Gardens map drops for warpstations to keep up reasonably. (note: This was before the Herbalist Mastery).

Other tipsEdit

  • Run a 20+4 giga ratio and you'll run out right near the end
  • Keep Liquification on as long as possible. You'll likely need to disable it at some point, though
  • Don't forget the Map Bonus boost (from running a map up to 10 times); but without Siphonology you'll won't be able to run it under-level
  • Save Trimple of Doom for the end. At z179 or z180, farm for several hours without spending any metal (disable AutoPrestige, Autostructure), buy a 36h production boost from the Bone Trader, then run Trimple of Doom
  • You can "scout" (open a new tab, respec and play through to z181) to where the first DE cells are, and what corrupted cells you may have to face to get there.

Example Runs:Edit

  • V 4.10.5
  • 1d 10.5h runtime (with well timed afk periods)
  • 7340% achievement
  • 7940% c²
  • 37M Nu
  • 525% strength towers
  • 775 Sxd min attack at the end
  • Coord button says "92(+87)" at the end
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