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This page is about the various types of enemy imps found in Trimps. If you were looking for the player-controlled trimp species, see Trimp.

Imp abilities[]

There are currently several abilities that can be held by enemy imps.

Imp abilities-0.png

Attack First[]

Certain imp species are able to strike quickly enough to move before your trimps and hit them before being hit themselves. These enemies (which can be identified by their double arrow sign) will take no damage from your trimps' attacks on the turn they kill your current fighting group. Conversely, you will always take damage from their attacks, even if your group manages to kill the enemy. This distinction is especially important if your trimps are getting OHKO'd, as then you will be unable to damage the enemy imp until you get your soldiers some more Health/Block.

Block Pierce[]

Block pierce is a special effect encountered immediately after breaking the planet. It is represented by a droplet icon and will appear on all world enemies found after the breaking occurs (map enemies are unaffected). As its name implies, this effect will cause 20% of the enemy's damage that would have otherwise been blocked to ignore said block and hurt your trimps directly. The Barrier formation reduces the pierce amount down to 10% instead of 20%.


The electric ability, encountered by starting the Electricity challenge or the Mapocalypse challenge, is marked by a power plug icon and makes the bad guys zap your current group of Trimps with each attack, applying a debuff that damages your trimps for 10% of their max health whenever they attack and reduces their attack by 10% per stack.

Crushing Blows[]

The Crushing Blows ability, encountered by starting the Crushed challenge, is marked by a sniper target icon and it means that enemies will deal critical damage to your Trimps as long as your current health is higher than your block.


The ability is present on Omnipotrimps every 5th zone starting from Magma (at Zone 235, 240 and so on). When such an Omnipotrimp is defeated, they will explode, instantly killing your current group of Trimps. Deaths from this ability are added to your "Trimps killed" stat, but not to your "Battles Lost" stat, so you can lose a group of trimps to this effect without it counting towards losing the Humane Run achievements.

Corrupted Abilities[]

Enemies affected by Corruption will always attack first, and have special abilities attached to them. See the Corruption page for more information.

Healthy Abilities[]

Enemies affected by the Healthy mutation will have special abilities that are even stronger than those of corrupted enemies. Examples include Healthy and Strong as well as Healthy and Precise. Whether they attack first or not depends on the Imp (i.e. a Healthy Gorillimp will still attack first, while a healthy penguimp will not).


If the player has Fluffy Level 9, then there is a chance for Corrupted and Healthy enemies in a Spire to spawn without their normal ability. The attack and health bonus will still be applied.

Void abilities[]

Some special abilities are bound to specific Void map types.

Imp spawn rules[]

The placement of imps on each zone is predetermined every time a new zone is reached and created.

The game will attempt to place imps in the following order:

  • For the last cell in a world zone: If current zone is 5, 10, or 15-58, a Blimp will be placed. If current zone is 59-229, an Improbability will be placed. After zone 229, an Omnipotrimp will be placed. Similar logic applies for the final cell of unique maps and Void Maps.
  • If the game rolls a successful chance for a Skeletimp, a Skeletimp will be placed, making Skeletimp the top priority normal imp. When it is eligible to be spawned follows the Skeletimp spawn rules.
  • If not, then if the game rolls a successful chance for an Exotic Imp-ort, it will be placed. This means that Skeletimp has a rare chance of replacing an Imp-ort which is not accounted for in the calculations.
  • If not, the game will roll a chance for a Turkimp. This does mean that Exotic Imp-orts make it impossible for one of these imps to spawn on the same cell, however, the formulas rolled for the chance for Turkimp to spawn account for the amount of world Imp-orts owned, which means that having more Imp-orts does not reduce the effective chance of getting one of these imps. Skeletimp is once again not accounted for.
  • If all previous rolls fail, the game will spawn a common enemy.

Imp types[]

Common Enemies[]

All common imps are randomly recurring and populate most of the cells in all maps and zones. Attack and Health are determined by a zone-specific number that is then multiplied by the corresponding multiplier for each species. Some special species will drop bonus loot according to the maps they appear in. For more information on map types refer to its section in Maps. The special loot works off of a multiplier as well, based on the level of the current map/zone.

