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There are 11 jobs in total in Trimps. Trimps can be freely assigned to work on various jobs by the player. It's possible to fire Trimps from any job at any given time, however, the player doesn't get a refund of resources spent on assigning to the job. The sole exception is Amalgamator, where they cannot be manually hired or fired.

The amount of Trimps that can be employed at any given time is exactly half of your maximum Trimps, rounded up. Unassigned Trimps breed automatically and can be made to fight.

Jobs Edit

There are 11 jobs currently in the game:


  1. Dragimp is treated in the game as a sole worker producing Gems. The player can increase it's production speed with Tribute, but there is no way to get more Dragimps. All worker speed buffs also affect Dragimp.
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