Speed upgrades are upgrades which drop constantly on the world map, increasing resource output from workers.

Their dropping rules can be found in detail here.

Starting from zone 1 until zone 59, the player will find:

  • Speedminer - +25% to metal generation from workers; appears on cell 60
  • Speedlumber - +25% to wood generation from workers; appears on cell 70
  • Speedfarming - +25% to food generation from workers; appears on cell 80
  • Speedscience - +25% to science generation from workers; appears on cell 40

The first three drop every zone, while Speedscience drops every two zones. This is often a cause of confusion as players tend not to notice this.

Starting zone 60, due to broken planet, speed upgrades no longer drop and are replaced by mega books (which are purple in color):

  • Megaminer - +50% to metal generation from workers
  • Megalumber - +50% to wood generation from workers
  • Megafarming - +50% to food generation from workers
  • Megascience - +50% to science generation from workers

They follow the same dropping rules and spawns as speed books.

By completing Frugal, the player can increase the generation bonus from 50% to 60% to all mega books.

These bonuses are compounding with each other. They do not stack additively.

SpeedExplorer[edit | edit source]

Another kind of speed upgrades are the SpeedExplorer books. Unlike the other speed upgrades, they are found only in maps, and only one can be found every 10 zones. However, each SpeedExplorer book multiplies the fragment gathering rate of your Explorers by 4, compounding.

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