Name Location Bonus Loot[1] Attack Multiplier Health Multiplier Attacks First?
Squimp All - 0.8 0.7 Yes
Elephimp All - 0.9 1.3 No
Turtlimp All - 0.9 1.3 No
Chimp All - 1 1 No
Penguimp All - 1.1 0.7 No
Snimp All - 1.05 0.8 Yes
Gorillimp All - 0.9 1.1 Yes
Shrimp Sea maps - 0.8 0.9 Yes
Chickimp Sea maps Food 0.8 1.1 Yes
Hippopotamimp Sea maps - 1.4 1.1 No
Mountimp Mountain maps - 0.5 2.0 No
Onoudidimp Mountain maps - 0.7 1.4 No
Seirimp Mountain maps Metal 1.1 1.4 No
Kittimp Mountain and Forest maps Food 1 0.85 Yes
Frimp Forest maps - 0.75 1.2 Yes
Grimp Forest maps Wood 1.1 1.5 No
Dragimp Zone 17+ Gems 1.0 1.5 No
Slagimp Depths maps Gems 0.8 1 Yes
Moltimp Depths maps Metal 1.2 0.7 No
Golimp Depths maps Fragments / Metal[2] 1.2 1.4 No
Lavimp Depths maps - 1 0.8 Yes
Flowimp Gardens maps - 1.4 0.95 No
Kangarimp Gardens maps - 0.95 0.95 Yes
Gnomimp Gardens maps - 0.8 1 No
Slosnimp Gardens maps - 1.05 0.8 No
Entimp Gardens maps Wood 0.5 1.3 Yes
Squirrimp Gardens maps Food 1 1.1 No
Gravelimp Gardens maps Metal 0.8 1.4 No
Mechimp Bionic Wonderland Metal 1 1.5 No
Destructimp Bionic Wonderland Metal 1.4 0.8 No
Terminatimp Bionic Wonderland Metal 1.2 1.2 No
Autoimp Bionic Wonderland Metal 1.4 1.3 No
Artimp Bionic Wonderland Metal 1.3 1.5 No
Fusimp Imploding Star Metal 1.4 1.8 Yes
Hydrogimp Imploding Star Food 1.8 2.2 No
Carbimp Imploding Star Wood 1 4 Yes
Shadimp Void maps - 1.2 1.3 Yes
Voidsnimp Void maps - 2.1 0.5 Yes
Prismimp Prismatic Palace Gems 1.3 2 Yes
Rainblimp Prismatic Palace Gems 2 4 No
Sweltimp Melting Point Metal 1.3 2 Yes
Horrimp Maps (Insanity) Special 15 60 Yes


All Special 0.9 1.5 No
Turkimp World only Special 1.0 1.6 No


World only Special 1.1 1.5 No
  1. Bonus loot from respective imps is awarded even if the square already awards loot. In such case you get loot from both the tile and the imp.
  2. 10% chance to drop fragments, 90% chance to drop metal.
  3. This imp existed for a limited amount of time around the time of Halloween 2015-2019.
  4. This imp existed for a limited time around the time of Christmas 2015-2018.

Bosses and Special Enemies Info[]

Boss imps appear at a predestined cell and zone/map. Attack and Health are determined by a zone-specific number that is then multiplied by the corresponding multiplier for each species. All of them offer some kind of reward after defeating them.

Name Location Reward

Attack Multiplier

Health Multiplier

Attacks First?
Blimp Last cell of zone 5 and 10.

Last cell of all zones between 15 and 58.

Helium [1]Food, Wood and Metal 1.2 2 No
Mitschimp Last cell of The Block map



1.2 2.5 No
Brickimp Last cell of The Wall map and Big Wall map Bounty 1.2 2.5 No
Random Common At The Egg in Zone 17 Egg - - -
Megablimp Last cell of Dimension of Anger map 45 Helium [2] 1.1 4 No
Indianimp Last cell of Trimple of Doom map Metal 1.07 0.9 Yes
Improbability Last cell of zone 59 to 229. Helium 1.2 6 Yes
Warden Last cell of The Prison map The Warden's Keys to the Electricity challenge 2 3 No
Robotrimp Last cell of Bionic Wonderland map Food and Wood 2.1 2.9 No
Neutrimp Last cell of Imploding Star map Wood and Metal 1.3 2.5 Yes
Cthulimp Last cell of a Void map Helium


2 5 Yes
Omnipotrimp Last cell on zone 230 and above. Helium 1.2 6 Yes
Mutimp First few rows of world zones in Daily Challenges [4] Metal 3 6 Yes
Hulking Mutimp First few rows of world zones in Daily Challenges [5] Metal 5 12 Yes
Liquimp First cell of a Liquified Zone All rewards from current Zone [6] 3 200 Yes
Lightimp Last cell of Prismatic Palace map PrismaliciousGems 3 6 No
Meltimp Last cell of Melting Point map Free SmithyMetal 3 6 No
  1. Helium can only be collected from Blimps or Improbabilities after defeating the Dimension of Anger map once. On subsequent portals, helium can be collected at any time.
  2. The 45 Helium obtained from defeating Megablimp is not affected by any Helium bonuses. It can only be obtained once in a run, at the same time when Portal unlocks.
  3. See the section on Void Maps for detailed helium breakdown.
  4. Only appears when the Mutimp modifier is active.
  5. Only appears when the Hulking Mutimp modifier is active.
  6. This includes all Exotic Imp-orts found in the zone.


These enemies have a chance to appear in the world map. They drop premium currency called Bones, which can be used in the Bone Trader.

Every time a Skeletimp spawns, it has a 10% chance to be a Megaskeletimp instead.

