Base Helium cost 75
Cost increase 1.3x multiplicative
Level cap 10

(3223 Helium to max level)

Method of acquisition
Complete Trimple of Doom
Perk effects
5% additive higher chance to critically strike
30% additive critical damage

"You've seen too many Trimps fall, time for more aggressive training. Bringing back these memories will cause your Trimps to gain a 5% chance to critically strike for 230% damage at level 1, and they will gain an additional 5% crit chance and 30% crit damage per level. Maximum of 10 levels."

Effect Edit

Each level is an additive 5% chance to critically strike, as well as an additive 30% critical damage.

At level 10, you have a 50% chance to critically strike for 500% damage.

Relation to other perks Edit

Because Relentlessness effectively adds damage, it has synergy with other damage perks.

Relentlessness, Power, Range and Power II raise their own multipliers, which stack multiplicatively with each other.

A guide on how to efficiently level those perks in relation to each other can be found in this section.

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