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In Trimps, the story is presented fully in the message log. It contains introductory pieces, and new bits of story are revealed after reaching specific zones.

As of 5.0, the introduction of the Radon Universe means new story is now available up to zone 100 in U2.

In U1, unlocking Anger by completing Zone 20, and then completing the Dimension of Anger, unlocks the Portal with the intention of soft resetting your game.

In U2, unlocking Rage by completing Zone 15, and then completing the Dimension of Rage, also unlocks the Portal for soft reset.

Helium Universe story[]

Making your way to these zones, the following bits of story will be shown:


Story text

1 "A green shimmer erupts then disappears, and you hit the ground. You look pretty hungry..."
2 "Your Trimps killed a lot of bad guys back there. It seems like you're getting the hang of this. However the world is large, and there are many more zones to explore. Chop chop."
3 "By your orders, your scientists have begun to try and figure out how large this planet is."
"This planet seems so cold and lonely without Science." (If zero hired Scientists)
4 "You order your Trimps to search the area for the keys to your ship, but nobody finds anything. Bummer."
5 "Do you see that thing at the end of this zone? It's huge! It's terrifying! You've never seen anything like it before, but you know that it is a Blimp. How did you know that? Stop knowing things and go kill it."
6 "You step over the corpse of the Blimp as it rapidly deflates, and one of your Trimps chuckles at the sound produced. You all cross the sulfury river to the next zone, and can feel the presence of an ancient knowledge. Better explore."
7 "Slow and steady wins the race. Unless you're racing someone who is actually trying."
8 "Your settlement is getting crowded, there's Trimps in the streets and you're taking heat. You feel a sudden strong desire to create a map, though you're not quite sure how that would help."
9 "You can't shake the feeling that you've been here before. Deja Vu?"
10 "Looks like another Blimp up ahead. Hard to tell from far away, but it looks like it has more heads than the last one."
11 "You're unstoppable as long as nothing stops you. Unfortunately, it seems like something really wants to stop you."
12 "Did you see that green light flash by? Weird. Oh well."
13 "Your scientists have finally concluded their report on the analysis of the size of the world. According to the report, they're pretty sure it's infinitely large, but you're pretty sure they just got bored of checking."
14 "You were trying to help bring back some of the Equipment your Trimps left on the ground in that last zone, and you got a splinter. This planet is getting dangerous, stay alert."
15 "Another day, another Blimp at the end of the zone"
16 "Seriously? Another Blimp so soon?"
17 "You climb a large cliff and look out over the new zone. Red dirt, scorched ground, and devastation. Is that a Dragimp flying around out there?!"
18 "There seems to be a strange force urging you to keep going. The atmosphere is becoming... angrier. Part of you wants to turn around and go back, but most of you wants to keep going."
19 "You look behind and see your kingdom. You have gems, a colony, and territory. You wonder if enough Trimps have already fallen in battle. After contemplation, one word falls out of your mouth as you begin to move forward. 'Nah'"
20 "You can sense that you're close to your goal."
22 "Strange, the sky seems to be getting darker. You ask one of your Trimps for the time, but he doesn't know what a clock is."
"You hear a strange humming noise that seems to draw you towards it, though it also seems to come from no direction in particular. You can feel that it's being created by (an/the) Amalgamator, though you've never heard such a sound before. It's both unsettling and enchanting, and the Universe seems to hate it." (In Zalgo text, if on Trimp challenge and has Amalgamators)
25 "You're a rebel. The universe pointed you into that portal, but you kept pushing forward. You feel... less like you've been here before."
27 "It seems like the further you press on, the less you know. You still feel an urge to use the portal, though the urge has begun to dwindle."
29 "Your Trimps came up with a pretty catchy battle song that got stuck in your head. None of them survived the next fight though, and you can't remember most of it. Life's tough."
33 "You climb over a large hill that was separating this zone from the last. The sky is pitch black and lightning crackles in the distance. This is a site of heavy corruption."
35 "You start to wonder how long you've been doing the same thing over and over. There must be something you can do to start to break the cycle. Perhaps you could alter the portal..."
40 "You can't help but notice that the Trimps seem to be the only creatures on this planet not immediately hostile towards outsiders. You ask a nearby Trimp soldier what he thinks you are, and he drools a bit."
42 "The world seems so barren out this far. You feel like you're finally starting to get ahead of the curve, but you know by now not to get comfortable."
44 "Each day and night seems to grow longer than the one before. Is time slowing down? Argh! You fall to your knees with a splitting headache and a strong desire to use the portal. After a few minutes, it passes and you forget what happened. What are we talking about?"