Only one Skeletimp/Megaskeletimp is eligible to spawn per zone. Spawn eligibility is determined upon new zone creation. If 45 minutes or more has elapsed since the last Skeletimp/Megaskeletimp kill until the time the player started the next zone, that next zone will be eligible to spawn a Skeletimp/Megaskeletimp.

If the zone is eligible to spawn one, there is a 5% chance per each cell for the game to spawn a Skeletimp/Megaskeletimp (until it's spawned). The cycle restarts when a Skeletimp/Megaskeletimp is found and killed.

If one has the King of Bones I Mastery, then the chance of spawning a Megaskeletimp is doubled. If the King of Bones II Mastery is purchased, then the elapsed time is reduced to 35 minutes.

Name Reward

Attack Multiplier

Health Multiplier

Attacks First?
Skeletimp 1 Bone 0.77 2 No
Megaskeletimp 2 Bones 0.99 2.5 No

Exotic Imp-orts[]

Exotic Imp-orts can be bought with bones from the Bone Trader. These give special useful bonuses when defeated. These bonuses will be lost each time you use the portal, but the imps will remain. Bonuses with an 'x' after them work like loot modifiers which multiply a certain value given the level the zone/map is at. They are separated into two categories based on where they spawn (Maps or Zones).

The chance of getting any individual Imp-ort per cell is the same regardless of how many Imp-orts the player has purchased at 3%.

If the player owns world or map Imp-orts, each cell the game rolls for this percentage chance:

(3 * [# World/Map Imp-orts owned])%=15% if you own all of them

If successful, the game will proceed to roll for an equal chance between all world or map Imp-orts owned.

Zone-Only Imp-orts[]

Note: Feyimp starts giving Gems from zone 1, which means it's the only source of gathering Gems before zone 6, where they can be earned from Maps. It also allows the player to buy the prestige upgrades gained from Scientist II much quicker as a result.

Name Reward Attack Multiplier Health Multiplier Attacks First?
Feyimp Drops 15x Gems 1.0 1.0 No
Tauntimp Gain an extra 0.3% of current Max Trimps 1.0 1.0 No
Venimp 0.3% more Trimp breeding rate (compounding with itself) 1.0 1.0 No
Whipimp 0.3% more Trimp resource gathering rate (compounding with itself) 1.0 1.0 No
Magnimp 0.3% extra loot from maps and zones for the current run (compounding with itself) 1.0 1.0 No

Map-Only Imp-orts[]

These Imp-orts can only be utilized in zone 6+, as that is when the player unlocks Maps.

Name Reward Attack Multiplier Health Multiplier Attacks First?
Goblimp Drops 6x Gems 1.0 1.0 No
Flutimp Drops 1x Fragments 1.0 1.0 No
Jestimp Drops 45 seconds worth of production for one random resource (Food, Wood, Metal, Science, Gems) 1.0 1.0 No
Titimp x2 damage for 30 seconds in maps. This stacks up to 45 seconds. 1.0 1.0 No
Chronoimp Drops 5 seconds worth of production for all of the following resources - Food, Wood, Metal, Science, Gems. 1.0 1.0 No

Note that standard loot is based on the amount of max Trimps the player owns. Jestimp and Chronoimp however give seconds of current production, so if the player's current production of a resource is low, the loot given by these imps will also be low.

Jestimp and Chronoimp loot, aside from just seconds of production is also affected by loot multipliers, such as Looting, Magnimp, map loot % and low level map penalty, amounting to much larger amounts of resources than expected (especially at higher zones).

A comparison, and a recomendation on what order to get them can be found in the NewPlayerGuide.

Monster story[]


  • "There's a weird impish little creature in the trap. A Trimp, you decide to call it..." (From trapping first Trimp)
  • "It takes some patience, but you can teach these Trimps to do some research for you..." (From Scientist job description)
  • "Apparently the Trimps breed if they're not working. Doesn't look pleasant." (from having two idle Trimps)
  • "I imagine em as like a cross between a rabbit, a rhino (just the horns), and a goblin ... but I don't really have a set idea in my head of what they look like ... changes a lot, lol" - GreenSatellite during chat talk (7-20-15)


  • "Do you see that thing at the end of this zone? It's huge! It's terrifying! You've never seen anything like it before, but you know that it is a Blimp..." (From Zone 5 entrance quote)
  • "Looks like another Blimp up ahead. Hard to tell from far away, but it looks like it has more heads than the last one." (Zone 10 entrance quote)


  • "You climb a large cliff and look out over the new zone. Red dirt, scorched ground, and devastation. Is that a Dragimp flying around out there?!" (From Zone 17 entrance quote)
  • "Your top scientists are pretty sure this is a Dragimp egg. They know Dragimps love shiny things, maybe it'll come out for some gems." (From Egg upgrade description)


  • "Your scientists have detected an anomaly at the end of Zone 59. They recommend that you stop doing whatever it is that you're doing." (From Zone 51 entrance quote)
  • "There it is. The anomaly is at the end of the zone. You can see it but you don't know what you're seeing. Where did that... thing... come from?! This is highly Improbable." (From Zone 59 entrance quote)