Unlock criteria Complete cell 91 of zone 230
Initial cost 1Nd (1e60) Gems
Cost increase Yes, by 1.01x per Magmamancer hired
Effect Increase to additional Metal gained from spending at least 10 minutes on the same zone, up to 2 hours.

"You find a smouldering book that looks like it was pushed from the core of this planet. Inside are drawings of Trimps performing rituals with Gems and Magma. It's very hot to the touch, but you take it with you as you haven't had new reading material in a while."

Having at least one Magmamancer purchased will enable a new mechanic, where spending a longer amount of time on a Zone will create a multiplier that boosts Metal production.

Similar to Meditation, only reaching the next zone will reset the boost. Doing any other actions, such as doing Maps, will not reset the bonus, and will also keep the timer going up.

The multiplier is comprised out of two factors - Time Boost and Magmamancer Boost. These two factors are multiplied by each other.

[Time Boost * Magmamancer Boost]

This bonus also stacks multiplicatively with the bonus from Meditation.

Time BoostEdit

The Time Boost exists in chunks of 10 minutes. The bonus starts at 10 minutes, meaning that during the first 10 minutes, there is no bonus. The bonus stops going higher after two hours, but the player is free to keep it up for as long as they want.

Minutes spent Multiplier
10 0.2
20 0.44
30 0.728
40 ~1.074
50 ~1.488
60 ~1.986
70 ~2.583
80 ~3.300
90 ~4.160
100 ~5.192
110 ~6.430
120 ~7.916

Time Boost FormulaEdit

The formula for this multiplier is as follows:

1.2 ^ floor([Minutes] / 10) - 1

Where [Minutes] can be 10, 20, 30, ..., up to 120.

Magmamancer BoostEdit

The Magmamancer multiplier depends on the number of Magmamancers.


Magmamancer Boost FormulaEdit

The formula for this multiplier is as follows:

(1 - (0.9999 ^ [Magmamancers Hired])) * 3


  • Magmamancers were added in patch V4, along with Magma.
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