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This is an article for a unique map called The Block. If you were looking for Block as a blocking mechanic, look here.

The Block


Find a map fragment in maps of Level 11 and higher
Reward Shieldblock
Level 11
Resource Wood
Size 100
Difficulty 130%
Loot 200%
Total (HP + BLK) required to guarantee completion
Minimum 122.25K


Maximum 183.37K


"Holy cowimp! A unique map!"

The Block is the first unique map ever encountered in Trimps, found in maps of level 11 and higher. This map rewards Shieldblock.

The player needs a minimum of over 122.25K combined health and block to complete it. That number is the minimum attack of the worst possible scenario on this map - a Snimp encountered on cell 99.

The player should aim for combined health and block of somewhere between that and the maximum attack of that imp (183.37K).

The cell 100 boss - Mitschimp, doesn't attack first, therefore its attack doesn't matter, as killing it is only a matter of time.

The following challenges are completed by completing The Block: