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This is an article for equipment prestige upgrades. If you were looking for soft reset mechanics, go to Portal.

Equipment prestige upgrades can only be found as unlocks in maps. Those upgrades will destroy your current equipment piece and raise its tier, increasing its output in stats, but nullifying all of the gain from levels put into the previous tier.

A map can have multiple equipment prestige upgrades in it. That means it has to be ran multiple times, in order to obtain them all. They are always on the last cell of a map, and only one at a time can be unlocked.

As there are 11 equipment pieces currently in the game, there are 11 upgrades for each tier of equipment. Each of these upgrades comes with level 1 automatically purchased (however, the price of that level is included in the upgrade cost).

The cost of purchasing equipment prestige upgrades is drastically lowered if the planet was broken.


Here's a list of all the Tier II equipment upgrades that can be found in maps of the specified level. Each of these upgrades appear again every 5 levels, infinitely. Completing Scientist II unlocks (but doesn't purchase) tier 2 equipment permanently. Completing the Science IV challenge gives a reward of double upgrade drops on odd Tier drops, which are found on levels ending in 1 to 5. In effect this means the player receives two prestige drops per 10 levels for each piece of equipment, rather than one every five. Every one of those upgrades can also be obtained in later levels if they were missed.

Map level Upgrade Equipment
6 Supershield Shield
6 Dagadder Dagger
6 Bootboost Boots
7 Megamace Mace
7 Hellishmet Helmet
8 Polierarm Polearm
8 Pantastic Pants
9 Axeidic Battleaxe
9 Smoldershoulder Shoulderguards
10 Greatersword Greatsword
10 Bestplate Breastplate
10 Harmbalest* Arbalest*
10 GambesOP* Gambeson*

*Unlocked by completing the Slow challenge

Dropping rule[]

Prior to V2.4, if a player advanced to the next zone without picking up any prestige upgrades from a map, any subsequent maps would drop all of the same type of upgrade first and then move on to the next available piece of equipment in the order displayed above. In V2.4, the dropping rule was altered so that an entire tier had to be obtained before dropping a higher tier.

In V2.5, this became a togglable feature in the settings panel:

"Equipment First" will drop all equipment of one type as long as there are missing upgrades. (Dagadder I → Dagadder II → Dagadder III, etc.)

"Tier First" will drop all equipment from the same tier as long as there are missing upgrades. (Dagadder I → Bootboost I → Megamace I, etc.)

Prestige Effects[]

Adding prestige applies exponential growth to the equipemnt's stats - both cost, and its bonus.For each prestige upgrade applied:

  • Health becomes: [Base health] * 1.19^([level-1]*14 +1) or *11.4 per prestige level
  • Attack becomes: [Base attack] * 1.19^([level-1]*13 +1) or *9.60 per prestige level
  • When Shieldblock is activated, Block becomes: 1.5 * 1.19^([level-1]*10 +1) or *5.69 per prestige level
  • Cost becomes:
    • [base cost] * 1.069^([level-1]*57 +1) at prestige<4 (*44.8 per level)
    • [base cost] * 1.069^([(level-3)*0.85+2]*57 +1) otherwise (*25.3 per level).

Equipment upgrade costs[]

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Missing Arbalest/Gambeson upgrade costs

Below are tables for metal/wood cost of equipment prestige upgrades of selected tiers (Shield costs wood, all others cost metal). These costs are effectively how much a first level in each equipment would cost, but level 1 is already included with the prestige upgrade.

These costs are normally affected by the Artisanistry perk, and can be calculated using the following formula:

[Base cost] * (0.95^[Artisanistry level])

Note that the science or gem costs are not included, as their cost is practically negligible in comparison to the wood/metal required (less than 1%)

Before breaking the planet[]

Using standard notation[]

Tier Shield Dagger Boots Mace Helmet Polearm Pants Battleaxe Shoulder-guards Greatsword Breastplate
1 40 40 55 80 100 140 160 230 275 375 415
2 1.92K 1.92K 2.64K 3.84K 4.79K 6.71K 7.67K 11.03K 13.18K 17.98K 19.90K
3 86.00K 86.00K 118.25K 172.00K 215.00K 301.00K 344.00K 494.50K 591.25K 806.25K 892.25K
4 2.18M 2.18M 3.00M 4.36M 5.45M 7.63M 8.72M 12.54M 14.99M 20.44M 22.62M
5 55.26M 55.26M 75.99M 110.53M 138.16M 193.42M 221.05M 317.76M 379.93M 518.09M 573.36M
6 1.40B 1.40B 1.93B 2.80B 3.50B 4.90B 5.60B 8.06B 9.63B 13.13B 14.53B
7 35.51B 35.51B 48.83B 71.02B 88.78B 124.29B 142.05B 204.19B 244.15B 332.93B 368.44B
8 900.21B 900.21B 1.24T 1.80T 2.25T 3.15T 3.60T 5.18T 6.19T 8.44T 9.34T
9 22.82T 22.82T 31.38T 45.64T 57.05T 79.87T 91.28T 131.21T 156.89T 213.94T 236.76T
10 578.48T 578.48T 795.40T 1.16Qa 1.45Qa 2.02Qa 2.31Qa 3.33Qa 3.98Qa 5.42Qa 6.00Qa

