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This is a very in-depth guide to help players at all stages of the game. If you are a brand new player (or if you don't know what gems are for), please read the Guide From Zone 1. Also... Gems.



Welcome to the New Player Guide (written by Truth and other people) for the game Trimps (found here). If you have questions on a specific subject, use control-f to search for key words, or search for the specific page on the wiki. If you need help with troubleshooting, consult the Common Pitfalls and Troubleshooting section below. If you wish to know about the game in general, read through and enjoy.

As noted in our manifesto at the bottom, we wish to curate all basic knowledge about the game and provide a library of all useful resources. To help us, you should read this guide before asking questions in chat, and link this guide to Help Vampires instead of enabling them to ask.

Due to our goals, this guide is extensive. If you only want to know the basics of how to get started, please read the Guide From Zone 1. Furthermore, this guide will always be a work in progress[1]. We are currently updated for Trimps 5.4.0 (some information may be missing, but U2 is definitely missing).

If we are no help, consider playing with kittens.

Dumb [2] Questions[]

What is this game and how do I play?[]
  • This game is Trimps. You play this game by clicking the clickable buttons inside the game. However, many players choose to play in other ways[3]. You should also check out Guide:From Zone 1.
How do I run a map?[]
  • Click the orange map button. If the orange map button turns into a button that says "Abandon Soldiers", click on the button again. Click the light blue "Create" button. A new map should have been created. Click on the new map, and click the light blue "Run Map" button.
'What are Gems for? What are fragments for?[]
  • Gems allow you to prestige equipment (in the upgrade tab), and allow you to buy early-mid game housings. They also have other uses lategame. It has already reached meme status. In fact, some users are driven to drinking every time this question is asked. Please help prevent alcoholism and do not ask this question in chat.
  • Fragments are used to make maps. More fragments are used to make better maps. They are also required for Gateways, a early-midgame housing structure. In the lategame, fragments are used to improve certain aspect of maps. Please don't ask this question in chat. Read further to learn more about fragments.
Where is the wiki? Where can I find specific numbers for certain things?[]
Is this a guide or a FAQ?[]

Introduction to Gameplay and the Longest Tutorial[]

Technical issues are covered at the end of this guide.

In this section, we cover the mechanics introduced in the early game. The mechanics will be introduced in roughly the order the player is introduced to them in the game. However, discussion about these mechanics may involve aspects of the end game.

Game Introduction and Progress[]

Trimps is an incremental and pseudo-idle game [6] that has no end [7][8]. The player makes progress by sending their Trimps into battle against enemies. Defeating 100 enemies clears one zone, and advances to the next zone in the world. After zone 20 and completing the Dimension of Anger, the player unlocks Portal, the soft-reset mechanics of the game. They also unlock Helium, which is used for some of the most important persistent upgrades, allowing the player to delve into deeper zones.

As the player progress, they will complete challenges and milestones, which can unlock new Perks, or grant certain benefits. Some of these benefits are quality of life upgrades or automations which allow the player to idle easier. In addition to challenges and milestones, the player will eventually unlock other persistent progresses, such as Masteries, the Dimensional Generator (dimsum), and Nature.

Starting Out[]

Early game play is very simple, and there are very few choices. Use the player to gather resources, build buildings, and check traps. Additional buildings and choices are unlocked as you gather resources and gain population. The player can often mouse over or click things to get a toolbox with more information. The player should read the Guide from Zone 1 if there is serious trouble.

The Player (ie. What Should "You" Do)?[]

At the beginning of the game, the player will need to do almost everything. They will need to gather resources, build, and check traps. As long as trapping is still effective, the player should continue to trap. However, after the early game, the player should build and research, depending on what is needed. The player excels in these areas but scales poorly in others.

During gameplay, the player may receive a Turkimp. If so, the player should gather the resource that is currently being gathered by the most number of trimps. Doing so will increase the resource gathering rate of that resource. Furthermore, it will increase your global looting multiplier by 1.166 for all three resources of food, wood, and metal.

Once the player unlocks Foremany at zone 125 in Bionic Wonderland, they will have 50000 foremen trimps building at all times, removing the need for the player to ever build. This is a pretty big quality of life boost, and the player can stay researching throughout the run. As an alternative, the player can mine metal personally, while hiring scientists to research. This will increase metal production and global looting as long as the player has Turkimp active.

Worker Distribution[]

Farmer, lumberjacks, and miners are cheap to hire. If a particular resource is needed, it is trivial[9] to divert your workers to the corresponding job. Early on, Farmers are the most important, followed by lumberjacks, then miners. This changes in the later game, as miners become increasingly important. As the player's need for equipment rises, they can either choose to farm metal on a metal map, or put more workers in miners.

It is also possible to put workers into scientists whenever you need science. However, scientists do not scale as well as the other workers, and it is recommended that you research yourself in the mid game and possibly the late game.

Trainers and explorers should be hired as food allows.

Combat and Exploration[]

The mechanics of Combat are fairly simple. In general, turn on AutoFight, and focus on managing other aspects. Trimps have health, attack and block that is used to fight against the bad guys. These stats are based on your equipment that can be leveled up or prestiged to become stronger, and give more of these stats so you can continue fighting more bad guys and progressing towards the next zone. The more health they have, the more hits the trimps can take from the enemy. The more attack they have, the more damage they can deal to the enemy and possibly kill them in one hit, if there is enough damage dealt to them in one blow. Block is a special case, which is given by Gyms and is further increased by Trainers, Gymystic and Shieldblock that allows shields to give block instead (not recommended after zone 30) and other upgrades. Block mitigates the damage taken from the enemy. If your trimps health reaches 0, they die and require another group to fight. If your trimps are not progressing in zones, take them out to maps for them to farm so you can buy better equipment.


After zone 6, players can create maps. Maps are repeatable independent areas that can be run for map-specific unlocks and loot. Click on the "Maps" button to access the Map Chamber. At the Map Chamber, the player can create custom maps and run them. It is also easy to go back to the world from maps.

Creating and Finding Maps[]

Maps take fragments to create. Unique maps are either guaranteed drops in certain zones in the world, or guaranteed drops from high enough level of maps.


There are unique unlocks which can only be found by running maps. The unlocks found in maps depend mainly on the level of the map. All non-unique maps of the same level will have the same unlocks. Furthermore, a higher level map will also include all the unlocks from lower level non-unique maps. The player can see how many unlocks a map has under the "item" statistic of the map. Unlocks include additional housing, certain upgrades, and equipment prestiges. Unique maps may have additional unlocks.

What are some important levels to run maps at?[]
  • You can check the unlocks page for all the unique unlocks details.
  • Some important ones are:
Zone Unlock
8 Mansion
11 Shieldblock
14 Hotel
15 Bounty
25 Resort
30 Gateway
37 Wormhole
50 Collector
  • It should be noted that one must run a level 15 or higher map to get the unique map "The Wall", and then run that map to get Bounty, which doubles resource gain. Early on, you might also want to run a level 11 map for Shieldblock. On the first time passing level 33, the player should remember to do Trimple of Doom.
When should I prestige an Equipment?[]
  • Basically as soon as possible. Buying a prestige upgrade resets that piece of equipment back to level 1, so investing in high levels of equipment may be wasteful. The player must balance short term needs against long term efficiency.
  • Level one of a prestiged equipment is roughly 9 or 11 times better than the unprestiged equipment, with the exception of shieldblock being 5 times better. Watch the cost if you have more than 10 levels in that equipment though - if you don't have enough to buy the second level, you may be stuck with a lower stat until you gather the appropriate resources. This should almost never be a problem.
Shieldblock vs Health shield[]
  • Shieldblock starts off significantly better than health shields. However, each prestige of shield block only multiplies the stats by about 5.5, while each prestige of health shield multiples stats by about 11. In other words, shield block scales significantly worse than health shields. After about zone 40-50, shield block quickly becomes useless. It is recommended to stop buying shield block when planning to push past 60, because by that point the player should have no trouble with the early zones, but will benefit from the extra health in later zones.

Map Farming[]

If you need particular resources, you can farm maps for loot. Mountain maps are for metal. Sea maps are for food. Forest maps are for wood. Garden maps are for all three of the previous resources, and is only selectable after completing the decay challenge. Depth maps are for gems. All maps give gems, depth maps give more.

In general, use whatever map will give you what you need. In the early game, random maps (to conserve fragments) are probably ideal. Around zone 25, the player may need extra wood for Gymystic upgrades and Gyms. After zone 60, mountain maps may be desired for equipment and prestiges.

You also gain a damage bonus to the zone you are currently in by doing max-level maps up to 10 times.


How should I control the sliders?[]
  • Pushing the Size slider to the right gives a smaller map.
  • Pushing the Difficulty slider to the right gives an easier map (enemies have less attack and health).
  • Difficulty and Loot sliders should be maximized if you can afford the fragments.
  • Size slider is complicated. Unless you have sufficient fragments, it should be left alone. A smaller map (slider to the right) will give less loot per enemy on average, but the enemies are also significantly easier, which means the player can defeat them more quickly, and possibly get more loot per minute. This is due to enemies and loot scaling with zone and cell number. In general, one should get a higher level map rather than a bigger one. The only reason to use a bigger map is if it is impossible to get a higher level map.
  • In the later stages, when the player can add resource caches to each map, he will want the smallest maps he can afford, in order to get the resource cache more times per minute.
How else can I maximize map loot?[]
  • Get to the highest zone possible. For the same map level, a higher zone level will increase loot. There is an exception once you get Chrono and Jestimp. Once they become the main source of loot, it is better to be in a zone where you've gotten all the speedbooks from, rather than the next zone where you don't have them.
  • If you have the Turkimp buff, farm one of the three basic resources. This will give you a 1.166x multiplier to basic loot.
  • Population is a direct multiplier to loot, and as such, more population means more loot.
  • If you have Jestimp or Chronoimp, getting the speed/megabooks of the zone will increase loot gained from them.
What is the map damage bonus and how do I get it?[]
  • The player gains a damage to the current zone they are in by doing maps. The player can only gain this bonus by doing maps the same level as the zone they are currently in (until the player gets Siphonology). The player gains 20% damage for every map they complete, up to 10 maps for 200% damage. This damage only applies to zones, and not maps. Furthermore, this bonus damage resets upon going to the next zone or portalling.
What level of maps should I Farm?[]
  • As a general rule, if you seek to maximize map loot, you want to one shot most if not all of your enemies.
  • Grimy's ZFarm Calculator can tell you what is the optimal map level you should run for loot. I'm not sure if it works for early levels. It also assumes your trimps are fighting 100% of the time. You should read the disclaimer. It might be updated for all future Trimp versions, but it does not currently calculate the bonus damage from Herbalist. The player can manually edit the damage to get more accurate results.
  • If you are looking for equipment prestiges, you want to farm as high a map as practically possible. Once you are done farming for prestiges, you may want to farm at a lower level.
How Important is map Loot?[]
  • Farming maps early is questionable. With imp-orts, map farming will eventually give you way more income than your production will. Imp-orts could multiply your map loot by 4-5x.
  • Farming maps will also give you a map damage bonus to the zone you are currently in. You gain up to 200% damage bonus for up to 10 maps.
Why can't I make garden maps?[]
  • You can't select garden maps until you've completed the Decay challenge. You can still make them via random.
Void Maps![]
  • Void Maps do cool things! More info is given in the void map section later on.


Fragments are used to make maps. Higher level maps, and better maps require more fragments. Fragments are also needed to make gateways, a housing structure.

How do I get fragments?[]
  • You can get fragments from certain loot cells in zones, by employing Explorers, and from maps by purchasing the Flutimp imp-ort.
I don't have enough fragments.[]
  • Be more frugal with them.
  • Leave the map area and go back to the world, where you can find them in battle
  • Explorers allow you to collect fragments by assigning trimps to get them.
  • Get Flutimps.

