Unlock criteria Complete cell 5 of zone 2.
Initial cost 400 Wood
Cost increase Yes, by 1.185x per level
Effect Adds 4 block to each Trimp in battle group. That amount is increased by Blockmaster and Gymystic, as well as trainers

"A building where your Trimps can work out. Each Gym increases the amount of damage each Trimp can block by 4"

Found in Zone 2, gyms are the first source of blocking introduced to the player. Each gym initially blocks 4 damage.

An upgrade Blockmaster in Zone 4 increases that by 50%, allowing 6 damage to be blocked per gym.

Gyms can be affected by the upgrade Gymystic

Formula[edit | edit source]

Below is a formula for base block of one gym with Gymystic:

6 * (1.04 + [Gymystic level] * 0.01) ^ [Gym number]

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