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"As you approach the infinitely tall Spire, a Trimp rushes out and embraces Scruffy. Scruffy introduces you to Huffy, who seems to have also realized that Druopitee is kind of a prick. Huffy lets you know that he managed to destroy the Corruption device at the top, but that it was now crawling with horrible shadowy enemies. Huffy lets you know that he is shielded from the Portal inside the Spire, but that even when you Portal and forget him, he can use your subconscious to help direct him in cleansing the Spire and finding artifacts to make your Trimps stronger."
You've finally made it to Huffy and the first Spire in this Universe. Huffy needs your help removing all of the Enemies! Check out the new tab titled 'SA' to get started.
A tip for once you're in: Huffy has figured out how to put on Pants and a Sword but is struggling beyond that. Click two other items to equip them ASAP!
-Message upon unlocking Spire Assault

Spire Assault (abbreviated as SA) is a new minigame which is unlocked by reaching zone 75 in the Radon Universe. Our hero, Huffy, battles against an infinite number of enemies, defeating them to gather dust. Dust may be spent for various upgrades, some of which affect only the Spire Assault minigame, and others which affect progress in the main game.

Huffy begins with 4 limbs, and 7 total pieces of equipment. Huffy can equip 1 piece of equipment per limb. Additional limbs, and more equipment, may be purchased with dust. Equipment pieces may also be leveled up by spending dust.

Spire Assault consists of many different "levels" of enemies. Each level's enemies have increased stats, and an increased dust reward, compared to the previous level. In addition, enemies on each level have a procedurally generated set of "affixes" (powers and defenses). Huffy will need to rearrange equipment based on the enemy affixes.


Each level of Spire Assault has a specific number of enemies that must be defeated before Huffy can advance to the next level. At first, this number is 10 times the level number, but the formula changes after level 20.

Huffy fights one enemy at a time, and combat continues until either Huffy's health or the enemy's health reaches 0. Huffy begins with 50 health, which may be increased by equipment and bonuses.

Huffy and the enemy each have an attack bar which fills over time (at the start of SA, both attack bars take approximately 5 seconds to fill, but this will vary with Huffy's equipment and with the enemy's stats and affixes). When one of the attack bars fills up, an attack is landed, which always hits, and inflicts damage based on the assailant's attack score, minus the defender's defense score.

There are three types of "status effect" that Huffy and the enemy may inflict on each other: poison, bleed and shock. Shock multiplies all damage taken from all sources. Poison is basic damage over time, acting independently of the attack bar, and ignoring enemy defense.

Bleed is the most complex status effect. If the enemy is bleeding, it takes damage every time it attacks, and this damage is based on Huffy's attack score. Likewise, if Huffy is bleeding, Huffy take damage every time Huffy attacks, based on the enemy's attack score.

Lifesteal heals Huffy on each of Huffy's attacks, and every time a bleed inflicts damage on the enemy, but is not triggered by poisons. The same applies to the enemy's lifesteal ability.

Both Huffy and the enemy may have resistances to the three status effects and to lifesteal. The amount of resistance is subtracted from the adversary's chance of inflicting a status effect, or from the percent of healing done by lifesteal. For example, if Huffy has a 70% chance of creating a poison, but the enemy has 24% poison resistance, the net chance of poisoning the enemy will be 46%.

If Huffy's health reaches 0, Huffy will lose the fight and the battle will start over which full stats for both.

If the enemy's health reaches 0, Huffy wins the fight, collects some dust (based on the SA level), and the battle will start over with a new enemy to fight.

If a battle takes too long, the enemy will become enraged, gaining more attack score.


The following bonuses may be purchased:

Number of Contracts to unlock Dust Cost Bonus Effect
Base 100, scaling cost 100x Extra Limbs Huffy can equip 1 additional item.
Base 30000, scaling cost 3x Radon Increase all Radon earned by +10% per level.
Base 20000, scaling cost 3x Stats Increases Attack and Health in U2 by +10% per level
0 10k Gathermate Gather 5% more Food, Wood, and Metal in U2 for each Spire Assault level Cleared.
4 52.5k Smitheriffic Get an extra Smithy when completing Melting Point.
8 398k Championisim Unlock a new Perk! (Championism)
12 2.51M Master of Arms Huffy gains +200 Health, +10 Attack, and +2 Poison Damage.
14 6.32M Artisan All U2 Equipment costs 1% less for each SA level cleared
16 15.9M Battlescruff Increases all Scruffy XP gained by 2% for each Spire Assault level cleared
21 100M Collectology Collectors add 2 Hubs each PLUS another extra Hub for every 30 Spire Assault levels cleared.
25 1.10B Dusty Tome +5% Dust found on all levels per Spire Assault level cleared
27 2.76B Whirlwind of Arms +1000 Health, +25 Attack, +10 Poison Damage.
29 6.93B Nullicious Increase the base Nu value of U2 Heirlooms by 0.5% per Spire Assault level cleared.
32 63.3B Suprism Increases Prismatic Shield by 3% per Spire Assault level cleared.


