Base Helium cost 75
Cost increase 1.3x multiplicative
Level cap 10

(3223 Helium to max level)

Method of acquisition
Complete Trimple of Doom
Perk effects
5% additive higher chance to critically strike
30% additive critical damage

"You've seen too many Trimps fall, time for more aggressive training. Bringing back these memories will cause your Trimps to gain a 5% chance to critically strike for 230% damage at level 1, and they will gain an additional 5% crit chance and 30% crit damage per level. Maximum of 10 levels."

Effect[edit | edit source]

Each level is an additive 5% chance to critically strike, as well as an additive 30% critical damage.

At level 10, you have a 50% chance to critically strike for 500% damage.

Relation to other perks[edit | edit source]

Because Relentlessness effectively adds damage, it has synergy with other damage perks.

Relentlessness, Power, Range and Power II raise their own multipliers, which stack multiplicatively with each other.

A guide on how to efficiently level those perks in relation to each other can be found in this section.

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