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Scientist V


Reach zone 130 for the first time, complete Scientist IV
Reward Permanently increase all Helium loot found by 0.5% to the power of the current zone number, and start with 1000% Player Efficiency and 50 Barns, 50 Sheds and 50 Forges.
Goal Complete The Block
No scientists nor self research.
Start with 1500 science.
All enemies have 10x more attack.

"Attempt modifying the portal to retain positive qualities from previous dimensions. Until you perfect the technique, you will start with 1500 science but will be unable to research or hire scientists. and all enemy damage will be 10X higher. Choose your upgrades wisely! Clearing 'The Block' (11) with this challenge active will cause you to permanently increase all helium found by 0.5% to the power of your current world number, and you'll start with 1000% player efficiency, and 50 Barns, Sheds, and Forges each time you use your portal."

Note: More general information about the Scientist challenges can be found here.

Unlocked by reaching zone 130, the Scientist challenge becomes available for completion. The player starts with 1500 science.


Gaining research points is fully disabled. The player can't work on science, and Trimps can't be assigned as scientists.

The player is limited to an amount of science total until the completion of the challenge. There is absolutely no way to gain additional science until the challenge is completed. Once the challenge is completed, all of the disabled functionality is unlocked, and scientists are unlocked again as a possible job, as well as missing Speedscience awarded.

Additionally, all enemies have 10x more attack than normal, meaning that the total HP+BLK required to complete The Block has to be multiplied by 10. This makes the minimum combined HP+BLK needed 1.223M.


Once Scientist V is completed, every Portal the player will start with 1000% player efficiency (instead of 200% from Scientist III), 50 Barns, 50 Sheds and 50 Forges (instead of 5 from Scientist II).

On top of this, the player gains 1.005^Current Zone times the helium from all runs.

Below is a table showing the added multiplier to Helium after completing Scientist V on select zones:

Current zone Helium multiplier on that zone Helium earned up to zone ratio (no void or wormhole)
20 1.10 1.10
40 1.22 1.17
60 1.35 1.26
80 1.49 1.37
100 1.65 1.51
120 1.82 1.66
140 2.01 1.83
160 2.22 2.02
180 2.45 2.23
200 2.71 2.46
220 3.00 2.72
240 3.31 3.01
260 3.66 3.32
280 4.04 3.67
300 4.46 4.06


Battle, Bloodlust, Miners and three levels of Coordination. The remaining science allows one level of Speedminer upgrade. (You'll need a lot of metal for HP equipment.)

You'll probably want around 30 Resilience for this challenge.

You'll probably want around 25 Resilience and 37 Toughness if you have the Slow challenge completed.

If you happen to get a Shield with Trimp Health you could keep it for this occasion.