Offline Progress[]

  • The game will calculate how much time has passed offline and will run the game super-fast to catch up in Time Warp. You will not able to change anything except having the ability to run maps if you have been offline more than 8 hours (3 maps maximum for 24 hours/1 day). In Settings, you can change how Offline Progress works in the Other section, allowing you to change between Hybrid Offline, Time Warp Only or Trustworthy Trimps Only. If you click Stop during this time or your offline progress setting is set to Trustworthy Trimps Only, the remaining time will be processed as stated below:
  • You will continue to gather Food, Wood, Metal, Science, and Gems offline. The rate of gathering is equal to the rate of gathering online.
  • You will not battle offline, nor will you gain loot. As such, you will not progress in the World.
  • Since the Helium per hour tab is not actual production, but simply your total helium gained divided by the time, you won't gain Helium offline.
  • After the early game, most of your resources come from looting. As such, Offline Progress becomes less and less relevant (except for in Time Warp which actually does all these things above).


  • You soft-reset by activating the Portal. Activating the Portal will enable you to "cash-in" the Helium you gained and enable you to buy Perks, and enter a challenge.
What persists through Portals?[]
Do I lose Helium if I do dimension of Anger late?[]
  • Only on your first run! You'll lose helium you'd have gained by completing zones if you did not do Dimension of anger. Thus, do Dimension of Anger as soon as practical on your first run. However, note that losing 1 zone of helium isn't that terrible.
  • On later runs, you'll get helium regardless of whether or not you've finished Dimension of Anger.
When Should I Portal the first couple of times?[]
  • First run: Zone 23. This will give you 55 helium, setting you up for the Underachiever Feat requiring at most 60 helium. Run the Discipline challenge.
  • Second Run: Zone 30. At this point, you should have picked up the Underachiever Feat. Run the Metal challenge.
  • Third Run: Zone 35. Run the Size challenge.
How do I get Helium?[]
  • You get Helium after beating the Dimension of Anger map, which you will get at the end of zone 20. Further helium is earned from killing Blimps and Improbabilites at the end of zones.
  • You do not get helium from maps, unless it is a Void Map.
  • You get Helium by getting bone portals from bone traders.
  • Cumulative helium gain is quadratic - the helium gain from zones 30-40 is about four times that of zones 20-30, and zones 40-50 will give about nine times as much.
  • Helium gain beyond zone 59 is multiplied by 5.
  • Completing repeatable challenges can give additional helium boosts.
How do I get Helium Per Hour (Helium/Hr)?[]
  • You don't. There is nothing that passively gives you helium per hour. The Helium per Hour counter simple measures the rate of helium gain for you this run.
When should I use the portal in general situations?[]
  • When your helium per hour decreases.
  • If you have pushed to 50, you should complete zone 59. The boss at zone 59 will give a significant amount of helium.
  • If you are coming very close to zones 25, 30, 35, 37, 40, 45, 50, 55, 75, 100, 125 or 150, it is probably best to push on to reach those zones. All of these zones (with the exception of 37) drop a Gymystic book, which will usually get you at least a couple of zones further. 30 also unlocks Gateway, which gives a huge increase in population. 37 unlocks Wormholes, which may help you push a few more levels. Similarly, if you are one level off the next Gigastation upgrade, it might be better to push on.


Perks are permanent bonuses purchased with helium. They persist through portals. Perks are some of the most important persistent upgrade in the game, and should usually be focused on. All perks can be reset and the helium cost fully refunded once per portal. As such, there is no way to permanently screw yourself over. Congratulations.

This is my first reset; what perks should I get?[]
  • One of Everything. Perk costs increase exponentially. Each level increases cost by 30%. After you get one of everything, loot, damage, health, and motivation are good things to go for.
What is the best perk?[]
  • Early on, Carpentry. Later on, Coordinated. Once you get Carpentry, you should put more than half of all your helium into it.
How well do perks scale?[]
  • As cost and enemy strength increases exponentially, additive perks do not scale very well.
  • In the late game, the best perks are Coordinated, Carpentry, Resilience, Artisanistry, and Resourcefulness, probably in that order.
  • Looting is special, as it is a direct multiplier to helium gained. It could be considered best perk after those ones.
How good is agility?[]
  • Quite good. It makes the game more fun, possibly.
  • If you have no breeding problems, it doesn't matter that that enemy also attacks faster, since your trimps just replenish when they die.
  • Maxing it out is like having a x2.7 speed for combat. In maps, it is a direct multiplier to enemies killed, and thus a direct multiplier to loot. Maxing it out is like having x2.7 non-helium loot.
Does Artisanistry lower the cost of Equipment Prestiges?[]
  • Yes.
I don't see some perks.[]
  • You need to complete challenges to get them[10].
Can you give some Analysis?[]
  • Yes (This is outdated).
  • See below for more advanced analysis.
How should I spend my Helium?[]
I've screwed up my distribution of perks for this run. What can I do?[]
  • You can respec by going to "View Perks", and clicking "Respec". This can only be done once per run. The button will not show up if you already respecced.

Perk Calculators[]

  • Perk calculators are usually meant to be used after zone 60.
  • Grimy's Perk Optimizer is an easy to use perk calculator. Simply export your code, and paste it into the import save part of the calculator. You also need to change the preset appropriately. If you wish, you can tweak the weights you wish to assign to each stat. You can mouse over things (and wait for a bit) to see more info on each button. It is up to date with version 5.0.

An image of Grimy's Perky Calculator. Simply export your savefile and paste the savestring in the "Import Save" part, and select your preset.

  • You can directly import a perk distribution from Grimy. Below the suggested perks on Grimy's Perky, one can see a box with a distribution string. Copy it, go to perks in game, click import, and paste the string.


How do I unlock challenges?[]
  • You unlock challenges by reaching specific zones, or by completing certain maps.
When should I attempt a challenge?[]
  • You should attempt all challenges ASAP, especially the ones that gives perks (non-helium challenges), unless you want to complete another challenge. In general the player can expect a challenge run to take no longer than the run which unlocked the challenge.
At what suggested Helium should I attempt each non-Helium Challenge?[]
Challenge Zone Unlock Helium Note
Discipline 20 30 Basically acts like a normal run.
Metal 25 Just run mountain maps for metal. Sounds worse than it is.
Size 35 Complete ASAP. More Trimps = more resources = better attack and health.
Scientist I 40 1K Gives quality of life, can be ran at once or later.
Meditate 45 Not that important to do ASAP.
Scientist II 50 Not very important, but gives some nice QOL upgrades. Pairs well with Feyimp.
Decay 55 You might fail this the first few times, so just abandon and portal when you get 300/400+ stacks and aren't near the end of a zone. It essentially acts like a helium challenge due to greatly speeding up your zone clear speed. The eventually unlocked reward is decent too.
Trimp 60 Gives a very useful perk for progressing in a broken planet.
Trapper 70 The perk isn't that useful early, but will eventually become essential for progressing. It is very powerful when combined with Geneticist.
Scientist III 90 Also not very important, but gives QOL upgrades. May help slightly with speedruns.
Frugal 100 300k Really important to do ASAP. One of the most powerful buffs upon completion.
Scientist IV 110 400k Fairly nice.
Mapocalypse 115 600k This can be done at around 500K, but you probably won't be using the reward until 1-2M.
Coordinate 120 800k Gives the most powerful perk in the game. Do ASAP.
Scientist V 130 1M This should be run ASAP. One of the most powerful buffs upon completion; even better than frugal (maybe).
Slow 130 1M
Mapology 150 8M Mediocre reward.
Devastation 170 25M It's devastatingly easy. Should be done ASAP since it unlocks a perk that greatly speeds up the early zones.
At what suggested Helium should I start using each Helium Challenge?[]
  • In general, you should attempt each Helium Challenge whenever you feel you can reach the required level rather quickly.
  • You shouldn't attempt Daily Challenges yet, save them for later.
  • Below is a table; hopefully someone can fill this in because I have no idea. If numbers are wrong, find Truth, or post a comment below.
Challenge Suggested Helium Note
Balance 1.2K Run as soon as you unlock it or after doing Scientist I. You'll do 0-4 runs of this before pushing to unlock Decay.
Decay 15K Though this is not a helium challenge, it is often used to speed up the early game. It is much greater He/hr than Balance. You will start every run as a decay run unless you're doing another challenge or until you get to electricity. You can use this to easily get <1 hour speed runs up through ToD.
Electricity 100K May or may not be better He/hr than Decay, depends on playstyle and current He. If you usually farm maps a bit on zone 60 after breaking the planet, it's highly recommended to do it on z59 before having a long spawn timer. Boosting BLK doesn't help nearly as much on this challenge, because you are guaranteed to die shortly after you encounter any Fast enemy. Reducing breed time helps more.
Life 1M Apparently about 5x as much helium as Electricity. So might be worth it even if slow. Also, after a few runs you can ignore the living/dead aspect until you are nearing the end of the run. It can be done at around 700K He.
Crushed 3M This is quite a good challenge with 5x helium gain, and way less micromanagement than Life.
Nom 10M At 10M, it is possible that crushed is still better helium per hour, however with a recent buff this challenge is now very good giving up to 1M He/hr.
Toxicity 25M* Similar to Nom it has gotten a recent buff to the reward making this a good challenge.

For a normal tox run the player should get 1500 stacks at z165 before doing VMs, which will account for ~35% of total helium for the run.

Getting any stacks just to get more helium prior to z165 is strictly worse than a normal run in terms of He/hr, but can be considered if letting the challenge run overnight or similar. An OCDTox (see NOTE, below) is when you get 1500 stacks on all zones after a broken planet. Combined with bone portals, and maybe heliumy, this will give a huge boost to total helium, but the player should note that they still have to get online and get Golden Helium.

Watch 80M + Headstart With the introduction of earlier and better Map at Zone there is almost no reason to run this challenge anymore, but it does allow for some speedruns, the c2 version should be considered then.

Some people may actually find Lead easier/faster. Watch is meant to be "hands-off" but you still have to manage housing, so it's really not.

Lead 80M + Headstart You run this if you want to be more involved, and get more helium.

With the introduction of Map at Zone this challenge is almost as trivial as Watch and thus almost strictly better, probably only outdoes tox after getting Headstart, but might be better if the player wants to reach z181+ anyways.

Corrupted 150M With good Heirloom and Challenge² bonuses, you can beat it earlier than at 100M helium, although it might take longer. Bone Portaling after Corrupted can boost your helium amount significantly.
Domination 500M+ Requires quite a bit more of microing than Corrupted and Lead, starts getting really easy at 1B Helium.
What are the rewards for the challenges?[]
  • Go here. Scroll down. Find the name of the challenge you are looking for. Click on it. On that page, there is an infobox to the right showing the name of the reward.
Is there a Reason to repeat a Certain Challenge?[]
  • If it is not a helium challenge, or decay, there are usually no reasons to repeat a certain challenge. However, you will want to repeat Challenge²s.
Should I keep my max health below my block for the Crushed challenge?[]
  • No, unless you are trying to get the Thick Skinned feat.
What are Daily Challenges?[]
  • Daily challenges are a randomized challenge that you will receive, and are unlocked once you've reached zone 100. You get a new daily challenge every day, which has a different set of rules and a helium modifier based on these rules. The challenges of the last week are kept.
Should I do a Daily Challenge or a regular Helium Challenge?[]
  • Both have their benefits. You can run a Daily challenge to any level you want, while a regular challenge is limited to specific zones. However, it is possible for one to get a less-rewarding and more difficult daily challenge. The player should read about the challenge, and if it is rewarding and not too hard, do it in lieu of a normal challenge.
  • Obviously, if the player is far beyond any normal challenge, the player should do all daily challenges.



