Unlock criteria Upgrade The Egg
Initial cost 10K food
Cost increase Yes, by 1.05x per level
Effect 5% multiplicative increase to gem gathering speed

"Pay a tribute of food to your Dragimp, increasing his appetite and his speed. He will gather gems 5% faster (compounding)."

Tribute is unlocked after retrieving The Egg in Zone 17. The Egg is guarded by a random common monster in the center cell of the zone and it is denoted by a eye-like icon. Once the monster is defeated and The Egg is researched through the 'Upgrades' tab, you have unlocked the Tribute structure and may start upgrading it.

Tribute is used to increase the Dragimp's production rate.

Tribute Level 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200
Gems/second 1.69 5.73 19.4 65.8 223 754 2553 8646
Gems/minute 101.4 343.8 1164 3948 13380 45240 153K 518K
Gems/hour 6084 20628 69840 236.88K 802.8K 2.7144M 9.19M 31.12M
Gems/day 146K 495K 1.67M 5.68M 19.26M 65.14M 220M 747M

The output of the Dragimp is affected by the Motivation perk, as well as every other worker production increasing factor. The table presents values without taking any of these into account.

Because the cost of each level and its effect increases at the same rate, the cost of each level upgrade is effectively 20,000 times the gems/second before motivation perk and production increasing factor.

Formula[edit | edit source]

The equation used to find base gems/second is:

(0.5 * (1.05 ^ [Tribute Level]))

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