Trimps Wikia
Trimps Wikia
Unlock criteria Defeat a bad guy guarding a house icon in a map of level 23 or higher.
Initial cost 400K gems

1M wood 500K metal

Cost increase Yes, by 1.06x per level
Effect 1% multiplicative increase to Trimp breeding speed

"Construct a gem-powered nursery, where baby Trimps can grow up faster. Increases Trimps per second from breeding by 1% (compounding)."

The Nursery blueprint can be found in maps, level 23 or higher. Nurseries enhance your breeding speed by 1% with compounding effect. Here is a chart to quantify the effect it has on breeding:

Levels (x) Effect on Breeding Rate (1.01 ^ x)
70 ≈ doubles breeding rates
111 ≈ triples breeding rates
140 ≈ quadruples breeding rates
209 ≈ octuples breeding rates
241 ≈ 10x breeding rates

In-game differences[]

When calculating the effect of Nurseries using the formula y = 1.01^x, where y is the bonus and x is the level of your nurseries, you will find that the in-game stats differ. That's because the in-game number is a bonus added, while the formula gives you a multiplier. To achieve the in-game numbers just use y = (1.01^x) -1, where y is the bonus and x is the level of your nurseries.


Past zone 230, 10% of your Nurseries will close down every zone. This does not reduce the price of buying new Nurseries, so it is recommended to avoid buying large amounts of nurseries until the player is about to portal.