Huffy begins with 7 pieces of equipment. New pieces of equipment may be obtained by completing contracts. Each one involves two steps: some dust is spent up front to accept the contract, and then a Void Map must be completed at or beyond a specified zone in Universe 2. The contract may be canceled before the Void Map is completed, which will refund the dust.

Equipment Dust cost Void Map zone First upgrade cost Cost


Base powers Upgrade powers
Menacing Mask - - 5 x5 -2% Huffy attack time, +5% enemy attack time -2% Huffy attack time, +2% enemy attack time (compounding) per level
Sword - - 5 x2.5 +1 attack damage +1 attack damage per level
Armor - - 5 x5 +20 base health +20 base health per level
Rusty Dagger - - 25 x4 Can create a bleed on the enemy for 10 seconds. +15% bleed damage. +20% bleed chance, doubled if the enemy is shocked or poisoned. +10 attack and +20% bleed damage per 5 levels. +5% bleed damage and +3% bleed chance per level
Fists of Goo - - 50 x6 Can create a poison on the enemy for 10 seconds. +1 poison damage. +25% poison chance, doubled if the enemy is bleeding or shocked. +1 poison damage per level
Battery Stick - - 25 x4 Can create a shock on the enemy for 10 seconds. +25% shock damage. +35% shock chance, doubled if the enemy is bleeding or poisoned. +10% shock damage per level
Pants - - 5 x3 +1 defense +1 defense per level
Raincoat 100 75 100 x4 If you have a chance to cause bleeding, gain +6 defense, +40 health, +15% lifesteal, and +30% bleed damage. +2 defense, +20 health, +2.5% lifesteal, +10% bleed damage per level
Putrid Pouch 174 78 150 x4 -10% attack time and +10 defense if the enemy is poisoned. Causes poisons you generate from other items to last at least 20 seconds. +20% poison chance. +1s poison duration, +6% poison chance, +3 defense per level
Chemistry Set 302 81 200 x4 +50% poison chance if the enemy is not already poisoned. +1 defense if the enemy is poisoned. +10% poison chance. Poisons you inflict can stack 1 more time. +1 max poison stack per 4 levels. +1 defense, +4% standard poison chance per level
Bad Medkit 525 84 300 x3 Causes bleeds you generate from other items to last at least 12 seconds. +25% bleed chance. +20% lifesteal if the enemy is bleeding. +1s minimum bleed time, +4% bleed chance, +2.5% lifesteal per level
Comfy Boots 912 87 430 x3 +4 defense. +5% to all resistances. +2 defense, +5% resist per level
Labcoat 1585 90 1500 x4.5 If you have a chance to cause poison, gain +50 health, -1% attack time, and +2 poison damage. +25 health, -1% attack time, +1 poison damage per level
Lifegiving Gem 2755 93 650 x4 Increases dust gained from enemies by 30% plus your lifesteal amount when the enemy dies. +10% dust gained per level
Mood Bracelet 3983 95 1100 x4 -15% attack time and +15 defense if the enemy is not bleeding. -3% attack time (compounding), +4 defense per level
Hungering Mold 6923 98 2000 x5 Heal for 1 per stack of poison whenever one of your poisons deals damage. Your poisons tick 10% faster. +0.5 heal on poison tick, +1% poison tick speed per level
Recycler 10k 100 2800 x5 +25% lifesteal. Huffy's lifesteal heals twice as much off of bleed damage. +5% lifesteal per level
Shining Armor 17.4k 103 4000 x5 +6 defense, +100 health per level
Shock and Awl 25.1k 105 5750 x5 +4 attack, +10% shock chance, +10% shock damage per level
Spiked Gloves 43.7k 108 10k x6 +25% attack damage +5% attack damage per level
Tame Snimp 63.2k 110 15k x5.5 Can create a poison on the enemy for 10 seconds. +40% poison chance, +7 poison damage. Enemy attack is reduced by 15% while the enemy is poisoned. +10% poison chance, +2 poison damage per level
Lich Wraps 110k 113 25k x4 When poisoned, bleeding or shocked, gain +15 attack, -15% attack time, +15% lifesteal, and take 20% less damage from all sources. +6 attack, +6% lifesteal, -3% damage taken (compounding, never reaching 75%) per level
Wired Wristguards 159k 115 44k x4.5 +10 defense, +40% shock chance, +40% shock damage, +50% to all resistances. If the enemy is shocked, increase its attack time by 20%. +3 defense, +15% shock chance, +15% shock damage, +2% enemy attack time per level
Aegis 276k 118 65k x8 +10 defense. If Huffy's health % is higher than enemy health %, gain +25% shock chance, +25% shock damage, 15s shock time. Otherwise, this item's defense is doubled and gain +15% lifesteal. +4 defense, +10% shock chance, +10% shock damage, +10% lifesteal per level