How do I get bones?[]
  • They are dropped by Skeletimps and Mega Skeletimps, which are only found in zones. If it's around the December holidays, you may also encounter PresImps - they drop gifts that sometimes include bones. You can also buy them with Kreds.
  • Spires in the late game can also give them, depending on if you have completed them for the first time. Spires give 20 bones for every unique completion.
What should I spend bones on?[]
  • You should spend them on Imp-orts and bone portals.
Should I save up 200 bones for the package deal where I get 4 imp-orts and 100 free bones?[]
  • The package deal can only be bought with Kreds. You will eventually get all the imp-orts anyway, so only buy this if you want to support the developer.
Does buying gold maps also double helium gain from void maps?[]
  • No. (That would break the balance of the game)
What is the optimal time to use bone portals?[]
  • Your bone portal give you the same amount of helium as the best run you've done (ignoring bonuses from daily challenges, but not other challenges.)
  • In general, you should use bone portals after your bone portals have greatly increased.
  • A good time to use bone portals is after completing a Helium challenge the first time.
  • Another good time to use bone portals is after a deep run later in the game.
  • In the late game, you might want to wind-stack to make a big bone portal.
  • Use bone portal if you need an additional perk respec, as it gives you one.
Using Bone Portals[]

Bone portal effectiveness should be measured by the amount of time it would take to gain the amount of helium from the portal using other methods. For example, if a bone portal would give 1 million helium, and it takes 2 days of normally playing to gain 1 million helium, then the bone portal is quite effective. If a bone portal would give 10 million helium, but it only takes 2 hours to gain 10 million helium, then the bone portal is much less effective.

The player should consider using bone portals in a few situations. First of all, if a player has spare bones early on, using bone portals is usually a good idea. As a player portals more and more, each portal takes a shorter amount of time. Right after the first long push after breaking the planet, or after the first Electricity run, is also a good candidate. In general, after finishing a hard helium challenge for the first time is a good time to use a bone portal.

A special consideration should be given to Toxicity runs. The player should consider doing a full stack Toxicity run, just to build up the bone portal. In the late game, the first time the player does their void maps inside corruption, or the first time the player does their void maps inside magma, is a good time to use the bone portal.

As an aside, it should be noted that bone portals give another perk respec. This can be helpful in certain challenges, or long runs.


What order should I get imp-orts?[]
  1. Whipimp - Gives both food/wood/metal loot and production to all resources, which is why it takes the #1 spot. It's almost strictly better than Magnimp, but they do stack.
  2. Venimp/Tauntimp
  3. Magnimp/Jestimp
  4. Chronoimp/Titimp/Goblimp

Situational imps:

  • Flutimp: Buy if you're having trouble keeping up with fragments in the late game (three digit zones). At that stage of the game, all of your fragments come from loot. A Flutimp kill is roughly the equivalent of one fragment loot cell on the world map. The world map loot in terms of fragments is usually enough for people to afford maps, but if it's not, buy Flutimp.
  • Feyimp: This imp does not have a huge impact, and is best if you have the Scientist II challenge completed. This imp is like buying a Scientist challenge reward, as it lets you buy tier 2 equipment before zone 6. Otherwise it doesn't do much.
Can you give some Analysis?[]
  • Whipimp provides is a multiplier to both production and food/wood/metal loot. As production is the most important early on, Whipimp is something to get early. Whipimp is almost strictly better than Magnimp. (note: Whipimp does not directly increase loot. However, certain sources of loot, specifically Jestimps, Chronimps, and Caches at the end of maps, give loot measured in terms of seconds of production. This includes Whipimp bonus, and is then affected by other loot multipliers, including perks, though not population. This means that in late game, most of the resources you gain is from those sources.)
  • Tauntimp will give roughly 7-12% more population, which can be thought of as 7-12% more damage/hp/block and 7-12% more production/loot.
  • Venimp gives breeding speed. 10% more breeding speed is 10% less time it takes to breed to full population. If you do not have full uptime on your trimps fighting, this will increase your dps. It should be noted that 10% more uptime is roughly 10% more dps. Once time it takes to breed to full is no longer an issue, Venimps are still useful, because any unneeded breeding speed can by converted into health vie Geneticists.
  • Jestimp gives map loot. If you do not have Chronoimp or Goblimp, Jestimp will give you roughly 30-40% more basic loot and 80-100% more gem loot at level 0 motivation. At level 20 motivation, you'd get roughly 60-80% more basic loot and 160-200% more gem loot. This is probably better than Magnimp unless you are reaching much higher levels.
  • Titimp doubles your damage, which means you can farm roughly 1 level of map higher. That is worth roughly 25% more loot.
  • Chronoimp gives 33% less loot than Jestimp. At 20 motivation, you get roughly 40%-55% more basic loot. However, this is additive to Jestimp.
  • Flutimp is the only way to get a significant amount of fragments in the late game.
  • In a vacuum, Goblimp gives 90% more gem loot from maps. However, this is additive to the additional gem loot given by Jestimp and Chronoimp. Considering that Jestimp might give you 200% and Chronoimp give you 130%, you are simply adding 90% to 430%.
  • Feyimp gives you a bit of gems in zones. This will help you get your weapon prestiges without having to go into maps.

Bone Farming:

  • This is a slow process, and you are probably better off playing normally, but here's how to do it if you want. This will get you bones slightly faster than playing normally.
  • It's best to start on zone 6 since you can idle in maps from here on, and it's best to be on the top row of a zone when idling in maps for the increased production speeds for that zone.
  • Simply get to the top row of your current zone and map for 45+ minutes, then progress to the next zone.  The following will give game mechanics of why this works.
  • 1 Skeletimp/Megaskeletimp will appear on each zone, but they will not spawn until 45 minutes have passed since the last one died.
  • The whole zone is created when you enter the first square of a new zone, so getting a bone in zone 1, and getting to zone 2 square 1 before 45 minutes passed means no bone in zone 2, no matter how long you let it sit since all of zone 2 was created when you entered it.
  • There is a 5% chance per square in the map for it to be a Skeletimp/Megaskeletimp, but a maximum of one per zone starting in square 1 and moving onwards, so half the time, they show up within the first 13 squares of a new map, but can be almost anywhere in that map.  It is theoretically possible for one to simply fail every 5% chance, but I've yet to see it happen.
  • Megaskeletimps (which drop 2 bones) have a 10% chance to spawn instead of Skeletimps, so you end up with 1.1 bones per zone if you go slow enough. There is a Mastery called King of Bones I that increases this to 1.2 bones per zone (you have a 20% chance for the Megaskeletimp) and 35 minutes per zone with King of Bones II.


Should I buy a wormhole?[]
  • Only if you are planning to push to zone 50. Pushing to level 50 will give you certain upgrades which will allow you to push up to zone 60. This will make purchasing wormholes worth it. If you are pushing to 40, 2-5 will speed it up a bit. Note that the He you spent on wormholes is doubled when you end up completing a helium challenge such as Balance, so you will recuperate your loss.
How many wormholes should I buy?[]
  • If it is your first few times pushing to 50, 25 wormholes is a good number. Whenever you feel like the boost from wormholes isn't that significant, reducing the number down to 10 is fine. Later, you will be able to sustain population without wormholes.
Why do wormholes cost helium?[]
  • Wormholes were once the most late game housing structure available. Even though that is no longer the case, the cost of wormholes stayed the same.

Void Maps[]

The Maps[]

When should I do a void map?[]
  • If you are doing a helium challenge, you should do the void map near the end of the helium challenge. Else, you should do it near the end of your run. However, void maps become harder the higher zone you are in. You should not do it too late, lest the void map becomes too hard.
Should I do the void map before the end of the challenge to get more helium, or do it after to get a better heirloom?[]
  • Before. Helium is much more significant than the chance for a better heirloom.
Void maps at zone 59[]
  • While you get 5x the helium for a normal Improbability at the end of zone 59, void maps completed at zone 59 don't get this bonus. The player has to reach zone 60 to get the 5x helium bonus.
What multipliers affect void map helium gain?[]
  • All multipliers, except the one indicated above.
For challenges that only ends when you do a specific map, like electricity, when is the last zone I can do the void map and still get the challenge helium multiplier?[]
  • The zone before the zone where you can get the map, so for Electricity, zone 79 is the last zone, since you can get The Prison on zone 80, which can be beaten at any point once you get the map to complete the challenge.


What can you do with Heirlooms?[]
  • Many Things.
  • You can equip an heirloom by clicking on it, and clicking equip/swap.
  • You can switch the modifiers on a heirloom, place a modifier on an empty heirloom, and upgrade existing modifiers. Doing these things costs Nullifium, which you get by recycling unneeded heirlooms.
  • To modify modifiers, click on the modifier, then either click on "Select a Mod" with the mod that you want to replace it with, then click Replace, or you can upgrade the mod, either by 1x or 10x.
Should I focus on getting more helium or better heirlooms?[]
  • More helium.
Which Heirloom should I use?[]
  • Use your judgement. It mainly depends on what stage of the game you're on.
  • For staff, Miner Efficiency is superb, because that drives your metal income from Jestimp/Chronoimp and metal caches on maps. Fragments/Explorer Efficiency is second most important after metal. Then Food/Dragimp, but it isn't really important.
  • For Shield, Attack is most important. In terms of damage efficiency, Attack is better than Critical Damage, which is better than Critical Chance. Other important affixes are Void Map Chance and Health.
  • With a Magmatic Heirloom, you no longer have to make a choice. The 5 modifiers you want on a shield (pre-4.8) are Attack, Health, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Void Map Chance.
  • For Magmatic Staff (best tier pre-4.8), you want 2 Metal, 2 Fragments, and Farmer Efficiency. Farmer Efficiency can be replaced by Dragimp Efficiency, but Farmer is SLIGHTLY better. Ultimately, Farmer/Dragimp doesn't really matter too much. There is no need to make it a priority to replace.
Production Efficiency or Loot?[]
  • Production efficiency is better late game. For "balance" reasons, the staff multipliers work differently from normal. Production efficiency does not affect normal loot, but it does affect Chronoimps and Jestimps. On the other hand, loot multiplier only affects normal loot and does not affect Chronoimps and Jestimps. Since Chronoimps and Jestimps tend to make up the bulk of loot endgame, production efficiency is better.
When should I add an affix/change and affix?[]
  • Whenever you feel like you'll be using an Heirloom for a few runs, and your Heirloom could stand to have a very good affix added on to it, you should consider adding an affix. Changing one is 3 times more expensive, and is generally not recommended, except for Magmatic (and possibly Ethereal) heirlooms. For Magmatic (and possibly Ethereal) Heirlooms, consider changing affixes if it has 2-4 ones you desire.
When should I upgrade an affix?[]
  • Only upgrade Ethereal Heirlooms you plan to keep forever. Since the player now get a full refund on Nullifiums spent on upgrading heirlooms when you recycle an heirloom, you can upgrade an affix whenever you feel like it. Note that Nullifums spent on adding/changing affixes are not refunded, only those spent on upgrades. Each heirloom has its own pool of Nullifium (starts at half of total). This is what is spent to upgrade and change affixes. The only thing that spends Nullifium now is getting new carry slots.
Plague Heirlooms[]
  • After Zone 500, the player can get Plague Heirlooms. These Heirlooms cannot have their affixes changed. However, they will have at least 1 empty slots that can be added onto.
  • These Heirlooms are extremely powerful. In particular, the void map drop chance for shields have their caps significantly raised, and staffs have a new modifier: Fluffy Exp. Shields also have an additional new modifier: Plaguebringer. It is decently powerful.
  • The player should get plague heirlooms quickly. Specifically, they should switch to a plague shield as soon as they can get one with Void Map Drop Chance, Trimp Attacks, and one other good mod. They should switch to a plague staff as soon as they get Fluffy Exp and one decent other modifier.
  • The optimal Shield has Void map Drop Chance, Trimp Attacks, Critical Damage, Critical Chance, and Plaguebringer, in that order. However, Critical Chance becomes better than Critical Damage at higher values when you can get into mega-crits (require more than 100% total crit chance).
  • The optimal Staff has Fluffy Exp, Miner Efficiency, Explorer Efficiency, Fragment Drop Rate, Metal Drop Rate, in that order. Explorer Efficiency and Fragment Drop Rates are roughly equal.