46 "All traces of hills and mountains have long since been trudged past. The world is flat and hostile. You wish your Trimps were better conversationalists."
48 "As your Trimps scavenge every last bit of helium from that Blimp, one of them begins freaking out. He runs around waving his little arms and making funny noises for a while, eats some dirt, then takes a little nap. You wonder if that's normal. Yeah... probably fine."
50 "It's been a long time since you've found any blueprints in the maps. You start to wonder where those things even come from."
51 "Your scientists have detected an anomaly at the end of Zone 59. They recommend that you stop doing whatever it is that you're doing."
53 "As you get closer to the anomaly, you start to notice more and more strange behaviour from your Trimps. Holes in your memory are starting to become noticeable as multiple existences blend in to one. Trippy."
54 "As you get closer to the anomaly, you start to notice more and more strange behaviour from your Trimps. Holes in your memory are starting to become noticeable as multiple existences blend in to one. Trippy."
56 "A loud boom echoes in the distance, and one of your Trimps runs up to you with outstretched arms, looking quite frightened. He probably just wants some armor and weapons! You hand him some gear, and he accepts it with excitement."
58 "A huge storm has formed and daylight has become a luxury you have mostly forgotten about. Your Trimps seem to want to go back home, but you're pretty sure you're supposed to keep going this way, so you do. You're very close to the anomaly."
59 "There it is. The anomaly is at the end of the zone. You can see it but you don't know what you're seeing. Where did that... thing... come from?! This is highly Improbable."
60 "The ground instantly cracks and large plumes of green gas escape from the planet's core to the atmosphere. The planet feels different. Everything feels different. This Universe has grown unstable, the planet has broken. What have you done?"
61 "Other than all the dead Trimps, that wasn't so bad."
65 "You feel more powerful than ever. The universe seems to be constantly adjusting itself to get rid of you, yet you rise against and persist. Something as tiny as you taking on an entire universe!"
"The Universe seems even more upset than you expected here, but your (Amalgamator doesn't/Amalgamators don't) really seem to care. You walk towards one to get a better look, but find yourself further away than you were." (In Zalgo text, if on Trimp challenge and has Amalgamators)
68 "You figure some entertainment wouldn't be awful, and decide to teach your Trimps how to play soccer. A few hours and zero progress later, you really regret that decision."
70 "The Improbabilities haven't seemed to slow down. You know you need to figure out a plan, but you don't know what to plan for."
72 "You slash through another Improbability with relative ease, but something isn't right. A sour smell hits your nose and in disgust, you whip around in search of the source. Oh, wait, it's just the Trimps."
80 "When's the last time you made a map? You have a feeling you should probably do that."
82 "Whew, that was an exhilarating kill. You decide to reward your Trimps with some Improbability stew. It's pretty tasty."
83 "That stew was probably a bad idea. Anyone else feeling sick?"
85 "An ancient and fuzzy memory just crept back in to your head. You're not quite sure where it came from, but you know the memory is yours. You remember being on a ship, and seeing this planet from orbit. There was someone with you!"
87 "Bits and pieces of memories continue trickling back in as you continue to put distance between yourself and the source of Anger. You can almost see in your mind who you came here with. Where could they be..."
90 "You decide to ask your scientists to come up with an extravagant machine that can scan your brain for old memories to see if there's anything helpful up there. They seem excited about a new project and quickly get to work."
92 "You hear a huge explosion from the science lab and realize that the brain scan machine will probably never be finished."
95 "Need some motivation? You can do it! Maybe."
"The (Amalgamator is/Amalgamators are) starting to rapidly switch between different colors. It would be slightly entertaining if the fabric of existence wasn't falling apart around (it/them)." (In Zalgo text, if on Trimp challenge and has Amalgamators)
100 "You stop dead in your tracks. You remember who you came here with, and you remember that you are not happy with Captain Druopitee for sending you here. You know he landed with you. You know the ship is still here. He's here."
105 "You call a meeting with all of your Trimps to explain the situation. After giving an extremely long, epic, and motivational speech but hearing no reaction from the crowd, you remember that your Trimps cannot understand you. Will you ever learn?"
106 "How long have you been trapped on this planet? Months? Decades? Travelling through time sure screws up your chronological perception."
109 "Though you have no idea which direction your home planet is, you still believe the ship's GPS could get you home. Maybe Druopitee has the keys. You really want to find him."
115 "You just remembered what a taco was. You could really use a taco right now."

