Reach zone 25 for the first time
Reward Perk: Artisanistry
Goal Complete zone 25
Can't use miners or gain Metal from mining or combat
Completing a zone causes all Food, Wood and Science to be converted into Metal, with a 75% conversion rate

"Tweak the portal to bring you to an alternate reality where Metal cannot drop or be gathered at all. At the end of each Zone, your Food, Wood, and Science are completely consumed and 75% of the net amount of consumed resources become Metal. Clearing Zone 25 will complete this Challenge!"

Transmute is a new challenge introduced together with the Radon Universe. Completing this challenge unlocks the Artisanistry Perk for U2.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Trimps cannot be assigned as miners for the duration of the challenge. The player cannot mine for Metal, and no Metal drops from combat zones.

Upon completing a world zone, all of the player's current Food, Wood and Science stores are converted directly into Metal. However, the conversion only happens at a 75% rate. For example, 100Qa of all 3 resources combined will return only 75Qa Metal.

Through the duration of this challenge, Speedminer does not drop. After the challenge is completed, all of the Speedminers which would have otherwise been unlocked will be awarded to the player for purchase, as well as Miners, which have to be unlocked as well from the Upgrades menu. The player will also be able to start mining for Metal again.

Finding a Miner book while doing the challenge results in the following message:

"Your Trimps simply do not understand what this book is talking about. It's blowing their minds. What is a 'Miner'?!"

Finding a Speedminer book while doing the challenge results in the following message:

"Your scientists stare blankly at you for a moment, then slowly and quietly place the new book on the shelves."

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Due to all the permanent upgrades from U1, this challenge is not really difficult; only requiring the player to spend the limited Metal available on the first few equipment and prestiges.

To complete the associated achivement "Ressourceyphobe" :

- turn off your Autojob before the run (if not the achievement is over)

- turn off Autoprestige & Autoupdate

- set yourself to gather science for the whole run

- always buy Efficiency first to upgrade your science generation

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