Golden Upgrades and Achievements[]

  • You get your first golden upgrades after reaching 15% achievement damage. You start off by getting a golden upgrade every 50 zones. As you get more achievements, you get golden upgrades more frequently.
  • For a Helium Run/Challenge, you generally want golden Helium.
  • If the player just got into Magma, and is doing VMs in Magma, the player want the first few level of Golden Upgrades to be Golden Void Maps, assuming the player gets the upgrade fast enough [11].
  • Golden Upgrades have to be re-upgraded every portal.
  • You get a golden upgrade every certain number of zones. You get them quicker if you have more achievement percentages, up to 2000%. Beyond that, you start with an additional golden upgrade for every 500%.
  • Auto-Golden Upgrade will allow you to automatically get the selected golden upgrade. It is available after manually getting some golden upgrades, specifically 77 of them (nerfed in 5.4.0).
  • In the end game, you want to get 8 Golden Void Map upgrades to hit the max void map increase of 72% (as of patch 4.10), and then switch to Golden Helium (Voidlium).

Basic Walkthrough[]

This is not an in-depth guide to early game, but rather a concise checklist of things to remember. For a step to step guide, consult your brain, or if that is not possible, check out Guide:From Zone 1.

First Run[]

  1. Create and run a map at zone 8 to unlock Mansions.
  2. At zone 11, you will receive "The Block" map. This gives the Shieldblock and Trapstorm upgrade. (Trapstorm allows you to build traps automatically. You can then use the traps to accelerate breeding speed.)
  3. Create and run a map at zone 14 to unlock Hotels.
  4. At zone 15, you can receive "The Wall" map from running maps. Run it to get the Bounty upgrade.
  5. Create and run a map at zone 18 to unlock UberHuts (Hut upgrade).
  6. After completing zone 20, you will receive the Dimension of Anger map. Run it to get the Portal and 45 helium.
  7. Create and run a map at zone 25 for Resorts (optional if not activating portal at zone 23).
  8. Activate the Portal at zone 23, or 28+, or when you slow down drastically. (at least zone 30 if you want to get Underachiever, which you should get.)

First Portal Activations[]

Allocate your Perks and activate the Portal. Do a Challenge if you think you can manage it. (Note that you can abandon a challenge any time using the "Abandon Challenge" button in the Perks tab.)

For your first Portal activations, you should do the challenges in the following order:

  1. The "Discipline" challenge to gain the Range perk.
  2. The "Metal" challenge to gain the Artisanistry perk.
  3. The "Size" challenge to gain the Carpentry perk.

Once the Size challenge is completed, the player should put the majority of their Helium into the Carpentry Perk.

Reaching Zone 40[]

Once you reach zone 40, you should do the Scientist 1 challenge. After this, you will need to decide whether to farm the Balance challenge for Helium, or not. Skip it, if you feel you can reach zone 50 in about 2 days. Else, farm the Balance challenge until you have enough helium to reach zone 50 (~2 days). Note that it is discouraged to get Wormholes while farming the Balance challenge.

Around zone 37, you should start to buy Wormholes and push up to zone 50 (~2 more days). After zone 50, you should run a map to get Collectors.

At zone 50 with Collectors and Gymystic, you should be able to push up to zone 60. At zone 60, activate the portal again.

Note that, if you have enough helium, you can use the Decay challenge to speed you up to zone 55 quicker than balance. You will not gain the helium boost though - you can choose for speed or for helium.

Planet Breaking and Onwards[]

Breaking the planet[]

Completing zone 59 will break the planet. The planet will revert to its normal state after activating the portal.

Saving up resources before hand[]

  • As equipment prices drastically lowers after you break the planet, a player might think it is a good idea to stop buying equipment a few levels before breaking the planet. However, it should be noted that resource production increases exponentially as you progress in zones, and as such, saving up too much resources does not have much value.
  • One can simply choose not to bother with saving up resources because of the above reason. If one does choose to bother, saving up resources before z58 is not a good idea.

Warpstations and Gigastations[]

  • On your first time breaking the planet, you should get 5+1* (see Gigastation page for explanation of notation) warpstations before getting a gigastation.
  • The numbers should increase over time. It is not unusual for a late-game player to buy 100 warpstations per gigastation.
  • Ultimately, you should plan ahead, and spend all your gigastations before you portal.
  • 15+3 (Getting 15 before purchasing your first gigastation, then adding 3 more per gigastation. So, 15, 18, 21, etc warpstations before a gigastation.) is a good recommendation for crushed.
  • 20+3 is a good starting point for Nom according to the original creator of this guide. Another player found 8+4 comfortable.
  • 40+3 or 20+4 is a good starting point for Toxicity. A more recent player suggested 12+4.
  • Ultimately, the player should adjust depending on their current situation. If it is too hard to continue adding 3 or 4 each time, perhaps the player should simply maintain the same number of warpstations per gigastation.
  • 20+4 is probably good for the zone 180 challenges; 20+5 is probably good for Corrupted.
  • After you reach Magma, there is no need to waste too much time with warpstations/gigastations. Just buy nothing for the first 25 or so, and buy max for the last 5-10.

Advanced Map Settings and Features[]

The player begins to unlock advanced Map settings and features starting from zone 60, and ending even after zone 225. Two very important features are "Special Modifiers" and "Extra Zones". Both of these features will make the map cost additional fragments to make.


The Special Modifiers are unlocked between Zone 60 and Zone 185. You can mouse over the "Special Modifier" text to see information on all the special modifiers. The best special modifier for farming is the Large Metal Cache, which gives 20 seconds of metal production whenever you finish a map. Obviously, small metal cache can be used before large metal cache is unlocked, and large cache can be used before that. If you use a cache, you definitely want the smallest map size, as you get a cache whenever you complete a map. Finally, Prestigious can be used to get equipment prestige fast.

The second important option, "Extra Zones", allows the player to farm maps above their current zone, unlocked at zone 210. Just like Special Modifiers, this costs extra fragments. This option allows the player to get equipment prestige higher level than current zone. This is especially helpful before Spires and Magma, and before doing void maps. Furthermore, this can be used to get higher level equipment when in a poison zone (unlocked much later), when it is much easier to complete maps.

Each Extra Zone will also give a 10% extra looting bonus (multiplicative). However, often Extra Zones are only used for getting equipment prestige. As such, the player can save fragments by not using Caches and turning the looting slider down. The player can also change Biome to Random. If the player has enough fragments, the player might want to use the special modifier prestigious.

As the player progresses, he will eventually get enough income to always want Large Metal Caches, and possibly some extra Zones for extra loot. If so, the player can save up to 5 configurations by clicking the save button right above the "Level" selection. The saved configuration will automatically be loaded when the player next go to the map screen.

Access this by clicking the gear on the right of the map button.

In addition to these extra features, there are extra map configurations. The screen can be accessed by clicking the gear on the right of the map button.

In general, "Equip First", "Finish All Voids", "Repeat On", and "Exit to World" should always be the selected setting.

The "Repeat Forever" option can be toggled between multiple useful options. The player can use "Repeat Any" to repeat maps until he has both 200% bonus damage and all items. The player can also choose to have only go for one or the other.

The "Map at Spire" option can be changed to send the player to the map screen either at the highest reached spire, the top two spires, all spires, or not at all. The player should use it to pause at spires he wants to complete. Usually, it should be set to "Map at Top Spire", or "Keep Fighting at Spire".

Map at Zone[]

The final option is "Map at Zone", unlocked by doing a void map at Zone 150 or above. It allows you to stop before magma, or at poison zones so you can do void maps. As of version 5.3, it has been updated to allow you to do maps automatically, at up to 6 zones. This is an unbelievable quality of life upgrade, as long as the player uses it correctly.

The first thing to do to use map at zone is to set up the 3 presets.

Preset 1
  • +0 zones
  • Prestigious
  • Max all 3 sliders
  • Perfect Slider (optional)
Preset 2
  • +5 zones
  • Prestigious
  • Max Size and Difficulty slider(as in, they should be the lowest possible)
Preset 3
  • +10 zones
  • No special modifiers
  • Minimum sliders

Now, you want to set up 5 Map at zone rows. Make sure to check "Run Map?" for each of them. All of them should be set to have "Repeat Map On". For "Set Repeat Until", each of them should be set to "Repeat for items", except for the last one. The last one should be set at the zone which you plan to run void maps, and should be set to "Repeat Forever". All of them should be set to "Exit to World".

Finally, it is possible to use this option to climb Bionic Wonderland. This should only be done when trying to beat Spires, or in special circumstances. Set the first option to "Run Bionic", and set Repeat Until to "Climb BW".

Geneticists and Anticipation[]

Buying more geneticists doesn't increase health without them breeding for the whole timer. Check your health breakdown to see if geneticists are working properly. For example, if your breed timer is 100 seconds, and you send them out after 40 seconds, you get no health bonus.

Anticipation is based on how long you have been breeding since you've sent out your last army.

Daily Challenges[]

  • Once you've gotten close to Magma, you should do the daily challenges. You can access and select a week's worth of daily challenges in the portal menu. To select one, click daily in the portal menu, and click a green button corresponding to one of the days. You can end a daily challenge any time by clicking "end daily".
  • Daily challenges should not take more than a day, as a new challenge will appear after a day. (Hence, daily challenges)
  • Void maps should be done a few levels before the end of the daily challenge.
  • You should almost always do a daily challenge if there is one available that doesn't have terrible penalties. (Edit: With the addition of the Life challenge, this is no longer entirely true. Life gives a substantial helium bonus and is often much better than the available daily challenges around zone 100. In general, with the rebalancing of Helium challenges, daily challenges are probably not worthwhile until near zone 230. With daily challenges affecting heirloom recycle value, nature token and dark essence gains based on helium modifier, you could do some daily challenges before zone 230, but don't rely a lot on them until later. Most stuff described in the challenge reward doesn't have much of an effect until later on.)


  • Challenge²s give a permanent bonus to stats and helium gain. They were named thus to make it hard to edit the wiki. I'm not actually sure how to make the ²; I just copied it from another page. I also assumed that the plural of challenge² is challenge²s.
What is the plural/pronunciation of challenge²?[]
  • An ad hoc committee has discussed this at length. It was split between challenge²s, c²s, and challenges² for the pluralization. For the pronunciation, we couldn't decide between challenges squared, challenge squareds, squared challenges, c-two-(s), challenge cubed, among others. For fairness's sake, I shall be using all of them equally as I write this guide.
When should I do challenge²s?[]
  • About when you do achievements. Challenge²s are arguably about as important, or more important, compared to achievements.
  • It is recommended that the first time to do them is before an OCDTox run if one is planning on being done. Doing them right before Nom is also a good spot.
How long should I spend on each challenge²?[]
  • About the same amount of time as on a normal run.
In which order should I do them in?[]
  • It doesn't matter. Probably the easiest, or the one you think will give you the most bonus, first.
When should I seek to improve my score/zone/bonus for challenge²?[]
  • Very rarely. Maybe once every hundred runs?