"Your stamina is quickly dwindling. Trying to keep up with so many more extra Trimps each zone is beginning to wear you down. You'll need to fight with stronger, smaller groups to succeed."

123 "Woah, you have a lot of Trimps right now. You hadn't really stopped to think about just how many individual Trimps you have directly under your control in a while. Neat!"
125 "You smell metal and gears, and suddenly feel like you should run a map."
130 "You decide to sit down and take a breather, when suddenly a Trimp comes waddle-galloping towards you holding a piece of paper. Hurriedly scrawled on the paper is a drawing of a strange weapon and piece of armor, along with numbers that seem to be dimensional coordinates. You would ask where he found it, but you know better by now."
132 "You can't stop thinking about where that Trimp found the coordinates for the Slow dimension. Why can't whatever is helping you just come out and help you?"
135 "Ugh, your back is getting sore. It seems like travelling back in time does not reverse the ageing process for the traveller. Bummer."
136 "One of your scientists has informed you that his team was able to successfully create a cure for a non-existent disease. He explains that it's best to be prepared. You sigh heavily."
137 "One of your scientists has informed you that an outbreak of a new disease was detected in the laboratory. You go to check on your scientists, and it's quite obvious that they're faking it for attention. You sigh heavily."
138 "You spot another scientist running full speed towards you. He hurriedly informs you that they discovered a new dimension near Zone 35 that is occupied by gigantic Trimps. You sigh heavily."
139 "Another scientist is coming. You sigh heavily. He says something dumb. You decide to ignore the scientists for a little bit."
140 "It sure is calm and peaceful now. You watch a Falcimp turn a few circles in the sky. You wouldn't mind having wings, but overall you're pretty happy with your species."
143 "There's a scientist jumping around trying to get your attention. There's nothing interesting in the sky so you pretend to be fascinated with a rock. The scientist can see you're busy and waits patiently."
145 "Your Scientists are not making it easy to ignore them. You not-so-calmly ask what they want. One of them explains that they discovered a new dimension with lots of extra helium. You'll probably check it out, but you won't tell them that."
150 "Wow. These structures are getting expensive. There's probably a dimension for that..."
153 "You remember a person from your past. From your old life. There's someone you need to get back to. You'll make it back."
156 "You watch in amazement as a Trimp grabs on to one of those weird tree things and swings around by its arms. These things are getting pretty strong."
157 "You watch in less amazement as a Trimp tries to take a bite out of a very large rock. These things are not getting much smarter."
159 "That's quite a sunset. You know once you finally make it out of here, you'll definitely never forget the sights. Unless, of course, you do."
160 "A small horde of Trimps comes running up towards you, making excited sounding noises. One of them walks to the front of the loud congregation and proudly holds up a boot, slightly larger but the same style as your own. It must be Druopitee's, confirmation that you're heading the right direction. You reward the Trimp who found it with some food and a few pats on the head, then send the boot to the lab to look for any further clues. You wonder why he took his boot off."
163 "Your scientists have informed you that half of the boot is now lost in another dimension, thanks to an 'important' test. The results were inconclusive. You ask them to please leave the remaining half in our current dimension, and they look disappointed."
165 "What's this now?! You found a little green piece of metal. Your scientists tell you that it came from a toxic dimension, but that it is also from a dimension rich in helium. They let you know that they can tune your portal to travel to the dimension it originated from, should you want to check it out."
166 "That last Improbability seemed like a nice guy."
168 "Hopefully spaceships don't rust."
170 "You reach the top of an incredibly large mountain. You can see at least 50 zones sprawled out before you. About 30 zones away, you can see a gigantic spire. It looks like architecture from your home world. You hope it's not a mirage..."
172 "Something smells purple. That's probably not good."
174 "Strange smells continue to swell around you. Judging by changes in wind direction, the smells are coming from the spire. You still can't describe it other than purple."
175 "Your Trimps seem happy. They're not used to having a purpose, and having one seems to positively affect them! You call a Trimp over and ask him how he's doing, then you remember that he can't talk."
178 "You're still not quite sure what that smell is. You feel slightly more powerful, and you fear that your enemies may feel the same way."
180 "After clearing out the previous zone, you decide to take a day hike to the top of another gigantic mountain to try to find more info about the smell. As you reach the top, your jaw drops. Clear as day, a healthy amount of purple goo is pouring into the atmosphere from the top of the spire. You can see the zones in front of you beginning to change. This really can't be good." (If not running Corrupted challenge)
"After clearing out the previous zone, you decide to take a day hike to the top of another gigantic mountain to try to find more info about the smell. As you reach the top, your jaw drops. Clear as day, a healthy amount of purple goo is pouring into the atmosphere from the top of the spire. This must be what's causing all of this Corruption you've been trudging through. The planet seems pretty heavily Corrupted already, you wonder if you're too late." (If running Corrupted challenge)
182 "Well, there's not really much doubt about it anymore. Some sort of intelligence is intentionally making life more difficult for you and your Trimps. You take this as a sign that you're pretty important, why else would something risk destroying an entire planet to stop you? Your parents would be so proud."
184 "The corruption seems to be more pronounced the closer you get to the Spire. Looks like there's (number of corrupted cells according to Headstart level) of em now."
185 "You have trouble putting in to words exactly what the Corruption does to the creatures on this planet. They seem to be stripped of all natural abilities and given powers that you didn't know could exist in the primary dimension."
187 "None of these corrupted enemies seem to have eyes, so you decide to see if you can get away with flipping one off. As it reacts by roaring and stomping around in a rage, you realize that these things are powerful enough not to need eyes to observe the world. What are these?!"
190 "You awaken from your sleep in a cold sweat to a frantic and terrified noise from the back of the cave where you were sleeping. With urgency, you run to the source of the noise to make sure your Trimps are okay. As you reach the back, you see a handful of Trimps trying to use a small and very angry Snimp as a musical instrument. You put some sand in your ears and go back to sleep."