Sword and Board 399k 120 90k x5 +15 attack, +10 defense, +400 health, +20% to all resistances. +5 attack, +50 health, +4 defense, +10% resists per level
Bilious Boots 576k 122 100k x5 +10 poison damage, +1 max poison stack, +200 health, +20% to all resistances. +3 poison damage, +50 health, +10% resists per level
Bloodstained Gloves 693k 123 160k x3 +30% to bleed chance, +8 attack, -25% enemy attack time, -25% enemy attack damage. Fills up 25% of your attack speed bar whenever you cause or receive a bleed. +5% bleed chance, +2 attack, +5% bar filled on bleed per level
Unlucky Coin 1M 125 400k x5 +15 attack. +30% lifesteal if the enemy is not poisoned or bleeding. +4 attack, +10% lifesteal per level
Eelimp in a Bottle 2.52M 130 1M x5 +40% shock chance, +75% shock damage, +15% shock resist. -14.5% attack time if the enemy is shocked. When you shock an enemy, they lose all progress towards their attack. +3 attack for each time you've shocked this enemy (up to 10 times). +5% shock chance, +5% shock damage, -5% attack time, +5% shock resist, +1 attack per shock per level
Big Cleaver 4.37M 133 3M x4 Can create a bleed on the enemy for 10 seconds. +100% bleed chance if the enemy is at full health, otherwise +25%. +32 attack if the enemy is bleeding. +125% bleed damage, +600 health. +2 attack, +25% bleed damage, +100 health per level
The Globulator 6.32M 135 5M x10 +30 defense and +1000 max health if the enemy is poisoned. On adding a new poison stack to an enemy that hasn't had poisons expire, heal for half of this item's max health. If the enemy is at max poison stacks, non-lifesteal healing effects on you are doubled. +25 poison damage. +5 defense, +500 health, +10 poison damage per level
Metal Suit 11.0M 138 6M x10 +20 defense, +500 health, +50% bleed resist. If Huffy has an item that can cause a bleed, gain +15 attack. +30 defense, +1000 health, +20% bleed resist, +5 attack per level
Nozzled Goggles 15.9M 140 7M x10 The enemy is always shocked, taking at least +20% more damage. +500 health, +20% poison resist, +3 maximum poison stacks. +20% permashock damage, +500 health, +20% poison resist per level
Sundering Scythe 27.6M 143 15M x10 -20% attack time, +20 attack, +750 health, +20% lifesteal. Your shocks last a maximum of 10 seconds, and your bleeds can be reapplied when below 5 seconds. -5% attack time, +5 attack, +250 health, +5% lifesteal per level
Sacrificial Shank 39.9M 145 2.5M x4 -1% attack time, +1% resists, +1% lifesteal per 10% status chance lost per level
Plague Bringer 69.3M 148 70M x10 Your poisons tick 20% faster. +0.10 poison damage for every percentage point of bleed or shock resist on the enemy. Heal for 10 per stack of poison when your poisons deal damage. +2% poison tick rate, +0.05 poison damage per enemy resist, +5 heal on poison tick per level
Very Large Slime 100M 150 100M x10 Can create a poison for 20 seconds. +50% poison chance, +30 poison damage, +100 defense, +1000 health. Every third hit against an enemy with max poison stacks adds another max stack (up to +10 max stacks). +15% poison chance, +20 poison damage, +50 defense, +500 health, +2 max stacks per level
Monkimp Paw 252M 155 200M x10 +100 attack, removes a fourth of your total lifesteal. +100 attack per level
Grounded Crown 633M 160 650M x10 +100 attack, +100% shock damage, +50 defense, +1500 health. If the enemy is poisoned or bleeding, Huffy loses 20% of his max health per second. +50 attack, +50% shock damage, +50 defense, +1000 health per level
Fearsome Piercer 1.59B 165 1.5B x10 +200 attack, +40% lifesteal, +100% bleed damage, +75% bleed chance. If you have an item that can cause a bleed, the enemy starts combat with 25% less max health. +75 attack, +10% lifesteal, +75% bleed damage, +50% bleed chance per level
Blessed Protector 3.99B 170 4B x10 +2000 health, +200 defense, +50% lifesteal. Huffy gains 0.5% increased attack for each % of his missing health. When Huffy is below 50% health, take 30% less damage from all sources. +1000 health, +100 defense, +25% lifesteal per level


The enemies that Huffy fights have various stats that can be enhanced by modifiers, starting at Level 2 with one modifier, that increases the higher level the enemy is.