Using scientific notation[]

Tier Shield Dagger Boots Mace Helmet Polearm Pants Battleaxe Shoulder-guards Greatsword Breastplate
1 4.00E+01 4.00E+01 5.50E+01 8.00E+01 1.00E+02 1.40E+02 1.60E+02 2.30E+02 2.75E+02 3.75E+02 4.15E+02
2 1.92E+03 1.92E+03 2.64E+03 3.84E+03 4.79E+03 6.71E+03 7.67E+03 1.10E+04 1.32E+04 1.80E+04 1.99E+04
3 8.60E+04 8.60E+04 1.18E+05 1.72E+05 2.15E+05 3.01E+05 3.44E+05 4.94E+05 5.91E+05 8.06E+05 8.92E+05
4 2.18E+06 2.18E+06 3.00E+06 4.36E+06 5.45E+06 7.63E+06 8.72E+06 1.25E+07 1.50E+07 2.04E+07 2.26E+07
5 5.53E+07 5.53E+07 7.60E+07 1.11E+08 1.38E+08 1.93E+08 2.21E+08 3.18E+08 3.80E+08 5.18E+08 5.73E+08
6 1.40E+09 1.40E+09 1.93E+09 2.80E+09 3.50E+09 4.90E+09 5.60E+09 8.06E+09 9.63E+09 1.31E+10 1.45E+10
7 3.55E+10 3.55E+10 4.88E+10 7.10E+10 8.88E+10 1.24E+11 1.42E+11 2.04E+11 2.44E+11 3.33E+11 3.68E+11
8 9.00E+11 9.00E+11 1.24E+12 1.80E+12 2.25E+12 3.15E+12 3.60E+12 5.18E+12 6.19E+12 8.44E+12 9.34E+12
9 2.28E+13 2.28E+13 3.14E+13 4.56E+13 5.70E+13 7.99E+13 9.13E+13 1.31E+14 1.57E+14 2.14E+14 2.37E+14
10 5.78E+14 5.78E+14 7.95E+14 1.16E+15 1.45E+15 2.02E+15 2.31E+15 3.33E+15 3.98E+15 5.42E+15 6.00E+15

After breaking the planet[]

Using standard notation[]

