Robotrimp is an imp which spawns exclusively in Bionic Wonderland. It's also a permanent upgrade in the form of a pet Robotrimp.

Pet RobotrimpEdit

Completing Bionic Wonderland will award the player with a pet Robotrimp.

"There seems to be a small RoboTrimp that you appear to have orphaned. You decide to take him with you, since you're pretty good at training stuff. He deals 20% extra damage for you, and has a special ability. You can learn more about the special ability by hovering over the new icon by your soldiers. You also found a map to a more powerful version of the Bionic Wonderland. You would bet there's another RoboTrimp who needs 'rescuing' in there."


Once unlocked, the pet Robotrimp stays in the game forever. Using the Portal does not reset it. Bionic Wonderland does not have to be completed multiple times.

However, using the Portal will make the pet Robotrimp active ability disappear until the player breaks the planet (if you click where the button would be, you can activate it early to be used on the improbability at the end of zone 59.) The passive ability is always applied.

Completing Bionic Wonderland will create a new one which will be of a higher level. Completing the next tier of Bionic Wonderland will upgrade the player's pet Robotrimp.

Passive abilityEdit

Each level of the pet Robotrimp will grant the player with an additive 20% damage bonus, which can be observed in the damage breakdown by clicking the Trimps' attack value.


Robotrimp icon

Pet Robotrimp icon

nlocking the pet Robotrimp will create an active ability that can be used. The button which controls it can be found under formations and has a chain icon.

When active, the pet Robotrimp will decrease the base attack value of the next Improbability that the player encounters. First level of the pet Robotrimp will decrease it by 15%. When used, the player has to wait through a 5 zone cooldown until the ability can be used again. This means that only a maximum of 1 out of 5 Improbabilities can be weakened using this ability.

This button has three states:

  • Red: The active ability is disabled, and will not fire on the next encountered Improbability.
  • Green: The active ability is enabled, and will be automatically used on the next encountered Improbability.
  • Gray: The active ability is on cooldown. The number next to the chain icon will display the amount of zones left that must be beaten for the ability to be usable again.

Note that the active ability doesn't have to be "clicked" when the player meets an Improbability. The player simply has to make sure the button is set to green beforehand, and it will be automatically used.

After the ability goes off cooldown, its state will be set to red (inactive), which will require for it to be enabled again if the player intends to use it on the next Improbability.


Every time a higher tier of Bionic Wonderland is completed for the first time in the save file, the pet Robotrimp will be upgraded. Note that multiple completions of a single tier of Bionic Wonderland do not give additional upgrades. After a tier of Bionic Wonderland is completed, completing it again is only used as means of unlocking higher tiers of Bionic Wonderland.

Robotrimp values after unique completion of select tiers of Bionic Wonderland.
Map Level Robotrimp

passive attack

Robotrimp active

ability power

Bionic Wonderland 125 20% 15%
Bionic Wonderland II 140 40% 23.5%
Bionic Wonderland III 155 60% 31.15%
Bionic Wonderland IV 170 80% 38.035%
Bionic Wonderland V 185 100% 44.2315%
Bionic Wonderland VI 200 120% 49.80835%
Bionic Wonderland VII 215 140% 54.827515%
Bionic Wonderland VIII 230 160% 59.3447635%
Bionic Wonderland IX 245 180% 63.41028715%
Bionic Wonderland X 260 200% 67.069258435%
Bionic Wonderland XI 275 220% 70.362332591%
Bionic Wonderland XII 290 240% 73.326099332%
Bionic Wonderland XIII 305 260% 75.993489399%
Bionic Wonderland XIV 320 280% 78.394140459%
Bionic Wonderland XV 335 300% 80.554726413%
Bionic Wonderland XVI 350 320% 82.499253772%
Bionic Wonderland XVII 365 340% 84.249328394%
Bionic Wonderland XVIII 380 360% 85.824395555%
Bionic Wonderland XIX 395 380% 87.241955999%
Bionic Wonderland XX 410 400% 88.517760399%
Bionic Wonderland XXI 425 420% 89.665984359%
Bionic Wonderland XXII 440 440% 90.699385923%
Bionic Wonderland XXIII 455 460% 91.629447331%
Bionic Wonderland XXIV 470 480% 92.466502598%

Trivia Edit

In patch V4, if the player had cleared Bionic Wonderlands above tier VIII prior to the release of the patch, the level of Robotrimp was reset down to 8, meaning that all the Bionic Wonderlands above VIII (level 230) were needed to be finished again.

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