The Genetcistassist Setting Screen. Click on the Blue "Geneticistassist" Button under workers to switch between the three adjustable time settings, which have been set to 3, 13, and 45 in this Figure. "No GA Firing" and Wait for Gene Send" are good choices for late game.

The player unlocks Geneticistassist at zone 170 in Bionic Wonderland IV. Once unlocked, it will persist between portals, automatically revealing itself when you unlock geneticists each run. Geneticistassist will attempt to keep breed timer at the selected time setting by hiring/firing geneticists. You can set 3 different time settings in the settings menu, and toggle between the 3 (or toggle it off) by clicking the Geneticistassist button in the workers section. You can control click the button to quickly bring up the Geneticistassist Settings screen.

The Geneticistassist Settings has 2 additional important settings. In the figure, these are the buttons labeled "No GA Firing" and "Wait For Gene Send". These are not default options, and should be changed to such in the late game. "Wait For Gene Send" will ensure that your army will wait the full breed time, thus making sure you get the max attack bonus for Anticipation.

"No GA Firing" will ensure that you do not fire geneticists whenever you get additional housings, thus ensuring your hp doesn't drop drastically due to the lack of geneticists. This can be very important in completing spires while idle, or when doing empower dailies without too many deaths. This said, "No GA Firing" will make it harder to breed when your housing suddenly increases. This will result in never having max population, and sometimes not having enough population for workers. As such, the player might not want to use this setting, especially in the mid game.

There are two tips to make "No GA Firing" less detrimental. The player should use AutoStructure to build collectors, ensuring higher population before the player unlocks geneticists. Furthermore, the player can always fire all geneticists to breed to max population quickly. The geneticistassist setting will then adapt, and buy the optimal number of geneticists.


Mastery unlocks at zone 181, after getting the notification of Corruption spreading within the world. You can only get Dark Essence from Scryer formation above Zone 180, and then can use it to buy Masteries.

Which Mastery should I get?[]
  • In general the player should prioritize masteries like this, helium > attack > other resources > quality of life.
  • Hyperspeed I is a very important upgrade. Decreasing time between fights not only mean that it takes a shorter time to get to higher levels, but also that you farm resources faster at higher levels. Hyperspeed I is usually better than Blacksmithery I unless you are super inactive.
  • Blacksmithery II is better than Hyperspeed II usually. Unlike the case with Hyperspeed I, Hyperspeed II does not improve late game farming. While Hyperspeed II will still save more time if you play optimally, Blacksmithery II allow you to AFK for 25% more of your zones.
  • Still Rowing I is probably the most important Tier 7 mastery.
  • Headstart I can be considered the most useful Tier 2 mastery. (Foremany is now a Bionic Wonderland unlock)
  • Void Specialization is the most important tier 8 Mastery.
Tier 1 Masteries[]
  • Tier 1 Masteries are mostly quality of life improvements. The exception is Turkimp Tamer I, which is only useful if the player is active enough to use turkimps effectively (in other words, the player must not simply idle on science). Otherwise, Bounty Hunter is most likely the most important, followed by Portal Generator, Bionic Magnet, and finally Home Detector. The order isn't too important.
  1. Bounty Hunter
  2. Portal Generator
  3. Bionic Magnet
  4. Explorer Aura I
  5. Turkimp Tamer I
  6. Home Detector
Tier 2 Masteries[]
  • For Tier 2 Masteries, Headstart I is the most important mastery giving more helium. It's followed by Herbalism giving more attack. Scryhard gives more DE and attack, but only while fighting corrupted cells which means it isn't that good yet. Heirnuum I gives you stronger Heirlooms, which is nice to have and is comparable to Void Power I and Metallic Coat. Metallic Coat is probably almost useless when you first start getting T2 masteries, but get's useful later on.
  1. Headstart I
  2. Herbalist
  3. Scryhard I
  4. Heirnuum I
  5. Void Power I
  6. Metallic Coat
Tier 3 Masteries[]
  • For Tier 3 Masteries, Headstart II is the most important. If you are regularly running Daily Challenges or close to reaching zone 230+ (which is when you should really start doing dailies), then Legs for Days is next since you can deal more damage. Otherwise, it is followed by Map Reducer, giving quicker farming, or Void Power II. Remember that Void Power II requires Void Power 1, which might affect the priority for T2 masteries. Dead last is King of Bones and Safe Mapping with neither being very helpful.
  1. Headstart II
  2. Legs for Days
  3. Map Reducer I
  4. Void Power II
  5. Safe Mapping
  6. King of Bones I
Tier 4 Masteries[]
  • For Tier 4 Masteries, there could be debates. Hyperspeed I is the most useful greatly speeding up your runs. This is followed by Randimp (1 more Tauntimp every 2.5 zone) and Map Battery (1.66x more damage). Blacksmithery I also speeds up the run, but less than one might think. With a proper Map at Zone setup, the player shouldn't prioritize Blacksmithery I. Comparable to BS1 is Turkimp Tamer, giving a 33% increase to metal farming. Headstart, even though giving more helium, is the last mastery as the helium gain isn't very good, with both the earlier corruption and the 2 extra cells later on giving neglectable amounts of helium.
  1. Hyperspeed I
  2. Randimp
  3. Map Battery
  4. Blacksmithery I
  5. Turkimp Tamer II
  6. Headstart III
Tier 5 Masteries[]
  • For Tier 5 masteries, Expert Gen and Magma Flow are the best ones. Expert Gen greatly helps the player getting Mi and thus making the Dimsum better. Magma Flow also helps with the end of the runs giving more Magmite. These masteries are followed by Blacksmithery II and Hyperspeed II both increasing early game, but the player should remember that Hyperspeed II gets worse as the player liquifies more and more percentages of their run. Explorer Aura II gives a slight increase to fragments letting the player create more fragment heavy maps.
  1. Expert Gen
  2. Magma Flow
  3. Hyperspeed II
  4. Blacksmithery II
  5. Explorer Aura II
  6. King of Bones II
Tier 6 Masteries[]
  • For Tier 6 masteries, Scryhard II is the best mastery giving more Helium. Furthermore Void Power III is quite powerful, granting all Void Maps a Faster Attack modifier, and 30% increased damage for you in them. This is followed by Liquification I and Blacksmithery III, both speeding up runs. Heirnuum II shouldn't be a priority unless the player haven't maxed their VMDC on their shield. At a last is Map at Zonier giving a second Map at Zone preset. This is a straight QoL, but the player can consider respeccing for it when doing c²s.
  1. Scryhard II (If you have good poison/can complete Void Maps relatively fast)
  2. Void Power III (might be #1 If you can't)
  3. Liquification I
  4. Blacksmithery III
  5. Heirnuum II
  6. Map at Zonier
Tier 7 Masteries[]
  • For Tier 7 Masteries, Still Rowing I is definitely the most useful granting more helium. This is followed by Magmamancermancy and Patience. Patience is a flat (for most challenges) 50% more damage. Magmamancermancy is more powerful but will take a long time (2 hours) to get to max power. It is good for raiding, especially BW's. This is followed by Map Reducer II and Natural Diplomacy I. Natural Diplomacy I is only really useful because it is required for Natural Diplomacy II.
  1. Still Rowing I
  2. Magmamancermancy
  3. Patience
  4. Map Reducer II
  5. Natural Diplomacy (only if you need to trade tokens)
  6. Deca Build
Tier 8 Masteries[]
  • For Tier 8 Masteries, Void Specialization is the most useful, since it can give at least twice your helium gain from Void Maps. Strength in Health and Still Rowing II are probably second in importance, both granting a multiplier to your attacks. The exact priority will depend on how many Spire floors you're clearing and what zone your runs stop at, with the breaking point at zone 450 for Strength in Health to be better. Natural Diplomacy II is great, but it requires the previous Natural Diplomacy, so Amalgagreater may be the better choice (and the more Amalgamators you're getting the better it is). Finally, Liquidification II is also great, but probably is the least helpful. A trick you can do is to get the Liquidification II to get the Born Imploded achievement (Complete imploding star in 5 mins), and then respec to get Void Specialization.
  1. Void Specialization I
  2. Strength in Health I
  3. Still Rowing II
  4. Amalgagreater
  5. Natural Diplomacy II
  6. Liquidification II
Tier 9 Masteries[]
  • For Tier 9 Masteries, Void Specialization II is the most useful, since it (like Void Spec I) massively increases your helium gain from Void Maps, in addition to making you spend less time clearing them.
  • The rest of the masteries are very playstyle dependent, and at this point in the game spending bones to respec for specific runs is a good and viable strategy, as such the order suggested here is by no means the definitive optimal way.
  • Fluffinity is great for getting the level 9 ability from Fluffy when you are ready to clear Spire IV.
  • Fluffocus isn't very good to begin with, but quickly becomes awesome as you progress in the 500s.
  • Charged Crit really starts to shine when the player gets a plagued shield with a good crit chance multiplier, which should be a fair bit after getting the first few T9 masteries.
  • Excessive is a priority for people who prefer lots of runs (fillers) while Bionic Magnet and Fluffinity should be a priority for people who plan on doing longer runs (a daily a day) and lots of raiding.
  1. Void Specialization II
  2. Fluffinity
  3. Flufffocus
  4. Bionic Magnet II (respecing in and out of it is a very viable option.)
  5. Charged Crit
  6. Excessive
Tier 10 Masteries[]
  • The first mastery to get of this tier should be obvious. Doubling your Helium gain (and your damage and health) is usually a good thing. Your next two masteries should be the ones of the rest that gives extra helium. You should get Strength in Health II first, as it gives you roughly 30% gain of helium in both zones and void maps (since void maps are based on zones). If you can stack more than 3 maps (fluffy E6L10), definitely get Master of the Void.
  • To be more specific, Strength in Health will give about 30% more helium between zone 511 and 540 , and increases as one increases in zones. On the other hand, with 66 void maps, and allowing a stack of 3 maps, Master of the Void give roughly 25% more helium to void maps. However, Master of the Void will make the void map farming significantly faster, and can save up to 10 minutes or more on your Geico Insurance. [12]
  • The 4th mastery is a choice between Liquidification III, and Still Magmamancing. Assuming you clear 5 spires, or 50 spire rows, Still Magmamancing will give you 50 extra minutes of magmamancer bonus at the beginning of every zone, translating to roughly 5x attack and metal gain. However, Liquid makes you go a lot faster. This choice depends on how long your runs are. If you do a lot of very quick runs every day, Liquification III is better. However, if you want to get a lot out of your dailies, Still Magmamancing is better. In general, the latter is the safer choice, as the player usually spends most of his time in the latter part of the run, where attack matters.
  • The final mastery, Angelic, is an amazing Quality of Life Mastery. It allows the player to ignore the most annoying mods of challenges and dailies: anything that removes a percentage of life every attack. If the player only runs dailies this mastery can be picked before Liquification III.
  1. Mesmer
  2. Strength in Health II
  3. Master of the Void
  4. Still Magmamancing
  5. Liquification III
  6. Angelic


  • Completing certain rows of the spire grants very powerful (though not necessarily immediately) perks. Each row of the spire is exponentially harder (I believe 10x attack/health) than the last row. It takes about 250M Helium to complete the spire if you try hard. It is much easier to complete it at 500M Helium.
  • Shinis's How to Attempt the Spire is an excellent guide on attempting and completing the spire.
  • Here are the values of enemy stats in the spire. This will help you judge whether or not you have enough stats to beat certain rows of the spire.


  • For each unique spire you complete, you will liquify 5% of your max zones every portal (additive). For example, if you have completed 3 different spires, you will liquify 15% of your max zones each portal.

Liquification means you essentially only have to do one fight to go through a zone, turning the zone into a Liquimp that contains everything the zone has. Completing the zone will still give all the benefits such as helium, and imp-ort procs. This saves a lot of time for early zones, and have no downsides. However, this can still be turned off in the settings menu. A liquified zone is turned yellow.

