Unlock criteria Defeat a bad guy guarding a house icon in a map of level 23 or higher.
Initial cost 400K gems

1M wood 500K metal

Cost increase Yes, by 1.06x per level
Effect 1% multiplicative increase to Trimp breeding speed

"Construct a gem-powered nursery, where baby Trimps can grow up faster. Increases Trimps per second from breeding by 1% (compounding)."

The Nursery blueprint can be found in maps, level 23 or higher. Nurseries enhance your breeding speed by 1% with compounding effect. Here is a chart to quantify the effect it has on breeding:

Levels (x) Effect on Breeding Rate (1.01 ^ x)
70 ≈ doubles breeding rates
111 ≈ triples breeding rates
140 ≈ quadruples breeding rates
209 ≈ octuples breeding rates
241 ≈ 10x breeding rates

In-game differences Edit

When calculating the effect of Nurseries using the formula y = 1.01^x, where y is the bonus and x is the level of your nurseries, you will find that the in-game stats differ. That's because the in-game number is a bonus added, while the formula gives you a multiplier. To achieve the in-game numbers just use y = (1.01^x) -1, where y is the bonus and x is the level of your nurseries.

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