Trimps Wikia
Trimps Wikia
Unlock criteria 10 cells after unlocking Miners
Initial cost 100 food
Cost increase No
Effect Base 0.5 Science gathered per second for each Scientist.

"You really don't believe it, but that book indicates that Trimps can be smart. Better read it and find out how."

Scientists are used to generate Science.

Because Speedscience only drops every second zone, the further the player progresses the worse Trimps become at being Scientists. Because of this, at some point, it becomes strictly better for the player to work on Science themselves.

Total Science gain from Scientists is the product of the following multipliers:

Multiplier Name Multiplier Value
Base Value 0.5
Number of Scientists Amount of Trimps assigned to the job
Speedscience 1.25^(Books acquired)
Megascience (1.50+0.10*(Frugal Completed))^(Books acquired)
Bounty 2 with Bounty Upgrade, 1 otherwise
Whipimp 1.003^(Number of Whipimps killed in the current run)
Motivation 1+0.05*(Motivation Level)
Motivation II 1+0.01*(Motivation II Level)
Staff Heirloom 1+(Staff Heirloom bonus)

This doesn't include some Challenges that may affect your resources gain.

Note that Megascience, just as the other Megabooks, will give you 60% production increase instead of 50% if you have completed the Frugal challenge.