193 "The corruption continues to thicken as you near the Spire. You're beginning to grow accustomed to the smell of corruption, and really don't mind it anymore. It reminds you of blueberries. Evil blueberries."
198 "You're so close to the source of corruption that you can taste it, and it doesn't taste good."
205 "You look back at The Spire and feel kinda bad that there's still a ton of Corruption coming out of it, but you'll get him some time." (If failed to clear Spire)
"You don't miss Druopitee too much. You don't remember all that much to miss, but the point stands." (If Spire is cleared)
210 "It smells extra corrupt. That Spire can't be healthy for the environment." (If failed to clear Spire)
"There's still Corruption, but it feels less threatening. You feel more at peace with the planet and feel like you're on track to repairing it. Surely nothing else terrible will happen any time soon." (If Spire is cleared)
220 "Your Trimps seem content. They kinda wish that spire wasn't still pumping purple stuff in to their world, but they don't mind too much." (If failed to clear Spire)
"Your Trimps seem content. You taught some basic puppetry to them and they've been putting on some great shows with defeated Snimps." (If Spire is cleared)
225 "You wake up in a sweat after a good night's sleep in a cool, dark cave. You dreamt that you were overheating, though that's never really been a problem before. Oh well, strange dreams and memories haven't really indicated anything important before, it's probably nothing."
231 "It's pretty hot."
232 "The heat intensifies as you move further and further through the zones. Instinct says to turn away from the heat, but that wouldn't be any fun."
234 "As you finish clearing out the Zone, you notice a green cloud fall from the sky. It hovers above you for a few moments and shoots some sort of energy at you in a quick, painless burst. Seeming satisfied by the results of this blast, it hurriedly shoots forward a couple of Zones. Before you can even really think about what it could be, ten more green clouds of various sizes appear! They zip down, zap you, then zealously zoom off to the same zone. The clouds look toxic to you, but your Trimps seem to want to follow them."
236 "As you climb over a rather large mountain and into the next Zone, you see that the green clouds have finally made it to the ground. Your worries about their toxicity seem to have been needless though, as your Trimps appear to greatly enjoy this rare treat. You watch in amazement as your Trimps begin to grow spines that drip with toxic sludge, and they immediately use their new powers to try to stick each other. You bet they're a bit stronger now."
240 "You and your Trimps have been really enjoying the benefits of what your Scientists call an "Empowerment of Nature". However, something up ahead seems to be absorbing all of the Poisonous clouds. Oh no! Your scientists think this will be your last zone with the Poison Empowerment, but they seem convinced that there will be another Empowerment to take its place!"
241 "As you reach the new Zone, you happen to see a Bad Guy finish absorbing the last bit of Poison in the entire Zone, leaving no trace of your new ally, Nature. Before you get too upset about the thought of having to tackle the Magma alone again, Wind floods in to take Poison's place. The spikes on your Trimps stop dripping sludge and begin to spin like propellers, the sound resembling a gigantic swarm of beeimps. These controllable Trimp-generated gusts of wind should be helpful for knocking extra resources into your reach, but you'll still need to deal with that Bad Guy that sucked in all of the Poison..."
243 "The middle of these Windy Zones are the most beautiful you've seen yet. The Magma and Wind bring all sorts of nutrients and seeds here, leaving the area rich in plant biodiversity. For the first time since you arrived on this planet, you feel truly peaceful. Nature is repairing itself, and you've become one of its tools (but like in a good way)."
244 "Your Magmamancers have figured out how to make little fountains in the Magma around the base. You like the effect." (If have at least 1 Magmamancer)
"You remember Magmamancers as being pretty cool." (If have no Magmamancers)
245 "Something in the next zone appears to be sucking up all of the Wind again. You've enjoyed all of the extra resources, but you're excited to see what Nature has next for you!"
246 "Once again, a Bad Guy in this Zone has absorbed every trace of your Windy friends. But once again, Nature has replaced them with new, colder ones. Suddenly your Trimps\' new spikes stop spinning and start spewing snow! You feel incredibly cold, but your Trimps seem perfectly comfortable. This cold will surely slow down your enemies!"
248 "While the Windy Zones were beautiful, the Ice Zones are nearly indescribable. Deep blues from the frozen ground contrast sharply with the fiery reds of the Magma rivers, and these two systems have equalized at a very comfortable ambient temperature. Your Trimps are too cold to touch though, your hand is still stuck to the one you high-fived at the start of the last zone."
251 "Right on cue, another enemy has absorbed the Empowerment of Ice, and Nature has reacted by refilling the Zone with familiar green clouds. Poison is back! Your Trimps' spikes resume spewing toxic sludge, and finally the Trimp stuck to your hand warms up enough to fall off. No more high-fiving Trimps in the Ice Zones."
255 "The Magma continues to sap your Trimps' strength as you press through the Zones, but they seem to be adapting well in spirits. It seems like each generation likes the heat more and more."
256 "You're detecting a pattern here! Poison has once again given way to Wind, and you have a feeling that this Wind will soon give way to Ice. The Bad Guys can absorb as much Nature as they want! Their Tokens will only help you to strengthen Nature, and Nature will always be back. With your new ally, you can totally handle the Magma."
261 "You asked that Omnipotrimp nicely not to explode after you killed it, but it exploded anyways. Pretty rude."
264 "Good job not high-fiving any Trimps so far this time. You're worried morale might fall if you spend too much time with such a difficult restriction, but you're pretty sure Poison is coming up soon."
267 "You're determined to repair the planet, and now that Nature is on your side you feel it might actually be possible. Either way, you know you must be doing something right to have earned the loyalty of Trimps and Nature."
270 "This planet is really freaking big. You feel like you've been walking around it for years and still haven't seen everything there is to offer. Shouldn't there be another spire around here or something?"
277 "It's starting to smell purple again. You must be getting close to another spire."
283 "During a boring night while waiting to cross a particularly rough Magma river, you managed to teach your Trimps how to stack on each other to create some funny shapes. You almost feel bad for the first Snimp to come across (Your fighting Trimp size) Trimps stuck together in the shape of a humongous Moongooseimp."