There is a Mastery which gives you an additional 5% of your max zones liquified (Liquification I and II).

Spire TD (Build A Spire)[]

The Spire Tower Defence is unlocked upon the first completion of the Spire. Enemies come from bottom left, and go to top right. You want enemies to always be under the effect of frost traps. Put poison early on. Use fire trap later on. When you get lightning trap, put it in front of towers and frost traps.

The most powerful trap is generally the one you just upgraded.

Here is a calculator:


Dimensional Generator[]

The Dimensional Generator (dimsum) is unlocked at the beginning of zone 230. Once you have enough fuel, it will begin to generate max housing every tick. The amount of housing generated is proportional to the square root of your current fuel amount (up to capacity), and does not depend on zone level.

The tick starts at 60 seconds, and will decrease as the player reaches high zones. Each tick will consume a set amount of fuel (a base of 0.5). The dimensional generator will only start a tick after the player has at least this much fuel.

Each zone after 229 will have a set number of Magma cells (16 base). These cells are red on the map. The dimensional generator has two settings, "gain fuel", or "gain Mi". The former will allow the player to gain fuel after defeating a magma cell, and the latter will allow the player to gain 1 Magmite (Mi) instead. Any fuel gained past the dimensional generator's capacity is lost.

Mi can be used to upgrade the dimensional generator. Stored Mi will decay after portalling, and a set percentage (base 30%) will be lost.

Why is it called Dimsum?[]
  • Because the acronym of DG annoyed me.
  • Because the dimensional generator generates a large amount of max population; a large number of Dimsum restaurants will also do so [13].
  • Because generators [14] and sum are related. If you have a generator for a group, the sum of two elements in the generator will be in the group. Also, you can get any member of that group by repeatedly taking sums and products of members of the generator.


Keep your fuel near capacity. The first few ticks of the generator are much more important than the later ticks. In fact, after your population has gotten high enough, the player should switch to Mi farming, as additional population from the dimsum is not as important.

Before the player gets Storage, the player should get to max fuel, then wait in maps for a few ticks, before repeating. After getting Storage, the player should fill up storage, then either turn on the "Hybrid Mode", or wait in a map for the dimsum to generate population.

Taunt-imp Synergy[]

Once the player's HZE is high enough, the player should fill up storage, then wait in a map until the the fuel past capacity is almost gone, then continue to fill up storage. After repeating this to build up a high base population from the dimsum, the player should turn off getting fuel. As the player continues, the high base population will grow with tauntimps exponentially.


In general, you want to maintain a rough ratio of 6:2:1 for the amount of upgrades for Efficiency, Capacity, and Supply. Supply is only useful up to a certain point, however, roughly level 45.

Optimal Zone for Fuel[]

Zone 320 is roughly the optimal zone for fuel farming. At roughly this zone, the gain from additional fuel supply becomes less than the loss from losing potential tauntimps. As such, the player should center farming fuel around zone 320. Because it takes some time for non-overclocked fuel to be used, the player should consider having a bit more levels before 320 than after.

When the player gets the supervision upgrade, they can use it to automate when to switch to fuel and when to switch back to Mi. A reasonable value to swap would be 290 to fuel and 335 back to Mi.

Nursery Control Post Magma[]

After Magma, you lose 10% of your current nurseries each zone. The price of nurseries does not get cheaper. As such, the player should not max out on nurseries. Instead, the player should only get enough nurseries to beat the spire before zone 200. After zone 230, nurseries should be used in the last few levels before portalling.


Once you get it, use AutoStructure to control nursery. Set an upper limit to how many nurseries you want, and set "Don't Buy Nurseries until Z" to a zone that is close to your max, since they will no longer be as useful as they were once before.


Nature isn't too helpful when you first get it. However, that doesn't mean you can't improve it as you play. First, spend tokens on empowerment. Bring Ice and Poison to 50 Empowerment, with relatively few transfer levels first. This will unlock enlightenment, which are helpful for dailies.

These enlightenment should only be used when they are free. Wind enlightenment isn't as helpful without transfer rate. Thus, bring wind to 25 Empowerment first. Afterwards, upgrade transfer rate for all of these until they are maxed. Then continue to upgrade Empowerment.

Not all Nature are created equal. In the late game, Wind Enlightenment is the most powerful. Ice is the weakest. Bring Ice Empowerment to 100, and then start converting tokens to wind. Similarly, bring Poison Empowerment to 200, and then start converting tokens to wind.

There is a more accurate chart on the Nature page.

Spire II and Onward[]

Completing rows of these spire improve your helium gain for the rest of the run. It's not advised to spend too much time on trying though. As you get more helium, you'll eventually complete these. Completing spires the first time will allow you to liquify an extra 5% of zones. Furthermore, each Spire completed (for the first time) will permanently multiply your Dark Essence gain by 4.

Completing spires will also allow you to get more and more healthy enemies. Healthy enemies are good for extra helium and for extra damage after you get "Strength in Health". As such, completing spires is important even after the first time.

Recommended Helium for Spire Completion[]

Spire Tier

Helium (standard notation)

Helium (Scientific notation)

Spire II 50 B 5e10
Spire III 200 T 2e14
Spire IV 400 Qa 4e17
Spire V 500 Qi 5e20
Spire VI 10 Sp 1e25
Spire VII ?? ??


When you complete Spire II, you unlock the Capable perk, which allows you to upgrade a persistent unique Trimp called Fluffy. Fluffy gains exp from completing zones above 300. Exp not only gives Fluffy levels, but also an grants a bonus damage multiplier based on the amount of exp. Fluffy can only gain exp and level up to the level of the Capable perk.

Completing Spire III will unlock Cunning, a perk which increases Fluffy exp gain. Completing Spire IV will unlock Curious, another perk for Fluffy.

Each level of Fluffy will grant a unique passive ability which greatly helps with the game. Level 2 and Level 7 are extremely important, and they give 25% more helium each.

Once Fluffy has reached level 10, he can evolve. Evolving resets Fluffy level, makes it more difficult to gain exp, but it makes his damage bonus/passives much better. Evolving also removes all original damage bonuses/passives and lowers the level requirement of all abilities by 1, meaning some abilities will persist.

Spire IV[]

  • Completing Spire IV grants you the Curious perk, which can greatly improve your Fluffy exp gain.
  • It is recommended that you have 400 Qa before you attempt to complete Spire IV. Getting additional fluffy exp is not very useful if you cannot get Fluffy level 10, which requires Capable 10, which costs 100 Qa He. It is completely reasonable to do it later than 400 Qa, though it is possible to do it earlier as well.
  • It is unlikely that you have Fluffy 9 before you complete Spire IV, though certainly possible. Fluffy 9 will help greatly.
  • Without Fluffy 9, you need equipment from Bionic Wonderland 530 before completing Spire IV. This can be extremely time consuming. You only need Bionic Wonderland 515 equipment if you have Fluffy 9.
  • The player should farm for these Bionic Wonderland Prestige at zone 495, the last poison zone. He should start by getting all 495 prestige. Then he should get the speedexplorers from Bionic Wonderland 500. He should then farm until he can farm 502 maps for prestige. After doing so, he should go to Bionic Wonderland 515, but only for the speed explorer book in the second row. He should then farm until he has enough fragments for 505 maps. After getting all prestige in 505 maps, he can farm Bionic Wonderland 515. After that, he can farm 530.
  • If the player farms 530, the run could take 3 days or more.
  • After the player gets Fluffy 9, he should do the speed run for Spire IV in under 24 hours.

Spire V[]

After Spire V[]

The player should have or get the second T10 mastery, Strength in Health II, after completing Spire V for the first time.

The player's goal is now to get to Fluffy E6L9, and have roughly 6 Sp (6e24) helium so he can get to zone 645. Once the player has reached Fluffy E6L9, he should aim for zone 645 so he can get the third T10 mastery, Master of the Void. With 60 Sx (6e22) helium, the run should take between 2 and 3 days to complete. Should the player get a good push daily, the run will be faster. Along the way, the player should get Flufffinity. With Fluffy E6L9, Flufffinity, and Master of the Void, the player's helium gain should drastically increase.

This new helium gain will continue until Fluffy evolves to E7. At this point, the player should switch to a Fluffy only configuration until he reaches E7L8. The player should use fillers, or ice enlightened dailies to get to E7L8. At E7L8, the player should do a few dailies with helium configuration, before switching back to fluffy configuration. This should be repeated at E7L9. At E7L9, the player can consider farming c2s while still farming fluffy.

Finally, the player will farm until E7L10, and bank up roughly 5-6 dailies. E7L10 will allow the player to gain a huge amount of helium from wind zones. It will also greatly help pushing, as it buffs both ice and poison. Before farming the saved up dailies (unless you have 6-7 dailies, in which case, use 2 of them), the player should update his eradicated and obliterated. If possible, the player should go past z230 for obliterated. Doing so will allow the player to push almost to z300 for obliterated. If any other important dailies are really behind, they should be updated again.

Finally, the player should be farming the dailies with wind enlightenment for every single daily. He should continue until he runs out of dailies. For these runs, the player should start running wind formation at around z530, and do void maps at zones 615-630. If possible, the player should complete spire 5 for every single one of these runs.

After running out of dailies, the player should do a pure push run to around zone 675. If necessary, the player can respec into push masteries. The goal of this push run is to get the 4th T10 mastery. After obtaining this, the player should continue to do dailies until he runs out, and finally evolve to E8.

After evolving, the player should respec back into fluffy. The player should not try to gain helium until he gets to E8L10. If the player gets excessive dailies, he should use them for fluffy exp as well. During the grind to E8L10, the player can once more update c2s. Once you eventually reach E8L10, you can move to Universe 2.

Universe 2[]

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This section is outdated, but U2 is drastically different from U1, and has now been the focus for content updates instead of U1. This section may also need a ton of explanations.

A man asks Thomasat Buddha, "I want a good U2 experience."

Thomasat Buddha says:

Don't spend bones for a bit before entering U2, it's nice to have a few hundred. First run get to z18 or so before you do Dimension of Rage because it's 600% difficulty. Use perky to assign perks (or use your head). You'll need to manually change the "Unlocked perks" field for it to calculate properly and obviously assign the weights.

Once you portal, spend your bones on heirlooms at the bone trader. Look for a shield with TA, TH, Prismatic Shield, Player Efficiency (possibly PB) until you get scruffy L2 and a shield with CC,CD,PS,TA,TH,VMDC. Look for a staff with Farmer, Lumber, Miner, Pet. Generally, refer to the snipboard link above.

A man asks Killer_of_Cows Buddha, "I want to know about U2." Killer_of_Cows Buddha says:

A man asks asked Gautama Buddha, “I want happiness.”

Gautama Buddha said, “First remove 'I', that's Ego, then remove 'want', that's Desire. See now, you are left with only 'Happiness'".

A man asked Mnchngrngs Buddha, "I want even more knowledge."

Mnchngrngs Buddha said:

push way more than normal.

like, 1 day for a decent unlock is worth it

unbalance (clear z35) gives equality perk, which is a huge boost, trappapalooza (clear melting point [z50]) gives resilience perk, another big boost

z65 is C3s which doubles your Rn/hr, and revenge is overkill which doubles your Rn/Hr

also dailies are bad

Generalized Tactics[]

Simplifying Gameplay and Speedruns[]

On the map menu, instead of "repeat forever", set the repetition to "repeat to 10", and set the other option to "exit to world". This way, you will automatically run a map 10 times, then continue onto the world. You can do this once per zone whenever you are too far back on prestiges to progress in zones. You need to set the equipment looting section to "Equip First".

