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Trimps Wikia
Trimple of Doom


Find the map fragment in zone 33.
Reward Relentlessness perk. Only has to be unlocked once.
Level 33
Resource Metal
Size 100
Difficulty 180%
Loot 300%
Total (HP + BLK) required to guarantee completion
Minimum 137.48B


Maximum 206.22B


"There is something strange about this map. It doesn't seem to reflect any light at all, just pure darkness."

Trimple of Doom is a unique map, found in zone 33.

Completing it unlocks the Relentlessness perk.

The perk only has to be unlocked once, and persists through Portals.

The first time you clear Trimple of Doom each portal (as long as you have already completed it once for the perk), you'll find 'Ancient Treasure', which instantly doubles your stored Food, Wood, and Metal. Note that this does not mean that it doubles your production rate but your current amount of resources.

The player needs a minimum of over 137.48 billion combined health and block to complete it. That number is the minimum attack of the worst possible scenario on this map - fighting the cell 100 boss which attacks first - Indianimp.

The player should aim for combined health and block of somewhere between that and the maximum attack of that imp (206.22B).

The following challenges end by completing Trimple of Doom: