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Your Portal has also modified itself to now Liquify zones equal to 5% of your highest Zone reached. You're not quite sure what a liquify means, but you're excited to find out!  -- Message upon clearing Spire for the first time

Liquification is a new mechanic introduced in 4.5.

After clearing the Spire for the first time, the first 5% of the Highest Zone reached will be Liquified. A Liquimp will now spawn in the first cell of each Liquified zone, compressing the entire zone into a single enemy. Liquimps have 3x attack and 200x health of the enemy in cell 1. To show this, the world zone turns yellow, with the cell borders removed to signify a single enemy.

Liquification can be turned off in the settings (if the player wants to, for some reason).

The Liquification bonus is increased by 5% every time a unique Spire is beaten, as well as purchasing the Liquification Masteries and from Fluffy. Currently, with all three Masteries, Spire VI cleared and Fluffy, the maximum Liquification bonus is 55%.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

When a Liquimp is defeated, all rewards from the current zone will drop. This includes all books normally found in the zone (Efficiency, Coordination, Speed upgrades etc.) as well as loot from all special enemies (Helium from Blimps/Improbabilities, bonuses from exotic Imp-orts). To accommodate all the extra upgrades dropped, AutoUpgrade is modified to purchase every unique upgrade twice per second. Combined with the Blacksmithery Masteries for equipment prestiges, the player will be able to blitz past the early zones.

A summary of the rewards is shown in the results panel in the upper right corner.


Combat[edit | edit source]

If the player is able to one-hit Liquimps, then each Liquimp battle will last for exactly 500ms (ignoring Agility, Hyperspeed Masteries). Otherwise, the normal rules of combat applies.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Since Liquification can be thought of as "overkilling 99 cells at once", getting a high Liquification value is recommended for progressing quickly past early zones where Helium is negligible. In particular, some speedrun achievements like Angry Teleporter, Prison Sprint and Born Imploded neccesitate the use of Liquification, since it is impossible to fufill their requirements with maximum Agility, Overkill and Hyperspeed alone.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Liquification is disabled in the Spire (and any Spires after the first). If one has Liquification beyond zone 200, then zone 199 will Liquify as normal, the Spire will have its normal layout, then zone 201 will return to being Liquified.
  • Liquification is disabled during the Obliterated and Eradicated challenges.
  • Liquimps can be affected by mutations like Corruption, Living etc.
  • Liquification is unavailable in the Radon Universe.
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