Base Helium cost 3
Cost increase 1.3x multiplicative
Level cap none
Method of acquisition
Perk effects
Each level is a 20% additive increase to storage space
"Study the ancient, secret Trimp methods of hoarding. Each level increases the amount of stuff you can shove in your barn, shed and forge by 20%."

Effect Edit

Each level increases storage space by 20% (additive). This perk will not increase the cost of storage upgrades.

Indirect effect Edit

The indirect result of this is that the relative price of an storage upgrades is lowered. The first storage upgrade cost 125 resources, and upgrades from 500 to 1000 max storage, and the relative cost is then 25% of the current max storage.

The following upgrades to that building is then always 25% of the max storage.

By increasing the storage by 20% with 1 level of Packrat, the upgrade cost is still 125 resources, but the max is now 600, so the relative cost is then 21%, and going to stay at 21% for each upgrade.

So without Packrat you can queue at most 2 upgrades at the same time (25%+50%), and at most 3 total in queue (3rd at 100% of max). With Packrat at level 4, your initial storage capacity is doubled (+107%), so with a full storage you can queue 3 upgrades at the same time, and at most 4 total.

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