Tier Shield Dagger Boots Mace Helmet Polearm Pants Battleaxe Shoulder-guards Greatsword Breastplate
7 8.40B 8.40B 11.55B 16.81B 21.01B 29.41B 33.61B 48.32B 57.77B 78.78B 87.19B
8 169.79B 169.79B 233.46B 339.57B 424.47B 594.25B 679.15B 976.27B 1.17T 1.59T 1.76T
9 3.43T 3.43T 4.72T 6.86T 8.58T 12.01T 13.72T 19.72T 23.58T 32.16T 35.59T
10 69.31T 69.31T 95.30T 138.62T 173.27T 242.58T 277.24T 398.53T 476.50T 649.78T 719.09T
11 1.40Qa 1.40Qa 1.93Qa 2.80Qa 3.50Qa 4.90Qa 5.60Qa 8.05Qa 9.63Qa 13.13Qa 14.53Qa
12 28.29Qa 28.29Qa 38.90Qa 56.59Qa 70.73Qa 99.03Qa 113.17Qa 162.69Qa 194.52Qa 265.25Qa 293.54Qa
13 571.65Qa 571.65Qa 786.02Qa 1.14Qi 1.43Qi 2.00Qi 2.29Qi 3.29Qi 3.93Qi 5.36Qi 5.93Qi
14 11.55Qi 11.55Qi 15.88Qi 23.10Qi 28.87Qi 40.42Qi 46.20Qi 66.41Qi 79.41Qi 108.28Qi 119.83Qi
15 233.36Qi 233.36Qi 320.87Qi 466.72Qi 583.39Qi 816.75Qi 933.43Qi 1.34Sx 1.60Sx 2.19Sx 2.42Sx
16 4.71Sx 4.71Sx 6.48Sx 9.43Sx 11.79Sx 16.50Sx 18.86Sx 27.11Sx 32.41Sx 44.20Sx 48.92Sx
17 95.26Sx 95.26Sx 130.98Sx 190.52Sx 238.15Sx 333.41Sx 381.04Sx 547.75Sx 654.92Sx 893.07Sx 988.33Sx
18 1.92Sp 1.92Sp 2.65Sp 3.85Sp 4.81Sp 6.74Sp 7.70Sp 11.07Sp 13.23Sp 18.04Sp 19.97Sp
19 38.89Sp 38.89Sp 53.47Sp 77.77Sp 97.22Sp 136.10Sp 155.55Sp 223.60Sp 267.35Sp 364.57Sp 403.45Sp
20 785.69Sp 785.69Sp 1.08Oc 1.57Oc 1.96Oc 2.75Oc 3.14Oc 4.52Oc 5.40Oc 7.37Oc 8.15Oc
21 15.87Oc 15.87Oc 21.83Oc 31.75Oc 39.69Oc 55.56Oc 63.50Oc 91.28Oc 109.14Oc 148.82Oc 164.70Oc
22 320.73Oc 320.73Oc 441.01Oc 641.46Oc 801.83Oc 1.12No 1.28No 1.84No 2.21No 3.01No 3.33No
23 6.48No 6.48No 8.91No 12.96No 16.20No 22.68No 25.92No 37.26No 44.55No 60.75No 67.23No
24 130.93No 130.93No 180.03No 261.86No 327.32No 458.25No 523.71No 752.84No 900.13No 1.23Dc 1.36Dc
25 2.65Dc 2.65Dc 3.64Dc 5.29Dc 6.61Dc 9.26Dc 10.58Dc 15.21Dc 18.19Dc 24.80Dc 27.45Dc
26 53.45Dc 53.45Dc 73.49Dc 106.89Dc 133.62Dc 187.06Dc 213.79Dc 307.32Dc 367.45Dc 501.07Dc 554.51Dc
27 1.08Ud 1.08Ud 1.48Ud 2.16Ud 2.70Ud 3.78Ud 4.32Ud 6.21Ud 7.42Ud 10.12Ud 11.20Ud
28 21.82Ud 21.82Ud 30.00Ud 43.64Ud 54.55Ud 76.36Ud 87.27Ud 125.45Ud 150.00Ud 204.54Ud 226.36Ud
29 440.82Ud 440.82Ud 606.13Ud 881.64Ud 1.10Dd 1.54Dd 1.76Dd 2.53Dd 3.03Dd 4.13Dd 4.57Dd
30 8.91Dd 8.91Dd 12.25Dd 17.81Dd 22.27Dd 31.17Dd 35.63Dd 51.21Dd 61.23Dd 83.50Dd 92.40Dd

Using scientific notation[]

