Reach zone 150 for the first time
Reward Perk: Resourceful
Goal Complete zone 100
During the challenge, the player gains 1 map credit per each completed world zone.
Running a map costs 1 map credit. Multiple single map runs spend credits as the map is repeated.

"Travel to a dimension where maps are scarce, in an attempt to learn to be more resourceful. You will earn one map Credit for each World Zone you clear, and it costs 1 credit to run 1 map. Completing Zone 100 with this challenge active will return you to your original dimension. Double prestige from Scientist IV will not work during this challenge."

Rules[edit | edit source]

Note: For the duration of this challenge, the double prestige reward from Scientist IV will be temporarily disabled.

For the duration of this challenge, a new temporary currency is added: map credits. Every time a zone is completed (starting zone 1) a map credit is earned.

Starting any map costs 1 map credit. Each repeat of the said map will also cost an additional credit.

If the player has no credits, they can't start any map, with the following message:

You are all out of Map Credits! Clear some more zones to earn some more.

If the player runs out of map credits while doing a map, they will be kicked out to the map selection screen.

Map credits are only gained and used during this challenge.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Use the "Equip First" setting for the duration of this challenge, and only upgrade the first 5 equipment prestige upgrades at each tier, ignoring the rest. The reason for this is that by zone 95 the player will have access to 20 tiers of equipment, and there's only a maximum of 99 credits that can be obtained, which makes it possible to fully keep up with 5 pieces of equipment. If you upgrade more than 5, then you won't be able to upgrade them all to the last tier, which is a net loss in power.

Using the map modifier 'Prestigious' (added to the game long after Mapology), you can upgrade twice as many kinds of equipment for the same number of map runs, making this challenge trivial.

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