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Trimps is a resource management, incremental game developed by GreenSatellite, where players control a society of impish creatures called Trimps. With them, the player must venture through zones and maps, defeating a plethora of bad guys in order to obtain loot and unlock upgrades to further their advancement as a society. A journey of conquest and discovery awaits you!

The latest patch is 5.0.0. Adding the Radon Universe/U2 which includes new challenges, achievements, a new Heirloom rarity, a Heirloom overhaul, and more!

The game is completely open-source. Click on the external links to either play on Kongregate or the main Trimps site, check out the source code for the game, or participate on discussions on Reddit or Discord.

More about Trimps:
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Basic Information: Trimp (species) • Resources • Structures • Jobs • Upgrades • Equipment • Settings • Combat
Long-term Gameplay: Helium/Radon • Perks • Heirlooms • Formations • Mastery • Achievements • Liquification • Fluffy/Scruffy
Gameplay Changes: Portal • Challenges • Void Maps • Challenge² • Player's Spire
Anomalies: Broken Planet • Corruption • Spire • Magma • Empowerments of Nature • Obsidian
Other Useful Info: Guides • Calculators • Changelog
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