The list of stats, as well as their modifiers are illustrated in the table below.

Stat Base Value and Scaling Modifier Unlock Level Effect
Health Base 60.3, scaling 1.205x up to L50, then scaling 1.1x Healthy 2 Increased Health
Attack Base 4.16-6.24, scaling 1.04x up to L50, then scaling 1.1x Strong 2 Increased Attack
Attack time Base 4.90s, scaling 0.98x Fast 2 Reduced Attack time
Defense Base 0.5, scaling 0.5+ Defensive 2 Increased Defense
Poisoning 6 Chance of Poisoning Huffy each attack
Bloodletting 6 Chance of Bleeding Huffy each attack
Shocking 6 Chance of Shocking Huffy each attack
Lifestealing 6 Recovers part of its Health each attack
Poison Resist Base 1%, scaling +1% Poison Resistant 11 Poison Resist increased by 10x
Bleed Resist Base 1%, scaling +1% Bleed Resistant 11 Bleed Resist increased by 10x
Shock Resist Base 1%, scaling +1% Shock Resistant 11 Shock Resist increased by 10x
Enrage Every 60s, increase Attack by 25% (50% at L30+) Enraging 21 Every 50s, increase Attack by 60%
Lifesteal Resist Base 3% at L15, scaling +3%

Note that it is possible for enemies to stack status granting modifiers like Poisoning (displayed in-game as Poisoning x2), which grants a stronger effect, but it is not possible to have all 3 status (Poison, Bleed, Shock) resists on the same enemy.

Dust Reward[]

By successfully defeating an enemy, Dust is awarded which allows the player to purchase various upgrades and bonuses.

The dust reward formula is as follows:

Dust = (1 + ((a - 1) * 5) * 1.19 ^ (a - 1) * b * c


  • a = current enemy level
  • b = bonus for L50+ enemies = 1.1 ^ (a - 49), otherwise b = 1
  • c = bonus from Lifegiving Gem and Dusty Tome = 1 + (sum of bonuses in % / 100)


Extra limbs are the most effective bonuses you can buy, and should be prioritized in almost every situation.

In the early levels, using equipment for all 3 status effects (known as a "rainbow build") is a good strategy, but as the enemies gain resistances, you will need to specialize builds. Typically, you will either use a poison-focused build or a bleed-focused build. If the enemy doesn't resist shock, you may add shock damage to either of those. For enemies that resist both poison and bleed, you may need to use a pure attack/shock build.

Fortunately, the game does not permit enemies to have all 3 resistance affixes.

Poison builds tend to de-emphasize (or completely ignore) Huffy's attack damage, but they benefit from reducing Huffy's attack time, because this allows poisons to be stacked up more quickly. Since Huffy's attack is very low, lifesteal is likewise ineffective. There are specific pieces of equipment that will heal Huffy when poisons "tick", and these may be included once they become available. Otherwise, Huffy's survival is dependent on having high enough health and defense to weather the enemy's attacks.

Bleed builds emphasize Huffy's attack, which is the basis of bleed damage. Lifesteal becomes important, as high enough lifesteal (together with Huffy's attack, the bleed multiplier, and the shock multiplier) will cause Huffy to heal for more points than the enemy's attack does, making Huffy effectively unkillable. (Of course, the enemy may overpower your lifesteal, especially if they can shock Huffy.) Decreasing the enemy's attack time is actually beneficial in a bleed build, as it means the enemy takes damage faster.

Bleed builds tend to kill enemies more quickly than poison builds, and are therefore the preferred choice for "farming" (staying on a specific level to collect dust). This is especially true with the Lifegiving Gem, which confers a bonus to dust collected based partly on Huffy's lifesteal score.

Some SA levels have enemy affixes which allow high-output dust farming. The keys here are lack of bleed resistance, lack of shock resistance, and the "fast" affix, which makes the enemy attack more frequently. The first three good "farming levels" are 15, 22 and 29.

In general, it's worthwhile to set up Huffy for dust farming on one of these levels, with a compatible equipment build, for overnight or other prolonged away sessions. "Pushing" to new levels will typically require an equipment change, so it should only be done when you're able to dedicate attention to it.


Spire Assault was introduced in patch 5.5.