Reach zone 35 for the first time
Reward Perk: Equality
Goal Complete zone 35
All enemies have 50% more attack; all enemies in zones have 100% more health; all enemies in maps have 200% more health.
Starting at zone 6, every world kill increases Unbalance stacks by 1, up to 500; every map kill decreases balance stacks by 1, down to 0.
Each Unbalance stack reduces attack by 1%, but provides 1% more gathering speed.

"Your scientists have discovered a new chaotic dimension! All enemies have 50% more attack, enemies in world have 100% more health, and enemies in maps have 200% more health. Starting at Zone 6, every time an enemy in the world is slain you will gain a stack of 'Unbalance'. Every time an enemy in a map is slain, you will lose a stack of Unbalance. Each stack of Unbalance reduces your attack by 1%, but increases your Trimps' gathering speed by 1%. Unbalance can stack to 500. Clearing Zone 35 will complete this Challenge!"

Unbalance is a new challenge introduced together with the Radon Universe. Completing this challenge unlocks the Equality Perk for U2.

Rules[edit | edit source]

For the duration of the challenge, all enemies have 50% more attack. All world enemies have 100% more health, and all map enemies have 200% more health.

In addition, this challenge introduces the players to global stacks at zone 6. After the player reaches zone 6, "Unbalance" stacks are gained or lost upon your actions, and have an effect on your game.

Killing an enemy in the world will increase Unbalance stacks by 1, while killing an enemy in a map will decrease the stack by 1. Unbalance stacks cannot go below 0, and cannot go above 500. These stacks are not cleared when the player enter a new zone.

Each stack lowers the Trimps' attack by 1% multiplicatively. At 500 stacks, the Trimps have roughly 0.657% of their original attack. Each stack also raises Trimps' gathering speed by 1% additively. At 500 stacks, the Trimps have 6x gathering speed.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Use new 5.3.0 map at zone system to set up 5 rows : "Exit on zone" when you start slowing down (around zone 20), "Exit at cell" from 1 to 5, "Use preset" with perfect sliders so that each map is 20 cells, "Map repeat" off, "Zone repeat" run every zone.

At cell 6 of each zone, your unbalance will drop to 400 but you gain 100% damage, at cell 100 of each zone, you're back to 500 unbalance for next zone.

It's going to be a long run, so if you don't have an optimized U2 shield, you can use your old U1 shield with high damage/crit chance & damage/health/VMDC to speed up the run.

Tips :

- If you're close to next microchip, put all your workers in scientist and use the 500% gathering bonus to reach next microchip before ending zone 35.

- Reaching end of zone 35 with 500 stacks of Unbalance will reward you with the "Upsized" achievement.

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