Base Helium cost 50K
Cost increase 1.3x multiplicative
Level cap none
Method of acquisition
Complete the Mapology challenge
Perk effects
5% multiplicative decrease to resource cost of all structures

"Spending time with limited maps has taught you how to be more resourceful. Each level will allow you to spend 5% fewer resources than the current cost per level on all structures."

Effect[edit | edit source]

Each level is a 5% multiplicative decrease to resource costs of all structures. This perk affects the costs of all buildings, such as all Housing, Traps, Gyms, Tributes etc.

This perk is very similar to Artisanistry, in the way that it reduces costs multiplicatively for each level.

The following table illustrates its effect on the 5 most important buildings. It shows the number of extra buildings that can be bought with the same amount of resources while using a certain level of resourceful when compared to no levels of resourceful.

Extra Buildings at a given Resourceful level:[edit | edit source]

Resourceful level lv 7 lv 13 lv 20 lv 27
Warpstation 1 2 3 4
Collector 3 6 9 12
Gym 2 4 6 8
Tribute 7 14 21 28
Nursery 6 12 18 24
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