Dagger Climb[]

The Dagger Climb is a strategy for quickly getting to high zones. Change the equipment looting section to "Equip First" instead of Tier First. This will allow the player to get all the shields before getting daggers, and getting all the daggers before the boots. You can further select "repeat to 10" for a less micro intensive play style.

Getting only daggers, and possibly boots, will greatly speed up the early game. You get a new dagger/boot in every zone ending with 1 and 6 (before Scientist IV), or every zone ending with 1 afterward. This is useful for speed runs before the player gets the Watch challenge, and for getting high Helium per hour.


The Watch challenge will give you all prestiges from maps up to zone 180. This means the player does not have to run very many maps until zone 180. This challenge is best method of getting speed run achievements until you have Blacksmithery and a high end zone. This challenge is also really good for getting into later zones for Magmite and Dark Essence. While you don't gain as much bonus Helium compared to a Corrupted run, you can get to the relevant zone much quicker and easier.

There is also a point after the player unlocked Magma where the player should use Watch to farm for Helium outside of Daily Challenges. The slight loss in Helium is acceptable for the much faster speed.

Watch becomes obsolete after you get a high enough Blacksmithery mastery level.

Pre-Zone 70 - Anticipation[]

This tactic is a micro-intensive tactic that might be good in rare circumstances. Use this when you desperately need damage before zone 70.

The player might want to spec out of breeding perks, and possibly not get potency upgrade. The player should buy a bunch of housings in bulk, and then hire as many workers as possible. This will make it so very few trimps are breeding, greatly increasing the breed time. This allows the player to have the bonus damage from anticipation. However, the player will need to click fight manually every time.

Late Game Run Summarization and Checklist.[]

Perhaps you just got back after a long break, and have no idea what to do. This is a guide of how a run goes after having all the in game quality of life upgrades.

  1. Right after using the portal, wait for about 5 seconds for AutoGold, then click fight.
  2. Turn on Enlightenment of Nature. Spend nature tokens while at it.
  3. Do nothing until near the end of the run. Near the end of the run, run maps to push a bit further,
  4. In a poison zone, do all your void maps.
  5. Check to see if you got any good heirlooms/cores.
  6. You are now ready to portal. Upgrade your dimensional generator, and spend your helium.

Strategy for Challenges and Achievements[]

This is a walkthrough/strategy for some of the more tricky challenges and achievements. Especially challenge2s. I assume you are using Grimy's perky.

Challenges and Challenge2s[]


Early Game/Pre-Blacksmithery[]

Before 230, just run trapper like any other challenge. However, you only get 1 life at it, so you might want to micro. You can't get very far without Blacksmithery Mastery.

After getting Blacksmithery[]

Run trapper like normal. Use Grimy's challenge2s preset. You only get one life, and your zone reached will depend on your Blacksmithery levels. Get higher level of Blacksmithery and higher level of Highest Zone Ever to get better Trapper runs. This holds until you reach Magma. You can't die even once, so make sure you hire some scientist.

Post z230[]

Once you reached z230 on Trapper^2, you should stop trying to get higher level Trapper^2 until you get a lot more helium. The issue with post z230 is that your trimps will automatically die every 5 levels starting at z230.

The strategy for late game trapper is a bit more complicated. In short, you want to get as much population as possible at the start of the run. You do this by putting all your helium into carpentry and carpentry 2. You then buy a lot of housings. You then respec into a lot of coordinated perk levels, so your army size post z230 are really small. This will allow your trimps to suffer deaths and still continue fighting.

Specifically, before you even start the Trapper^2 run, you want to respec into Grimy's Trapper^2 (initial) spec. Basically, put all your helium into Carpentry and Carpentry II. After you start the run, buy housings, and start fighting. Make sure you are putting some workers in science.

After you gain sufficiently high max population, you want to respec into Grimy's Trapper^2 (respec) spec. You might want to add even more coordinated onto that. In short, you want damage/health, and a lot of Coordinated perk levels. You want to respec mostly out of Carpentry, and possibly Motivation. You might also want to increase the value of health, since you won't be able to use geneticists. In the late game, health definitely becomes a issue.

It is still important to get housing in Trapper^2, as your looting is based on your max housing. After z230, you'll have to manually click fight every 5 zones. It should be noted that level 96 coordinated can more or less carry to z450. At 2.5 Qi helium, you can get 102 coordinations that gives a army size of 1 billion at level 480 with about 300 billion initial population. At these points, health becomes a major concern, and you should set the value of health much higher. Modify these numbers to your needs.

Obliterated Challenge[]

The obliterated challenge is one of the hardest challenges. It gets significantly harder every 10 levels. As such, on every level ending with 9, the player should do higher tier maps to get all the prestiges of the next 6 levels.

For example, on zone 29, the player should do maps to get all the prestiges up to zone 35.

The player should use Grimy's Other c2 preset. However, the player should greatly increase the value of health before hand. It is reasonable to put health as high as damage in Grimy's preset. It is difficult to make it to complete zone 70, due to low health before hand. However, it should be doable with roughly 1 Qi helium.

Once you have reached cell 50 of zone 70, however, you unlock geneticists, which gives you a lot of hp, and allow you to take advantage of anticipation. At this point, health is no longer a problem, and the player can respec into damage. At 1 Qi Helium, it is reasonable to value damage at 100 times their health.

If the player wants, he can try to use anticipation before zone 70, with the hiring worker strategy.


Elite Feat[]

This achievement requires you to get exactly 1337 He/Hr. Get to around 1400 He/Hr, go to maps, and then wait until it drops down.

Very Sneaky[]

This achievement requires you to beat a zone above 99 with 150 stacks of health. There are two methods for doing so, depending on whether or not you can liquify zone 100.

In any case, you want to turn on auto-abandon in the settings. The player needs to get to level 99, and then turn off auto-fight. To make it easier, the player might want to respec out of overkill. At level 99, the player must turn off Liquification in the settings if he has it.

The player must attempt to evade life cells. To do this, go to the maps screen before reaching a life cell, and then go back to the world. The life cells will change and play Conway's game of life over time. Wait until the life cell is gone, then continue. Do this to make sure you reach the end of 99 with 150 stacks.

If you can liquify zone 100, turn liquification back on, and continue to zone 100. This will complete the achievement. If you do not have it, you'll need to manually go through zone 100 while skipping all the life cells.


This achievement requires you to bring a world enemy's attack down below 1. This can be done with Ice. You need to have somewhat decent ice empowerment. Then, simply don't buy equipment in an ice zone near your highest zone, and set your formation to any formation that reduces damage. Wait until you've gained enough stacks and you'd have done it.

Obliterate []

This achievement requires you to kill 1 cell in the Obliterated2 challenge. Get as much attack as possible, then keep restarting until your first enemy is no longer fast.

Born Imploded[]

This achievement requires you to complete Imploding Star in 5 minutes. You need to liquify up to about zone 115. You might need to get the Liquification II mastery to get it. After Liquifying to 125, run a +10 map (level 125) to unlock Bionic Wonderland. Then work up the tiers of Bionic Wonderland until you complete Bionic Wonderland 170. Then run Imploding Star.

A common tactic is to do this the first time you can afford a Tier 8 mastery. Get Liquification II to get this achievement, then respec into Void Specialization.

Common Pitfalls and Troubleshooting[]

If you feel like your problem is of the technical variant, consult the technical issue section below.

Lost Save[]

Game Frozen[]

  • You might have the game paused. Check bottom right. Clicking the timer will pause/unpause the game. You most likely have accidentally pressed "spacebar", which pauses the game. This can be disabled in Options, under Other -> Enable/Disable Pausing.

Low Damage/Income[]

  • You might be in the wrong formation. Accidentally pressing hotkeys can switch formations.
  • You might not have ran "The Wall" for Bounty. (this is no longer an issue later in the game)
  • You might not have enough Science for the relevant researches.
  • You might not have the right geneticists/geneticistassist settings.

Negative Damage[]

  • A common bug. Refresh the game.

Low Health[]

  • You might not have enough science for the relevant researches.
  • Your geneticists might not be working. If you send your trimps out faster than they are breeding, you won't get health bonus from geneticist. This can happen with Geneticistassist. Check the health breakdown to see how many geneticists are accounted for.

My trimps aren't breeding[]

  • They might all be working. If they are all assigned as workers, none can breed.

Getting less Helium/Void maps than normal[]

  • You might be using the wrong perk preset, especially if you are using a third party perk calculator.
  • You might not have gotten Golden upgrades, or have gotten the wrong golden upgrades.

Giant Setting Menu Taking up Space[]

  • You have the setting menu open. Click "Settings" to close it.


Hotkeys and Keyboard Control[]

There are multiple hotkeys that can be used instead of clicking. They are usually noted in tooltips. Furthermore, you can use keyboard and mouse together for various things. Some hotkeys are really useful for certain achievements. It should be noted that you might have to click the trimp game before the hotkeys will work.

Basic Zone and Map Control[]

Hotkey Control Description
A Autofight Turn on/off autofight, allowing Trimps to start fighting whenever their population gets full. When Autofight is off, the Trimps won't attack unless you order them to, or unless you turn Autofight back on. (Autofight (Off) is good for Spires)
F Fight Sends your Trimps to fight.
M Go to maps/world Press to toggle between the Maps and the World Screen.
R Repeat on/off for maps If Repeat is on, the player will restart from the beginning of the map when he completes the last cell of the map. This is only for Maps, and not for the World.
Spacebar Pause/Unpause the game This is extremely likely to happen by accident. It will look like your game froze.


The 5 formations can be switched easily with hotkeys. There are 2 sets, and both work the same.

Hotkey Control
1, X No formation
2, H Heap Formation
3, D Dominance formation
4, B Barrier formation
5, S Scryer formation


Hotkey Control Description
Control Click Buy Warp with Giga If you control click when you buy a gigastation, you will attempt to buy as many warpstations as you had with your previous gigastation, or however many you can afford, whichever is lower. The Gigastation button should light up when you do this.

Stat Valuation[]

  • Nsheetz's Perk Calculator uses Google Docs. Hopefully, someone can provide an up to date link, and explain its usage. And explain whether or not it is up to date. It will give different answers to Grimy's Perk Optimizer.

Perk Questions[]

Should I get more coordinate perk, even after I have enough to always get all the coordination upgrades?[]
  • Yes. It lowers your army size, which makes it faster to breed your army, which translates to more health.

Perk Distribution[]

There are certain perks whose effects are compounding/exponential. In other words, getting one level of the perk will always give the same relative improvement, regardless of the current perk level. As such, the relative cost of these perks should remain the same. Since perk costs grow exponentially with the same base, the difference in level between these perks should also remain the same.

The compounding perks are carpentry, resilience, artisanistry, and resourcefulness. Coordinated can almost be treated as a compounding perk, even though it is sesqui-exponential.

We take carpentry as our base line. The following is how much 1 level of perk should cost compared to 1 level of carpentry.

Perk Relative cost compared to carpentry
carpentry 1 times the cost of carpentry (of course)
resilience 1/3 times the cost of carpentry
artisanistry 1/12 times the cost of carpentry
resourcefulness 1/12 times the cost of carpentry

As for the other perks:

Perk At perk level 0 At perk level 20 At perk level 40
Power 1/6 times cost of carpentry 1/12 times cost of carpentry 1/18 times cost of carpentry
Toughness 1/6 times cost of carpentry 1/12 times cost of carpentry 1/18 times cost of carpentry
Motivation 1/6 times cost of carpentry 1/12 times cost of carpentry 1/18 times cost of carpentry
Pheromones 1/6 times cost of carpentry 1/12 times cost of carpentry 1/18 times cost of carpentry

Finally, coordinated should cost 2-3x the cost of carp, depending on how many coordination you usually buy. As you get into 150+ coordinations, the cost of coordinated should increase relative to the cost of carp. 4-5x becomes the normal later.

