Base Helium cost 100K
Cost increase 1.3x multiplicative
Level cap 3

(399K Helium to max level)

Method of acquisition
Complete the Mapocalypse challenge
Perk effects
Each level decreases the minimum map level player has to run to receive the map bonus to zone damage by 1.

"Use strategies discovered in alternate dimensions to siphon Map Bonus Damage stacks from lower level maps. For each level of Siphonology, you will earn stacks from maps one level lower than your current world. Maximum of 3 levels."

Effect[edit | edit source]

The Map Bonus normally can only be obtained by running a map of maximum level. For example, if the player is on zone 37, to receive it the map must be of level 37.

Each level of this perk reduces that level requirement by 1. With one level in this perk, following our previous example, the player could run either level 36 or 37 maps to receive it.

With all three levels in the perk, the player can do maps up to three levels lower to receive the map bonus.

Note that the bonus will only apply to the current zone regardless of the number of levels purchased in this perk, and will be reset once the zone is completed.

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