Reach zone 100 for the first time
Reward Mega books now give 60% instead of 50%.
Goal Complete Dimension of Anger
Equipment prestige upgrades don't drop (not even from Scientist II).
Tier I Equipment is cheaper

"Bring yourself to a dimension where Equipment is cheap but unable to be prestiged, in order to teach yourself better resource and equipment management. Completing 'Dimension of Anger' (20) with this challenge active will return missing books to maps, and your new skills in Frugality will permanently cause MegaBooks to increase gather speed by 60% instead of 50%. Loot rewards will be increased by the same amount per level."

Rules[edit | edit source]

The game will not give any prestige upgrades until Dimension of Anger is completed. The bonus prestige upgrades from Scientist II are also not given. Tier I equipment is cheaper.

Completing the challenge will allow the player to collect equipment prestige upgrades from maps again.

Equipment costs for this challenge = Base*1.1^level, as opposed to the 1.2^level usually used.

Effect[edit | edit source]

Here's a table showing the difference in effect of mega books after completing Frugal from zone 60 upwards on select zones:

Zone Increase in resources gained
60 7%
61 14%
62 21%
70 103%
80 288%
90 639%
100 1310%
110 2588%
120 5026%

Formula[edit | edit source]

The result of the following formula is the final multiplier of resources gained effectively given by Frugal at any given zone (assuming the mega books from that particular zone were purchased). Simply multiply your current resource gain by this number to see what your resource production would have been with Frugal:

(1.6 / 1.5) ^ ([Current zone] - 59))

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Get at least up to 19 in Resilience. Sacrifice Carpentry and other perks if you have to. Also get at least 33 in Toughness. Then give it a try after you get the Coordination from Zone 21.

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