285 "You can finally see it, clear as day. No more than 15 zones in the distance stands a giant spire, even more menacing than the first. A loud, echoing voice booms from the tower, matching the tone and cadence of Druopitee himself. It's a little far away to hear perfectly, but it sounds like he's asking you nicely to please leave him be." (If Spire cleared)
"Something feels wrong, but you can't quite figure out what. You eventually find a pebble in your shoe and everything seems much better!" (If above condition not met)
286 "You hear the voice again, and can tell there's definitely something weird about it - as if it was coming from a ghost or something. Though you suppose that makes sense, since you've already killed Druopitee." (If Spire cleared)
"You hear something rustling in a bush and get totally psyched up for something new and exciting. As you walk cautiously towards the bush, a Rabbimp quickly runs out and away." (If above condition not met)
290 "As you get closer and closer to the spire, the voice gets clearer and clearer. You can pick up notes of terror from whatever being is up there, as if he wants to just be left alone to destroy the world. You don't feel much sympathy though." (If Spire cleared)
"You trip over a rock and stumble a bit, but fix your footing before totally falling over. You glance around and it doesn't seem like any of the Trimps noticed!" (If above condition not met)
295 "You're now so close to this new spire that you can taste it, literally. These things are gross." (If Spire cleared)
"You wonder if you could get your scientists to invent chewing gum..." (If above condition not met)
298 "The deranged spirit in the tower is now begging that you stay back. It obviously knows you destroyed the last tower and doesn't want you taking out another. Too bad, buddy. You're coming." (If Spire cleared)
"A voice in the back of your mind tells you there should be something big soon, but you see nothing. Oh well." (If above condition not met)
303 "You're glad you have Fluffy around now. He seems to be getting along well with the other Trimps, and seems happy to have found others like him. He doesn't seem to be any smarter than a normal Trimp so you're sure you'll get some entertainment out of him." (If cleared first 5 rows of Spire II)
"You wish you had a pet." (If above condition not met)
315 "These healthy spots of land seem to be increasing as the Spire pumps more and more in to the air! Hopefully that's a good thing. You ask Fluffy what he thinks and he nods in approval." (If Spire II cleared)
"Geeze, this Corruption is starting to look pretty nasty. Those Spires need to fall soon..." (If above condition not met)
340 "Watch your step, there's some Magma on the ground over there."
350 "If Druopitee has really immortalized himself in an infinite amount of Spires, you might be here for a while."
360 "You attempt to put Fluffy through your rigorous Scientist training program, but he doesn't want to. He wouldn't have any trouble, but he doesn't want the label. You still couldn't be happier to have the little guy around!" (If cleared first 5 rows of Spire II)
"You really feel like something is missing from your life. Everything feels hollow and sad." (If above condition not met)
375 "Should be coming up on another Spire zone soon. You stop and sit beside a beautiful Magma river and wonder what kinds of crazy stuff could be waiting for you up there. Then you realize it's probably just another Spire, so you get up and keep moving."
385 "Some familiar Spirish odors begin hitting your nostrils again and you sneeze, hilariously startling a few billion Trimps. Never gets old."
390 "You can finally see the next Spire in the distance, a thick purple cloud boiling out of the top. Hard to believe there's an infinite amount of these things, how big even is this planet?" (If Spire II cleared)
"Weird, you feel like you should be able to see the next Spire by now, but it's not there. Maybe you should have checked the other Spires a bit more thoroughly." (If above condition not met)
395 "Ahh, that gross old taste of Spire. You'll never get used to that. Most of your Trimps are trying to stay under trees, but Fluffy is running around with his tongue out as if he was trying to catch snowflakes." (If Spire II cleared)
"Did you leave the oven on? Oh yeah, you don't have an oven. Now you wonder what an oven even is. Oh well." (If above condition not met)
405 "It really seemed like you weakened Druopitee back there. Maybe you'll be able to at least shut off any last conscious parts of him with just one more Spire?" (If Spire III cleared)
"You can't shake the feeling like you forgot to do something." (If above condition not met)
415 "The Healthy mutation is starting to spread nicely now. The bad guys hurt quite a bit more, but you're pretty sure you're doing the right thing which kinda makes you feel good." (If Spire III cleared)
"It seems like the Healthy mutation has stopped spreading. That's alright though, some other version of you will probably take care of it." (If Spire II cleared but fail to clear Spire III)
"The land sure looks terrible and corrupted, but at least you have Fluffy." (If fail to clear Spire II but have cleared first 5 rows of Spire II)
"What do you have against Fluffy?" (If above conditions not met)
430 "The Trimps tried tying two Turkimps to this tall tree, then the Turkimps thrashed those three trillion Trimps, throwing the Trimps tumbling towards the tall tree. The Trimps truly tried. Those Turkimps though... they tough."
440 "Wow, you've gotten pretty far. You would have never guessed there'd be this many zones out there, but here you are."
450 "It's just about time for another Spire, don't you think?"
460 "This part of the world seems to be at a much higher elevation than any other part that you've been at. The air is strangely clear, and you can see more of the planet sprawled out around you than ever before. It feels good to see everything you're fighting for and feel like it's worth it."
470 "This part of the world seems to be at a really low elevation, and lots of Corruption is building up in it. Gross."
485 "Once again, you can taste the Spire, it must just be over that next hill now. Fluffy seems excited." (If Spire III cleared)
"Hey! Is that... oh, nope, just some dirt." (If above condition not met)
495 "It's time. He's weak. You've got this. Time to make this planet Healthy again." (If Spire III cleared)
"You're feeling rather itchy today. You ask some Trimps to scratch your back but they don't really want to." (If above condition not met)
505 "Well you've totally 100% eradicated Druopitee's consciousness, now you figure it's just time to clear the rest of his brainless Echoes out of the Spires." (If Spire IV cleared)
"Druopitee is just over there getting stronger, someone should really do something about him." (If above condition not met)
702 "The planet looks pretty charred. Fluffy looks proud of something but you're not sure what."
707 "You feel like there is supposed to be something here that isn't. You wonder if you had something to do with that."

