Reach zone 130 for the first time
Reward New Equipment and Prestige upgrades
Goal Complete Zone 120
All bad guys attack first

"Legends tell of a dimension inhabited by incredibly fast bad guys, where blueprints exist for a powerful yet long forgotten weapon and piece of armor. All bad guys will attack first in this dimension, but clearing Zone 120 with this challenge active will forever-after allow you to create these new pieces of equipment."

Rules[edit | edit source]

All of the enemy imps will attack first.

Completing this challenge unlocks two new pieces of equipment - Arbalest and Gambeson. They will now drop as such.

Also unlocks new Prestige upgrades for them.

This equipment will be available as soon as Slow is finished (in the same run). You will have to run a map repeatedly to catch up with all missing prestige upgrades for it though, as it will be unlocked as Tier I.

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