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Gentlemen and Ladies, It's time to make this Wiki GREAT AGAIN!

To do that, I need your help, my comrades.

Honestly, the To-do list is kind of empty right now. Keep editing. However, the following should be done.

1.The following is a list of pages that doesn't have images. Put at least 1 image in them. Images = good. No images = people get tired and don't read.

Honestly, adding an image is pretty damn much harder than it really damn should be.

If you have an image on your computer, it's relatively easy to just click on the insert an image button. That might not work, or you might want to add an image that is already in the database.

This is the page filled with images. You can add a new image by clicking top right. To link an image in a page, you have to use the source editor, and copy the following line.


Obviously, you have to replace "WhatAreGemsFor.png" with the name of the image. You can also change whether it is placed to the left/centre/right. You can also exit the source editor, go into the regular editor, and modify the image there.

You guys can also check out for insights.

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