Unlock criteria Complete cell 4 of zone 3.
Initial cost 750 food
Cost increase Yes, by 1.1x per Trainer hired
Effect Each Trainer increases base block amount by 20% additively.

The percentage can be increased by TrainTacular

"This book holds all of the secrets of upper management. Train your Trimps to train other Trimps."

Trainer is the first job that the player will unlock with an increasing hiring cost per each Trainer owned. This makes it not advisable to ever fire Trainers, as the player doesn't get any resources back from firing them.

Each Trainer increases the Block given from all sources by 20%, although the percentage is retroactively increased by the TrainTacular upgrade, as well as the Trainer Efficency mod on your currently equipped Shield.

Trainers cost[edit | edit source]

The cost of hiring Trainers increases by 10% of previous cost.

Trainers owned Food cost
0 750
10 1946
50 88K
100 10.3M
200 142.4B
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