Radon Universe story[]

Making your way to these zones, the following bits of story will be shown:


Story text

1 "A blue shimmer erupts then disappears as you gracefully take its place. You look like you don't belong here... Well, better start gathering some food."
2 ""A journey of 1000 Zones begins with a single Zone." - Probably someone"
3 "While this Universe seems very similar to the one you were just in, it feels quite a bit different. You can't quite figure out what exactly is different, but it totally is."
4 "You feel like you've climbed through these Zones thousands of times, but you can only clearly remember one time that felt like ages ago in a different Universe. You feel weird."
5 "But have you been to this Universe before? You're really not quite sure. Every day that passes here makes your memories feel like another lifetime ago."
6 "You decide to tell the story of your travels to your Trimps, so that someone will remember if your memory continues to get worse. You tell them about the massive armies, the Spires, Druopitee, Nature, and everything else you can think of. The Trimps seem excited by the tale, but they can't talk."
7 "Scruffy runs up to inform you that you could run a regular map to find directions to something called "Big Wall". You remember a wall from before, but you don't remember finding it so soon. What else is going to be different?"
8 "At your request, your Scientists are running tests to try and identify further differences between your original Universe and this one. Unfortunately, they don't know anything about your old Universe and probably won't be able to spot any differences."
9 "One thing you remember for sure about the last Universe is that you found a Portal device at the twentieth zone. However here, your Scientists have detected a massive portalesque energy reading on only the fifteenth Zone. Interesting."
10 "You decide to try and stock up on some Helium in preparation for the supposed Portal device that you're quickly approaching. You ask a Scientist where you could find some and he scurries under a table. A more stoic Scientist informs you that Helium is incredibly volatile in this universe and that almost none can be found. That might throw a wrench in your plans..."
11 "Apparently a few elements have different properties here than back in the last Universe. Either that or the Trimps currently bathing in mercury are going to have a rough future."
12 "You start to feel angry as you get closer to the fifteenth Zone. You're not sure if it's due to the energy your scientists detected, or the Trimps that keep throwing berries at your head. But one of them is definitely making you angry."
13 "Scruffy informs you that there is one particular element regarded as king here, Radon. While highly volatile in your home Universe, it's a stable gas here with tremendous potential for power generation."
14 "You ask Scruffy for more information on Radon, and he sits you down to tell you a story. He informs you that you're not the first human to come to their planet, that someone had been here 500 years ago who caused great harm to the planet. He set up giant Spires all around the World that harvested Radon from the atmosphere and beamed the power to a different Universe. You have a feeling that you know which Universe received this power, and you're starting to have a good idea of why Fluffy picked this particular Universe to send you to."
15 "There is a device of great evil here. See if you can take it for yourself!"
20 "Holy cowimp, there's an Improbability at the end of this Zone! But the planet doesn't look broken, this is... improbable..."
22 "Your Scientists have confirmed that the Spires are indeed still active on this planet, but are incredibly far away in lands your Trimps are nowhere near powerful enough to survive in."
24 "Knowing that Druopitee is in your Universe, you ask Scruffy who is manning the Spires. He hangs his head in shame and lets you know that there are 5 Trimps, previously friends of Scruffy's, that were enticed by Druopitee's magic. He doesn't seem to want to talk much more about it."
26 "Your Trimps catch a bird and build a little home for it, but it flies away."
28 "Your memories of the last Universe are fading and you have no idea how many times you've been here in this Universe. This could be your first or thousandth time here. Neat!"
30 "You're not sure how much more beautiful this one is than the last one, but it's hard not to stop and take in all the scenery every once in a while. Sprawling hills and flowing rivers in every direction make it almost worth the frankly ridiculous amount of enemies hiding everywhere."
31 "You deserve hazard pay or something."
32 "One of your regular Trimps seems to have picked up the ability to speak a few words from Scruffy. They're too dirty to repeat though."
34 "As you reach the top of another in this seemingly infinite sea of hills, you notice a tiny tablet. It's written in some language you've never seen, so you figure you'll hold on to it and see if Scruffy can translate."
35 "Scruffy seems to be avoiding you ever since you found the tablet. You're not like... 100% positive but you're pretty sure."
36 "You finally catch Scruffy while he's eating and ask him about the tablet. He tells you it's not a big deal, but that him and his six friends were all given some "enhancements" by Druopitee 500 years ago. Together they helped carry out Druopitee's bidding, setting up seven different Spires, harvesting Radon, and beaming the Power away. Scruffy lets you know that Fluffy and himself eventually realized how much damage Druopitee was causing to their planet and rebelled against Druopitee and the other Five. This tablet was an order from Druopitee to apprehend them."
37 "You just realized... you thought you named Fluffy Fluffy. That sneaky telepathic Trimp!"
38 "You haven't seen Scruffy around the town much since your last conversation. Telling stories about his old friends seems to be painful for him, though you'd expect him to have moved through the grief stages after 500 years."
39 "You ask Scruffy why he's so conversational and Fluffy is not. Scruffy shows you a whole trove of books that Druopitee had left behind, that Scruffy had been reading for the past 500 years. You figure Fluffy spent most of that 500 years stuck in a time loop."
40 "A Trimp eats a rock."
42 "You wonder how Fluffy ended up in your Universe if he started out here. You'll ask Scruffy about it when he quits being all sulky."
45 "Today, you held the first annual Trimp Toss. It was a pretty nice day."
50 "This zone is really freaking hot."
52 "You catch Scruffy helping a group of small Trimps across a river. What a cool dude."
57 "A few of your Trimps are getting whiny so you take them for a walk. Seemed to do the trick, they just needed to burn some energy and pee."
