Reach zone 60
Reward Perk: Resilience
Goal Complete Melting Point
Trapping is the only way to gain Trimps (Trimps don't breed, Tauntimps add housing but not Trimps)
Every Trapping action destroys 10% of stored Food, Wood, Metal and Science

"Travel to a dimension where Trimps refuse to breed in captivity, teaching you to stop breeding such weak Trimps. Trimps also seem to release an unfortunate burst of radiation when Trapped in this reality, instantly destroying 10% of your stored Food, Wood, Metal, and Science. So like, be careful of that. Clearing Melting Point (Zone 50) will complete this Challenge!"

Trappapalooza is a new challenge introduced together with the Radon Universe. Completing this challenge unlocks the Resilience Perk for U2.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Just like Trapper, Trimps don't breed.

In addition, performing a Trapping action causes 10% of currently stored Food, Wood, Metal and Science to disappear.

Due to the high player's efficiency, performing 10 Trappings at once causes resources to deplete at a much faster rate than usual.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Invest your Radon in Bait. If you really want to optimize your Radon, then take Radon out of Pheromones, since it won't do anything in this challenge.

The disappearance of resources means that one has to be more careful about Trapping in this challenge. Make sure you have invested all spare resources into buildings, jobs or equipment before Trapping.

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