Toughness II
Base Helium cost 20000
Cost increase 500 additive
Level cap none
Method of acquisition
Beat Cell 10 of the Spire
Perk effects
Each level is a 1% additive increase to Trimp health

"You feel more grounded as you remember where you came from. Spread your toughness to your Trimps, increasing health by 1% per level. The price for this perk increases additively, and each level will cost exactly 500 more than the previous level."

Effect Edit

Each level is a 1% additive increase to Trimp health.

The multiplier given by this perk stacks multiplicatively with other health perks such as Toughness or Resilience.

Relation to other perks Edit

Because Toughness II effectively adds health, it has synergy with other health perks.

Toughness II, Resilience and Toughness raise their own multipliers, which stack multiplicatively with each other.

A guide on how to efficiently level those perks in relation to each other can be found in this section.

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