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Obsidian is the final anomaly for the Helium Universe and starts at Zone 701. 

Upon reaching this zone for the first time, the following message is displayed on the screen:

"The Magma has solidified into impenetrable Obsidian; your Trimps have no hope of progressing here right now."

The whole zone turns black, and all enemies gain the Hardened effect. This makes their health and attack infinite, thereby making it impossible for the player's fighting Trimps to progress.

The obsidian wall at zone 701

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Obsidian Wall cannot be broken; the only way to progress is to push it back. This is done by making Fluffy stronger.

If Fluffy is not of a high enough Evolution/Level, the following message is displayed:

"Fluffy has an idea for remelting the world, but it will take a tremendous amount of energy from a place Fluffy isn't yet powerful enough to send you. Fluffy asks you to help him reach the 10th Level of his 8th Evolution, and he promises he'll make it worth your time."

Fulfilling the condition above will allow Fluffy to create a pathway to a brand new Universe, that will allow the wall to be pushed back. The following message will then be shown:

"However, all is not lost! Every A Zones of progress you make in the Radon Universe will allow you to harness enough energy for Fluffy to slow down the hardening of your World for an extra 10 Zones in this Universe."

where is 10 when the player's Highest Zone cleared in U2 is below 100 and 50 if the HZE is greater than 100.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even though the zone turns black, features like Magma and enemies carrying Tokens of Nature are still visible.
  • All bonuses from Challenge² will have 5x the effect for the zones where Obsidian has been pushed back.
  • The player will still able to run Extra Zone MapsVoid Maps and Bionic Wonderland maps at the same or higher level as the Obsidian wall. This allows the player to beat Spire VI which comes directly before the first Obsidian zone.
  • Obsidian was added in patch v5.0.
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