Reach zone 25 for the first time
Reward Perk: Artisanistry
Goal Complete Dimension of Anger
Can't use miners
"Tweak the portal to bring you to alternate reality, where the concept of Miners does not exist, to force yourself to become frugal with equipment crafting strategies. If you complete The Dimension Of Anger without disabling the challenge, miners will re-unlock."

Rules Edit

Trimps cannot be assigned as miners for the duration of the challenge. The only way to obtain metal is from mining it yourself, as well as killing imps in maps or the world.

Through the duration of this challenge, Speedminer does not drop. After the challenge is complete, all of the Speedminers which would have otherwise been unlocked will be awarded to the player for purchase, as well as Miners, which have to be unlocked as well from the Upgrades menu.

Finding a Miner book while doing the challenge results in the following message:

"Your Trimps simply do not understand what this book is talking about. It's blowing their minds. What is a 'Miner'?!"

Finding a Speedminer book while doing the challenge results in the following message:

"Your scientists stare blankly at you for a moment, then slowly and quietly place the new book on the shelves."

If you have 0 Scientists, the following message will instead be displayed:

"You don't have any Scientists to not know how to handle this book, so everything's chill."

Strategy Edit

Shieldblock should be upgraded, as Block is very useful in this challenge.

It is advised to run maps with metal loot and high loot values.

Not only are Miners nonexistent, but so are Magmamancers, meaning no damage bonus from Magmamancermancy Mastery during the Challenge² variant.

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