Unlock criteria Obtain 5 food and 5 wood
Initial cost 10 food

10 wood

Cost increase No
Effect Allows for Trapping

"Each Trap allows you to catch one thing"

Trap is the first structure introduced in the game. With 10 wood and 10 food, the player can create a trap. Once checked by using Trapping, each trap adds one Trimp to the population.

With each level of the Bait perk, the player can increase the amount of Trimps collected per trap by one.

If you attempt to build more than 999,999,999,999,999,934,463 traps at one time the game will automatically remove them from the queue.

After running a map of level 10 or higher Trapstorm will be unlocked. This allows your Foremen to automatically build traps if nothing else is being built.

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