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Break the planet for the first time
Reward Perk: Resilience
Goal Complete The Block
Coordination doesn't drop

"Tweak the portal to bring you to a dimension where Trimps explode if more than 1 fights at a time. You will not be able to learn Coordination, but completing 'The Block' (11) will teach you how to keep your Trimps alive for much longer."


In this challenge, Coordination doesn't drop. This effectively means the player has to complete The Block with a single Trimp.

Trying to get Coordination results in the following message:

 "Your scientists don't think that it's a very smart idea to try any of the suggestions in this book."

After the challenge is completed, all of the Coordinations which would have been otherwise found will be retroactively awarded.


This challenge does not have to be completed after the first time you reach Zone 60. The reward is a survivalbility perk. If you intend to farm the first 60 zones, the perk is not necessary. However, it can still help if you are having some trouble surviving before level 50, and the challenge is not significantly challenging.

As with the scientist challenge, the major bottleneck is surviving one attack from a quick attacking enemy like a Snimp. Since only one trimp is fighting, you'll need to significantly upgrade your equipment to compensate. At level 11, shield, dagger, and boots can be prestiged to level 3, while the others can only be prestiged to level 2.

With 20 toughness, this challenge can be done with all the equipments at roughly level 20-30 at their max prestige.

It may be wise to reset your perks beforehand. Perks like looting and pheromones are not helpful for the challenge.