Trimps Wikia
Trimps Wikia
Base Helium cost 100
Cost increase 1.3x multiplicative
Level cap none
Method of acquisition
U1: Complete the Trimp challenge

U2: Complete the Trappapalooza challenge

Perk effects
10% multiplicative to total Trimp health

"Use your acquired skills in Trimp strengthening to gain a 10% compounding increase to total Trimp health. Effect increased by Toughness."


Each level is a 10% multiplicative increase to total Trimp health.

Relation to other perks[]

Because Resilience effectively adds health, it has synergy with other health perks.

Resilience, Toughness, and Toughness II raise their own multipliers, which stack multiplicatively with each other.

A guide on how to efficiently level those perks in relation to each other can be found in this section.