Reach zone 165 for the first time
Reward 5x current run Helium for all zones completed until zone 165 (inclusive).
Goal Complete zone 165
All enemies have 5x attack and 2x health
Each time Trimps attack, they lose 5% of their health and receive a global stack (affecting all groups of soldiers) that reduces breeding speed by 0.3% (compounding) and increases all loot found and worker production by 0.15% (additive), stacking up to 1500 times.
These stacks are cleared when the player reaches the next zone.

"Travel to a dimension rich in helium, but also rich in toxic Bad Guys. All Bad Guys have 5x attack and 2x health. Each time you attack a Bad Guy, your Trimps lose 5% of their health, and toxins are released into the air which reduce the breeding speed of your Trimps by 0.3% (of the current amount), but also increase all resources obtained by 0.15% (including Helium), stacking up to 1500 times. These stacks will reset when you clear a Zone. Completing Zone 165 with this challenge active will reward you with an additional 400% of all helium earned up to that point. This is repeatable!"

Helium challenge[edit source]

Toxicity is a Helium challenge. There are a few rules which are followed by each one of them:

  • The Helium reward from this challenge can be obtained repeatedly for multiple challenge completions.
  • Completing Toxicity will increase all Helium earned until zone 165 (including 165) by 5x.
  • Helium earned from completing Void maps will also be increased by 5x for each Void map completed on zone 165 or below. More information here.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Note: The loot bonus from Toxicity stacks (explained below) also counts for Helium gains for killing Blimps and Improbabilities. That means the final Helium gain from Toxicity will be much larger than 5x, depending on how many attacks you perform in each zone. 50 is the minimum number of stacks you'll have, meaning 7.5% additional helium.

For the duration of the challenge, all enemies have 5x more attack and 2x more health than they normally do.

A stack is gained each time Trimps attack, in maps or in the world. All stacks are cleared when players enter a new zone. Each stack:

  • Reduces Breeding speed by 0.3% (compounds down, similar to Geneticists)
  • Increases Loot found and worker production by 0.15 percentage points from the base of 100% (additive, each stack is a flat percentage)

Up to a maximum of 1500 possible stacks per zone.

Each time Trimps attack they also lose 5% of their health, similarly to Nom.

With 1500 stacks, the player will gain 225% extra loot (a 3.25x factor), and final breeding speed goes down to 0.01103x (1.103%), that means your breed speed will be divided by ~90.62 / you gain -98.897% penalty.

Note: Killing two enemies at once thanks to Overkill counts as a single attack. The minimum stack count, 50, occurs if you perfectly overkill an entire zone and don't run any maps. If you don't have any overkill but kill each enemy in a single attack the stack count would be 100.

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