Unlock criteria Assign a Farmer.
Initial cost 5 Food
Cost increase No
Effect Base 0.5 Wood gathered per second for each Lumberjack.

"Show a Trimp how to cut one of those weird trees down. Each Lumberjack hauls back 0.5 logs per second."

Lumberjack is one of the three main jobs. The cost to hire a Lumberjack is always 5 food, which means that after a while, the cost to hire one as well as the loss by firing one becomes negligible. Lumberjacks are producing Wood.

Total Wood gain from Lumberjacks is the product of the following multipliers:

Multiplier Name Multiplier Value
Base Value 0.5
Number of Lumberjacks Amount of Trimps assigned to the job
Speedlumber 1.25^(Books acquired)
Megalumber (1.50+0.10*(Frugal Completed))^(Books acquired)
Bounty 2 with Bounty Upgrade, 1 otherwise
Whipimp 1.003^(Number of Whipimps killed in the current run)
Motivation 1+0.05*(Motivation Level)
Motivation II 1+0.01*(Motivation II Level)
Sharing Food 2 if Player also chopping with Turkimp active, 1 otherwise
Staff Heirloom 1+(Staff Heirloom bonus)

This doesn't include some Challenges that may affect your resources gain.

Note that Megalumber, just as the other Megabooks, will give you 60% production increase instead of 50% if you have completed the Frugal challenge.

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