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Map At Zone (often abbreviated MAZ or M@Z) is one of the game Settings. It must be unlocked by running a Void Map at zone 150 or higher.

The in-game description reads:

When enabled, you will automatically abandon your Trimps in the World and enter the Map Chamber as soon as you hit your specified Zone number.

Configure with hotkey Z

However, this description is out of date, and does not adequately explain the full power of this feature.


An example of Map At Zone after update 5.5.0.

For each universe, you are given one "preset", a bank of up to 6 settings. You may unlock a second preset by learning the Map At Zonier Mastery.

Each setting is a row that may be configured in the following ways:

  • Clicking the red X will delete the row.
  • The check box under "Active?" allows the row to be deactivated or activated without deleting it.
  • Start Zone and Exit At Cell allow you to specify the exact world zone and cell number to trigger the jump to the map chamber.
  • End Zone allows you to stop running this setting after reaching that zone.
  • The check box under "Run Map?" specifies whether you simply sit in the map chamber, or run a map automatically.
  • The pulldown menu under "Use Preset" allows you to select whether you'd like to create a new map using one of your map presets, or run a void map, or run certain other special maps (including Bionic Wonderland and Black Bog).
  • Under Map Repeat, the options are "Repeat On", "Repeat Off", or "Don't Change".
  • Under Set Repeat Until, the options are "Don't Change", "Repeat Forever", "Repeat to 10", "Repeat for Items", "Repeat for Any", "Repeat 25 Times", "Repeat 50 Times", "Repeat 100 Times", or "Repeat X Times". If you choose "Repeat X Times", there will be an inpot box for X.
  • Under Exit To, the choices are "Don't Change", "Exit to Maps", or "Exit to World".
  • Under Zone Repeat, the options are "Just This Zone", "Run Every Zone", "Run Every Other Zone", "Run Every 3 Zones", "Run Every 5 Zones", "Run Every 10 Zones", or "Run Every 30 Zones".