As for the other perks, looting should be focused upon, and should definitely cost more than motivation/power/toughness. The perks that can be maxed should eventually be maxed.

Spire Perks[]

The incremental spire perks should cost a certain proportion of their corresponding normal perks. However, this proportion depends on both the normal perk level and the spire perk level. The ratio of the ideal spire perk cost to normal perk cost is given below. Note that this is not a ratio of the total cost, but the cost of the last level of both perks.


In general,

n/20 + 1/5

Perk level 40

Perk Level 60

Perk Level 80

Perk Level 100 Perk Level n
Spire Perk Level 0 3/5 4/5 5/5 6/5

n/20 + 1/5

Spire Perk level 100 3/10 4/10 5/10 6/10

n/20 + 1/10

Spire Perk Level 200 3/15 4/15 5/15 6/15

n/20 + 1/15

Spire Perk Level 300 3/20 4/20 5/20 6/20

n/20 + 1/20

Spire Perk Level 400 3/25 4/25 5/25 6/25

n/20 + 1/25

Spire Perk level 500 3/30 4/30 5/30 6/30

n/20 + 1/30

... ... ... ...
Spire Perk 1000 3/55 4/55 5/55 6/55

n/20 + 1/55

Spire Perk level 1500 3/80 4/80 5/80 6/80

n/20 + 1/80

Spire Perk level 2000 3/105 4/105 5/105 6/105

n/20 + 1/105

Spire Perk level 2500 3/130 4/130 5/130 6/130

n/20 + 1/130

Spire Perk level 5000 3/255 4/255 5/255 6/255

n/20 + 1/255

Spire Perk level 7500 3/380 4/380 5/380 6/380

n/20 + 1/380

Spire Perk Level 10000 3/505 4/505 5/505 6/505

n/20 + 1/505

Spire Perk Level m







The relative cost of Carpentry I and Carpentry II only depends on the level of Carpentry II.

Carpentry II Level Cost of Carpentry II Relative to Carpentry I
0 1/40
100 1/50
200 1/60
300 1/70
400 1/80
... ...
800 1/120
1200 1/160



The following is a table of the ideal relative cost of Looting I vs Looting II.

Looting Level 40 Looting Level 60 Looting Level 80 Looting Level 100 Looting Level n
Looting II Level 0 3/20 4/20 5/20
Looting II Level 100 3/25 4/25 5/25
Looting II Level 200 3/30 4/30 5/30
Looting II Level 300 3/35 4/35 5/35
Looting II Level 400 3/40 4/40 5/40
Looting II Level 800 3/60 4/60 5/60
Looting II Level 1200 3/80 4/80 5/80
Looting II Level 1600 3/100 4/100 5/100
Looting II Level 2000 3/120 4/120 5/120
Looting II Level 4000 3/220 4/220 5/220
Looting II Level 6000 3/320 4/320 5/320
Looting II Level 8000 3/420 4/420 5/420
Looting II Level m


Garden vs Mountain Maps[]

After the player has completed the Decay Challenge, Garden Maps may be strictly better than Mountain Maps, even if the player is only interested Metal. This only holds when income from chronoimp/jestimp vastly overwhelms income from normal loot. My calculation indicates this holds when chronoimp/jestimp makes up 70% of the loot, assuming all workers are mining metal. Another source, however, indicate that this is 80%. Too lazy to check math; maybe someone else can confirm one way or another?

Either way, assuming no Staff Heirlooms, this occurs roughly when the total motivation multiplier is roughly 400 to 600%. This would for example, correspond to combining a Motivation I level of 40 (3 times), and motivation 2 level of 100 (2 times). If one has a Staff Heirloom, one must multiply the motivation multiplier by Miner Efficiency multiplier, and divide by metal drop multiplier. It should be noted that a 120% metal efficiency represents a 2.2 multiplier.

Even if the player has a multiplier of less than 4, the player should still consider garden. After all, Garden gives both Food and Wood, and one or the other might also be useful.

Personal testing indicates that Garden is significantly better than Mountain for a player with Motivation 46 and Motivation II 65. Note that this is not a necessary condition, merely a sufficient condition. Even though Jestimp are not calculated in the in game Metal per second display, Metal loot seems roughly the same or even higher for Garden maps compared to Mountain maps on the display. This is done with roughly equal miner efficiency (120%), and metal loot (144%) on the staff.

Nomenclature and Acronyms[]

Please keep this in alphabetical order.




AS Auto Structure A unlock in Bionic Wonderland that allow you to automatically build structures. (Was moved from a mastery to BW in 5.3)
BP Bone portal Something you can get with bones. Gives helium based on your highest helium amount in a run (outside of dailies).
BS# (#=1-3) Blacksmithery level A late game Mastery that allows you to get prestige books for equipment in the World up to a certain point.
BW# (#=Zone number) Bionic Wonderland Level # A unique map that unlocks Robotrimp and quality of life features. You get the first one at zone 125. You get additional ones by completing the first one, and each one is 15 levels higher.
DE Dark Essence Unlocked at zone 181 and used to buy Masteries.
DG Dimensional Generator A persistent unlock at zone 230 that generates housing space. (note that you don't necessarily keep it after portals, but its upgrades are kept)
DoA Dimension of Anger Unlocked at zone 20. A unique map that unlocks portal and allows the player to get helium.
E#L# (#=0-4, #=1-10) Evolution #, Level # Progress for Fluffy. Fluffy is unlocked after completing Spire II at zone 300. Fluffy gains levels up to 10, and once at 10, he can evolve.
GA Geneticistassist Late game Quality of Life feature that controls the amount of Geneticists.
Genes Geneticists Unlocked at zone 70. Geneticists reduce breeding rates, but gives more health. Important for the Anticipation perk.
GS GreenSatellite The Game Developer.
GU Golden Upgrades Bonus upgrades that scale with your achievements. They are more important in the lategame.
HE, He Helium Unlocked at zone 20 after completing the Dimension of Anger Map. It's the first and most important persistent resource, and are used for perks.
HS# (#=1-3) Headstart level A late game mastery allowing Corruption to start earlier.
HZE Highest Zone Ever The highest zone the player has reached. Used to brag, and is used for multiple things.
LMC Large Metal Cache Special modifier for maps. Unlocked later in the game.
T# (#=1-10) Mastery tier Tiers of Mastery.
VM Void Map Unlocked after 5 portals. Void maps are special maps that gives helium and heirlooms, but are harder than normal maps.
VMDC Void Map Drop Chance This can refer to multiple things, but mainly the "Void Map Drop Chance" modifier on heirlooms. This increases the speed at which you'd get void maps, but not in the way you'd expect.

Technical Issues[]

Ignore this section if you are not interested in technical issues.

Where can I find...?[]

The Trimps game?[]

  2. (Kong version on GitHub)

Information about Trimps and the Trimps community?[]


Saving and Exporting[]

The game is normally saved in your cookies. The game at Kongregate web site (1) and the github/Kong version(2) share the same save file. The other version on github (3) uses a different save file. The game autosaves every few minutes by default. You can turn off autosaving in the settings. If something happens to your cookies, your progress will be lost.

To protect your game progress: Backup! Export and save your progress in a file.

  • Click the export button, copy the text (save string), paste it in a simple text file and save it somewhere safe.

The save string is a snapshot of your savefile of the moment you clicked 'Export'. You can import your save string back into the game, and continue from where you were when you exported your save string. To always have a recent backup of your latest progress, do it often.

If the player is logged into Kongregate, they can also save online with PlayFab. The player probably should still have a save file elsewhere.

You can also import your save string onto a different computer, to move your save file. If worst comes to worst, there are save file generator, which can be used to create a save file[15].

As Kong has limited many forms of communication (locked down forums and removed chat entirely), you should go to the Trimps Discord server.


My game won't run, or certain elements are missing![]

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  • Certain firewall, ad-blockers, and script-blockers can interfere with the game. Try disabling them. The game requires javascript.
  • Try a different browser?
  • Check if you can run other Kongregate games.

My game is laggy![]

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? (You should seriously do this though)
  • Have you refreshed? Close your browser, make sure it is closed via task manager, and then reload.
  • Do you have too many tabs open? Close the ones you don't need.
  • Is Firefox Inspector open? Close it.
  • Go to settings; turn off animation and progress bar.
  • Try a different browser?

Portal is missing![]

Help! Something is wrong![]

In chatroom 1, there is a player named REDACTED. You can contact him by REDACTED REDACTED and also REDACTED.

Developer, Suggestions, Bug Reports[]

Who is the developer and how can I contact him?[]

  • The developer is GreenSatellite. Every so often, he comes to room 1 of the many chatrooms of the game on Kongregate. He is also active on the Kongregate forums, and on reddit, both of which are linked above. He can also be contacted on the Trimps Discord Server (Greensatellite#7771)

How do I make suggestions?[]

Where can I report a bug?[]


Supporting The Developer[]

You can support the developer by buying bones with Kreds on Kongregate. 75% of the proceeds goes to GreenSatellite. 25% of the proceed goes to making greedy people at Modern Times Group fat.

I know of no way to support the developer financially otherwise. Peer pressure GreenSatellite into making a donate page.

Peer Pressure worked. As of 4.6, there is now a donate button on the GitHub version, but only on the Github version.

The donate button is under Statistics -> Trimp Info.

High Scores[]

The high score of this game depends on the highest zone you've reached, and the highest cell you've reached in that game. The last two digits in High Score correspond to the number of cells you've completed in the highest zone you've been in. The other digits correspond to the highest zone you've been in.

ex. A High Score of 10233 means that a player has reached zone 102, and has completed 33 cells of that zone.

High Score? What High Score?[]

  • You have to be playing on Kongregate, with a Kongregate account.

My High Score is inaccurate![]

  • Kongregate High Score submission is notoriously bad.

Holy crap, someone has reached zone 700?[]

  • Yes. People who have reached Universe 2 have reached zone 700 in Universe 1. It's more of an endgame feat now.
  • However, Kongregate High Score is filled with hackers/cheaters, and some records are above zone 900 regardless of the fact that the Obsidian wall limits Universe 1 based on Universe 2's HZE, and that you can't go very far in Universe 1 without going far into Universe 2. There's only content up to around z100 in Universe 2, so only reaching up to around z800 is possible. You cannot go past z810 because of issues with overflowing values.


This guide was originally written to stop the onslaught of questions akin to "What do gems do?". The goal of this guide essentially has not changed. It hopes to stop the cancerous growth of Help Vampires.

I highly recommend a reading of that page. In short, a help vampire is a person who would ask others to solve their problem rather than googling a solution, or a person who asks an impossible question (what is the optimal way to play this game?) and expects step by step help.

These people create tiresome conversations that drives away the experts, and ultimately results in a community full of shallow discourses.

To combat this problem, I have created this guide, which I hope to be a all-inclusive library of knowledge. Essentially, I hope it will be something like the Trimp StackExchange: a library of knowledge that is not hidden, not behind a paywall, and not filled with useless discourses (except jokes).

You can help by doing the following:

  1. Reading the page on Help Vampires, and following its suggestions.
  2. Do not enable Help Vampires by answering their questions. Instead, link them to this page.
  3. Post questions that you frequently see in the comment section.
  4. Keep this guide up to date.
  5. Help link pages to this guide.


  • Greycat70 - For updating and adjusting info on balances.

To Do List[]

  1. Add info about Map options.
  2. Add info about stopping at poison zones.
  3. Add info about golden upgrade/void/helium if not already there.
  4. TLDR version?
  5. Add info about ice being useless at higher levels.
  6. Add info about AutoNursery
  7. Add info about Spire 4 when I get to it.
  8. Add info about Universe 2.