60 "Scruffy is finally in a good mood and seems quite a bit stronger than before, so you figure now is a good time to ask him about Fluffy. In exchange for his good mood, he agrees to tell you the rest of the story. According to him, Fluffy was stationed at the seventh Spire while Scruffy was at the sixth. Fluffy and Scruffy each destroyed their own Spires, but Fluffy was caught by Druopitee and took the fall for both of them. Druopitee left the six remaining enhanced Trimps to take care of the remaining five Spires, and took Fluffy with him. You ask what the names of the other five Trimps are and he tells you: Huffy, Stuffy, Buffy, Tuffy, and Puffy."
61 "Scruffy finally seems more inspired than sad. Looks like he wants to go take down some bad guys."
62 "It seems like you've gotta find Scruffy's 5 missing brothers. Scruffy reminds you that they were evil the last time he saw them and to be prepared, but that some may have changed sides since."
65 "You wonder if Trimps came from this Universe, your original one, or somewhere else. Scruffy shrugs."
67 "The weather is finally starting to cool back down, you and your Trimps are quite relieved."
69 "The Trimps are still enjoying the nice weather, and have even found a couple of sweet lakes to swim in!"
"Giggity" (If in Quagmire)
70 "Your tenacity is inspiring."
71 "You reach the top of a hill and can see the next 5 Zones stretched out in a valley ahead of you. Towards the end, you see the largest spire you've ever seen. In fact, you can't even see the top of it! It seems to stretch upward infinitely. You look to Scruffy who tells you that one belongs to Huffy. You really hope Huffy isn't evil..."
72 "You really don't like Druopitee. You've spent an unknown amount of lifetimes cleaning up his mess, and who knows how many different Universes he's corrupted."
73 "Scruffy tells you that if any of his brothers have come around to the good side since he saw them last, Huffy was the one to do it. Huffy was also the most experienced in hand to hand combat, so you really hope you're not going to have to fight against him."
74 "You're very close to the Spire. You feel like you should be able to smell the Corruption pumping out of it by now but you can't! You take that as a good sign."
75 "As you approach the infinitely tall Spire, a Trimp rushes out and embraces Scruffy. Scruffy introduces you to Huffy, who seems to have also realized that Druopitee is kind of a prick. Huffy lets you know that he managed to destroy the Corruption device at the top, but that it was now crawling with horrible shadowy enemies. Huffy lets you know that he is shielded from the Portal inside the Spire, but that even when you Portal and forget him, he can use your subconscious to help direct him in cleansing the Spire and finding artifacts to make your Trimps stronger."
77 "Huffy is cool and all but you miss Fluffy, you should go visit him soon."
82 "You thought you saw Druopitee but it was just a tree. On closer inspection it doesn't even look anything like him at all."
85 "This zone feels needy, like it wants your help with something."
90 "As you clear another Zone, Scruffy sits you down for another story. Excited to hear more about Fluffy and Scruffy's history together, you listen intently. Scruffy just rambles about gems and how we could be rich selling jewelry then starts dancing. Seems like Scruffy's been fermenting berries again."
93 "Scruffy created some sort of instrument out of a Snimp and some wood that he calls the Riflunger. It makes better music than you expected, but you wouldn't buy any albums."
95 "Scruffy lets you know that Fluffy was the first modified Trimp created by Druopitee, and was always Druopitee's favorite. Druopitee was probably extra pissed when Fluffy was the one who rebelled and destroyed a couple Spires, that's probably why he was caged when you found him."
100 "There is an extremely chaotic energy flowing around this Zone."
101 "3 or 4 zones ahead of you, you see the biggest storm you've ever seen in your lives. You'd love to find some way to go around it, but it doesn't seem possible."
105 "The storm is raging! Your Trimps are flying eachother as kites."
107 "You hope Huffy is doing alright back there at the Spire, those Enemies looked pretty scary."
110 "You feel a sudden urge to repeat something multiple times expecting different results and wonder what that's all about."
112 "Scruffy tells you how glad he is that Huffy had come around, but that he's not as hopeful about Stuffy. Stuffy was stubborn and took any opportunity to prove his loyalty to Druopitee. Guess you'll have to find him and see."
115 "You're having even more trouble than usual trying to control your Trimps here. You and Scruffy debate the pros and cons of asking your Scientists to come up with a mild tranquilizer to put in their food, but you're too busy herding them to come to any conclusion."
118 "Scruffy lets you know that they had another brother named Cruffys who was banished from this dimension before he even had a chance to be assigned a Spire."
"Cruffys tells you about the time he put a bucket of water above one of Druopitee's doors as a prank and got banished from the dimension for it." (If in Nurture)
120 "This Zone is filled with bugs and is NOT a great spot to have a picnic."
124 "The next Zone is connected to this one by a large downward sloping hill. All [size of current fighting group] of your Trimps all tuck themselves into a ball and roll down it, what a sight!"
130 "You wonder if you'll ever get the chance to meet Cruffys. Maybe your Portal can bring you to his dimension some day.";
"Scruffy plays his Riflunger while Cruffys sings, and you really wish you had some earplugs or something." (If in Nurture)
133 "Some new Trimp reinforcements have brought a Z1 Turtlimp up with them in a box. The Trimps take turns feeding it and they're doing a good job taking care of it!"
134 "One of the Trimps on feeding duty was a bit confused and seems to have eaten the Turtlimp."
140 "Huffy pops a quick message into your head to let you know he's doing fine in the Spire!"
"Huffy pops a message into your head stating that as much as he likes constantly losing, he would appreciate a little help!"
150 "As you near a gigantic lake, you notice that this part of the World is becoming filled with wild varieties of plants you've never seen before. You've already taught your Trimps not to eat strange plants, but it looks like it's time for a reminder."
155 "The plant biodiversity around this Zone is incredible, it feels like this Zone is its own isolated ecosystem. The ground around here must be extremely arable."
160 "The lands ahead are barren and undeveloped, but you press on because Huffy really wants some new items."

