Trimps Wikia
Trimps Wikia


Reach zone 35 for the first time
Reward Perk: Carpentry
Goal Complete Dimension of Anger
All factors which increase maximum Trimps halved.
Trimps gather 50% more Food, Wood and Metal.

"Tweak the portal to bring you to an alternate reality, where Trimps are bigger and stronger, to force yourself to figure out a way to build larger housing. Your Trimps will gather 50% more Food, Wood, and Metal, but your housing will fit 50% fewer Trimps. If you complete The Dimension of Anger without disabling the challenge, your stats will return to normal."


The number of maximum Trimps gained from every single factor (that includes but is not limited to Housing, Battle Territory bonus, Tauntimp) is lowered by 50%. However, food, wood and metal gathered by Trimps is increased by 50%.

The difference between a normal run and the Size challenge is that your resource gain will effectively be 75% of what it would have otherwise been in a normal run. You might also be unable to purchase the Coordination upgrade, due to a lesser amount of maximum Trimps.

After the challenge is completed, maximum Trimps from all of the factors is retroactively added.


Because this challenge gives one of the most powerful perks, it should be done ASAP.

Note that because trainers will take up a far more significant proportion of your population, it's slightly more effective to get hp rather than block. Shield block is still heavily recommended at this point in the game.