Tier Shield Dagger Boots Mace Helmet Polearm Pants Battleaxe Shoulder-guards Greatsword Breastplate
7 8.40E+09 8.40E+09 1.16E+10 1.68E+10 2.10E+10 2.94E+10 3.36E+10 4.83E+10 5.78E+10 7.88E+10 8.72E+10
8 1.70E+11 1.70E+11 2.33E+11 3.40E+11 4.24E+11 5.94E+11 6.79E+11 9.76E+11 1.17E+12 1.59E+12 1.76E+12
9 3.43E+12 3.43E+12 4.72E+12 6.86E+12 8.58E+12 1.20E+13 1.37E+13 1.97E+13 2.36E+13 3.22E+13 3.56E+13
10 6.93E+13 6.93E+13 9.53E+13 1.39E+14 1.73E+14 2.43E+14 2.77E+14 3.99E+14 4.77E+14 6.50E+14 7.19E+14
11 1.40E+15 1.40E+15 1.93E+15 2.80E+15 3.50E+15 4.90E+15 5.60E+15 8.05E+15 9.63E+15 1.31E+16 1.45E+16
12 2.83E+16 2.83E+16 3.89E+16 5.66E+16 7.07E+16 9.90E+16 1.13E+17 1.63E+17 1.95E+17 2.65E+17 2.94E+17
13 5.72E+17 5.72E+17 7.86E+17 1.14E+18 1.43E+18 2.00E+18 2.29E+18 3.29E+18 3.93E+18 5.36E+18 5.93E+18
14 1.15E+19 1.15E+19 1.59E+19 2.31E+19 2.89E+19 4.04E+19 4.62E+19 6.64E+19 7.94E+19 1.08E+20 1.20E+20
15 2.33E+20 2.33E+20 3.21E+20 4.67E+20 5.83E+20 8.17E+20 9.33E+20 1.34E+21 1.60E+21 2.19E+21 2.42E+21
16 4.71E+21 4.71E+21 6.48E+21 9.43E+21 1.18E+22 1.65E+22 1.89E+22 2.71E+22 3.24E+22 4.42E+22 4.89E+22
17 9.53E+22 9.53E+22 1.31E+23 1.91E+23 2.38E+23 3.33E+23 3.81E+23 5.48E+23 6.55E+23 8.93E+23 9.88E+23
18 1.92E+24 1.92E+24 2.65E+24 3.85E+24 4.81E+24 6.74E+24 7.70E+24 1.11E+25 1.32E+25 1.80E+25 2.00E+25
19 3.89E+25 3.89E+25 5.35E+25 7.78E+25 9.72E+25 1.36E+26 1.56E+26 2.24E+26 2.67E+26 3.65E+26 4.03E+26
20 7.86E+26 7.86E+26 1.08E+27 1.57E+27 1.96E+27 2.75E+27 3.14E+27 4.52E+27 5.40E+27 7.37E+27 8.15E+27
21 1.59E+28 1.59E+28 2.18E+28 3.17E+28 3.97E+28 5.56E+28 6.35E+28 9.13E+28 1.09E+29 1.49E+29 1.65E+29
22 3.21E+29 3.21E+29 4.41E+29 6.41E+29 8.02E+29 1.12E+30 1.28E+30 1.84E+30 2.21E+30 3.01E+30 3.33E+30
23 6.48E+30 6.48E+30 8.91E+30 1.30E+31 1.62E+31 2.27E+31 2.59E+31 3.73E+31 4.46E+31 6.08E+31 6.72E+31
24 1.31E+32 1.31E+32 1.80E+32 2.62E+32 3.27E+32 4.58E+32 5.24E+32 7.53E+32 9.00E+32 1.23E+33 1.36E+33
25 2.65E+33 2.65E+33 3.64E+33 5.29E+33 6.61E+33 9.26E+33 1.06E+34 1.52E+34 1.82E+34 2.48E+34 2.74E+34
26 5.34E+34 5.34E+34 7.35E+34 1.07E+35 1.34E+35 1.87E+35 2.14E+35 3.07E+35 3.67E+35 5.01E+35 5.55E+35
27 1.08E+36 1.08E+36 1.48E+36 2.16E+36 2.70E+36 3.78E+36 4.32E+36 6.21E+36 7.42E+36 1.01E+37 1.12E+37
28 2.18E+37 2.18E+37 3.00E+37 4.36E+37 5.45E+37 7.64E+37 8.73E+37 1.25E+38 1.50E+38 2.05E+38 2.26E+38
29 4.41E+38 4.41E+38 6.06E+38 8.82E+38 1.10E+39 1.54E+39 1.76E+39 2.53E+39 3.03E+39 4.13E+39 4.57E+39
30 8.91E+39 8.91E+39 1.22E+40 1.78E+40 2.23E+40 3.12E+40 3.56E+40 5.12E+40 6.12E+40 8.35E+40 9.24E+40


  • Before V2.4: The dropping rule of prestige upgrades used to give the player the newest tier upgrades first, even if they hadn't unlocked all upgrades of the previous tier. It worked like this:

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Upgrades of the same tier always drop in order. If, however, the player were to start a map which has higher tier equipment upgrades in it, they will be given first, even if the player doesn't have all upgrades of the previous tier.

For example, let's assume the player has upgrades from all levels up until level 9. That means they are missing:

  • Greatsword II, Breastplate II.

If the player were to start a level 11 map now, upgrades will be given in the following order:

  • Shield III, Dagger III, Boots III
  • Greatsword II, Breastplate II

For this reason, if you were looking for tier II upgrades, it would have been advisable to run a level 10 map instead. Because new tier of prestige upgrades starts every 5 levels beginning from level 6 (6, 11, 16, 21, 26 etc.), it's possible to plan ahead and try lower level maps for upgrades of the desired tier.

Note: If the player is missing, for example, an upgrade to Dagger III (nor has Dagger III) and also missing an upgrade to Dagger II (nor has Dagger II) and try a level 11 map, the similar principle applies, however, the lower tier upgrade will be given first.

If the player does their first map ever (having no upgrades) at level 11, the upgrades are awarded in the following order:

  • Shield II, Shield III
  • Dagger II, Dagger III
  • Boots II, Boots III
  • Mace II, Helmet II etc
  • In V2.5, the dropping order became a togglable feature giving the player the option to select their own preference.