Introductory Unlocks[]

Most of the starting unlocks in Trimps come with story pieces, aiding the player in further progress.

Unlock Story text
Resource: Wood "You'll need some wood to build stuff..."
Resource: Science "This planet feels so familiar, yet so foreign. Maybe it's time to start sciencing things."
Unlock: Trimp "There's a weird impish little creature in the trap. A Trimp, you decide to call it. Since you're so creative, you could probably train this Trimp to help out."
Unlock: Battle "War... what is it good for? Exploration, or something."
Unlock: Breeding "Apparently the Trimps breed if they're not working. Doesn't look pleasant."
Unlock: First Map "You found your first map! Travel to your map chamber to check it out."
Unlock: Portal "Don't ever let anyone tell you that you didn't just kill that Megablimp. Because you did. As he melts away into nothingness, you notice a green, shining box on the ground. In tiny writing on the box, you can make out the words 'Time portal. THIS SIDE UP'"
Unlock: Helium "You were able to extract 45 Helium canisters from that Blimp! Now that you know how to do it, you'll be able to extract helium from normal Blimps."
Unlock: The Block "You just made a map to The Block!"
Unlock: The Wall "You just made a map to The Wall!"
Unlock: Egg "Your top scientists are pretty sure this is a Dragimp egg. They know Dragimps love shiny things, maybe it'll come out for some gems."
Unlock: Anger "You look down and see a green gem that seems to stare back. You pick it up and feel adrenaline surge through your body. Probably best to bring this back to the lab for some research."
Unlock: Shieldblock "This book explains methods of using a shield to actually block damage. The current shield will need to be completely destroyed and rebuilt, but it will give block instead of health. This is permanent"
Structure: Trap "Maybe there's something meaty and delicious here to Trap"
Structure: Barn "The food stores are getting pretty full, maybe you should start thinking about a Barn"
Structure: Shed "A nice Shed would allow you to keep more wood on hand"
Structure: Forge "A nice Forge would allow you to store more metal."
Structure: Hut "Doesn't seem like all of these little guys will fit in your ship. Luckily, you remember how to make small huts for shelter."
Structure: House "It's starting to get pretty crowded up in here. Maybe you should start building some better housing."
Unlock: Trimple of Doom "There is something strange about this map. It doesn't seem to reflect any light at all, just pure darkness."
Perk: Relentlessness "You've never been here before. Like, ever. This entire place felt cold and unfamiliar. Where are you? Why have so many Trimps had to fall to get here? You're suddenly angry, it's time to take a stand."
Unlock: Ancient Treasure "After barely escaping a fierce boulder, you check out the relic you found in there. It glows extremely bright for a few seconds before disappearing, and you look at your storages to see that your Food, Wood, and Metal have been doubled!"
Unlock: Prison You found The Prison! You have a bad feeling about going in...
Unlock: Warden Keys "You have slain the Warden and taken his keys. How weird would it be if they fit in that key hole on the portal?"
Unlock: Bionic Wonderland "You found a map to the Bionic Wonderland. Sounds fun!"
Unlock: Bionic Wonderland II and up "You found a map to an even more advanced version of the Bionic Wonderland! Looks scary... Your scientists remind you that you can only carry 3 of these incredibly heavy, metallic maps at a time."
Unlock: Imploding Star "You found a map to an Imploding Star inside of a supercooled dimension. The temperature there is perfect!"
Unlock: Breeding (U2) "Better hurry up to the fighting Zones so you don't have to sit around here all day watching Trimps breed."
Unlock: Battle (U2) "As you finally step out into the Battle Zones, the first thing you notice is that your Heirlooms feel weaker here. Oh well, 1000 more times into the fray..."
Unlock: Big Wall (U2) "You just made a map to Big Wall!"
Unlock: Rage (U2) "You look down and see a blue gem that seems to stare back. You pick it up and are immediately overwhelmed by feelings of intense power. You figure this could be used to focus your Portal Generator in this Universe."
Unlock: Prismatic Palace (U2) "You found a map to a strange place. Better go kill stuff in it!"
Unlock: Atlantrimp (U2) "You found an incredibly wet map. It seems to actually be generating water out of nothing, making storage very difficult without flooding the surrounding area. You're sure your Scientists can handle it though, they seem pretty smart."
Unlock: Melting Point (U2) "This map is hot to the touch. Better go inside!"
Unlock: Melting Point Smithy (U2) "At the end of that very hot map, you find a tiny, dehydrated Smithy building. You bring it back to your town and drop it in a glass of water, and a full-sized Smithy instantly appears!"


Before patch V3.4, Spire would be locked, and the following story message would be displayed upon reaching zone 200:

"The spire seems to be locked, and you are not sure what to do about the corruption. You have a feeling that you may have gotten here sooner than you were meant to, and that if you came back in a few weeks you would be able to get in. Until then, you decide to press on in an attempt to become more powerful."

Now, the only story message upon entering zone 200 occurs after either defeating the Spire's boss, or losing 10 battles, in which case the game promptly says:

"You're not yet ready. Maybe you'll be of use in the next lifetime."