The Prison


Find a map fragment in maps of Level 80 and higher
Reward Electricity challenge.
Level 80
Resource Food
Size 100
Difficulty 260%
Loot 260%
Total (HP + BLK) required to guarantee completion
Minimum 9.9Sp


Maximum 14.85Sp


"You found The Prison! You have a bad feeling about going in..."

The Prison is a unique map found in maps of level 80 and higher, which unlocks the Electricity challenge. The Prison is also the map which is required to be completed in order to finish the challenge.

The player needs a minimum of over 9.9Sp combined health and block to complete it. That number is the minimum attack of the worst possible scenario on this map - a Snimp encountered on cell 99.

The player should aim for combined health and block of somewhere between that and the maximum attack of that imp (14.85Sp (=14.85e24) ).

The cell 100 boss - Warden, doesn't attack first, therefore its attack doesn't matter, as killing it is only a matter of time.

The following challenges end by completing The Prison:

Completing The Prison is required to finish the Mapocalypse challenge. During that challenge this map has 560% difficulty instead of 260%, which means to finish it the player should aim for combined health and block between 21.47Sp and 32.21Sp instead.

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