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The Radon Universe (also called Universe 2, or U2 for short) is a whole new universe to explore in Trimps. It can be reached by leveling Fluffy to Evolution 8 Level 10 and then using the Portal.

New universe

Message upon unlocking U2 for the first time

The Radon Universe is similar to the original Helium Universe, whereby there are world zones (100 cells per zone) and maps. Progressing further into the zones unlocks new mechanics and story pieces, giving insights behind Druopitee's actions and his interactions with Fluffy and Scruffy.

The player may travel between the two Universes without penalty via the Portal or the View Perks screen, although any Helium/Radon and Pet EXP earned prior to unlocking the Portal will be lost.

Changes from Helium UniverseEdit

The following are kept between the two Universes:

The following are NOT kept between the two Universes, and hence is restricted to the Universe it exists in:

In addition, Heirlooms are much weaker in U2, and are only 10% as effective (the other 90% can be partly reobtained as a Scruffy bonus).

New MechanicsEdit

Block is gone in U2; in its place is a new mechanic called Prismatic Shield. This special shield can be first obtained by beating cell 5 of zone 2, and allows Trimps to resist enemy hits. All enemy hits will target Prismatic Shield first, and then the actual Trimp health once the Shield is depleted. The Prismatic Shield is recharged fully after an enemy is defeated.

A new modifier present in Radiating Heirlooms, called Gamma Burst, allows Trimps to charge up a powerful attack. Every attack adds 1 stack of Charging, and once 5 stacks are acquired, a Burst is released, further multiplying the damage of the current hit.

New Buildings:

  • The Smithy gives a 25% compounding bonus to Trimp Attack and Health.
  • Purchasing a Microchip, which survives through Portals, is equivalent to completing a Scientist challenge.

New Jobs:

  • Meteorologists may be hired starting at zone 30 (cell 20). They increase Radon starting on the zone after they are hired.

There are also new Challenges awarding new Perks, new Achievements exclusive to this Universe, and new Unique maps awarding special loot.

Removed MechanicsEdit

Block is gone, as noted above, along with all of its supporting mechanics: Gyms, Trainers, TrainTacular, Gymystics, The Block and Shieldblock. Shields always give health. Radiant heirlooms never have Trimp Block or Trainer Efficiency modifiers.

There are also no Nurseries, nor Geneticists.

Enemy Health and DamageEdit


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