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Scruffy is the second special Trimp encountered by the player. Said to be Fluffy's friend, Scruffy is met upon reaching the Radon Universe for the first time, and serves as the player's pet and aide for Universe 2.

Scruffy will always be available in U2, and he can be accessed by hovering or clicking on the purple box in the upper-right corner of the Trimps box, to the left of the message board. Click on it to view detailed information about Scruffy.

Leveling[edit | edit source]

Just like Fluffy, Scruffy can acquire EXP to level up, growing stronger and providing bonuses. The rate of EXP gain can be increased by clearing a higher zone, running a daily challenge, possessing the Scrufffocus Mastery, using a Plagued or Radiating Heirloom with Pet EXP, and building Knowledge Towers in the Player's Spire.

The maximum level Scruffy can reach is Level 15, and he stops gaining EXP once he reaches this level.

The formula for Scruffy's EXP gain is as below:

Reward = a * b * c * d * e * f


  • a = 2.5 (Base EXP)
  • b = (1.02 ^ ([Current Zone] * 3)) (Current Zone modifier)
  • c = (1 + ([Daily Challenge modifier in %] / 100)) (Daily Challenge modifier)
  • d = (1 + (0.25 * [Scrufffocus bonus])) (Bonus from Scrufffocus Mastery)
  • = (1 + ([Pet EXP Bonus from Staff in %] / 100)) (Plagued/Radiating Staff with Pet EXP equipped)
  • f = (1 + (0.15 * [Number of Knowledge Towers in Your Spire])) (Bonus from Knowledge; the 0.15 can be increased with upgrades, up to 0.45)

This is rewarded upon clearing a world zone. Another way of earning EXP would be to buy Bone Portals from the Bone Trader (highest EXP gained in a single run, excluding Daily Challenge bonus).

Scruffy initially requires 1000 EXP to level up, and this increases by a factor of 4 every level.

Scruffy cannot evolve.

The following table shows the required EXP for Scruffy to level up:

Level EXP Required
1 1K
2 4K
3 16K
4 64K
5 256K
6 1.024M
7 4.096M
8 16.384M
9 65.536M
10 262.144M
11 1.048B
12 4.192B
13 16.777B
14 67.108B
15 268.435B
Total ~358B

The tooltip below the EXP bar will indicate how many runs (up to the current world zone) it would take for Scruffy to level up.

Fluff[edit | edit source]

While Scruffy is able to gain EXP, the following messages may be shown (after the statement showing how much EXP he's earning per zone):

  • He's enjoying the grind.
  • He can't wait to get stronger.
  • He could probably use a shower.
  • He's growing up so fast.
  • His fur is looking healthy today.
  • He's feeling quite capable.
  • He still drools a bit in his sleep.
  • He loves a good game of fetch.
  • He's been practicing juggling.
  • He does a flip.
  • He's the only Trimp not scared by your campfire ghost stories.

When Scruffy is at max level (Level 15), the following messages may be shown (may they?):

  • Scruffy's just chillin.
  • Scruffy can now predict the future, though he won't tell you what's going to happen.
  • Scruffy's looking pretty buff.
  • Scruffy's smelling great today.
  • Scruffy is a model Trimp.
  • Scruffy can do anything.
  • Scruffy once killed a Snimp with a well-timed insult.
  • Scruffy can juggle 3 dozen scientists without breaking a sweat.
  • Scruffy does a barrel roll.
  • Scruffy's thinking about writing a book.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

The bonuses the player earns once Scruffy is at a certain evolution/level is shown in Scruffy's menu, along with the attack bonus.

The list of bonuses are as shown in the following table:

Level Ability Attack bonus Attack bonus (Cumulative)
1 Traps are 10x larger and more effective. 10% 10%
2 Adds 25% of your Trimps' max health to their Prismatic Shield. 20% 30%
3 Pet Exp, Plaguebringer, Void Map Drop Chance and Crit Chance mods on Heirlooms no longer suffer a penalty in Universe 2. 30% 60%
4 Increases Radon gain from all sources by 3% for each Zone you reached on your last Portal in this Universe (compounding). 40% 100%
5 Your Trimps gain +50% health. 50% 150%
6 Doubles the amount of resources gained from Battle (excluding Radon). 60% 210%
7 Gives your Trimps an additional 50% crit chance. 70% 280%
8 Resources gathered by your Trimps are doubled. 80% 360%
9 Adds 100% to the Radon modifier of all Daily Challenges. 90% 450%
10 Increases the chance of finding Exotic Imports, bringing the average from 3 per zone to 3.5. 2000% 2450%
11 Gives your Prismatic Shield an additional layer, effectively doubling all Prismatic Shield bonuses. 500% 2950%
12 Start each zone with 15% of last zone's Tenacity time already applied. 750% 3700%
13 Adds +2x to your MegaCrit multiplier, increasing CRIT!! damage to 64x and CRIT damage to 512x. 1000% 4700%
14 Gives your Trimps an additional 50% crit chance. 1225% 5925%
15 ??? 5000% 10925%
0 ??? 0% 10925%

With the Scrufffinity Mastery, Scruffy gains one extra bonus from the next level, without the corresponding attack bonus. For example, Scruffy at Level 6 would grant an extra 50% critical chance to your Trimps.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Scruffy was introduced together with the Radon Universe in patch 5.0. He was able to evolve up to Evolution 3 Level 10.
  • Scruffy was given a max level of 15 in patch 5.4.0. His evolution mechanic was discarded.

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